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Podcasts from the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography. The School is renowned for its contributions to anthropological theory, its commitment to long-term ethnographic fieldwork, and its association with the Pitt Rivers Museum and the anthropology of visual and material culture. Home to over forty academic staff, over a hundred doctoral students, twelve Master’s programmes, and two undergraduate degrees (Human Sciences; Archaeology and Anthropology), Oxford anthropology is one of the world’s largest and most vibrant centres for teaching and research in the discipline. It came top of the Power (research excellence + volume) rankings for anthropology in the UK in RAE 2008.

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Medical Anthropology: Drink me... Take me... Read me...

Mark Lawrence, Director of First Read This (an Oxford company that aims to promote patient information leaflets), discusses how following instructions makes the patient feel better.


10 Mar 2010

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Studying the origins of human material culture in young chilldren

This Anthropology Departmental Seminar was delivered by Dr Eva Reindl (University of Oxford) on 2 February 2018


14 Sep 2018

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Tracing the origins of the HIV/AIDS pandemic

Nuno Fario (Oxford) investigates the development of HIV since the discovery of its first, and diverse, genomes in 1959 and 1960. A medical anthropology seminar given on 7 March 2016.

1hr 2mins

8 Jun 2016

Rank #3

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League of Nations; Minority Regime as Anthropological Object

Jane K Cowan (Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Sussex) on rethinking minority, nationality, the international and international governance through history in an effort to understand the League of Nations in terms of anthropology.

1hr 1min

18 Feb 2010

Rank #4

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How war is shaping the Ukrainian HIV epidemic: A phylogeographic analysis

An Evolutionary Medicine and Public Health seminar presented by Tetyana Vasylyeva (Department of Zoology, University of Oxford) on 24 October 2018


31 Jan 2019

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Infant feeding and child health and survival in early twentieth-century England

A seminar for the Fertility and Reproduction Group by Alice Reid of the University of Cambridge (24 November 2014)


13 Apr 2015

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Climate, weather, culture

In this Departmental Seminar, Prof. Steve Rayner examines the blossoming of anthropological attention to climate change over the last ten years. 17 February 2017.


26 Jul 2017

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Obesity: A Personal View

Stanley Ulijaszek, Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Oxford gives a Nutritional Anthropology talk on Obesity in different cultures around the world.


12 Jul 2010

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Stunting does not equal malnutrition: evolutionary perspective on human height variation applied to public health

An Evolutionary Medicine and Public Health seminar delivered by Professor Barry Bogin (Loughborough University) on 13 February 2019

1hr 7mins

8 Jul 2019

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Tibetan Vampire Slayers in Nepal

Dr Charles Ramble, of the Oxford University Oriental Institute, gives an Anthropology Departmental Seminar entitled The Mysterious Reluctance of Tibetan Vampire Slayers in Nepal (12 March 2010).


12 Jul 2010

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The promise of the (foreign) image: post-post-internet art from the Philippines (and other notes from the field)

An Anthropology Departmental Seminar delivered by Rafael Schacter (University College London) on 1 December 2017


27 Mar 2018

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The concept of culture in cultural evolution

In his keynote speech for the Cultural Evolution Workshop (held in the Pitt Rivers Museum on 28 February 2017), Prof. Tim Lewens of Cambridge examines the concept of culture in cultural evolution.


26 Jul 2017

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A War on People: The Drug War and the Hermeneutic Politics of Those who Resist it

This Anthropology Departmental Seminar was given by Jarrett Zigon (University of Virginia) on 2 December 2016.


31 Jul 2017

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Rights and justice: reproductive politics and legal activism in India

This Anthropology departmental Seminar was delivered by Professor Maya Unnithan (University of Sussex) on 26 January 2018


31 Jul 2018

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Late Pleistocene Demography and the Appearance of Modern Human Behaviour

In this seminar for the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, Professor Mark Thomas (University College London) discusses the origins of modern human behaviour (18 May 2011).

1hr 3mins

6 Jun 2011

Rank #15

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Synchrony and Similiarity in Human Cooperation

This Anthropology Departmental Seminar (30 November 2012) is presented by Emma Cohen of the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, Oxford.

1hr 3mins

18 Apr 2013

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Educational migration: youth, time and transformation

Professor Francis Collins (University of Waikato) delivered this COMPAS/Fertility and Reproduction Studies Group seminar on 4 March 2019


8 Jul 2019

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Ways of speaking, ways of knowing

A discussion of the ethnolinguistic identity of the Inugguit based on 12 months of fieldwork in NW Greenland. Anthropology Departmental Seminar by Stephen Leonard of the University of Oxford (14 November 2014)


29 Jan 2015

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Anthropology seminar: Re-Tooling a Body with The Body

Assistant Professor Adam Frank (University of Central Arkansas) describes Three Ways of Teaching Tajiquan to the White Guy.


10 Mar 2010

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The evolutionary history and genetics of primate brain size

In this Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Seminar, Stephen Montgomery (University of Cambridge) discusses "The evolutionary history and genetics of primate brain size." 15 June 2011.


10 May 2012

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