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This is a horror podcast out of Windsor, Ontario where we focus on some of the greatest titles that you may have missed over the last few decades. Our show is laced with great soundtrack music, audio clips from scenes that we discuss, interesting production trivia and much, much more. Join Cash and his cohorts as they celebrate the absolute cream of horror movies! There's a horror movie out there that's JUST for you -- And we're gonna help you find it at The Horror 101 Podcast!.FOR OLDER SHOWS NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON PODOMATIC COME TO WWW.HORROR101.CA

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Horror 101 - Episode 98: The Others

Welcome back to the Horror 101 Podcast. We're continuing with our Haunted Theme and focusing on one of the highest grossing horror films of all time. This is a patient, atmospheric chiller with excellent performances. A mother and her two photosensitive children are isolated in a large house on a British island. When three servants show up out of the fog a series of ghostly phenomenon curse the grounds. What starts out as a typical ghost story quickly flips everything upside down and nothing is exactly as it seems. On this 98th episode We're giving The Horror 101 Treatment to Alejandro Amenábar's The Others. Show Highlights: 01:00 Prelude to Terror... 04:20 Discord meeting... 11:30 Waking up, screaming... 14:40 Xeroderma Pigmentosum... 17:17 Victor and the Curtains... 19:40 Daughter Defiance... 22:17 Footsteps Upstairs... 28:01 The Piano Room... 30:52 Secrets... 34:15 Uncovered Graves... 36:25 Saence.... 38:43 A New Beginning... 41:00 Scoring the Film... 47:50 Conclusion...Thanks for Listening!


31 May 2020

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