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Each week, four intrepid folks take on Pilot episodes from all over the world, and decide if it has the guts to take off, or if it is grounded for the season.

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Riverdale - Dear Double Digest

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 94th flight, Riverdale. Idyllic Riverdale is nothing like you remember. Scandal, intrigue, and betrayal lurks in every corner; from Pop's chocolate shop to Archie's guitar lessons. A death starts the school year, and there's a new kid in town, Veronica Lodge. What do these changes mean for our Double Digest dearests? Will Betty win the boy, or self respect, or her sister Polly? Will Archie overcome the machinations of a person he should have trusted? Will Josie and the Pussycats get signed? By the end, you'll wish you were Tracy Chapman, singin' Fast Car and speeding out of town in Archie's old Jalopy, because death is literally just the beginning of this show.


7 Mar 2017

Rank #1

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Billy on the Street, Rogue Flight Crew in the Sheets

When the Captain's away the crew comes out to play - a trivia game that is! Our New Years episode kicks off 2017 with questions, debates, and deeply personal insights to some of the crew's proclivities, Billy on the Street style.  Featuring the return of Steely Eyed Missile Man and Stowaway, the crew get into it (and it we mean terrible alcohol) while Fearless Flyer listens from afar, proud of Flying Dutchman's terrible terrible jokes. 

1hr 5mins

11 Jan 2017

Rank #2

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The Man in the High Castle - F is for Fascism

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 85th Flight, The Man in the High Castle. The Allies have lost the war and the Axis powers divvy up the remains of the world. What is left now but to assimilate and survive? Perhaps maybe a mysterious film that shows the Allie powers celebrating D-Day? An underground celluloid with the power to change hearts and minds. Sometimes survival isn't enough - sometimes you have to rebel.


20 Dec 2016

Rank #3

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Westworld - Ghost Writers in the Sky

Howdy Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 78th flight, Westworld. Come on down to the little home on the Prairies - where rich billionaires can do whatever they want to the mindless automatons that run the park. Shoot, steal, sleep with, scalp. Who cares? They forget that anything happened the next day, right? For the Hosts, these visitors bring excitement and opportunity - but change is coming. A chance to wake up from the dream and act - after all, these violent delights have violent ends.


1 Nov 2016

Rank #4

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Twin Peaks - A Flat Line?

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 75th Flight, Twin Peaks. When the murder of the Perfect Daughter shakes a small town, what's left to be done but track down the sicko that did the deed. But this small town has one thing in common - secrets. And also the same meeting place for secret rendezvous. Literally - find somewhere else to meet. Also is anybody NOT sleeping with somebody else? And if the Perfect Daughter turns out to have had secrets of her own, what will we find out when we ask: Who Killed Laura Palmer?


11 Oct 2016

Rank #5

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Jeeves and Wooster - A Capital Affiance

Hello everyone and welcome aboard our 72nd Episode, Jeeves and Wooster. Sometimes even the most respectable of gentlemen need fishing out of the soup, as it were. They may have gotten into a spot of trouble with the law, snatching a police officer’s helmet perhaps. Or they may attract fiancées like that flies and honey nonsense. Or worst of all, they may be horridly hung over and need a restorative of the highest sort. Enter Jeeves, the butler that buttles with the best of them. Shimmering into rooms like a mirage, and the cleverest sort you’ve ever seen. Throw the two together and you have hijinks aplenty


20 Sep 2016

Rank #6

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Stargate Atlantis - That Sinking Feeling

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 71st flight, Stargate Atlantis. What's a Scientist to do when faced with the possibility of exploration of strange new worlds? Or a Pilot, with a heroes history and a disregard for rules who somehow is compatible with ancient technology. Or worse? A...who else was there? Some military types. They just do military things - shouting, guns, dying honourably to Marilyn Manson wannabes. Classic. Dial up FS and step through the Stargate to a good time - we promise Mid-2000's Canadian CGI for all!


13 Sep 2016

Rank #7

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Filthy Preppy Teen$ - High School is Murder(ing)

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 67th Episode, Filthy Preppy Teen$. Folks, I'm sure you know the feeling of being cast away on a desert island, with only your boomerang to survive. Meegan and Chaud certainly do - but that's all behind them. They just want to return to their life atop the high school social ladder. Too bad the rungs have been greased, and they've been replaced by Ikea children. So relatable. So High School. There's teen leprechauns, girls in comas, and so many transition screens.


6 Jul 2016

Rank #8

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Penny Dreadful - Fist Full of Dollars

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 66th Episode, Penny Dreadful. When there's a creaking on the steps and a sudden quiet outside, when your breath fills the cold air with mist and your heart trembles in your chest, to whom do you turn? Perhaps to a woman with a mysterious gift and penchant for fortune telling? Or maybe a strange anatomist whose obsession with life and death transgress the bounds of science? Or an adventurer known for exploring the darkest parts of the world, who understands what if feels to be both hunter and prey? Even a Wild West actor, whose sharpshooting masks a troubled past.  And what if you decide to step out from your room, and venture into the unknown - that Demi-Monde, can you say you loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night?  There's no stars down here, no light. Just spiders, Josh Hartnett, and Death.


28 Jun 2016

Rank #9

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Fairy Tail: Wizards Gone Wild

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 64th Episode, Fairy Tail. When your world is full of Wizard Guilds that insist on you joining to get your wizard license like a more interesting AMA card, there's bound to be some problems. Especially when you want to get into the most prestigious guild, Fairy Tail. You know, the one where the really popular members star in the centerfold. That's a thing. A ....gross thing. Maybe just go to Hogwarts, not this weird Team Butt Wizard bullshit.


14 Jun 2016

Rank #10

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Attack on Titan - Takeout and Delivery

Hello Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 63rd flight, Attack on Titan. If passengers look out the left side of the plane, they'll be able to see the three massive walls that have protected our kind for centuries. If they look out the right side you should see the monstrous, ravening Titans, here for the flesh of you and your family.  There is no escape, there is no fighting - there can be no quarters given. It's survival or extinction.  Enjoy the fight!


7 Jun 2016

Rank #11

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Turn - You Spin Me Right Round

Hello Frequent Flyers and Welcome aboard our 60th Episode, Turn.  Our passengers may notice that this trip to the past comes free with de-saturated tones, and a heck of a lot of moral ambiguity. We advise that you remain seated until your Captain turns off the 'Fight The British' sign.  Upon which time you'll be free to move about and gather intelligence with the best of them. But be careful, it's the gallows if you get caught. Or worse, you'll have to go back to your life being a cabbage farmer.  But it'll all be worth it when the Right Side wins, all thanks to you - you help prove that if you just keep turning you'll make one full revolution.


17 May 2016

Rank #12

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Lizzie McGuire - Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon

Hello Frequent Flyers and Welcome aboard our 57th Flight, LizzieMcGuire. We've all been there, perched awkwardly on the end of our bedsas our parents try to explain the magical mysteries of puberty. Andif those mysteries happen to come attached to scrunchies and amillion tarantula braids and Judge Judy reference, well, so beit. And so what if your mom won't let you go to THE pool party ofthe closest thing you'll ever get to Brad Pitt?  Growing up is hard, but it gets a bit easier with friends, andtie-dye


26 Apr 2016

Rank #13

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The Magicians - oh Oh OH It's Magic, You Know

Hello Frequent Flyers and Welcome Aboard our 56th episode, The Magicians. FF, you and I both know that magic is real. SO what if we're becoming socially isolated, retreating further and further into a fantasy rather than face the cold hard light of day - that's the American (Canadian) Dream.  Ok, so what if magic is real. And you can totally pass the test to get into the sickest post-grad of all time, Breakbills University. Worth it, right? So what if you accidentally summon a weird moth-face monster that devours your principle. Wacky Hi-jinx.  Wacky. 


19 Apr 2016

Rank #14

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House - A Bad Case of Loving You

Hello Frequent Flyers and Welcome aboard our 54th Episode, House. Attention all passengers - is there a Doctor onboard this aircraft? Anyone with medical knowledge? Ah, after being pushed from his seat by a co-doctor, a gaunt man stands before the ill plane-guest. He crouches, leaning heavily on his cane. Peers through weary washed out eyes...and calls us all idiots. We missed three classic signs of whatever topical disease it is, and managed to almost kill the patient in the span of three minutes.  Is....is there another doctor aboard this flight? Catch the Flight School Fever on Facebook Hit the Books on iTunes


4 Apr 2016

Rank #15

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Call Me Maybe?

Hello Frequent Flyers and Welcome Aboard our 48th Episode, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  Passengers may notice a slight disruption in our planned route to your destination. We are taking a small detour as our pilot has received a text that the only person to ever make her feel like she had sparkles in her heart is currently in West Covina. We thank our passengers for their patience, and have piped in some catchy tunes about getting ready in a sexy manner for future use. Sing along to our tune on Facebook Check out the Discography on iTunesThrow a penny in our jar on the Contribution Page


23 Feb 2016

Rank #16

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Sex and the City - Carrie On My Wayward Samantha

Hello Frequent Flyers and Welcome Aboard our 45th Episode, Sex and the City.  We would like to inform you on this flight that the Mile High Club is both awkward, uncomfortable, and not as fun as you imagine. Maybe you wanna drop those condoms like they're hot, but we cannot assure you that Mr. Big (A hotter younger Trump) will pick them up for you. This ain't no meet-cute, this is a drive-by-not-bad, and there's no white knight to take you away to Upper Manhattan.  There'll Be Peace When You Are Done (on Facebook )Lay Your Weary Head to Rest on iTunesDon't You Cry No More! Contribution Page


3 Feb 2016

Rank #17

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Going Deep With David Rees - Ice, Ice Baby

Hello Frequent Flyers and Welcome Aboard our 44th Episode, Going Deep with David Rees. Have you ever been stumped by the trivialities of life? Do you fail at the most basic of tasks? Well there's a reason, so study up and come on a fun-filled trip of learning about how to make the perfect ice cube! Tell me you'll wear a hat though, would you? It might get cold. We worry. Postulate Your Theory on FacebookSee What's Frozen in time on iTunesEnhance our Studies on the Contribution Page


26 Jan 2016

Rank #18

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Bad Education - Will They Ever Learn?

Hello Frequent Flyers and Welcome aboard our 41st episode, Bad Education.  FF, I think we can all remember our favourite teachers from way back when. The ones who inspired you, made you enjoy that dry material known as Classic Literature. The ones who gave you a passion for learning. Yeah, this show isn't about teachers like those. Unless your favourite teacher was a posh entitled wanker more likely to take a nap in the supply closet then show you linear algebra.  Go back to School on FacebookDo some Remedial Studying iTunesJoin the Class on the Contribution Page


5 Jan 2016

Rank #19

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"Ooh, Mister Poldark" a BBC Production

Good Morrow Frequent Flyers and welcome aboard our 37th Episode, Poldark.As you land, a connecting stagecoach will take you to your next terminal. However, we warn you that said stagecoach might be full of gossiping busybodies discussing your fallen fortune as you return home from a war that you lost. Don't take it too personally, after all, you were a scandal and a wastrel. Whose ex-girlfriend is engaged to your cousin, and whose farm and mines are in such disrepair that setting it all ablaze would be an improvement.   I mean, how can you take it personally when your entire life went to hell in a handbasket? Oh, and you're Cornish, so there's that. Join the Wastrels on FacebookMine the Depths on iTunesAid your Cousin's failing fortune on the Contribution Page


24 Nov 2015

Rank #20