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I believe everyone deserves to know what ELITE looks like. Normal is overrated. Being the best, achieving life changing results and serving a bigger purpose, is as good as it gets.

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Episode 3: The 5 Habits of ELITE Sellers (For Medical Sales)

Welcome to The 5 Habits of ELITE Sellers (Medical Sales)In this podcast, we'll cover how the best of the best sellers approach their buyers. Through strong interpersonal connections that build trust and commitment and through casting vision for how their product improves their buyers lives, effective sellers actually create buyer champions; buyers that are so bought into the product that they sell the product for them, even when the seller isn't there.Not only will these 5 habits grow your mindset, they will enable you to master your greatest challenges across prospecting, positioning and driving buyer urgency.I want to hear your feedback so please email me at elitesalescoach@gennow.io.


10 Aug 2018

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