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Welcome to The Home Staging Show! This is a podcast about all things home staging, real estate, selling a house and creating a beautiful home to live or to sell. You can find out more about the show at staged4more.com/podcast.

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How Staging Affects Buyer Psychology and How to Stage a Home to Sell with Stager and Realtor Kelly Williams

I’ve wanted to have someone on the podcast for a long time who bridges the gap between stager & real estate agent – even though the industries are related, there’s a relatively small amount of crossover between the work of prepping a home to sell and the job of helping buyers and sellers make the actual sale. So you can imagine how excited I am to have Kelly Williams on today’s episode! Kelly Williams has owned and operated her staging company, Creative Touch Interiors, since 2003 and has been a real estate agent for the past 6 years. As a stager, she frequently mentored new home stagers as they found their feet in the industry, even winning the CSP’s Mentor of the Year Award in 2006. Kelly also authored Home Staging Secrets, was featured on an episode of HGTV’s Buy Me, and writes for the Staging Standard Magazine. Once her kids left home, she jumped into real estate and has been helping buyers and sellers ever since. Now that she’s an experienced real estate agent in addition to her staging expertise, Kelly possesses a unique perspective that makes her the perfect person to ask about how staging really affects the buying and selling of homes.  Kelly and I talk about how being a home stager prepared her for being a real estate agent and debunk some common misconceptions about real estate and home staging. We then dive into all the ways that staging can affect a buyer’s choice to purchase a home, what sellers need to know about prepping a house for the market, and mistakes that home sellers often make. And we talk about what today’s buyers are looking for and how staging can make a huge difference in the home-buying process.


5 Jun 2019

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What New Home Stagers Must Know about Pricing, Getting Clients and Home Staging Contract with Award-Winning Seattle Stager Edi Keech | The Home Staging Show S8.3

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31 Jan 2019

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How to Stage Homes, Train Assistants and Shop Inventory with Top Home Stager Anthea Click

I am SO excited to have Anthea Click back. She is a total rockstar as you can tell from last season’s episode. On the podcast today, we delved in deeper on her home staging business, on how she buys inventory, the costs of inventory, pricing and where to buy. We also talked about how she trains her stagers, how she learned how to stage and style interiors, plus her tricks on improving her home staging skills.

1hr 7mins

15 May 2019

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Key Financial Numbers You Need to Know to Build a Profitable Home Staging Business with Profit First Coach Michele Williams

Today we’re talking about all things profit and what you need to know to build the most profitable and sustainable home staging business you can. It can be hard to know what to charge, what your numbers mean, and what you should be looking at in your books - no matter what stage you’re at in business. Luckily, we have a wonderful guest back with us to talk about it all: Profit First Coach Michele Williams! Michele Williams is sought after for her ability to easily explain complex business principles and processes in a simple, straightforward way. With a varied background in working in small, medium and large businesses, Michele has a great grasp on the scalability factors that are essential to growing a business. Michele and I cover a lot of great topics related to profit, including how to figure out how much income you need, how much you need to work in a year, and how many sales you need to be making to reach your goals. And Michele shares some of her best tips and practices for running a business that pays you a fair wage and delivers tons of value & a high level of service to your clients. Find more info at staged4more.com/podcast.


20 Nov 2019

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Home Staging Business Models with Bobbie McGrath

On today's show, I'm interviewing a woman who needs no introduction! Bobbie is back on the show this season to talk to us today about home staging business models, challenges in the home staging business, doing occupied homes, consultations and mistakes she had made during her career. We had such fun talking on the show that we didn't get through half of the questions! So next week, Bobbie will do another show with us and share her expertise and insights as a seasoned professional home stager.

1hr 47mins

23 Feb 2018

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Maximizing Your Home Value with Nicole Hamilton

On today's episode, I have the fortune to interview Nicole Hamilton, the founder of homeownering.com, a company dedicated to helping homeowners have great financial outcomes. On today's show, we talked quite a lot about ways homeowners can maximize the profits and value of their homes. Nicole also brings a unique perspective since she is a serial home buyer and seller. She is also the author of Avoid the Money Pit, Turn Your Home into a Financial Powerhouse, which I had the opportunity to read before the interview. The book is easy to read and digest and I highly recommend it. Today's Sponsor The Staging Assistant, it's more than an inventory system.  Manage your leads, your proposals, your clients and your staged houses on your desktop, tablet or phone.  With the staging assistant, you will know what you own, where it is and when it's returning quickly and easily.  Create your designs and packing lists from the comfort of your home so you can hit the ground running when you go into your warehouse.  Created by stagers, specifically for stagers it’s the only tool you will need to manage your growing staging business. For more information, visit stagingassistant.com

1hr 1min

2 Feb 2018

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Interior Design Dilemmas and Styling Your Home & Brand with Interior Stylist Joanna Thornhill

A life-long interiors obsessive, Joanna Thornhill’s passion for design, eye for pulling together a cohesive visual story, and approachable yet knowledgable writing style has led her to her dream career as an Interiors Stylist, Writer and Author.  Joanna and I talk about her career as an interiors stylist and how she works with brands to create beautiful, thoughtful designs for events, film, and online content. Joanna and I also chat about her books and what she recommends for renters and first-time homeowners who want to make their home feel and look beautiful even when they have a smaller budget. Find more info at staged4more.com/podcast.


23 Oct 2019

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How New Stagers Can Thrive in Today's Market with Bobbie McGrath

Welcome Back to Season 7 Episode 6! On today's show, Bobbie is back to chat with us about how new home stagers can strive in today's market.Bobbie and I started with the question: "What is the difference between newbie stager v. amateur stager v. seasoned stager?" We also talked about the definition of success, pros and cons of starter home market and luxury market and growing the business. Some of the Qs I asked on Today's Show: What is the difference between newbie stager v. amateur stager v. seasoned stager?  What are some of the pros and cons of both starter homes and luxury homes markets? How should stagers approach the market? How do they go about finding new clients? What is your definition of being a “success” in this industry? A last, 2-part question for you: What is the one top tip you will give to stagers when it comes to starting out in the staging industry? How about someone who started for awhile, like couple years in and is growing the business? 

1hr 25mins

2 Mar 2018

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Creating a Profitable & Sustainable Home Staging Business with Profit First Coach Michele Williams

For the final episode of season 9, we’re talking about the business side of home staging and why it’s so important to focus not just on your revenue, but on your profit margins. I speak to a lot of new stagers with questions about how much profit they should be making, whether they should buy or rent furniture, and other important business considerations. To talk all about profit and building a sustainable, healthy business, we’re joined by the brilliant Michele Williams! Michele Williams is sought after for her ability to easily explain complex business principles and processes in a simple, straightforward way. With a varied background in working in small, medium and large businesses, Michele has a great grasp on the scalability factors that are essential to growing a business. Michele offers up so much great advice in this episode. She shares her background in business and explains how the Profit First model works and why she thinks it’s such an effective way to manage the cash flow of your business. We also discuss whether new stagers should buy their own inventory and why you should classify your inventory as an asset. And we get into some super useful stuff about mindset, things that hold us back in business, and how you can increase your net profit. You can find complete show notes and more information at https://www.staged4more.com/podcast 

1hr 2mins

17 Jul 2019

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Leverage Color Psychology to Successfully Stage Your Home for Sale with Top Stager Tracey McLeod

Hey guys, welcome back to season 6 episode 5. I’m super excited to have Tracey back on the show to talk about color psychology. Tracey is an internationally recognised Australian Home Stager, Founder of Presentation Sells and former President of the Queensland Interior Decorators Association. Drawing on her extensive experience in interior decorating, home staging and property styling, Tracey has helped hundreds of home sellers maximise their sale price from $20,000 extra on occupied home styling, and up to $360,000 for vacant home presentation across her local areas of Brisbane and on Australia’s Gold Coast. She’s incredibly knowledgable about staging, color psychology and running a very successful home staging business. We originally had a whole interview planned on color psychology, but we actually spent a lot of time talking about building home staging businesses, so we are going to have a two-part episode. This particular one, most of it is on business building, real estate and a lot of business side of things, especially for those of you who are new to the home staging industry. On today’s show, we discussed: Why color psychology is so important when it comes to selling the house What is color psychology and how it impacts people Color is a universal language but we have different responses to colors, especially influenced by cultures Why red is a celebrated color in a lot of eastern cultures Differences between eastern and western decorative tastes How real estate professionals can misunderstand buyers’ decor preferences because of stereotypes How to stage your home to appeal to multiple cultures and still be on target for your demographics How to do research and understand who are you staging for Why it is so important to understand what the buyers want today Why following trends when you remodel the home can be dangerous and decrease your return on investment How colors can transcend language and culture barriers How people always pick the wrong white paint color Why 70% of Australians pick white for the wall colors How to pick colors to stage your colors for sale “The human factor” How Tracey picks colors for the house The psychology behind buying behaviors and how that impacts color selections How we leverage and create fall in love factor by using colors during home sales Colors for historical home How lights can influence the way colors look How to tell the undertone of a paint color How colors can be different for different generations and genders Universal colors that appeal to both males and females How to use red in your staging How to use green in the home for staging Neutral tones in colors How can homeowners avoid making mistakes in color selections Incorporating warm colors in staging Color psychology on Instagram How to balance the space through colors What’s warmer tones and what’s cooler tone The source of colors The scale of colors Using color wheels in staging Trusting your own instincts when you are putting the room together Colors can trigger emotions Color palettes of cities and neighborhoods When you are staging your own home with very little or no budget Remembers, it always comes down to the buyers when you are staging for sale Tracey’s one tip when you approach staging the home yourself The job of color palette www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com If you enjoy the show, please leave a review & rating on iTunes! Every rating and review helps someone finds our show, helps us grow our show and get more awesome guests. So that’s it for today’s show. Happy staging!

1hr 20mins

12 Jul 2017

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Your Questions Answered

Hey everyone, welcome back to the last episode of our season 7. On today’s show, it’s a Q&A session. I have received a few questions from our listeners. Before we get started today, I just want to take the time and thank you for your support for this past season. As you may have heard me mention on the show, I’m studying full time for a master in photography this year. So at times, my schedule is very hectic and I have a lot on my plate. So I’m very grateful for your patience and kindness and support. I also want to take the time to thank the guests this season and previous seasons as well. It’s very difficult to take time during the busy season to come on the show, so I am very grateful for them to take time out of their busy days and come on the show. I also have a couple quick announcement to make. I’ll be speaking in Rome next Saturday for the IAHSP European Conference. I’ll be speaking about photography and portfolio. I will be putting my conference speech online, and a little bit more bonus content, so just be on the look out for the newsletter announcement when that goes live.  Me and 9 other marketing experts, including Bobbie McGrath, one of our favorite guests on the podcast, in the home staging industry have gotten together and published a new book. It’s going to be available on Amazon.com on Monday, April 9th.  On Monday, April 9th, you will also be able to purchase an electronic copy of the book on Amazon.com for $2.99. The name of the book is Marketing: for the Staging and Design Industry. For the next season, I am aiming to come back in June. If you have any suggestions on topics and guests, leave a comment on the show notes! For those of you who are interested in joining the next live, 8-week business incubator, the 6-Figure Floor Plan, our next live class will start the first week of July. We will be opening the Early Bird enrollment in June. Qs asked today: “What recommendations do you have if you want to get into the staging industry?” “Why do stagers work for wages instead of profits ? How can they plan to expand , buy new inventory? Do they know to add 35% to their job for profit to ensure growth. What if they were ill, how would they earn income and pay someone to do their work?” “Do you have any tips on how to get client to decide to go ahead with the actual stage?” “Any tips for storing lampshades to avoid them from getting banged up? Also - how do you organize your warehouse as far as aisles rows etc… just started using the staging assistant and it’s been a game changer! I’m a new regional manager for a staging company and I’m starting the process of organizing our warehouse!”


6 Apr 2018

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Pricing Your Job for Profits and Boost Your Cash Flow with Denise O'Berry

Welcome Back to Season 7 Episode 9! On this episode, I'm really happy to interview Denise O'Berry, who is a small business and cash flow expert, on the show. During this episode, she shared many valuable tips about pricing your work, dealing with client objections, cash flow issues in the small businesses and how to make sure your business has a healthy financial. If you are struggling with pricing and managing money for your business, I highly recommend this episode for you. Next week is Q&A episode, if you have any questions about home staging or running a home staging business, leave your question below in the comment section or send me an email. About Denise Small Business Expert Denise O’Berry is the author of “Small Business Cash Flow: Strategies for Making Your Business a Financial Success” a book about how to get, manage and keep your cash flow on an even keel and where it belongs — in your business. A small business owner since 1996, Denise has worked with hundreds of small business owners over the years and is inspired by their enthusiasm and ability to overcome huge obstacles.  Some of the Qs I asked on Today's Show: Hi Denise, thank you so much for coming on the show this week! I am very excited to interview you since you’ve written and published a book about small business cash flow and you are an expert on this. I feel that one of the biggest obstacles I’ve seen with stagers building their businesses is that they don’t understand how money works. So before we can start talking about cash flow, can we talk about how money works in the small business? So what is cash flow? Why is cash flow so important that it should be the number one priority of the business? Why and how small business owners run into issues with cash flow? How do you know if you have a healthy cash flow or not? Are there specific numbers that you look for? One of the biggest contributor to the cash flow is our income. How do you figure out the best pricing to charge our clients? When is the best time to raise your price? How should we raise our prices? Do you do it by a percentage each time? How do you deal with clients who price shop or want to bargain your prices? How do you make your clients love paying you? How can a small business owner improves the lifetime values of a customer? For our type of work, money is not always steady. There are a lot of factors that can influence our income. So what are some of the things us small business owners can do to make sure that we can always generate income and stay black on the books? In your book, you mentioned using the hidden cash resources to grow the business. Can you elaborate on that? How can we find cash in our business? What are some of the hidden cash resources and how can we use them to grow our business? What strategies can we use to make our customers loyal to us no matter what price points we are charging? I know one of the most important structure in our business is finances. How do we find the right CPA or bookkeeper to support us? And what structures, procedures or workflow do you recommend small business owners to set up to make sure they know their financial health at all times? What is the one top tip you will give to stagers when it comes to pricing their projects?

1hr 20mins

30 Mar 2018

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Occupied Home Staging with Top Home Stager Michelle Finnamore

Hey guys, welcome back to season 4 episode 10! So on this week’s show, I have Michelle Finnamore on the show to talk about occupied home staging, which means that you’re living in your home while you sell your house. If you had listened to last week’s show with Karen Otto, you’ll probably realize that I had asked exactly the same questions for both guests, with the exception of the follow-up questions to their answers. The reason why I did this was because that both of them are in very different markets. Karen is in Texas, United States, and Michelle is in Toronto, Canada. You’ll see how geography impacts their methods and approaches. While a lot of things are similar, a lot of things are also very market specific. Michelle's staging and design work have been featured on HGTV, Fox TV and CBC Radio One. Identifying the ideal client was a key factor in creating a home staging company that has attracted sellers and agents and led to her moniker of being named the Go To Girl when you are looking to sell a property. Recently Michelle has been awarded RESA Top Ten Stager Canada in 2015 as well as CSP International Master Stager. If you enjoy the show, please leave a review & rating on iTunes! <3 Cash in the Cushions is NOW LIVE! Cash in the Cushions mini course is designed for someone who's thinking about entering the home staging industry, or home stagers who are new in the industry. It's a 90-page mini course and workbook that helps you to set up a solid foundation for starting a profitable home staging business. The Boot Camp will be launched in late November / beginning of December, where I take you through every aspect of running a home staging business and I'll share with you all my workflow, processes, systems and scripts dealing with most issues you'll encounter in the home staging business. On Today's Show, We Discussed: Current market in Toronto Upcoming trends for rest of 2016 and 2017 Some of the advantages to live in the home while you’re selling Some of the common challenges of occupied homes What Karen's process like when she approaches occupied homes What are some of the things the homeowners should be aware of when they’re living in the home while the house is on the market What Karen recommends these sellers do when they’re going to live in the home while they’re selling their house What are some of Karen's ideas to get the home ready for an open house quickly What are some of the things buyers get put off by when they tour homes that are occupied by sellers What can the sellers do to prevent that The actual staging day for Karen What does Karen do as a home stager when she's staging an occupied house What Karen wishes the homeowners know before she comes over to stage their homes If a homeowner wants to put their home on the market while they’re living in it, how early should they start the prepping process And what should they do to get started What does Karen find challenging when it comes to occupied homes Say a homeowner wants to stage the home themselves, what would Karen recommend them to do How can the homeowners keep up the staging while their houses are on the market How about if the sellers have kids or pets, here are some of the additional tips that Karen has for them What are some of Karen's favorite styling tips Karen’s favorite props Karen's one tip you’ll give to homeowners who’re going to live in the home while they’re selling If you enjoy the show, please leave a review & rating on iTunes! <3

1hr 4mins

30 Sep 2016

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How to Get Consistent Home Staging Clients

On this last episode of the special mini series, Marketing Your Home Staging Business, I shared 5 tips on how to build a consistent clientele for your home staging business: the key things you must do, what you must find out about your potential clients and why a marketing system is so crucial in your success is a home stager. Enrollment for the 6-Figure Floor Plan Mastermind course is now open! Check out our courses at staged4more.school


11 Oct 2019

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Real Estate Photography with Photographer Kristina Kandel

Today’s show is all about real estate photography! We talked a lot about the technical side of photography, like white balance, exposure, ISO, etc. We also talked about the styling side of things, especially how differently the camera sees the room vs. the human eyes and how that impact the way we place things in the room. On today’s show, I am interviewing Kris Kandel, a photographer in the Fargo area, specializing in weddings and real estate photography since 2001. She has always been drawn to architecture in her photography work, so it was a natural step to include home photography in her business. A few years ago she bought a little 1948 fixer up and loved getting her hands dirty with DIY projects to make this old house an adorable home. In her free time she enjoys volunteering at her local AKC dog club teaching the Canine Good Citizen classes with her beautiful dog Bokeh. She also runs a podcast on courage and curiosity with her sister. It's her passion to create, bringing light and joy into the world in any way she can. 

1hr 1min

10 Jul 2019

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Successful Home Staging and Creating Win-Win Real Estate Sales with Bobbie McGrath

Hey guys, welcome back to season 4 episode 6! happy labor day weekend for those of you who’re in the states listening to today’s podcast episode. I’m really excited to interview Bobbie McGrath for today’s episode. She’s a highly sought after home stager, incredibly experienced and is a top trainer in real estate. Cash in the Cushions mini course for home stagers who want to set up a strong foundation for a profitable home staging business is now live. Take advantage of the launch week special! $50 off until September 7, 2016. See our website staged4more.com for more information. On today’s show, we discussed: Misinformation about what home staging is in Australia Real estate model in Australia Business model for real estate agents Unethical behaviors by homesellers Bobbie’s own personal experiences as a homeseller What home stagers do Interior designers v. home stagers North Carolina real estate market Historic properties in Hillsborough Occupied home staging Vacant home staging, especially staging “the problem children” Staging historical homes Home stagers working as partners with real estate agents and how that changes realtors’ profits and business model Why some spectacular homes don’t sell quickly The importance of brand recognition in real estate How can home stagers add to real estate agents’ business? As home stagers, we need to understand our values and how to communicate that to our clients How Bobbie convinces real estate agents to stage their properties Changing clients’ mindset, interviewing the clients to be a partner with us instead of being someone’s help When to fire clients The importance of knowing your business and what you’re passionate about Bobbie’s “holy trinity” What’re the important key objectives of a home stager’s work How being passionate about your work can open up doors to you Dealing unwelcoming sellers who reject home staging Home staging consultations can be a powerful technique for real estate agents to build their brands and for home sellers getting a higher ROI on their home sale Making home staging accessible Running a profitable successful home staging business You can talk your way to a 6-figure home staging business When house is too pretty, it actually hurts your sale? Bobbie’s blue dress theory How to find a reliable home stager and a real estate agent How to see if an unethical stager had stolen someone else’s portfolio photos Hire a home stager who has insurance How realtors can incorporate home staging into their business models and make it a win win for themselves and the home sellers How home staging can differentiate realtors from their competitions How to get home sellers to have some skin in the game and commit to the staging for their sales As a realtor, how you can put the values of staging into place before you meet with sellers How a real estate agent can build a comprehensive marketing plan for home sellers How international real estate markets are different than each other Real estate market in Australia How Bobbie pulls the house together What words Bobbie never use with her clients How Bobbie controls the rooms for staging her 5,000+ home staging projects Neuro marketing How to easily lose respect of your clients What’s a red flag when you’re working with a new client How to change the shape of the money and convince clients to book you There comes a point when staging is no longer effective Room dandruff Dealing with seller clients who have attitude about working with you or about home staging Book: Personality Plus What’s a well-staged home What makes great interior photos Popular trends in real estate and decor right now across the country Bobbie’s go to paint colors If you enjoy the show, please leave a review & rating on iTunes! <3

1hr 56mins

3 Sep 2016

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Styling Homes to Look High End with Antiques, Bold Accessories, and Other Treasures with Kate Dawson

Great design and a beautiful home should be accessible for everyone. Kate Dawson is an interior designer who specializes in making homes look like a million bucks at a fraction of the price. Kate works with her clients to make sure their home brings them a sense of joy and excitement without breaking the bank.  Kate and I talked about her love of treasure hunting and how she got started as a self-taught interior designer. We also discuss why she loves finding accessories at vintage shops and estate sales and some of her favorite places to source great items. Find more info at staged4more.com/podcast.


16 Oct 2019

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