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What would it mean for your business if overnight… every $10 you spent on marketing, brought you $100, or if your next launch saw a 20% sales number increase from the last one? Those are just 2 incredible success stories that our clients at Hirsh Marketing have attributed to working with us. And there are hundreds more who have gone through The Hirsh Process and have seen dramatic increases in revenue and an end to social media & marketing stress! We’ve managed over $5 million in ad spend and generated over $57 million in revenue for our clients. Now The Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast gives you a behind the scenes look at The Hirsh Process (the secret sauce to these amazing results), how we get these results consistently for our clients every. single. day; and how you can begin to apply OUR multi-million dollar takeaways to YOUR business.

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173 - Why You Can't Automate Everything

There’s a lot of hype around automated content… because it’s an incredible time-saver, especially before you have a support team. But you can’t automate everything, all the time! In this episode, I’ll explain the ways my company incorporates BOTH pre-scheduled content and personal, customized content (in marketing + delivery of our product). For complete show notes, visit - www.hirshmarketing.com/podcast-episode-173


16 Apr 2020

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