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Two Monday morning cage fighters that love all things MMA. Raf is a freelance MMA writer/Comedian/MMA practitioner located out in sunny LA. Kevin is a Comedian/MMA Practitioner living out in sunny Denver, Co. Together they are analyzing fights, mocking each other, and keeping everyone humorously in tune with the world of MMA. Listen to one, you'll be sure to download more.

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 300) with Geo "freakahzoid" Martinez

Kasai 3 was this weekend, Quintet 2 was a little while ago, and Geo Martinez is amazing. A very special 300th episode and Verbal Tap has never been happier. Listen in.

1hr 45mins

20 Aug 2018

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Verbal Tap crossover: The Grappling Hour does the Bachelor, starring Keenan Cornelius

Special edition crossover with The Grappling Hour. You love us, you need us, you should listen, subscribe, and give all of our shows love!


23 Apr 2019

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 297) with MMA "Star" Garry Tonon

The guys will be back later this week with UFC 227, talking to the only person who could postpone our fight convo: Garry The LionKiller Tonon. Listen in, as we ask Garry everything we can about: One FC, MMA Career, Colby Covington Beef, and what is in the tiny briefcase?

1hr 12mins

6 Aug 2018

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 291) MMA Headlines & EBI 16

MMA non sense and Nate Diaz up top, with a lot of EBI coverage. Did you see Bia Mesquita? She can't be stopped. Bianca Basilio is tough as hell, and heel hooks are back in at EBI. Plus Richie Martinez and PJ Barch "slap" fought. Listen in, great EBI.

1hr 1min

26 Jun 2018

Rank #4

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 363) Keenan tells some & The BJJ Steroids Guys

This is our least credible episode yet. We reflect on some Keenan comments on he and Hinger's new podcast, and give some updates on BJJ Steroids.


19 Jun 2019

Rank #5

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 308) Interview Series with Kasai CEO Rich Byrne

Rich Byrne has a passion for grappling, and Kasai is the evidence. Listen in as we question him about what he's doing, why, and if he's sure he should be on the podcast (spoiler alert, he mostly is sure he should be). Kasai! Tune in, and check out https://kasaigrappling.com/.

1hr 3mins

24 Sep 2018

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Verbal Tap sure Metamoris... and ADCC darling Craig Jones

You really can't believe how charming Craig Jones is. Verbal Tap unwinds the Metamoris announcement, talks about their sponsors, and brings on ADCC's darling Craig Jones. Tune in, Craig is amazing and the 5 years of Verbal tap suggestions are exquisite.

2hr 1min

16 Oct 2017

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 329) Gordon Ryan vs. Galvao vs. Caio Terra & a little Keenan

There is a lot of BJJ gossip to catch up on this week, and we're here for it. Topics include: Gordon Ryan, Andre Galvao, Caio Terra, AJ Agazarm, Garry Tonon, Criag Jones, Gordon vs. Galvao, Caio Gordan Gi Match, and BJJ crazyness. Listen in, we had too much fun this week.

1hr 7mins

15 Jan 2019

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 383) the Dr. is right: Masvidal over Diaz in UFC 244

The guys are back talking exclusively about UFC 244 and podcast content. Jorge Masvidal waxed Nate Diaz and Kevin is with the Doctor. Amazing fights. Gastelum and Till, Thompson and Luque, Derrick Lewis and Kevin Lee and we haven't even mentioned the prelims. What an amazing card. Listen in.

1hr 6mins

4 Nov 2019

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 390) Verbal Tappies w/ Garry Tonon

Raf accidentally booked Garry and we didn't have the heart to tell him. We talk retirement, fighting, MMA, and all things Garry Tonon. Listen in, we love him. He's been eating carbs, Kevin drove through a winter storm, its showtime.

1hr 47mins

31 Dec 2019

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 299) what happened to Rousimar Palhares

Some talk about the movie MEG, being a meme, and all things Rousimar Palhares. Listen in to some Kasai Pro comments, and really a lot of Rousimar Palhares. The people get what they want.


14 Aug 2018

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 312) UFC 229 Khabib vs. Conor & everything else

Khabib defeats  Conor, Tony Ferguson and Anthony Pettis welcomed us to October, and Derrick Lewis got hot. Join us for UFC 229. Plus Happy Rolling BJJ's Tony De Nofre wants results from Over/Under Kevin. We'll see.

1hr 9mins

7 Oct 2018

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 313) Quintet 3 has a new King

Gordon Ryan and Craig Jones are extremely good at jiu-jitsu, so is 10th Planet. Add these factors plus Team Alpha Male, Josh Barnett, and Team Polaris? You get the greatest BJJ team tournament in history (short history alert). Join us for some grappling fun. 


7 Oct 2018

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 350) UFC 236 & Keenan leaves Atos

Jahred Dell is back. You can get more of him at ArticulateBjj.com. Breaking down the UFC 236 card and pondering why Keenan left Atos. Listen in. 


15 Apr 2019

Rank #14

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 392) UFC 246 w/ Jake Watson

UFC 246 has Drew Dober on it! Also, Conor vs. Cowboy, Pettis, Holm, and so much more. Join us in a rousing game of Over/Under Kevin UFC 246 with our friend Jake Watson. Jake rocks, listen in.

1hr 13mins

13 Jan 2020

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 340) Erberth Santos & the OSS'car goes to?

Join us as we're upset fighting is no longer easier from outside of the cage. Also, Erberth Santos, Nicholas Meregali, Buchecha, Joao Gabriel, BJJ Stars, Felipe Pena, and all that drama. We tried to recap as best we could. 


24 Feb 2019

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 327) UFC 232 Jon Jones, Amanda Nunes, and UFC Cover Ups

There is so much UFC 232 drama we honestly called NPR for help, they didn't return our call. Instead, tune in for: Jon Jones, BJ Penn, Ryan Hall, Cris Cyborg, Amanda Nunes, Carlos Condit, Michael Chiesa, GSP, and all things UFC 232. We had a lot of fun talking.

1hr 32mins

31 Dec 2018

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 326) UFC on Fox 31 & 232 Jon Jones vs. The World

We're really excited for UFC 232, and we definitely kind know what happened at UFC on Fox 31. Tune in for the following: Jon Jones, Gustafsson, Junes vs. Cyborg, Carlos Condit vs. Chiesa, UFC on Fox 31, and UFC 232. It was a blast. 


20 Dec 2018

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 359) IBJJF 2019 Worlds Controversy & a little Coverage with Josh "Starlord" Leduc

IBJJF had a lot of steroids issues, and a ton of great fights, lets talk about it. We invited good friend Josh Leduc from Guardians Management. Listen in, we talk some smack on worlds and give Keenan all the credit.


4 Jun 2019

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Verbal Tap (Ep. 368) The Many Crimes of Jon Jones & UFC 240 w/ Rich LeRoy

The guys are back with breaking Jon Jones stories, the half year awards from ESPN, and Over/Under Kevin UFC 240 with Rich LeRoy. Rich is an MMA fighter and all around good guy, listen in. 

1hr 7mins

26 Jul 2019

Rank #20