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A Long-time Motorcycle Enthusiast Shares Tips, Tricks and of Course BIKER BS Stories.

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BBS #5 River City Bike Fest

With the warm days of Spring & Summer here, I'm on the road and putting the WS-100 to good use- San Antonio River City Bike Fest.-A Detour for First Friday & Dinner at Rosario's-And then onto the Bike Fest.Coming up in Show #6 Austin ROT RallyClick here forEnhanced VersionSubscribeFeedDirect Link

16 Jun 2006

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Rally news, I answer listener email with a Biker BS story from my first road trip to DaytonaSubscribeDirect LinkFeed

3 Apr 2006

Rank #2

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I discuss my last ROT Rally which had a few interesting pit stops including a breakdown and FREE BEER!subscribe in iTunesdirect linkfeed

2 Apr 2006

Rank #3

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Biker BS Interviewed by the Morning BrewCast

I was interviewed by Jennifer and Jackie the coffee crazy gals at the Morning BrewCast.Click here to listen to their show

5 Feb 2006

Rank #4

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Biker BS #2 Daytona Bike Week and The Worlds Fastest Indian

Gary discusses the upcoming Bike Week at Daytona and the bike movie, "The Worlds Fastest Indian".Apologies for the unfortunate poor quality of the audio on BikerBS#2. There is an expected learning curve to work through. It'll get better.Listen Here

5 Feb 2006

Rank #5