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Safety Experts Talk offers relevant, on-topic insight in interviews of up to 60 minutes, with industry leaders in safety, 5S, Lean, Six Sigma and other continuous improvement genres. From PPE to safety software and tools, from visual workplace case studies to GHS labeling standards to Kaizen principles, you'll find a rich library of safety related topics in these podcasts, a service of Creative Safety Supply. See our website at www.creativesafetysupply.com/podcast for transcripts of Safety Experts Talk, plus important links and graphics.

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Starting Continuous Improvement

Jeff Hajek discusses the paths a company takes when creating a continuous improvement culture, and what kind of structure they need to support it.


18 Feb 2015

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Safety Recognition Programs That Work

Safety recognition programs that cost the least work the best. Hear a former OSHA trainer explain how to have a better recognition program inexpensively. Steve Geigle worked for 16 years with OSHA, Oregon. He’s seen safety recognition programs fail miserably. Hear Steve detail the reasons for the failures, such as too much emphasis on rewards. Steve says tracking leading indicators (near misses) is better way to eliminate injury. Many companies track lagging indicators (injuries, accidents), which are inferior indicators.


30 Mar 2015

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A New Unsafe Generation Of Workers

Millennials entering the workforce are unskilled and unsafe. Hear safety expert Elaine Cullen explain why it’s not their fault. Many are quick to judge these new employees as stupid, but she is quick to defend them. Elaine says their lack of training is due to many reasons, including changes in school curricula, budget cutbacks in schools, and, yes, video games. Elaine co-authored the National Academies of Science study. It basically says they are safety hazards looking for a place to happen.


8 Mar 2015

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Are Workers Good Safety Observers?

Workers are asked to monitor workplace safety. But can you count on them? “Safety Cary” describes how average Joes can help the safety pros. Cary Usrey writes a regular blog for predictivesolutions/safeycary/.com


18 Feb 2015

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Lean IT and Business

Lean IT expert Steve Bell helps solve the long-standing battle between a company’s goal of Continuous Improvement and IT's perceived lack of agility. It’s a constant friction between management wanting computer/network changes now, and IT wanting to slow the pace and do it right. Hear about Kaizen, and how IT departments are now considered strategic partners in business planning, due to so much online interaction with the public. Steve is author of three books on Lean IT, and is winner of the Shingo Research Prize. He is also a faculty member at the Lean Enterprise Institute.


6 Mar 2015

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OSHA Inspections - What To Expect

OSHA inspections can create panic in every safety manager. Relax. An OSHA Enforcement Manager responds to 18 questions on inspections, revealing the facts. Gary Beck, Enforcement Manager of OSHA, Oregon, explains what any company owner or safety manager should expect during a safety inspection. Dan Clark interviews Gary on how to prepare for their surprise appearances, and how keeping workers safe is OSHA’s reason for being there. Many other questions about facility safety and signs are answered by Gary. Topics include hazard communication, NFPA, GHS, confined space, ArcFlash and more.


13 Mar 2015

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10 Best Safety Apps For Safety Pros

Paul Colangelo debuted the 10 best safety apps for industry at ASSE’s Safety 2015. Hear Paul offer his thoughts on each. Paul focused on low cost and free applications, and those which work without an internet connection. He avoided sponsored and vendor apps. Mr. Colangelo, STS, CHST, CET, is National Director of Compliance Programs at ClickSafety. See links to the iOS, Android and Windows Phone versions: http://experttalk.creativesafetysupply.com/10-best-safety-apps-for-safety-pros/


1 Jul 2015

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HazCom Labels And SDSs - OSHA Talks

HazCom labels and SDSs are confusing - until now. Two OSHA industrial hygienists explain what is happening right now with the Hazard Communication Standard. Hear about changes in chemical labeling and Safety Data Sheets. This podcast is based on The SCHC OSHA Alliance webcast on “Hazard Communication 2012” from September, 2015. Thanks SCHC OSHA Alliance! See more: http://experttalk.creativesafetysupply.com/hazcom-labels-and-sdss-osha-talks/


18 Sep 2015

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Respect For People And A3

Respect For People is a crucial part of lean and A3. Lean guru Bill Greider tells how A3 teams can implement continuous improvement in an organization. 
Bill heads P4 Lean Strategy Consulting, coaching companies on using A3 teams to eliminate accidents, increase production and rectify customer issues. The A3 exercise employs Respect For People, which originated with TPS (The Toyota Production System). A3 is a way to problem solve, named after a European paper standard size. A3 is about the same size as 11 x 17 sheets in the U.S. Our podcast guest says to lay out your problem on an A3 sized sheet of paper. Then process the problem with DMAIC—Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.


20 Mar 2015

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Safety Kickoffs That Really Work, Pt 1

Safety kickoffs can have spark! Hear John Drebinger, safety speaker, give tips on engaging employees. John says cartoons, jokes and even magic tricks can deliver safety messages. In 26 years as a safety speaker, John Drebinger, Jr., C.Ht. CSP, has spoken at NASA, Exxon, Boeing, The US Army Corps of Engineers and more. A link to John’s website is in the transcript of this podcast: h



21 Jul 2015

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OSHA Inspections - How To Prepare

OSHA inspections are a breeze if you’re ready. An OSHA Consultation Manager tells how OSHA can help your company be safe and ready for inspection. For FREE. An OSHA consultation visit cannot trigger an OSHA inspection. Consultation and Enforcement divisions operate separately, says Roy Kroker, Consultation Manager of OSHA, Oregon. In this podcast, Dan Clark asks Roy’s advice on the new hazard communication label standard for labels, arc flash, confined space and more. Roy says his experienced staff is glad to visit any workplace with free, confidential advice. The experts are well versed in all matters of safety, including construction, general industry, logging, agriculture and ergonomics. Any manager, safety manager or head of company can benefit from this interview.


15 Jun 2015

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An Earthquake At Work

Earthquake safety at work? A quake could happen while employees are on the job. Prep with workplace emergency supplies, equipment and evacuation drills. American Red Cross staffer Melinda Davis says doorway thresholds are unsafe. Previous emergency protocol advised people to stand in doorways. Now, safety experts say door frames are weak and could collapse, and swinging doors can injure. Employers should have emergency supply kits and equipment, plus evacuation and fire drills. Workers should have personal emergency kits in their car or truck, and at their desk or work space.


21 Apr 2015

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Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down - Pt 1

Fall prevention saves lives. Hear Dr. Christine Branche of NIOSH talk passionately about the annual Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down May 4-15, 2015. Dr. Branche explains that companies are asked to pause work on job sites to review fall prevention with employees. Dr. Branche is Director Of The Office Of Construction Safety And Health for NIOSH, The National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health. Near the end of the podcast, Dr. Branche also politely laughs at interviewer Dan Clark’s joke about a contractor. This is the first of two Safety Experts Talk interviews with fall prevention experts.


30 Apr 2015

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New HazCom Labeling Standards

HazCom labeling changes are here. OSHA’s new standards finally match GHS labeling. Expert Chuck Paulausky, CHMM, explains hazard communication labeling. Chuck says the new labels are a big safety improvement from previous systems. He explains  the new rules, and their similarities to NFPA, GHS and HMIS labels. Dan Clark hosts the interview with Chuck who consults industry on EPA and OSHA compliance. His company is CP Safety & Environmental based in Chandler, Arizona.


26 Apr 2015

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Safety Kickoffs That Really Work, Pt 2

Safety kickoffs can alienate experienced workers. Learn how to bring these staffers into new, safer realms with John Drebinger, Jr., expert safety speaker. John also lists the five reasons to watch out for other people’s safety. In this podcast, Dan Clark asks John to share other tips from his book “Would You Watch Out For My Safety?” A safety speaker for over a quarter century, John Drebinger, Jr., C.Ht. CSP, has kept the attention of employees at General Motors, Con Edison, 3M, and more. A link to John’s website is in the transcript of this podcast: http://experttalk.creativesafetysupply.com/safety-kickoffs-that-really-work-pt-2/


7 Aug 2015

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Free Safety Resources

Dave Weber says “My father and my uncle were both seriously hurt in on-the-job accidents…I get a lot of satisfaction from sharing information and resources with other folks so that they can help to prevent other people’s fathers and uncles from being hurt on the job.” Dave, formerly of OSHA provides links to free safety resources on his website.


18 Feb 2015

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Total Worker Health - Explained

Total Worker Health. Dr. Bud Harris says an out-of-shape worker is more likely to be injured and urges companies to follow NIOSH’s Total Worker Health initiative. Hear how he implemented great health and safety at Intel, Tyco and Con-way Freight. More at:  http://experttalk.creativesafetysupply.com/total-worker-health-explained/


30 Oct 2015

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Forklifts vs. Pedestrians: Right-Of-Way

Forklifts vs. pedestrians. Who has to stop? People on foot technically have the right-of-way. But some say powered industrial trucks should hold sway. Safety expert Jonathan Jacobi, of Underwriters Laboratories, tells how some companies ask walking workers to cede their right-of-way to multi-ton forklifts. Jonathan is a Senior Environment, Health and Safety Advisor with UL Workplace Health And Safety, in Franklin, Tennessee. He’s an OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer and CSP. More at http://experttalk.creativesafetysupply.com/forklifts-vs-pedestrians-right-of-way/


9 Oct 2015

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Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down - Pt 2

Fall prevention. Employers have a huge obligation to prevent injuries and deaths. Matt McNicholas, CSP, of OSHA, details the second annual Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down, designed to create fall awareness. Matt describes the three main responsibilities of an employer: Planning ahead to get the job done safely; Providing the right equipment; Training the exposed employees on how to use equipment safely. Also hear about anchorage points, warning lines, designated areas and control zones. In this podcast Matt also tells host Dan Clark about construction inspections. Matt has done over 1000 site inspections, and been with OSHA for 20 years.


7 May 2015

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Front-Line Workers And Safety

Front-line workers shouldn’t be fired for blowing the whistle on safety. Their observations need to be taken seriously by managers, says Dr. Sidney Dekker. Prof. Dekker is a noted safety expert, author of “Safety, Differently.” and a Professor at Griffith University in Australia. See more: http://experttalk.creativesafetysupply.com/front-line-workers-and-safety/


27 Aug 2015

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