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PhotoNetCast brings you the photography topics that matter, whether you are a newcomer, photography enthusiast, semi-pro or even a photography professional. We highlight the latest news, discuss photography equipment (dSLR cameras, photography lighting, accessories, etc.), workflow, tips and tutorials, as well as discuss in-depth topics to help you improve your photography from both a business and creative prespectives. Hosted by Antonio Marques, Jim Goldstein, Brian Auer and Martin Gommel, PhotoNetCast has a very conversational format in which both digital photography and film photography are discussed in an open and entertaining way. Our guests, people who matter in the digital photography world, bring additional value to the show and share their perspectives in today\'s photography. Whatever your level is in photography, whether you express your creativity through digital or film photography, we are confident you will enjoy our discussions on PhotoNetCast and we hope you join us for every show.

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PhotoNetCast #84 – Micro Four Thirds and other mirrorless systems

No mirror? No worries Micro four thirds and other mirrorless systems have been on the market for many years, but recently the level of adoption of these once frowned-upon cameras has been very intense. On this episode, we discuss why would a photographer want a mirrorless system when compared to the tried and tested quality of a dSLR. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the systems, and what is making them so attractive that professionals are now switching and using the mirrorless has their main camera? In the discussion we also touch up on the history of the system, compare a few prices, and talk about the range of lenses available and the Electronic Viewfinders (EVF). On the news, what about a newspaper without photos? French newspaper Libération published an issue with white space in place of images, in support of photography and photojournalists.Photo credit: British Journal of Photography We also discuss the Panono, and how the Art Center College of Design, Passadena, started offering courses focused on old photography techniques, hoping to improve the digital photography of the students. We rounded the show with a few listener questions. Any feedback or suggestions? You know how to get in touch. For now, enjoy the show…

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6 Dec 2013

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PhotoNetCast #59 – Standing Out with your Photography

The Importance of standing out with your photographic work In this episode we have as guest Scott Liddell to help us in the discussion. Scott is the anonymous now not anonymous anymore author of Dark Edinburgh. This site, although small in scale, has been gaining some notoriety around the local photographic community, and one reason for this might be the focus Scott has placed on it, showing a darker side of the city, that you won’t get on the guide books. From a lengthy conversation with Scott about the story of this site, I thought it to be a fairly good example of the importance of standing out with your photography and invited him to join us on the show. Besides the discussion, we talked about iOS 5 and what it means for iphoneographers, and the new Pentax O-GPS1, the new geotagger from Pentax with some interesting peculiar features. We are also reviving the PhotoNetCast group on Flickr with some themed “competitions”. For this episode the theme is Old. Go out and shoot anything that can be related to this theme and upload it to the group. Also, out latest poll is still up. How many photography podcasts do you regularly listen to? Enjoy the show (this one has outtakes too)…

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13 Jul 2011

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PhotoNetCast #76 – Common steps in image processing

The first steps after importing into your DAM software Even in cases where you are not really intending to so serious post-processing on images, there are a few image properties that you will always have to check after import and will often have to modify slightly. In this show, we discuss those steps, describe what each of us does and mention a few tools that can help both during shooting (to minimise the need for any later adjustment) and during post processing. New Jersey photographer Scott Wyden joins us to give a helping hand to the discussion. Such things like Exposure, White Balance (here’s a good explanation for white balance), some Colour tweaks, Noise reduction and Sharpening are all discussed with some explanation on why we do these adjustments. On the news, we discuss IKEA slowly shedding photography for computer generated images, Kodak set to quit film and photo paper business, the imminent release of the Nikon D600 and the Super-Ultra-Mega new standard for video, the Hi-Vision 8K (is 7680×4320 pixels enough?). As always, any feedback is appreciated, and if you have any questions for us to answer on the show, go ahead and send them our way. To keep up to date with all the news from your photography podcast (and receive notifications for the live recordings), follow us on Google plus. Enjoy the show… Selected from the Web Scott: Chocolate Falls (Mike Olbinski); Klaus Dyba on the PocketWizard blog Dave: Marty Wolff, marine photography Antonio: The Life of a photograph – Sam Abell

1hr 20mins

3 Sep 2012

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PhotoNetCast #71 – Making the most of your Vacation Photography

Summer is coming, and this usually means some family traveling. With that in mind, on this episode, we decided to talk about vacation photography – basically how to make the most of your trips that are not happening mainly for photography. We discuss gear that you need and gear that you think you’ll need, finding the best locations and how to ditch your family for long enough to go there and photograph them, the not-quite-right-camera-bag-but-it-was-the-best-I-could-think-of, and security and safety of your gear and your person while on vacation. We also give a quick look at the news (very very quiet) and, as usual, we have our Selected from the Web. Big reminder that we have still our Photo Competition and Social Media Competition open until June 16th. The Photo competition is open themed, so you just have to send us a link to your entry photo, and for the social media competition all you need to do is send a tweet, or facebook post, etc etc. Details on the link above. ## 15 prizes, over $1400 value ## Enjoy the show… Show Notes Nikon firmware updates for D4, D800 and D700 Daylight viewfinder for iPhone on Kickstarter Photographer Hector Garcia dies at 88 (bio at the Getty Museum) Sony World Photography Awards 2013 now open “From World to Bingo” Getty advertisement Big City Heat Maps of local and tourist photo spots UNESCO heritage sites Crumpler system Sean mentions The Domke wrap Selected from the Web Bob: Lewis Hine: Photographer, Activist, Character ; Mornings on Maple Street: Lewis Hine Project Teymur: https://vimeo.com/42652596 ; http://mobylosangelesarchitecture.com/ Sean: photoblog of Tanja-Tiziana Dave: Neil Gaiman commencement speech ; Panoramic Daguerrotype of Cincinnati ; Robert Seale – Houston-based portrait photographer Antonio: Lee filters ; Damon Winter

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9 Jun 2012

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PhotoNetCast #66 – Composition, Focus, Eye-Fi, High Key, Tripods and more

Listener Questions We have dedicated this episode to clear the backlog of listeners’ questions we have been accumulating. Lot’s of useful and insightful discussion: We talk about Eye-Fi cards and their advantages and disadvantages; we try to explain the golden ratio, not an easy thing to do on and audio show; We discuss points of focus and problems that might arise from the “focus and re-compose” technique; We lift the veil on high key photography; Filter holders vs screw filters; Medium format in landscape photography Flash fall off Want to send your questions to the show? photonetcast _(at)_ photonetcast.com In the news, we mention the closing of Picnik, the photo editing engine used by Flickr – it seems that Flickr is getting a major revamping, let’s see what’s going to be new as editing tool. We’ve also discussed the new Nikon D800 and tried to foresee if the optical viewfinder is going to be around for a few years more or not. Questions of comments? Drop them below the post. And don’t forget to connect with us on Google+, Twitter and FB. Show Notes A few links mentioned on the show Sony World Photography Awards shortlist announced Picnik is closing down Is the Optical viewfinder going out the door? Golden ratio: On Wikipedia On APN On FM Photo Courses Light fall off Eye-Fi cards Large format landscape Selected from the Web Dave: Why Wedding Photographers Prices are “Wack”; Sven Seebeck Sean: Photography heat map Bob: Clyde Butcher, Large Format B&W landscape photography Antonio: Recolored photos from the past What a full show… and just to finish it even better…

1hr 6mins

22 Feb 2012

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PhotoNetCast #79 – Concert Photography

Concert Photography Have you been bitten by the concert photography bug? Hanging around in darkened, smoky rooms trying your hand at shooting jazz or rock? In this show, guest and gig photographer Mark Gvazdinskas joins Jacob Lucas, Bob Lussier, Sean Galbraith and Dave Wilson to discuss the ins and outs of music photography. What gear should you take? How do you go about getting access to shows? How do you handle the low light of indoor performances? Photo: Dave Wilson During the discussion, Jacob mentioned Dave Grohl’s keynote presentation at South by Southwest 2013 so here it is: Show Notes New from Canon – Rebel SL1 and T5i James Hodgins Photography – Crappy vs. Snappy RAW files from your iPhone camera Judge dismisses limited edition prints case Nik/Google+ Collection released for $149 New stock agency site – Stocksy Selected from the Web Antonio: The Absolute Cutest Father and Daughter Photos Mark: Alan Hess music photography Sean: Smithsonian 2012 Photo Contest Finalists Dave: Matthew Idler – Rodeo photography Bob: http://www.bwvision.com/ – Joel Tjintjelaar, black and white architecture photography Jacob: Seattle music photographer David Lichterman

1hr 9mins

6 Apr 2013

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PhotoNetCast #64 – The Street Photography of Thomas Leuthard

Welcome to the last episode of your photography podcast for 2011. On this episode we have the pleasure of having as guest Thomas Leuthard. Thomas is a street photographer from Switzerland, although a lot of his work is done all over the world. During the conversation we had the time to discuss his books (Going Candid and Collecting Souls) which Thomas makes freely available to the community, his initial steeps into the art, his philosophy documenting the street, and how his style evolved since his initial work. If you want to follow Thomas, you can do so on Twitter, Flickr and G+. We also had the time to mention Jim Goldstein’s new ebook, Photographing the 4th Dimension – Time, although we’ll have him on one of the next shows to give us more details on it, and a controversial move by CNN to let go some of their photojournalists. As always, if you have any comments on/for the show, feel free to drop them below or, why not, record them as mp3 and send them to our email address photonetcast_at_photonetcast.com. If you’re downloading this through iTunes, please rate the show or drop us a review. And, why not share that you’re listening to the show on your social networks? Your help spreading the word is very much appreciated. 2011 is coming to an end and we all want to wish you a happy Christmas season, and a very successful 2012. For now, enjoy the show… Show Notes Selected from the Web Sean: Should you take photos everywhere? Teymur: This is not porn Antonio: Egyptian Youth Photos ©Thomas Leuthard, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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20 Dec 2011

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PhotoNetCast #65 – Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography with Michael James For the first episode of 2012 we have the pleasure of talking with Real Estate photographer Michael James. Michael, based in northwest Florida, came to real estate photography out of his own need for quality property imagery and found a niche that, according to him, is far from dead. During the conversation we talk about the difficulties faced while shooting interiors, Michael’s approaches to lighting, workflow, gear, assembling a portfolio, etc. According to Dave, this “seemed more like a workshop than a podcast recording”, so it has to be good. We discussed also some of the more recent news, namely Kodak’s filing for bankruptcy protection and what it might mean for the company, the release of Lightroom 4 beta, a couple of items coming out of CES 2012 and the controversial use of a HDR image on the cover of the Washington Post. If you haven’t voted on out latest poll yet, we want to know what would you like to hear more of on PhotoNetCast… As always, comments, suggestions, feedback in general is very much appreciated. And why not give us a review on iTunes? Thanks… Selected from the Web Michael: Ginger HDR, by 19lights Dave: Bull Riders, a photo essay Antonio: Richard Wong Photography

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24 Jan 2012

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PhotoNetCast #73 – Film and Film Cameras

Film is funny this way: photographers who spent years and years burning film, after the digital jump, either can’t stand the thought of film anymore or still use it once in a while. And then there are the digital era photographers that never tired anything film related… Once in a while, in conversations, I come across this latter kind and, surprisingly or not, many want to give it a try, if for nothing else, to at least bury the subject and never have to think about film again. But, unlike digital media, the variety of camera types and different film is so big that confusion reigns. Agfa Billy I, copyright A. Marques To increase the confusion provide a little help, on this episode we have as guest Rob Nunn to talk about different cameras and some of their characteristics, as well as different film stocks. We even approach (slightly) film developing at home (in my opinion, if you’re going to try shooting film, you will lose much of the experience if you don’t try to develop it at home). As always, we appreciate your feedback. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send them our way. Enjoy the show… Show Notes Alamy report Will’s Wildlife Photo Contest 2012 DSLR manufacturers ranked by purchasers Getty Images for sale Myanmar Exhibition by R. Vicente and J. Almeida Some of the cameras mentioned on this episode: Kodak Retinette, Olympus Trip 35, Canon AF10, Minolta SRT 101, Olympus OM2n, Nikon F55, Mamiya C33

1hr 34mins

12 Jul 2012

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PhotoNetCast #74 – Tom Hogarty talks Adobe Lightroom 4

Tom Hogarty on Lightroom 4 As we announced Tom Hogarty, principal product manager for Adobe Lightroom, joins us on the podcast to tell us all about Lightroom 4. He was with us before, and after more than 3 years it was time to get back and tell us what has changed, and masterfully managing to avoid answering questions on what is coming in the future for Lightroom . We discussed what’s new, the processing magic behind LR4 – PV2012, the new GPS and book modules, Adobe Revel, synchronization of catalogues, the surprising price drop, some complaints from users, and a lot more. It was a great conversation, and if you enjoy using Lightroom 4, or if you are thinking about trying, I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to it. So, a big thanks to Tom for taking the time to join us and Lauren (PR from Adobe) for the help setting it up. Lightroom 4 giveaway And if you don’t have Lightroom yet (or if you want another copy with the box and all), here is your chance. We are giving a boxed copy of Lightroom 4 to one of our listeners, courtesy of Adobe. All you have to do is drop us a comment on this post and tell us what is your favourite feature of Lightroom 4, or what you would like to see included on the next version. We’ll randomly select a winner from the comments we get. And don’t forget to let us know what you think of this episode, and the show, and give us your suggestions for new topics or people you’d like us to interview. For now, enjoy the show… Here is the audio version, at the bottom you can find the video of the recording (not edited) Show Notes Fujifilm discontinues two professional films New features on Lightroom 4 DNG format Photo Smith Adobe DNG editor for infrared images

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25 Jul 2012

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PhotoNetCast #62 – Storm Photography

Storm Photography On this episode we have the pleasure of talking with Mike Olbinski. Mike is a Phoenix photographer who happens to like chasing storms with his camera. He recently got a lot of attention for his timelapse video documenting a massive dust storm (aka Massive Haboob) hitting Phoenix on July 5th, 2011. We discuss his work, his book, as well as some tips for anyone wanting to start on this photography niche. On the news, we briefly talk about the 1Dx, the new flagship camera from Canon, and the “don’t worry now, focus later” camera from Lytro. The results are getting in, but if still haven’t done so, vote on our latest poll, it will be open for a few more days – How much did you spend on photography in the past 12 months? And hey, look, Brian is back… Enjoy the show… We have a special offer for our listeners. If you want to try any of the products in the Photomatix range, you can try it for 30 days. When you are ready to buy, use the code PHOTONETCAST at checkout for a 15% discount. Show Notes Canon EOS-1Dx The cute Light Field Camera, the Lytro PhotoNetCast is on Twitter, facebook and Google+ Selected from the Web Mike: Mitch Dobrowner Brian: The Bang Bang Club Dave: National Geographic Extreme Photo of the Week Antonio: Ashes and Snow, by Gregory Colbert

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17 Nov 2011

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PhotoNetCast #69 – Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints In episode 69 of PhotoNetCast, Guy Tal joins us to discuss the practice and ethics of selling photographic prints in limited editions. Guy Tal, a landscape, nature and travel photographer based in Utah, recently posted an article on his blog offering his opinion that, given the state of photographic technology today, selling prints as limited editions is, at best, a marketing ploy and, at worst, unethical. Tal argues that artificially limiting the availability of prints is intended purely to drive up the cost of the work and such behavior is inconsistent with his views regarding the social good provided by easy and widespread access to art. Our discussion touches on the definition of an artwork (with some surprising discoveries found in California law), the definition of a "limited edition" and news relating to photographer William Egglestone’s recent sale of new prints which has resulted in him being sued by a collector of his original work. Enjoy the show… Audio here (un-edited video coming at a later time) Show Notes Sigma rewards SD-1 customers who purchased before massive price drop Crowdfunded photojournalism on Emphas.is Flickr announces availability of Aviary online photo editing feature Canon announces EOS 1D C DSLR with 4K video support Collector Sues Egglestone Over New Prints of Limited Edition Works Sizing Up The Curious New William Egglestone Lawsuit Guy Tal – The Ethics of Limited Editions Craig J. Sterling – Limited Edition Prints Brooks Jensen – What Size The Edition? Selected from the Web Guy: Thomas Kinkade’s Premise Dave: Randall Ford – Hero Portfolio Christian Stoll – Epic Gallery SLR Camera Simulator Antonio: Steve McCurry – "Afghan Girl": Taking National Geographic’s Most Famous Photo Photoblogger: Sam Javanrouh – "Daily Dose of Imagery"

1hr 16mins

19 Apr 2012

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PhotoNetCast #68 – Combining Photography and Charity Work

Combining Photography and Charity Work Episode 68 of PhotoNetCast brings together on the show Colby Brown (The Giving Lens) and Ivan Makarov (Plus One Collection) to talk about their experiences combining two of their passions – Photography and Charity Work. The Giving Lens organizes workshops and photo education events in several locations around the globe. They work with local non-profit organizations and aim to make a difference within that community. On the show Colby describes very well what they do. Plus One Collection is a collective effort by many photographers organized on Google Plus. Main idea? Publish a photography book and give the proceedings to Kiva, a micro-lending organization helping individuals in less privileged parts of the world. Overall this was a very inspirational conversation and just shows what can be achieved when creative minds and a willingness to help others come together. Enjoy the show… Audio here (un-edited video at bottom) Quote of the show: “…it would have been better if my boots hadn’t leaked…” – Dave Wilson Show Notes Jim’s Star trail Photography Webinar Nikon uses Canon 5D Mk II footage to promote the D800 Photoshelter SEO guide 2012 World’s biggest photowalk Kiva Plus One Collection on G+ The Giving Lens on G+ Selected from the Web Ivan: LensWork Dave: Infra Red photography from Peter Talke; LifePixel; Photoblogger: Jacob Lucas Antonio: William Miller’s Ruined Polaroids Photoblogger: Stuart Lee

1hr 17mins

30 Mar 2012

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PhotoNetCast #88 – The Ultimate Filter Show

Everything in the interwebs these days seems to be “Mega this…”, “Hyper that…”. This episode is about filters, so… The Ultimate Filter Show I had the pleasure of having both Scott Wyden and Richard Wong as guests on this episode to help me in the filter discussion. Before filters, we had a look at some recent news: Eyes Wide Open: 100 years of Leica (Oct 24 – Jan 11; Deichtor Hallen) natural History museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 Henri Cartier-Bresson’s Decisive Moment to be reprinted 2013 Conviction at Zion National Park Serves as Reminder And then to Filters… Here’s a short list of the filters we discussed. What is a filter? Materials Glass Resin Attachment types Threaded Holders Filter types UV/Skylight Polarizer         Linear Circular Color balance Neutral Density Graduated neutral Density         Hard Edge Soft Edge Reverse GND Color Graduated Density Filters B&W filters Hot Mirror filters Infrared filters Diffusion / Softening filters Effects Stars Bokeh Can’t really get much more comprehensive than this. Enjoy the show… We still had time for our listener questions and, as usual, our Selected from the Web Antonio: 100 years of Leica Scott: “Moving to Mirrorless” eBook coming soon now available from Brian Matiash Richard: The Artist as Activist – Michael E. Gordon.

1hr 9mins

16 Nov 2014

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PhotoNetCast #86 – The Value of Photography

The Value of Photography If you listened to show number 85, you probably remember that we discussed South African photographer Greg Lumley’s offer to sell his one-off aerial panorama of Cape Town for $35000. After the show was released, Greg contacted us (you can read his response in the comments on the show page) so we invited him to join us for a discussion about his image and, more generally, the value of imagery and photography today. News In the news, we talked about the verdict in the Morel vs AFP case being upheld – that’s US$1.2M.  Still with copyrights, the appeals Court says streamlined copyright registration for collections is legal, and the Wikimedia Foundation is being naughty. On Kickstarter there was a campaign for SnaPICam, a Raspberry Pi powered Touchscreen Digital Camera complete with interchangeable lenses – as of this writing, the funding was unsuccessful The Research labs at Microsoft have been busy, and they have published some results of adjusted Hyperlapse, and the results are very very interesting. To finish off the news, we talked about Canon launching Irista, a free dropbox-like cloud storage service for photos. Enjoy the show… Selected from the Web Greg: Well, google “russia wedding photography” Dave: A really big lens for £99,000 Sean: The New York Times Lens Blog Antonio: Zack Arias on sensor sizes Photo Copyright Greg Lumley – used with permission

1hr 38mins

9 Sep 2014

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PhotoNetCast #75 – Highlights from the bookshelf

Let’s talk about books A few years back we produced an episode in which we gave a few suggestions for some good photography books. Recently, our guest Ruben Vicente (see also his project at Light Travelers) suggested that we repeat the topic, with a few more book recommendations. And so we did. We brought him on the show to share his book highlights and we’ve added a few more of our own. On the news, we’ve discussed a few of the latest issues with the newest cameras on the market, we’ve seen how a smartphone can be used to photograph the Olympics, and we take a look into the split-second decision to photograph or intervene in photojournalism. Also, our Lightroom giveaway is still on. Because we’re releasing this episode so close to the deadline, I’m going to give it a couple more days before randomly selecting the winner. As always, your feedback is mostly appreciated, and suggestions for topics are welcome. Enjoy the show… Highlights from the bookshelf In no particular order, here are the books that were mentioned on the show. If any is missing from the list, just let us know and we’ll update it. Selected from the Web Ruben: Photography by Joao Almeida Antonio: Intro by Art Wolfe Sean: An interview with Edward Burtynsky Bob: HOSSedia


14 Aug 2012

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PhotoNetCast #80 – Selling Prints

Many apologies for the delay in releasing this one. On this episode I’m joined by Dave Wilson and Jacob Lucas to discuss some ideas around selling prints from your photography – we discuss self-printing vs outsourcing, order fulfilment directly from a gallery websites, quality issues, personalisation, pricing, etc. As usual, we had also time for a quick look at the recent news, and our selected from the web. As always, suggestions and feedback are very much appreciated. Enjoy the show… News Kodak point & shoot New Canon DSLR learning site Sigma’s 15-35mm f/1.8 UK orphan works copyright law change (David Bailey letter) (BBC) Selected from the Web Dave:  Bret Edge Photography; Like Mother, Like Daughter Antonio: Sebastiao Salgado in Siberia (Guardian) Jacob: Jake Johnson


30 Jun 2013

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PhotoNetCast #89 – Photography Accessories

Photography Accessories This episode sees the return of Sam Scholes to the co-hosting team. A round through the news takes us to the heated discussion about Flickr using CC-licensed images for their wall art business – but are they really doing anything legally wrong? Also, GoPro makers seem to be developing a new line of consumer drones to be the perfect match for their cameras. However, with the FAA planning to tighten the regulations on commercial use of drones, is this the best move fore them? And for the stock photographers out there, how would you like to have your images captioned (maybe even keyworded) by your computer? Google getting closer. And a reminder that we are giving away two copies of David Taylor’s Mastering Landscape Photography. Just let us know you want one via the comments below, email, twitter, facebook, etc. More details on the giveaway just around the corner. In terms of accessories (thanks to Dieter for suggesting the topic), here are some of those we mentioned on the episode: Scott Bob Antonio Sam ColorChecker PassportND Filters Giottos AA1900 Rocket Air Blaster Large - BlackGiottos AA1900 Rocket Air Blaster Large – BlackBlackDust blowerRapidStrapCircular PolarizersMicrofiber cloth LensPen Circular PolarizersCable/Remote releaseRuggard Card Case Pixel Pocket RocketM-Plate LensPenWacom Tablet LED flashlightX-Rite ColorMunki Cable/Remote release Selected from the Web Sam: Flickr Scott: NitzStrap Bob: Pop Spots Antonio: DUFFY: The Man Who Shot the Sixties

9 Dec 2014

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PhotoNetCast #78 – Photoblogging

Ins and Outs of Photoblogging And here we are again (photography podcast anyone?), this time to discuss all about photoblogging. Dave Wilson takes the hosting job on this one, and together with Bob Lussier, Jacob Lucas and Scott Wyden Kivowitz go into detail on the practice of keeping a blog dedicated to visual imagery. We last talked about photoblogging on episode 58. Most of that episode was about the benefits of a blog and self-hosting. This time, the panel discusses various platforms that people can use and the actual practice of photoblogging. There was still time for a couple of listener questions (when Antonio is not around the panel actually manages to answer these in a timely manner), and the regular selected from the web. Until the next one, enjoy the show… Show Notes New from Nikon – D7100 and 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 Facebook revamps its look to be more photo-friendly. Google Plus revamps its profiles with a huge header image 2013 Photocrati Fund launched, $5,000 grant Flickr, 500px, Tumblr, Squarespace, WordPress.com, Self-hosted WordPress, Photoshelter, SmugMug Bob’s Mills Workshops Selected from the Web Scott: Sandra Canning’s photo, Adam Allegro’s photo Dave: Alan Majchrowicz Bob: Time-Life Photos: Classic Life Photo Essays; Rodney Pike Jacob: Rod Hoekstra

1hr 9mins

14 Mar 2013

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PhotoNetCast #82 – Panoramic and 360-degrees Photography, with Ron Pepper

Panoramas and 360-degree photos In this episode we are joined by Ron Pepper to talk about his expertise in panoramic photography, with emphasis in 360-degree images. While panoramic images are frequently made, and even more so with the large advances of software for this specific application, 360-degree images are not so frequent, and still demand attention for their interactivity. This is probably the only type of photography that is mostly reserved for the web and Ron is a skilful artist in achieving quasi-magic results. © Antonio Marques, Isle of Skye, Scotland In the news, we talk about Photoshop World, the new Sony QX “Lens Cameras”, the Creative Cloud deal for photographers ($9.99 – bargain), and a new promising technology developed in partnership between Cornell and Adobe. Take a look at the video below,  after the show notes. As always, feedback is most welcome. Enjoy the show… Podcast Show Notes Applications & Gear mentioned by Ron: NodalNinja.com PtGUI Hugin Vpix360 Kolor Selected from the Web Dave: Marc Adamus (Landscape photographer from Oregon) Ron: Sphere.es Bob: PhotoTickr.com Antonio: Magun Photo Legend René Buri; Interview with Joao Silva

26 Sep 2013

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