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The Instance: Deep Dives for Gamers

The Instance: Weekly radio for fans and lovers of video games and the topics that shape the gaming world. We don't take sides, we don't whine, we just give you the facts, news and tips that you want and need for your favorite online addictions.

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478 - The Instance: Make Dungeons Matter Again

7.2 has some really cool stuff in store! PVP Brawls sound...interesting. Kara gets split in two. We enter the Tomb and soon. Flying is back! More vanilla server drama. Wei Wang is out! Valeera enters the Nexus. HS team talks more. Season 9 goes solo. Overwatch likes skins. Town Cryer and more!

1hr 33mins

20 Jan 2017

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484 - The Instance: This player vs that player

Holinka has stuff to say about the latest in WoW PVP. Turns out paid raid clears are a big no-no at Blizzard. Probius has his one eye on you. Orisa is four-legged awesome. Why are HS prices going up? Lots more with Scott, Dills, and Patrick!

1hr 30mins

10 Mar 2017

Rank #2

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496 - The Instance: 7.3 Story is off the chain

Our lore breakdown of what is coming in 7.3. Warning: There be spoilers ahead, matey.

1hr 30mins

14 Jul 2017

Rank #3

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466 - The Instance: A Change in The Guard

On this episode of The Instance, Chilton is out and Ion is in. What might Tom be moving to? Blizzcon schedule becomes clear. Where are we in Legion? Is Suramar too much of a hassle? OW gets a little scary. Your feedback and more!

1hr 38mins

14 Oct 2016

Rank #4

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460 - The Instance: Nailed it

On this episode of The Instance, A BIG Legion post-release show with lots of good stuff! Get in here!

1hr 35mins

2 Sep 2016

Rank #5

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The Instance 578: Do it in a Murloc onesie

Patrick has a solution for all of Blizzards problems. We try and figure out what the fourth mystery slot is for in the panels next week. Still no bands. Did Fallout help Blizzard this week? That art in WIII Reforged is cool, at least we think so. How we avoid WoW burnout and more!


25 Oct 2019

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The Instance 521 - Get More Dark Iron

Join Scott, Turps and Garrett today as they talk about why Dark Iron Dwarves are rad. Why arcane torrent is getting nerfed. Giving Blizzard Balance to your friends. Voice coming back to WoW. Why BfA mounts seem so crazy. More around blizzard, and more!

1hr 20mins

19 Jul 2018

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The Instance 580: Taking Bolvar by The Hand

Deep dive into Shadowlands from Blizzcon and beyond, plus everything we think about Diablo IV, the latest Blizz earnings call, and so much more. Get in here!

1hr 45mins

8 Nov 2019

Rank #8

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The Instance 569: Instant Classic

Classic is here, and we have a lot to say about our time in Old Azeroth. Queue times were not great, and neither was world servers, but mostly things are ok on the tech front. 1 million people watched twitch wow. Stock prices went up! Get in line for boars! And a lot more!


27 Aug 2019

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The Instance 581: The Eyes Have It

PVP honor and classic encounters came to Classic this week. Death Knights and Elves are losing their eyes. The real deal behind Diablo Immortal. Our series of quick looks at the new zones in Shadowlands! We start with Oribos! Around blizzard, your emails, and more!


15 Nov 2019

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The Instance 530: How sour is your fang?

What happens when you start all over again? We talk about the fire and the tree, and then we talk about the Orc and his new Troll buddy. Our thoughts on War of Thorns thus far. And so much more.

1hr 20mins

3 Aug 2018

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464 - The Instance: Demons need Hunting

More of our time in Azeroth. 7.1 has lots of little goodies in it. Huntin them demons. Wing 2 is out for LFR peeps. Still no band! Samuro enters the nexus. Loads more plus your emails and calls!

1hr 19mins

7 Oct 2016

Rank #12

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467 - The Instance: Blizzcon Attunement

On this episode of The Instance, bed ridden means HS ridden. Weird Al is your dude. No classic server stuff at Blizzcon. Cooking with Wow! 7.1 round up! Our blizzcon predictions and more!

1hr 38mins

28 Oct 2016

Rank #13

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488 - The Instance: No April like this April

Scott and Patrick break down all the recent Blizzard news!

1hr 35mins

21 Apr 2017

Rank #14

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506 - The Battle for Talking About Azeroth

Our post-Blizzcon episode where we dig deep into The Battle For Azeroth!

1hr 47mins

10 Nov 2017

Rank #15

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471 - The Instance: 12 Years Young

On this episode of The Instance, Make sure you hear what Chris has to say. Private groups sound nice. Happy 12, WoW! What happens in Argus? Some big reworks coming. Trails of Valor up for all. Heroes has some good stuff going on. Diablo 1 on the PTR. Sombra and Arcade kicking it in OW and more!

1hr 25mins

18 Nov 2016

Rank #16

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475 - The Instance: Elysium minus Matt Damon

Ion had more things to say, and we like to talk about those things. We go DEEP into the Elysium news. Micro holidays are here! Kosak is off to play some HS. Happy 12 years! Browder moves down the hall! Also Rag is coming! Overwatch won! How to handle legacies, and how to move regions in WoW!

1hr 44mins

9 Dec 2016

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446 - The Instance: Your own private little server

There's a new gold cap! Blizzard responds to the private server thing. Big movie details at PAX in Boston. Tracer is out for everyone. There are old gods among us now in HS. Are you ready for Season 6 in Diablo 3? Overwatch has some dates! Your emails and calls and more! and more!

1hr 25mins

2 May 2016

Rank #18

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The Instance 549: Blizzard Conditions

A DEEP dive into everything we saw and heard this week. The layoffs, the future of blizzard, and what an angry player base is talking about. This is one to listen to for sure.

1hr 30mins

15 Feb 2019

Rank #19

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438 - The Instance: Recommended Specs

On this episode of The Instance, we have Legion system specs and they are higher! Two players unlocked EVERYTHING. Get your own Warcraft movie props. Heroes gets all charity like. How the Turret meta in Overwatch got smashed yesterday, and what it means when Blizzard says nothing is random!

1hr 10mins

19 Feb 2016

Rank #20