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In this Podcast we focus on two areas, Active English and the English school business in Japan and we interview " Influencers" and discuss what it takes to achieve "high performance" in a variety of areas including sport, business and life hacks.

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Episode 12 - Robert " Minnow" Green - Surfing & Sushi !!

Todays show is supported by :- “ The Edge - English Online Video Lessons” - great for traveling surfers who are non-native English speakers ! - “ English Lessons for surfers by surfers “LINK - http://www.queens-edge.com/vid.phpFor a FREE trial lesson - send me ( Ian ) an email on :- edge@queens-e.netFor other previous surfing podcast episodes you may be interested in, check out the links below :- Andrew “Cotty” Cotton ( Red Bull Big Wave Surfer )https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JOpESLSXq4&list=PLSMSIrUBGIUOYUigx21TPbyEQL9BPpbBI&index=6Andy Puddicombe - Co-Founder of the most popular Meditation App in the world - HEADSPACEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5q4MF1g0M4&list=PLSMSIrUBGIUNABR696NFEvLx_RiLjjB7j&index=6


9 Dec 2019

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