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In 2013, we started the Mythicist Milwaukee organization in order to offer a community to individuals that identified with secularism. We have since transitioned to Mythinformed with the goal of promoting viewpoint diversity in the social and political landscape. Our organization has been involved in many projects including filmmaking, conference organizing, comedy tours, talent management, podcasting, vlogging and more. We will continue to create content and events around trending topics in accordance to our mission and vision. nd today's modern religious practices.

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Derrick Blackman on Mythcon, Roseanne, Joe Rogan and More

Derrick Blackman, aka SomeBlackGuy, is a YouTube content creator with more than 270,000 subscribers. Coining himself "a radical centrist," Blackman regularly discusses social, racial and political topics that affect and influence pop culture.

1hr 20mins

14 Jun 2018

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Godless Mom on Mythcon, Atheism and the Prison System

Courtney Heard aka Godless Mom is a blogger, podcaster, and YouTuber that covers atheism and all of the topics that surround the community. She has also started to cover topics outside of atheism on her various platforms. We always have a great time talking with Courtney and have a ton of respect her and her work. 

1hr 21mins

28 Jul 2018

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Rucka Rucka Ali Joins Us! #Minds IRL #NewJersey

Rucka Rucka Ali is a talented comedian and musician that boldly takes on issues surrounding politics, race, philosophy and many other social constructs.

1hr 18mins

24 Apr 2019

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My Name Is Josephine Joins Us On Mythinformed

Today we are joined by the lovely Josephine Mathias, a prominent YouTuber with over 100 thousand subscribers who averages tens if not hundreds of thousands of views of her content. With her Poli-Sci background, Josephine likes to discusses political, social, and what we'll call "controversial" topics all while being a stalwart defender of the Freedom of Speech. Fighting for the forces of truth, Josephine joins us live to tell us how we're Mythinformed about victim-culture!

1hr 7mins

23 May 2018

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"How to Have Impossible Conversations" w/ Peter Boghossian

We will be talking w/ Dr. Peter Boghossian about his new book and the political climate surrounding dialogue in general. In "How to Have Impossible Conversations", Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay guide you through the straightforward, practical, conversational techniques necessary for every successful conversation -- whether the issue is climate change, religious faith, gender identity, race, poverty, immigration, or gun control. Boghossian and Lindsay teach the subtle art of instilling doubts and opening minds. They cover everything from learning the fundamentals for good conversations to achieving expert-level techniques to deal with hardliners and extremists. This book is the manual everyone needs to foster a climate of civility, connection, and empathy.

1hr 1min

18 Nov 2019

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Subverse Co-Founder and Reporter Emily Molli Joins Us

Subverse Co-Founder and reporter Emily Molli joins us to discuss social media censorship, social politics, the centrist identity, and getting back to unbiased journalism.

1hr 16mins

21 Jul 2019

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Count Dankula on Free Speech, UKIP and Online Comedy #Minds IRL New Jersey

Use Promo Code DANK to Save 10% on Tickets: https://irl.minds.com/new-jersey Mark Meechan also known by his internet pseudonym “Count Dankula” is a comedian, Youtuber, and political activist. Mark rocketed into the public consciousness in 2016 when he released a controversial viral video on YouTube. The controversy surrounding this situation has stirred a massive debate over the values of free speech and free expression in the Western world. Since June of 2018, he has been very active in British politics with the UKIP party.

1hr 5mins

4 May 2019

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Peter Boghossian on Mythcon, Intersectionality, and Sargon of Akkad

Peter Boghossian joins us to discuss his upcoming panel at Mythcon as well as the difficulty that we are having, booking speakers for the intersectionality panel. We also discuss the difficulties with platforming certain ideas and individuals as a result of slanderous and fraudulent online criticisms. 

1hr 4mins

20 May 2018

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Mythinformed w/ David Smalley on Social Justice in Atheism

David Smalley will be on three panels at Mythcon V. We discuss social justice in Atheism, David Silverman’s firing, online harassment and more! David Smalley is a podcast host, speaker, activist, author, and comedian, combining his love for entertainment and media with his passion for skepticism, truth, and equality, by starting Dogma Debate, a podcast focused on educating the public with humor and unique, respectful discussions. David has appeared on The Adam Carolla Show, Mohr Stories w/ Jay Mohr, CNN, FOX, NewsMaxTV, and many radio shows and podcasts, encouraging humanism and extending peaceful and respectful challenges to dogmatic claims.

1hr 27mins

19 Apr 2018

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Hunter Avallone Joins Us!

Hunter Avallone is a conservative YouTuber and entertainer with 650,000 subscribers and over 100 million views on his YouTube channel. He is an outspoken commentator on social and political topics and infuses humor into his content and critiques.

1hr 4mins

20 May 2019

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A Discussion w/ Vee on Nationalism, Censorship, Religion and More!

Vee hosts a popular YouTube channel, based in Romania, that focuses on sociopolitical content. He is also very active in the gaming community. We are very excited to have him on the show!

1hr 23mins

11 Jul 2019

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Cultural Insanity #1: Pilot

Jacob & Brian sit down to discuss the far reaching hand of digital marketing in the current hyper-political landscape.


19 Nov 2019

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Dr. Gad Saad Joins Us!

Dr. Gad Saad is Professor of Marketing, former holder (2008-2018) of the Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption, and advisory fellow at the Center for Inquiry. He was an Associate Editor of Evolutionary Psychology (2012-2015) and of Customer Needs and Solutions (2014- ). He has held Visiting Associate Professorships at Cornell University, Dartmouth College, and the University of California-Irvine.

1hr 21mins

7 Apr 2019

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We Analyze the Christian Hymns w/ Hymnalysis

We are joined by YouTuber Hymnalysis to discuss his analysis of the Christian hymsns as well as his transition our of Christianity into atheism. On his channel Hymanysis provides critical analysis of Christian worship music and culture from an alternative perspective. We had a lot of fun in this conversation. You can checkout Hymnalysis' YouTube channel here. 


27 Dec 2017

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Ian Miles Cheong on Trump, Censorship, Video Games and More!

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist who writes about entertainment, video games, politics, and culture for a wide variety of news outlets. Follow Ian on Twitter: @stillgray https://twitter.com/stillgray

1hr 8mins

24 Oct 2019

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Poisoning the Well Join Us to Discuss YouTube Culture and the Atheist Community

So Fain and PhatPat are entertainers that have a popular YouTube channel entitled Poisoning the Well, where they create videos that cover topics in the atheist community, skeptic YouTube community and other popular online content. During this interview we discuss the inspiration behind the Poisoning the Well channel's initial launch and where they have taken it over the years. So Fain gives us the low down on his sun glasses and why he doesn't take them off for pictures. We get into some topics that are trending in the skeptic community currently and the guys share their thoughts on Mythcon V. This is a really fun interview. Don't miss it! 

1hr 42mins

18 Jan 2018

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Trans YouTube Creator, Rose of Dawn Joins Us!

Rose of Dawn is a trans YouTube creator out of the UK. She has been putting out amazing content surrounding the culture war and its intersection with the trans community. We really enjoyed this interview and can’t wait to have her back on the show.

1hr 8mins

24 Oct 2019

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Social Justice Overreach in Hollywood w/ Actor/Director Travis Wester

Travis Wester is an American actor who got his start in the film industry by playing the part of Austin Sanders in Beverly Hills, 90210. He is perhaps most well known for playing the character Jamie in EuroTrip.He has also appeared in the movies The Paper Brigade, Hefner: Unauthorized, Barstow 2008, Spring Break Lawyer, On the Edge, Teddy Bears' Picnic, Raising Genius, All Souls Day, Stone & Ed, and Kush.Wester has appeared on television shows such as The Visitor, George & Leo, Son of the Beach, Dirt, FreakyLinks, Cursed, Boston Public, Undressed, Dharma & Greg, Scrubs, Felicity, Septuplets, Six Feet Under, Jake in Progress, Night Stalker, E-Ring, One on One, CSI, and Supernatural, Justified.In 2007, he appeared in the short films Call Waiting, How To Have A Girl, Profile, Spaghetti, and Key Witness which were produced during the filmmaking reality show On the Lot.He is one of the lead roles of Ghostfacers, the spin-off from the show Supernatural.

1hr 31mins

26 Apr 2018

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Meghan Murphy Joins Us to Discuss Topics Around Safe Spaces for Women #Minds IRL

Meghan Murphy is a Canadian writer, journalist, and founder and editor of the website and blog Feminist Current. She also vlogs on a Youtube channel under her own name. Meghan completed a Master’s degree in the department of gender, sexuality, and women’s studies at Simon Fraser University in 2012. She is skeptical of rigid ideologies and stresses the need for critical thinking when advancing arguments.Support Meghan in her Twitter lawsuit: https://www.meghanmurphylawsuit.com/Support Meghan's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/meghanmurphy

1hr 11mins

11 Jun 2019

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Lalo Dagach on Atheism, Islam, Identity Politics and Culture

Lalo Dagach is a Chilean Palestinian that does commentary on international politics, religion and culture . He is the host of @LaloPodcast, and does weekly interviews with religious people and atheists.

1hr 7mins

23 Jan 2018

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