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The Leverage Podcast is a weekly podcast that brings you the most cutting edge dating and lifestyle advice for men. Topics include attraction, seduction, fitness, wealth hacking, and lifestyle design.

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2: Night Game

Intro: Find out logistics early on with girls. If there isn't a way to get them home that night, don't invest much time in them. Also, run some tests by touching and trying to isolate to see if girls are into you at all. Show Notes: Bar Game vs. Club Game Body language is the language of clubs, verbal is that of bars Door Guy game Tip well and get to know his name, interests.  Befriend him. Bar vs. Club Fashion Bar is generally more casual.  For a club, don’t overdress Table/Bottle Service Game Be fun, over the top, playful Talking, Being Playful, Social Proof discuss what is happening in the moment Getting Numbers Get number and leave early if logistics for going home that night are off. Getting her back to your place Afterparty Always make sure you have music and alcohol.  Sell the experience, not the things like how cool your place is, or the fact that you have alcohol.  (everybody does) The mistakes that most guys make when out: Creepily stand on the side of the dance floor scoping out girls. Hesitate to approach and wait until its too late, aka wait until they are shit-faced because they need liquid courage. Waste time talking to women they have no shot with or spend an entire evening one-on-one with a girl who they have no chance to take home due to logistical reasons like her being the designated driver for her group of 4 friends. Try to having logical conversations that bore the crap out of girls. Offer to buy drinks the second they meet a woman to buy her time, this is not the reason why you buy a girl a drink. Not touching enough early on to establish a physical connection. Touching too much and escalating too quickly without her reciprocating. Failing to isolate. Failing to shift gears in conversation. Getting too fucked up and becoming a liability The post 2: Night Game appeared first on Inner Confidence.

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7 Apr 2015

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111: Pablo J Rosario – Flirting

In this episode, Robbie talks with author and speaker Pablo J Rosario about relationships, communication, and much more with some thrilling advice on how to get her interested and stay interested. Show Notes:  Pablo’s Background The Rewarding Side Learning to go through Rejection Tinder Today Being Awesome in Real Life Supplementing Keep in Mind… Epic Date Formula Following Excitement Experience vs Location Having the Talk Take the Initiative Finding Your Passion The 4 Sexual Blueprints Links: Website @pablo.j.rosario The post 111: Pablo J Rosario – Flirting appeared first on Inner Confidence.

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1 Aug 2019

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92: Haley Reed – Adult Film Star

In her first-ever podcast interview, I talk with Haley Reed, one of the hottest new porn stars today. Haley started when she was 19 years old and prides herself on being your ‘girl next door’. We go behind the scenes with how she got into the industry, what social lives of porn stars are like, and we even discuss alligator sex. Show Notes:  The question everyone wants to know: how Haley got into the porn industry [01:29] What it’s like to date as a porn star [07:07] How Haley makes money through porn when there’s so much free content out there [16:38] Haley’s approach with her fans [18:11] How she built her huge Twitter following [20:33] How filming a porn shoot is different from having sex [22:52] Why it’s difficult for people in the porn industry to make friends and form relationships [33:35] What Haley plans to do for the rest of her career [39:50] And much more… Links Mentioned: Haley’s Twitter www.haleyreedonline.com (coming soon) The post 92: Haley Reed – Adult Film Star appeared first on Inner Confidence.


12 Aug 2018

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38: Personal Finance

Intro: The most important thing is putting down all your monthly expenses on a spreadsheet and finding the total costs per month. Compare it against your net income for the month. Make sure your expenses are under your income otherwise figuring out how to spend your money is pointless. If they're high, start cutting useless things out. Definitely use an app like Mint to keep track of your money. Set up an emergency fund in case you lose your job. Put money into tax free retirement accounts. It's free money so it's pointless not to. Show Notes: How to start taking control of your finances Getting a handle on your expenses, and some tricks for reducing them Everything you need to know about how to start saving and investing How to owe less in taxes We put two Leverage Program members on the hot seat and discuss case studies of their financial situations The post 38: Personal Finance appeared first on Inner Confidence.


22 Dec 2015

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39: How to Connect With Women (Part 1)

Intro: You want to connect emotionally or in a mentor type of way. Make sure your comments invoke a bond or add value. Avoid close ended questions. They suck and don't lead to anything. Ask open ended questions, question filler question filler. The filler should be an interesting comment about the answer to their question. Establish something you have in common and that you're not a kidnapper before getting a girl's number. Show Notes: How to structure your conversations: our question/filler pattern The way to ask the most powerful questions Why you don't want to be Walter Cronkite How to lead a conversation in the direction you want The signs women give when they aren't interested in what you're discussing How to create unique observations about the human condition (when I think of x, I think of y) Why the past/present/future conversation is so powerful How and when to tease effectively The Emotional Rollercoaster How to identify keywords that lead to stories The post 39: How to Connect With Women (Part 1) appeared first on Inner Confidence.


26 Dec 2015

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18: Texting Fundamentals

Intro:People who want something call. People who are being asked for something text. Texting is for flirting with a girl, not for exchanging information with her. It's an art form, not back and forth boring shit. Keep track of the text bubbles to make sure they are the same amount from you and the girl. Don't over-text.Show Notes: Why creating doubt works to your advantage. Why you shouldn’t call. Common mistakes guys make when texting. What “text jamming” is and the effect it has on your interactions. How to properly use emojis and memes. Should you get an iPhone or Android? The best first texts to send. How the principle of scarcity should influence your texting and how long you wait before texting back. The best way to set up dates or plans for the same night. How to handle uncommon texting situations, like when a girl texts you while she’s on the rebound. The post 18: Texting Fundamentals appeared first on Inner Confidence.


27 Jun 2015

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50: Conversations and Becoming a Life Beast

Intro: It's important to start talking to people and daygame before you go out to get warmed up. Start approaching early in the night as well. It's so important to hit your stride in the prime part of the night. You need to get consistent attraction before you can work on Push-Pull, since it only works when you have that going for you. Show Notes: Why conversation skills are your greatest asset when you’re improving your social life, and even your life overall Warming up, and why most guys don’t do it even though they should The interplay between approaching and conversation skills Breaking rapport, teasing, and why most guys don’t pull it off correctly Why creating a team mentality with other guys is crucial to optimizing your dating life The reason Robbie wants everyone to do live coaching and go on Leverage trips to places like Brazil and Europe How to become a life beast The post 50: Conversations and Becoming a Life Beast appeared first on Inner Confidence.


25 Feb 2016

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5: Seduction & Push/Pull

Intro: If you're already established as a cool individual who has status in a situation, don't try to initiate conversation with girls.  Let them come to you.  Don't be an asshole, but only talk to them when they talk to you. Show Notes: The mindset of a successful seducer. He has permission to be with any girl he wants How to read women’s sexual signals. Eye contact is huge The #1 mistake to avoid when physically escalating. What is Push/Pull? Push/Pull for online dating. Push/Pull for social circle situations. Push/Pull for same night seductions. Push/Pull while on a date.. When to go for the kiss. What to do if she denies you the kiss. Keep cool, this doesn’t mean it’s over When to take her home. Hilarious stories from the moderators. The post 5: Seduction & Push/Pull appeared first on Inner Confidence.

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24 Apr 2015

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77: Dan Chang – Advanced Conversation Skills

On this episode, we host Dan Chang from The Friend Formula to discuss conversation skills, small talk, getting out of your head, and more. You'll learn: Three steps you can start using right away for getting out of your head and into the present moment, no matter how nervous you feel in a conversation How to make someone feel truly heard and listened to- a rare experience they're likely to remember you for How understanding how coffee filters work can stop you from running out of things to say The Stream of Consciousness exercise to help with that too The transitive effect of emotions: what to do when you feel the energy in a conversation start to run out How understanding the antidote for approval-seeking behavior can help you to stop putting people on a pedestal A unique strategy for dealing with limiting beliefs and negative thoughts The formula for developing new relationships by transitioning from small talk to deeper topics of emotional connection How to navigate the four phases of a conversation: cliches, facts, opinions, and feelings (trust me, this framework is a game-changer) The one thing people actually remember from your conversation Bonus! Sign up for the free mini-course here. And get more great content on Dan’s Facebook page. The post 77: Dan Chang – Advanced Conversation Skills appeared first on Inner Confidence.


25 Oct 2016

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69: Social Media

Show Notes: Why really good looking guys are at a disadvantage What dating apps like Tinder are and aren’t good for Robbie’s new simplified version of the day game protocol How to get numbers during the day Why trying to get a date might not be the best move How to use Instagram and Snapchat to accelerate your dating life Why Snapchat is the greatest but most underutilized dating app of all time The post 69: Social Media appeared first on Inner Confidence.


30 Jun 2016

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78: Jeff Callahan – Become More Compelling

On this episode, we host Jeff Callahan from Become More Compelling to discuss building charisma, advancing your conversation and social skills, approaching women and going on dates, and more. Jeff helps driven, professional people sharpen their social skills and charisma so that they can have more successful careers, relationships, and social lives. Jeff has been featured on INC., Elite Daily, Pick The Brain, The Friend Formula and others. Free Resource for Leverage Podcast listeners: Jeff’s Ultimate Guide To Joining & Enjoying Group Conversations Show Notes: On this episode, you'll learn: Why social skills is one of the most important foundations of everything else in your life How Jeff went from having a speech impediment to having 89,400 conversations! Great example of leveraging a weakness into a strength Why Conversational Muscle Memory can help all your interactions How to create a bulletproof vest of outcome independence Tips for going out at night alone The 10% Rule and how it removes the discomfort out of joining group conversations Unconventional tips for how to have a successful first date Using the Spokes method to never run out of conversational topics A sneaky tip for getting funnier What to do if you think you’re boring and have nothing to talk about and more! The post 78: Jeff Callahan – Become More Compelling appeared first on Inner Confidence.

1hr 10mins

6 Dec 2016

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4: The Dating Protocol – Navigating 1st, 2nd & 3rd Dates

Intro: Grab drinks somewhere casual building up some connection. Move on to the next bar and try to get some physical contact like hand holding on the way. If you're not getting any physical contact,  that is not a good sign. Make out in the 2nd venue, then try to have sex if it still is going well. Show Notes: Mistakes that guys typically make on dates. Don’t spend too much time on a date if it’s not going anywhere College versus post college dating. College is all about social circle game The 30 dates in 30 days challenge. Challenge yourself to get as many dates as possible in one month How to avoid spending a ton of money on dates that go nowhere. What venues to choose. what vibe do you want/does the connection need? How to greet your date and start off with a good vibe. Be confident, give her a hug, tell her she looks great Who should pay? You When to change venues and why. When conversation is dying out, or you have been there for a while How to test her attraction level toward you. When to go for the kiss. What to do if she denies you the kiss. Keep your cool, it’s not the end When to take her home. How a date is similar to a same night hookup. The post 4: The Dating Protocol – Navigating 1st, 2nd & 3rd Dates appeared first on Inner Confidence.

1hr 14mins

17 Apr 2015

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17: Attraction Mechanisms and Social Circle Game

Intro: Spend 4x more time working on your posture, tonality, presence, etc then on what you're going to say in approaches. If your body language or voice is bad, you are done. If you want in a good social circle, add value. Best thing to do is bring girls. If you can't do that bring bottles. Also, try to make easy money for members of that social circle. Get them leads for their business. Do whatever you can to add value. You don't get into top social circles without being a value add. It's also the easiest way to get girls once you're established in the circle. Show Notes: What attraction mechanisms are and how you can develop them to make attracting women easy. Two important questions to ask yourself when you’re improving your dating life. A case study of a client who improved his attraction mechanisms. Why having a solid social circle is the ultimate way to attract women. How to develop your social circle. Giving value. How to contribute value and behave at exclusive parties and social events. The post 17: Attraction Mechanisms and Social Circle Game appeared first on Inner Confidence.


22 Jun 2015

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67: From the Bar to the Bedroom

Summary: When inviting girls back to your place, sell the experience, not the item (i.e. I have a sick pad). Find out what they want before you invite them. Feel out the group of girls and see if they're down to continue to party. Be indifferent to their response and say you're going to party either way. Don't beg. If you have girls with you it's obviously better because they can pull girls and it also gives you social proof. You need to know after party logistics before going out. One other move that's solid is grabbing food with the girls, building the connection, then pulling them after food. The post 67: From the Bar to the Bedroom appeared first on Inner Confidence.


1 Jun 2016

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121: John Cooper – Quit Pickup & Become A Social Artist

In this episode Robbie invites on John Cooper, a London based dating and social coach who teaches men how to escape from the pitfalls of pickup artistry and evolve into social artists. Show Notes: John's story of how pickup made him worse and took him further away from the whole reason he got into the game. (02:00) The comment from his best friend that changed his course (03:45) Why many guys get into pickup to fill a void from a breakup or broken heart and how to avoid the trap of becoming addicted to validation from women. (05:45) When should drop game? (09:46) Is game a cult? (10:06) How cults work, how to spot them, and how to avoid getting sucked in (11:30) A dangerous lens to see the world through (12:30) The best way to relate to women (13:00) Should you use opening lines? (20:15) How to tell if you're getting too technical and failing to access a flow state in your interactions with women (21:30) For analytical guys . a structure to lose the structure (27:45) Why letting go is necessary to reach the next step and mastery. (29:45) Can you feel free and single when in a relationship? (34:50) Creating the possibility of a committed partnership while still giving freedom to your partner (36:40) Are humans designed to have a soul-mate or monogamy? (37:05) Where to meet women who are open to non-monogamous relationships (38:30) A joke on picking up New Age chicks (39:30) Are women more traditional in Eastern Europe? (40:50) Poland vs. Ukraine (42:00) Do people speak more English in Western or Eastern Europe? (43:00) The structure of Robbie's Leverage Program (43:45) The structure of John's Academy & Immersion (45:00) How to go from a pickup artist to a social artist (45:20) How John started his business and grew it to achieve financial freedom (46:00) How much content do you need to create to reach a point where you no longer need to hunt for business (48:00) Links: ArtofSocial.co The post 121: John Cooper – Quit Pickup & Become A Social Artist appeared first on Inner Confidence.


13 Nov 2019

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94: Using Instagram to Build Your Network and Meet Hotter Women

Who is this for? Guys who are getting numbers but a less than usual conversion from a number to a date. A less than usual conversion would be anything under 50%. Under 25% means you are doing a lot of stuff wrong Guys who are getting dates but the dates aren't getting as physical as you would hope. In other words, you want to hook up, but she's not into it. This is also for guys who have a lot going on socially and they don't want to go on dates. This is how I currently operate my dating life I'm always out with a group with a good ratio of girls to guys in my favor, when I meet new girls and exchange contact info, I invite them out to group things and eventually we hook up during/after those group things. I don't really ever go on dates until after I've already hooked up with a girl. This is for guys who would prefer to operate their social/dating life in the way I do, instead of going on traditional dates. The biggest mindset shift to this new sort of method I'm going to be talking about today is this: You must NEVER chase! I'm going to show you how to use Social Media so the people you're hoping to connect with never feel like you are chasing them.(and this works for courting cool dudes as well)  Once someone feels like you are chasing them, you lose almost all value in their mind. So even if they do end up agreeing to meet, the odds of that meeting ending up in the result you're hoping for drastically decrease. I've got a student on the line who was a pretty piss poor texter when he came to me, but after working together he is now great and texts in the top 95 percentile of guys. He is looking to make the transition away from texting to a more social circle/social media based approach so I've got him on the line to ask questions ask help steer my presentation. So welcome to the show Jason! Show Notes:  The process Jason used to go from a terrible texter who couldn’t get girls to respond, to being one of the best [06:12] Most guys overlook how important being good at following up is for dating [11:10] The major cultural shift a few years ago from text to Instagram [14:05] How do you use this strategy if you never use social media? [19:54] What if a girl’s Tinder or online dating profile says to DM her on Instagram? [24:48] How to message girls on Instagram [36:05] What it means when a girl asks you out to a social outing rather than a date [41:45] Robbie reads a conversation from his Instagram as a case study [57:36] Case study #2 [66:19] Case study #3 [74:42] Robbie gives Jason’s Instagram a tuneup [77:57] How to use Instagram Stories and Snapchat [82:14] Can I use social media effectively if I’m not a millenial? [89:20] And much more… Links Mentioned: Enlight Snapseed The post 94: Using Instagram to Build Your Network and Meet Hotter Women appeared first on Inner Confidence.

1hr 36mins

22 Aug 2018

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119: Steve Weinberg – How To Learn A Language

In this episode Robbie invites back on Steve Weinberg, to who shares his secrets for language learning and achieving basic fluency as fast as possible… Show Notes: The wrong way to learn a language, don't make this mistake! (03:20) What if I suck at learning languages? (05:40) Why most Americans don't bother learning another language (06:00) The essential universal phrases you need to know in any language (06:55) The #1 tip for learning the phrases you'll use 90% of the time (07:40) The biggest mistake almost everyone makes when they start learning… (10:00) How useful are apps like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, etc ) (11:10) But what if I don't have enough time? (16:05) Should you get a language teacher in the beginning? (20:45) Is it easier for children or adults to learn a new language? (26:55) How long will fluency take the average student? (28:30) A language learning hack that's a real hit with the ladies (33:30) When should you learn grammar? (34:55) What impact will AI artificial intelligence have on language learning? (37:00) Why do Europeans seem so much better at learning languages than Americans? (38:40) Do you instantly forget people names upon introduction? (41:00) The funny response Steve has to But I'm really bad at learning languages. (42:07) Is learning the local language for dating purposes more important in some cultures vs. others? (42:30) Do women really care if you don't speak their native language (43:30) Links: Innovative Language Apps Earworms App Steve’s Instagram The post 119: Steve Weinberg – How To Learn A Language appeared first on Inner Confidence.


30 Oct 2019

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35: Conversations (Part 2)

Intro: Great episode about calling things out. You need to call what's happening in real time. It needs to be funny or insightful, not lame. For example, if a hot girls walks into an elevator with you, theres 45 seconds to talk to her. A funny call it out would be to say I'm trying to think of what to say to you right now'. It shows social intelligence and it's funny. Something lame and not funny would be, I'm really nervous to talk to you'. It makes her nervous and is weak. Calling out the elephant in the room (in this case, a hot girl walking into the elevator) is extremely effective. Show Notes: What makes some people good conversationalists? What makes other people annoying? The days of the week that you should never schedule a date on How to keep the attention of your audience The one thing to avoid when telling a story Robbie tells guys from his coaching group what makes them annoying The best skill to develop for your conversation skills: “calling it out” Dealing with the elephant in the room The post 35: Conversations (Part 2) appeared first on Inner Confidence.


24 Nov 2015

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122: Advanced Daygame Strategy

In this episode, Robbie goes over real world interactions and experiences that his most advanced students are facing when meeting women during the day. Show Notes: The key to approaching women in stressful situations when you're anxiety is at it's worst (2:30) Should you focus on quality or quantity when you're trying to improve your social skills by facing rejection? (4:10) What it really means to fail and why the only real failure is (6:10) The surprising way you can flip a harsh negative reaction into a positive one (11:30) How to create accountability with a friend over the phone to get over approach anxiety and get in more reps (13:05) What to do when a girl is confused and doesn't understand your opening line (15:00) How to approach girls who don't speak your language with sign language (16:15) How to make your Instagram more appealing and utilize it to schedule dates from daygame. (20:00) Is it better to get her number or Instagram? (22:00) How you approach girls during the day who are with guys (26:30) How to respond when a girl looks at you like you're weird or creepy (30:05) How can you disarm her for a more accepted approach? (32:00) The word we are over-dosed on when people want something from us (34:10) Examples of questions using this new an authentic persuasion technique (35:20) Links- Jim Camp- Start with NO Chris Voss- Never Split the Difference The post 122: Advanced Daygame Strategy appeared first on Inner Confidence.


11 Dec 2019

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96: Mark Sing – Alpha Symposium + NLP Life Hacking

Mark Sing is a world renowned dating coach and the founder of Alpha Symposium. After years of training men how to attract women, Mark and his group of like-minded Alphas created the Instant Attraction Video Mastery Course. Mark firmly believes that all men deserve sexual choice, and he created Alpha Symposium to share his passion with men who want to take their lives to the next level. Show Notes:  How moving to Japan and having panic attacks brought him to NLP [03:45] The metaprograms that most guys need to overcome in order to be more attractive [05:48] The three steps to starting a conversation with a woman [08:20] What’s a Story of Becoming? [08:57] How Mark ended up in Japan [14:30] How Mark worked as a driver and bodyguard for strippers [16:16] How to learn NLP [21:47] The biggest fear he had to overcome [24:00] Mark’s current lifestyle and a major announcement [33:34 And much more… Links Mentioned: Coach Mark Sing Masculine Development The post 96: Mark Sing – Alpha Symposium + NLP Life Hacking appeared first on Inner Confidence.


4 Mar 2019

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