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Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at

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Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at

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One of my favorites

By luckyj202 - Oct 07 2019
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James and Jason have a great show, can’t recommend it enough!

Awesome adventure podcast!

By Skdjfnrksjnf - Oct 01 2019
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Awesome adventure podcast! Highly recommended!

iTunes Ratings

371 Ratings
Average Ratings

One of my favorites

By luckyj202 - Oct 07 2019
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James and Jason have a great show, can’t recommend it enough!

Awesome adventure podcast!

By Skdjfnrksjnf - Oct 01 2019
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Awesome adventure podcast! Highly recommended!
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The Grey Nato

Latest release on Jan 16, 2020

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Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at

Rank #1: The Grey Nato - EP 28 - Rolex

Podcast cover
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This week we're going deep on Rolex, just as we did in Episode 20 for Seiko. From our shared love of their sport watches to the various phases of Rolex appreciation that the average watch guy will experience, we try and get a handle on what makes this massive brand so appealing. After that, we've got ice diving, camera chat, new straps and John Wick Chapter II. Stay buckled in for Final Notes to hear about one of our favorite car reviewers and a listener who snagged a lovely vintage T-Graph. Just press play and thanks for listening!

Visit for full show notes and more

Thanks for listening!

Feb 21 2017

1hr 6mins


Rank #2: The Grey NATO - Ep 92 - TGN Film Club 3

Podcast cover
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As summer fades and the days get shorter, we thought it would be fun to get another TGN Film Club on the books. As we in the Northern Hemisphere start to spend a bit more time inside, Jason and James have ten great movies to make the most of any time you have to spend on the couch. From James’ endless love of Denis Villeneuve and Michael Mann to Jason’s fondness for Redford as he sports a Doxa Sharkhunter, this list spans seven decades of amazing movies. The boys are sure you’ve seen some but hope there is a fresh pick or two among the list.

Films aside, both Jason and James have new home workout plans following Ep 91 and they catch up after a few weeks of travel. James finally got a vehicle and Jason managed to unplug in a manner most Bond. Just press play, please enjoy, and we can’t forget a huge thank you to Hamilton watches for sponsoring this episode of TGN - click here for a closer look at their Intra-Matic Automatic Chronograph (

3:03 A1 Home Rowing Machine
20:26 Grand Seiko UK Events
21:30 Jason in Goldeneye

30:35 Hamilton Intra-Matic Automatic Chronograph

37:05 Jaws
43:00 Blade Runner 2049
48:15 The Constant Gardener
51:00 Sicario
55:04 3 Days Of The Condor
1:00:20 The Town
1:04 20 Marathon Man
1:07:17 Collateral
1:13:47 Downhill Racer
1:16:44 Rope

1:22:35 Frozen Ceiling
1:24:10 Topo Global Briefcase
1:24:46 Josh Perez on Instagram
11:30:28 Fraser Kit Co Bi-Fold Wallet
1:34:45 Ted Gushue’s Instagram
1:37:05 Inside Skunkworks Podcast

Oct 24 2019

1hr 39mins


Rank #3: The Grey Nato - EP 20 - "Seiko"

Podcast cover
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This week we decided to go deep on one of our favorite brands, Seiko! From our roots in watch collecting to recent finds and what we’d love to see in the future of this prolific brand. Have a great Seiko story, a fav model or a Seiko grail? Let us know at

After Seiko, Jason and James talk about everything from cheap blankets to sport coats, tax forms and, what else is new, Porsches. Just press play, thanks so much for listening!

Jason’s first Seiko 7002 Diver

James’ first Seiko SNA411

Seiko SKX007
Seiko SKX779 “Black Monster”
Marine Master 300
Prospex SRP777
SBDC005 Orange Sumo
SRP313 New Monster
SNZF45 Seiko 5 "Baby Monster”
Seiko SUN023 Prospex Kinetic GMT
Padi version
Seiko Spirit “Rising Sun” SCVE003
Grand Seiko SBGM021 GMT

Follow @pfhubbard
Paul’s Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT SBGE001
Jason’s Emperor Tuna SBDX011
James’ 6117-6400 World Timer
Seiko Astron
Seiko Prospex SRP779
12 hour Steel Yobokies Bezel

New Business
Jason’s "new" citizen Aqualand
Double Black Diamond Packable Down Blanket
Uniqlo Comfort Lightweight Sport Coat
BSF407 information

Final Notes
"The Lost City of Z" (by David Grann)
Outside online’s Essential Survival Tools
“This Porsche 964 Is the Evolution of a Driver” (via Petrolicious)
Danny MacAskill’s “Wee Day Out”

Oct 25 2016

1hr 17mins


Rank #4: The Grey Nato - Episode 12 - "One Watch???"

Podcast cover
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Episode 12 is all about the “One Watch” question - listener Scott wrote in to ask if we could only have one watch, what would it be? We made this question our main topic for the show, so join us as we walk through our watch-picking process and answer this troublesome question. This week we also have a special interview as Jason sat down with Hamilton Powell, the man behind (@crownandcaliber) to chat about the vintage and pre-owned watch markets, the consignment game and literally deconstructing the Apple Watch. It’s a great interview. All that and more, just press play (thanks for listening!).

Main Topic - The One Watch Question
James’ List
Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5164A-001
Sinn 103 Ti UTC Testaf
Rolex GMT Master II 16710

Jason’s List
Doxa 750T GMT
Bremont Terra Nova
Seiko SRP777
Rolex Submariner 16040M

New Business:
Jason’s new Doxa Sub 200 Searambler T-Graph
Jason hiking in Colorado

Raven Defender
Toxic Royal Strap

Q and A:
Graham Chronofighter Navy Seal Foundation
Victorinox Swiss Army Infantry PVD
Ball Fireman Stormchaser
Seiko Chrono SNN021P1
Hanhart Pioneer Stealth 1882 Limited Edition

Hamilton Powell of -

Final Notes:
Black Diamond Spot
“Gadd’s Truth: Five Fitness Commandments to Live By”
“To Hell and Back” (Post by Jeffrey M O’Brien)

"Cave Diving El Toh - Yucatan" (video)
“Raising the Dead” (Post by Tim Zimmermann)
“Blind Descent” (Book, James Tabor)
“Im Going To The Moon. Who’s With Me?” (Ted Talk, Bill Stone)

Jul 05 2016

1hr 36mins


Rank #5: The Grey NATO - Ep 58 - Everyday Travel Tips

Podcast cover
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With tons of travel on the horizon the guys sat down and talked about how they make the most of the flights, the new cites, and the strange hotel rooms. From what they’ve got to have on the plane, to researching a destination, to a few simple tricks to make the whole process a bit more simple. Travel aside, we’ve got a Lamborghini SUV, dive watches in Bonaire, underwater photography, a new old T-Graph, the Motorhead Hillclimb, The Jackal, and much more.

Lamborghini Urus
Bentley Continental GT
Concorso D’Eleganza (a car show)
Jason in Bonaire
Omega Seamaster
JLC Polaris Memovox
Oris Prodiver GMT
Oris Der Meistertaucher
Oris Aquis Hammerhead LE
Certina DS PH200M
Garmin Descent Dive Smartwatch
Nauticam housings
GoPro dive housing
Kip Evans
Jason’s DOXA T-Graph Sharkhunter

Tenba DNA 15 Bag
Compression socks
Bose Quietcomfort 35 Headphones
Sony noise cancelling earphones

Eddie Bauer Packable backpack
Tom Bihn Packing Cube Backpack
Pelican carry on case
Patagonia black hole bag
Red Oxx Bags
Expandable mesh dive bag

Accommodations and Rentals

The Worn and Wound Podcast EP 62 Dive Watch Review
Motorhead HIllclimb
The Jackal Men’s Magazine
Outside Magazine’s “Out There”

May 01 2018

1hr 22mins


Rank #6: The Grey NATO - EP 59 - Collecting Watches?

Podcast cover
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Episode 59: Jason’s been diving in Bonaire and James is back from Rome after driving the Lamborghini Urus. With more dives and drives on the horizon, the guys take a few minutes to catch up over camera gear, a new Vancouver-themed LE from Halios, and diving around Socorro. For the main topic, Jason and James discus how they approach the idea of collecting watches. It’s a wide-ranging chat on appeal, experience, changing tastes, and old classics. To wrap up, Final Notes has 700 Sharks, a super rare and undriven Porsche, micro adventuring, and an outlaw Dino. Thanks for listening, just press play and send your feedback to

Jason’s JLC Polaris Memovox
VIP Diving in Bonaire
Laborghini Urus
Jason Diving with Blancpain
Laurent Ballesta
Gombessa Video
Rokinon/Samyang 12mm F2 Wide Angle Lens
Halios Roldorf LE Seaforth
“Tuxedo Dial”

Speedy Racing Dial at Phillips
Hannah Elliott Instagram

Schuppan Porsche 962CR
@thecultivatedcollector on instagram
“Wilderness” by Alastair Humphries
Dino Monza 3.6 Evo
Laurent Ballesta on instagram
“700 Sharks At Night” by Laurent Ballesta for Nat Geo

May 15 2018

1hr 17mins


Rank #7: The Grey Nato - Ep 33 - The Perfect Watch Trio

Podcast cover
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What three watches would you get if you has $10k to spend? Based on a simple but thought-provoking question sent in by TGN listener Matt, Jason and James dive into the idea of a perfect watch trio, from how to pick the watches to the philosophy behind perfecting the blend of sporty, diver, chrono, gmt, titanium, quartz and more. If you want to weigh in, send us your perfect trio via email to Also in the show, James is prepping for a trip into the South Pacific, Jason is back from St. Barts, and the winner of our Unimatic Giveaway - listen to find out if it was you! Finally, tweed and whisky in scotland, the rules of professonal speeding and a list of great gear to kick off the camping/hiking season. Just press play, thanks for listening!

St Barts
RM Diver
Clippterton Expedition
Clipperton Islands
Sony A6500
Topo Quick Pack
Tom Bihn packing cube

Perfect 3 Watch Collection for under $10k
Eterna Super KonTiki 1973 LE
Rolex Explorer II 16570
Seiko SBGM021
Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope
Sinn EZM 10
Tudor Heritage Chrono
Bremont Boeing Chronograph

James’ Trio:
Seiko SRP777
Used Breitling Aerospace E56026


Halios Tropik or Seaforth

Jason’s Trio:
Speedy Vintage
Citizen Aqualand ana/digi

- or -

Grand Seiko GMT
Rolex Sub (5513 or 14060)


Doxa Sub 300 Pro
Junghans Chronoscope

Under $1000?

Seiko 6117-6400 Worldtimer

Vintage diver of some sort
Seiko Worldtimer

Alex Roy
Cannon Ball
Brock Yates
"Alex Roy's Rules of Professional Speeding"
“When Ocean’s 11 Met Pebble Beach”
“The Coldest Cannonball Run Record. On Record"
"Diving Into The Unknown" (movie)
Outside Online 20 Pieces of Gear Under $20
“Men On a Mission: A Hunt for Whisky and Tweed in Scotland”

May 02 2017

1hr 13mins


Rank #8: The Grey NATO - Ep 46 - Sartorial Adventures

Podcast cover
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In this episode, we started chatting about clothes and then entered some sort of a fugue state that encompassed much of an episode. From Patagonia, Gustin and Eddie Bauer to Uniqlo, Sitka, and a great many socks - we’ve got you covered. Literally. Jason and James also chat about new watches, smooth NATOs, Formula 1, the wreck of the Gunilda, and Vulfpeck’s “Hero Town”. Thanks for listening, just press play! Send your questions to .

Jason in Cabo Plumo with Rolex
Jason’s Interview with Ben Saunders
James @ Formula 1
James’ piece on the 50th AMG Ingenieur
James’ Panerai 42 mm Submersible Review
Toxic Shiznit Herringbone
Toxic on wrist
Doxa Blacklung
CWC 1980 Royal Navy Diver Re-Issue Review
New Beagle versions from breakfast with Muyshondt
Muyshondt Beagle

Patagonia Nano Puff
Yvon Chouinard
Eddie Bauer Guide Pro Pants
Icebreaker Zip
Ibex Zip
Smart Wool
Icebreaker Spire Crew

Darn Tough Socks
Dahlgren Socks
Hiker GX Socks
Mark’s Work Wearhouse Socks (there are many)

Duluth Trading Co Flex Fire Hose Pants
Gustin Jeans
Sitka Apparel
Kill Hubris Washed Pocket Tee
Alpha Industries MA-1
Uniqlo Comfort Jacket

Red Wing Boots
James’ Iron Rangers
Allen Edmond Carson City Boots (discontinued, similar)
Red Wing Weekenders
Palladium Boots
Blundstone Boots
Scarpa Crux Approach Shoes

P. Elliot Watchmaker Kickstarter
Vulfpeck “Hero Town”

Becky Kagan Schott Photos
Becky’s Instagram
The Gunilda Wreck
REI and Patagonia Selling Used Gear

Oct 31 2017

1hr 11mins


Rank #9: The Grey NATO - Ep 50 - Oak & Oscar & More

Podcast cover
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We made it to 50!!!! (thanks to all of you). Episode 50 kicks off the new year with a jam-packed episode where Jason and James get a chance to catch up after having not recorded for nearly a month, James' face to face chat with Chase Fancher of Oak & Oscar, and a full complement of Final Notes. Pour yourself an extra cup of coffee and dig in - just press play and thanks for listening!

Girard Perregaux 1966 WW.TC
MK II Paradive
Pinion Atom
Farer Aqua Compressor Leven
Topo Daypack
Outlier Slim Dungarees
Outlier NYCO Oxford
Outlier Merino Co/Weight Crewneck Sweatshirt
Alps and Meters
Kaweco Liliput

Interview: Chase Fancher - Oak & Oscar
Oak & Oscar Jackson Chronograph
Eterna Cal 39
Halios Watches
Wind Up
Heuer Skipper Hodinkee LE
Original Heuer Skipper
Seiko SKX007
Yobokies Bezel

All Fantasy Everything Podcast
Deliverance at 27000 Feet (New York Times)
Wolf of the Autostrada
Desert Island Discs
Under the Arctic Sky

Jan 09 2018

1hr 32mins


Rank #10: The Grey NATO - Ep 61 - Don't Do That With Your Watch

Podcast cover
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Episode 61: James is back from Italy with A. Lange and Sohne for the annual Concorso d'Eleganza and Jason is off to Sri Lanka. Before he's wheels up, following a listener email, the guys chat about the sorts of activities in which a watch is likely best left at home. After that, final noes brings a look at the first Sherpa to the top of the world, Chiron details, Armchair Expert, and Outside's best stories. Just press play and thanks for listening. Send your questions to!

Concorso d’Eleganza
Villa d’Este
Villa Erba
The Fashion and Watches of Concorso D’Eleganza 2018
Chat with Wilhelm Schmid
Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
Ferrari 335 Sport
Ken Saito’s coverage of Concourso cars
Lange Datograph on wrist
Fjallraven Tote Pack No.1
Jason’s trip to Sri Lanka
The Maldives
Becky Kagan Schott
The SS Daniel J Morrell
Aquala Drysuit

Tudor Pelagos
James’ Aerospace
Garmin Fenix
Jason’s Aqualand
CWC Royal Diver
Suunto Vector
Bremont MBII
Victorinox Inox

“The Story of the First Sherpa to Climb to the Top of Mount Everest”
Armchair Expert Podcast
Outside’s “The Best Stories We’ve Ever Told”
Raising the Dead
The Engineering of the Bugatti Chiron

Jun 12 2018



Rank #11: The Grey Nato - Ep 27 - Future Classic Watches

Podcast cover
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This week we’re tackling the idea of Future Classics. Watches that we will look back on in 30+ years with fondness and perhaps the urge to acquire. Also, flashlights, as James has gone off the deep end with a selection of hugely impressive torches from Muyshondt. Finally, we’ve got a new news platform, some TGN-approved Sci-Fi, and a time-lapse tour of some long dead military hardware. Just press play and thanks so much for listening!

Muyshondt Maus MK I
Muyshondt Aeon MK III
Sierra Trading Post
Rab Sentinal softshell
ALPS Caldera 5500 Backpack

Future Classics:
Bremont MBII
Tudor Pelagos
Sinn U1
IWC 3548
IWC 3536
IWC 3548-06 Cousteau LE
IWC 3717
JLC Master Compressor Diver
A Lange and Sohne

North of Parallel
Xiaomi Mi Band 2
Military Boneyard Timelapse

Feb 07 2017

1hr 12mins


Rank #12: The Grey NATO - Ep 78 - The Baselworld 2019 Megasode

Podcast cover
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It’s our annual Baselworld Megasode! At over 2 hours long, the boys really broke the piggy bank for this one and they’ve got all the goods for your listening pleasure. New cameras? For sure. Backpacks? Got ‘em. Day trips into the Swiss Alps like it ain’t no thing? Get on their level. All this and Jason and James haven’t even hit the watches yet.

Dig in for a chat about a couple of new items from Garmin and then a full breakdown of everything the boys liked (and maybe disliked) from Baselworld. Spanning a new “Arnie” from Seiko, a $70,000 Doxa, a proper Navitimer, some heat from Oris, two-tone goodness from Tudor and Rolex, a new Aerospace, and a clock of literal automotive inspiration, Jason and James had a great time at Baselworld and left Switzerland with plenty to chat about. Just press play and thanks so much for listening.

1:00 Webby link - please vote for HODINKEE
3:23 Jason’s trip out of Basel
4:40 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
14:25 Leica Q
18:50 Bret Curry Instagram
19:05 Bret Curry Leica Q Show in Bellevue, WA
21:30 Stephen’s review of the Leica Q2
22:40 Timbuk2 Vert Backpack
26:24 Topo Mountain Briefcase
28:25 Kill Hubris Washed Pocket Tee
31:10 Nauticam housing for Nikon Z7
32:45 Garmin Descent MKI
34:00 Garmin Instinct
45:22 Seiko “Arnie” SNJ025
47:40 Seiko Prospex 1970 Diver’s Re-Creation SLA033
52:04 Citizen Promaster Anniversary Lines
55:22 Bulova Computron
58:20 Doxa Sub 200 T.Graph LE in Solid Gold
1:05:05 Sinn 206 Arctis II
1:07:05 Sinn 104 LE with green dial
1:11:05 Oris Aquis GMT
1:14:15 Oris Divers Sixty-Five “Bico”
1:15:00 Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Red Dial
1:19:08 Breitling Navitimer 806 1959 Re-Edition
1:21:05 Tag Heuer Autavia Isograph
1:26:40 Cole’s Hands-On with the P01
1:31:35 Black Bay Chrono Two-Tone
1:34:15 Rolex Sea-Dweller Two-Tone
1:37:40 GMT-Master with meteorite dial
1:39:14 Zodiac Aerospace GMT
1:41:25 Nomos Tangente Sport and Club Sport
1:43:10 Monta Atlas
1:48:10 L’Epee Time Fast D8
1:52:30 Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT
1:56:25 De Bethune DB28GS Grand Bleu
1:58:00 Black Badger
2:01:27 The Extraordinary Untold Story of Four Navy SEAL ‘Musclemen' who Brought Apollo 11 Astronauts Home
2:03:05 The Enormocast Podcast

Apr 11 2019

2hr 7mins


Rank #13: The Grey Nato - EP 19 - Watch Accessories

Podcast cover
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This week the guys are chatting about things we buy for our watches: straps, tools, and more. From NATOs to leather, rubber and bracelets, James and Jason offer their favs after many years of trial and error. After that we have a packed line up for new business and final notes, covering Jason’s Breitling Emergency to James’ new show bag, the new John McAfee documentary, Jason’s love of dark chocolate peanut butter cups, a new carabiner on Kickstarter and Chris Harris at the Goodwood Revival. Just press play and thanks for listening!

Toxic Natos
Pheonix G10
Crown and Buckle Premium
Maratac straps
Zuludiver 328 rubber

Tropic rubber strap (new) or (NOS)
Hirsch Pure
Everest Straps

Halios leather strap
autodromo ralley strap
grey suede strap
Brietling style leather strap

$15 ebay bracelet

Erika’s Originals

Bergeon spring bar tool
Nomos Spring bar tool
Worn adn wound tool
Bergeon Spring Bar Pliers (horofix no longer carried)
link pusher tool
Digital calipers
Watch demagnetizer
How to demag
jaxa caseback tool
rubber ball caseback tool
TZ Watch School
Watchmakers table top bench

Jason's Breitling Emergency
Patagonia Black Hole
Tenba DNA 15
Hyde Park Watch Fair

Gringo: The Dangerous Life of JOhn McAfee
Justin's Peanut butter cups
FireBiner Kickstarter
Chris Harris at Goodwood Revival

Oct 11 2016

1hr 31mins


Rank #14: The Grey Nato - EP 21 - Watches Under $1000

Podcast cover
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Episode 21 is all about great watches under $1000. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great watch and Jason and James have the low down on a handful of great examples of excellent watches under $1000 USD. After that, we’ve got new BMW films, US customs forms, Cliffhangers, and a crazy VW commercial. Just press play and thanks so much for listening!

Victorinox Infantry GMT
I.N.O.X Titanium
Casio Rangeman
Citizen Aqualand JP2000
Seiko SRP777
Scurfa Bell Diver 1
Helson SharkDiver 40
Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman
Halios Watches
Archimede Pilot
Autodromo GroupB
Junghans Max Bill
Hamilton Intra-Matic 38
MKII Hawkinge
Benarus Trekker 40
Zodiac Super Seawolf 53
Vintage Skindivers
Squale 50 Atmos

Customs Form for US
Museum of Science and Industry

"Cliffhanger" EP07 - Outside Online
“the Pleasure and Pain of the Climbing Life” NYT Essay

BMW Films
“The Escape” (new):
Orignal Series Playlist:

VW Amarok Commercial:

Nov 08 2016

1hr 14mins


Rank #15: The Grey Nato - Ep 32 - Great Watches Under $250

Podcast cover
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This week we’re talking watches under $250. “Cheap” doesn’t have to mean junky or disposable, especially when it comes to watches. From Seiko and Citizen to Swatch, there is a lot to be excited about under 250 bucks, sometimes WAY under. To close this episode, James got some new pants, Jason is monitoring the shipping forecast for the UK and we found “Blue Water, White Death” in HD. Just press play and thanks for listening! Send your questions to

St Barths
RM32 Flyback Chronograph Diver
Clipperton Expedition with Oris
Sony a6500

Vostock Amphibia
Seiko SKX007
Seiko SRP775
Seiko 5 SNZG15j
Seiko Baby Monster
Seiko Prospex Solar SNE435
GShock 5600
Protrek 270
Protrek 3000
Citizen Nighthawk
Citizen BL-5250
Citizen BNO151-09L Diver
Citizen Aqualand II
Orient Mako II
Marathon Navigator Quartz
Sistem 51

Cheapest Watch Challenge
Timex Expedition Scout ($37.49)
Casio A500WA-1ACF ($24.55)

The BBC Shipping Forecast
“The Men Who Chased Shipwrecks”
Eddie Bauer Guide Pro Pants
"Blue Water, White Death" (HD, iTunes)
Patagonia and North Face 1 Puffer Jacket at a Time

Apr 18 2017

1hr 9mins


Rank #16: The Grey Nato - Ep 38 - Does In-House Matter?

Podcast cover
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TGN Episode 38 is all about “In-House” movements - do they even matter? We dig into the various blends of in-house and kick off what may well be an ongoing conversation about the actual wrist value of a manufacture movement. We also announce the winner of the #Oris65TGN giveaway, chat about sailing in Bermuda, a couple of new watches from Halios and IWC, and offer up a solid trio for Final Notes. Just press play, thanks very much for listening and please send your feedback to

Oris Giveaway Winner @giasuko (congrats!)
Jason’s bermuda piece
Jason’s clip of a foiling boat
Halios Seaforth
Halios Tropik Review
IWC Tribute to Mark XI
Analog Shift IWC Mark XI
The HMS Hermes

Greubel Forsey
ETA 2824
Miyota 9015
Ressence Type 3
Panerai P2002
Omega 2254
Seiko 7S26 Movement
Singer Track 1
Agengraphe movement
Jack’s Rolex Article

Pocket Clip Thing
“Titanic Honor and Glory” 3D interactive game demo:
“Deepest Dive Ever Under Antarctica Reveals a Shockingly Vibrant World”

Jul 11 2017

1hr 14mins


Rank #17: The Grey NATO - Ep 47 - Random Holiday Gift Guide

Podcast cover
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Episode 47 is a download from Jason’s recent trip to Cabo Pulmo with Rolex and Sylvia Earle and James’ time behind the wheel of the new Aston Martin DB11 V8. Trips aside, James has been hands-on with new gear from Outlier and Nomos and Jason is taking the “Kraken” to Bonaire. For the main topic, the guys deliver a buying guide for random gifts this holiday season. Attempting to look past the usual gift options and TGN favs, Jason and James offer a list of interesting and oddball alternatives. From NFC Dimples and to Seiko 5s, to Embassy gear and desk lamps, there is a little something for everyone.

Jason diving with Silvia Earle / Rolex:
Mission Blue:
Cabo Pulmo
Aston Martin DB11 V8 Drive
Porsche Carrera T
Maserati Ghibli
Diving in Bonaire
Citizen Kraken!
Outlier OG Climbers
Outlier Ultrafine Merino T-Shirt
GQ story about Outlier
What About Bob
Nomos Tangente Neomatic 39 Silvercut
Nomos At Work Series
Campus Club

- TGN Gift Guide -
Atlas 46 Tool Roll Pouch XL
BigiDesigns Titanium Pocket Clip
Embassy Pen
EDC Watchfold from Worn and Wound
Seiko 5 SRPB27
“First Overland” book by Tim Slessor
BBC Special about the book
Electric screwdriver, any type
Pick-Quik screwdriver
Autodromo Stringback driving gloves
Aukey 12W Led desk lamp
Vintage Film Cameras

@battlefieldarceologist on Instagram
“No Roses on a Sailors Grave” Indiegogo
Blue Planet II
Xtrafuf boots youtube channel

Nov 14 2017

1hr 33mins


Rank #18: The Grey Nato - Ep 40 - TGN EDC

Podcast cover
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It’s Episode 40 and we’re talking EDC (or more accurately, our favorite daily stuff). Supporter bundles are sold out, we’ve got some new recording gear, James is has gone full titanium, and Jason is waist deep in your wallet recommendations (please, no more recommendations). Listen in for a new awesome giveaway, shark diving, SR-71 testing, and way more. Just press play, thanks for listening!
Wintercheck Consoli Wallet via Andrea’s Gifs
Seaforth diving!
Omega X-33 Regatta
Muyshondt Beagle MK I
Muyshondt Instagram
Muyshondt Flieger (giveaway - listen to the show for instructions)

Samsung Note 5
iPhone 6

Bose Quietcomfort 35
Plantronic BackBeat Go 2
Shure SE215

CKRT Fulcrum
Benchmade Mini-Griptilian 556s
CRTK Shasta
Victorinox Hunter XS
Jared Oeser Knives
Pena Knives

Randolph aviators
American Optical aviators
Julbo Explorer XL
Julbo Vermonts
Knockaround Sunglasses

Tenba DNA 15
Topo mountain briefcase
Patagonia black hole

Howler Brothers

Muyshondt Aeon
Fenix UC02
Black Diamond Spot

Metal Filter
Malita Cone Pourover
Baratza Encore Grinder
Capresso Grinder

Sigg water bottle
Yeti Bottle

Worn and Wound EDC Watch Fold

Big Designs TPC Titanium Pocket Clips (thanks Ed!)
Blancpain Gombessa IV Shark Filming Video
Blancpain 50 Fathoms X Fathoms
“Check Out All These Blackbird Videos NASA Just Released” (via The Drive)
Nat Geo Travel Photog of the Year (via The Atlantic)

Aug 08 2017

1hr 7mins


Rank #19: The Grey NATO - Ep 52 - Watchmaker Q&A // Jason Gallop (Roldorf & Co)

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Episode 52 is a special interview with Jason Gallop (@roldorf), a WOSTEP-trained watchmaker, diver, land rover enthusiast, and owner of Roldorf & Co in Vancouver, Canada. Jason shares his background in watch appreciation and watchmaking and then tackles a stack of your questions. Thanks to all who sent in questions! Just press play and thanks so much for listening!

Roldorf & Co
Jason’s Instagram
Chat with Merlin of Nomos Watches
British Horological Institute
Stephen Forsey
Peter Speake Marin
Kari Voutilainen
Jason’s Defender 90
Zodiac Watches
Jean d’Eve
Momentum Watches
Mr. Jones Watch

Feb 06 2018

1hr 13mins


Rank #20: The Grey NATO - Ep 72 - Watch Resolutions

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It’s a new year, and that means a chance to consider the successes of last year and how to best navigate 2019 for maximum adventure (and watches). For episode 72, the guys chat about a handful of watch-related resolutions, dropping camera gear, and a selection of predictions and wishes for the show season at SIHH and Baselworld.
Will Tudor expand their use of Breitling’s chronograph movement? Will we see a steel sport watch from Lange? Is two-tone the next big trend?

The whole year is ahead of us and there’s no telling what the guys will get up to but be sure to stay tuned to the end for a solid selection of Final Notes featuring a magazine, two Netflix shows, and some pants! From a new season of Tales by Light to architecture for the masses, waterproof pants that wear like sweats, and the first issue of WM Brown magazine there is a little taste of a great many things in the TGN Spirit. Just press play and thanks for listening!

Show Notes
2:55 Fischer S-Bound Cross Country Skis
5:50 English Whiskey Co. Peated
8:46 IWC SIHH Preview
9:45 Auer Princess Almonds
11:25 Jason’s Tudor Oyster Date
15:16 James’ Buren Min Stop
19:42 Sony Zeiss 24mm F1.8 ZA
20:44 Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art
21:50 Nikon Z7
28:33 What Watch I Wore The Most 2018
33:05 Tudor Black Bay Gold and Steel
38:30 Omega CEO and Ben Clymer Chat At H10
40:45 Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Milspec
43:10 Omega Dark Side of the Moon
44:20 Tudor Heritage Chronograph
46:25 Bremont Supermarine Divers
50:30 Porsche Camp Four

- Final Notes -
1:00:00 Tales by Light Season 3
1:03:00 The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes
1:05:10 Waterproof Thermal Pants
1:08:04 WM Brown Project Magazine

Jan 10 2019

1hr 11mins


The Grey NATO - Ep 98 - Collection Inspection Vol 8

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With a new year underway, the guys figured it a good time for another installment of Collection Inspection. Coming around for its 8th volume, Collection Inspection is a deeper look at a watch pulled from both Jason and James’s personal collection. For episode 98, Jason talks about his beloved 1968 Omega Speedmaster and James takes a deeper dive into his newly-acquired Oris Sixty-Five Hodinkee Limited Edition. It’s an exploratory chat about two very different watches that full very specific roles in each of the guy’s collections.

From the top, the guys are chatting Lego (again) and James’ foray into the shallow end of the audiophile pool (he swears he’s not in too deep). Be sure to stay in the mix for a final notes packed full of automotive opinions, sausage creatures, and the mountainous mystery of the Dyatlov Pass. Thanks for listening, please subscribe or just press play!

1:17 Lego Defender
4:35 Lego Speed Champion 1985 Audi Sport Quattro S1
9:30 KEF LSX
22:13 James’ Oris Sixty-Five Hodinkee Limited Edition
31:20 Jason’s Omega Speedmaster 125.012-68 Pre-Moon
47:18 ISSIMI Official Youtube Channel
49:50 The Documentary Podcast - The Dyatlov Pass Mystery
54:22 The Call Of the Sausage Creature - Hunter S Thompson

Jan 16 2020



The Grey NATO - Ep 97 - Our Best Bits Of 2019

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It’s episode 97 and the date ensures it’s also the freshest TGN of 2020. For this first episode of the decade, the guys look back at their favorite experiences of 2019. A chatty retrospective, Jason and James recall fast cars, hiking in Wales, living like Fleming in Jamaica, new Jeeps, cameras aplenty, and some of the amazing people they got to meet and work with last year.

Stay in the mix for a recommendation of their favorite shows, movies, podcasts, music, and books from 2019 and a solid set of deep diving and EDC-ready final notes. All the best in the new year, just press play and thanks for listening!

1:35 Lego Technics Defender
4:50 Olympus XA
12:05 Samsung T5 Drives
12:55 DJI Mavik 2 Pro
14:10 Loupedeck+
20:05 Train trip to Murren
21:40 The Night Manager
23:40 Porsche 911 Ice Driving
23:40 McLarens in Arizona
24:00 James’ Leica Profile
24:44 Pfaff McLaren
25:30 Lamborghini Huracan Evo
25:54 Hodinkee Magazine Issue 5
26:00 Josh Perez
26:05 Jeep Roadtrip to NYC
32:00 Jason’s Trip to Wales
33:40 Imperial War Museum
34:25 Bonaire
35:28 Lost Ships of Cortez
37:50 Hodinkee Blancpain LE shoot
38:12 Tudor Pelagos Dive Weekend Shoot
38:25 Jason in Goldeneye, Jamaica
40:35 James shooting the Monaco GP
41:20 Tudor Vietnam “The Long Return”
43:22 Cory Richards
43: 28 Paul Scurfield
43:30 “Nims” Purja
43:32 Andy Mann
44:00 Tom Stafford on Hodinkee Radio
45:42 Bret Curry
47:51 Succession
48:15 Game of Thrones
48:50 The Game
49:05 The Spy
49:20 Killing Eve
49:40 The Irishman
50:00 Two Popes
50:10 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
50:40 Apollo 11 documentary
51:00 The Last Breath
53:15 Parasite
54:50 Rick and Morty
55:15 Barry
57:13 Norman F** Rockwell! - Lana Del Rey
58:10 Yoke Lore
58:40 All Fantasy Everything
59:25 Jeselnik & Rosenthal Vanity Project
59:55 Threedom
59:56 Collecting Cars with Chris Harris
59:58 Inside Skunkworks
1:00:00 The Rewatchables
1:00:55 The Outlaw Sea - William Langewiesche
1:01:40 The Pigeon Tunnel - John Le Carré
1:02:40 The Magnetic North
1:03:50 Sea Salt: Memories and Essays - Stan Waterman
1:04:20 Blue Water White Death
1:05:00 Where Men Win Glory
1:13:55 The Deepsea
1:16:10 Topo Designs x Gear Patrol Backpack Tote (listen for a discount)

Jan 02 2020

1hr 21mins


The Grey NATO - Ep 96 - DOXA

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The last episode of the year! Of the decade! And what a year it has been (thanks to all of you who have been listening). For episode 96, the guys are reviving a format that hasn’t been used since Ep 28, a brand focus episode. The format is simple, Jason and James pick a brand they love and chat about why there is a connection, the scope of that brand’s products, and how they relate to the greater idea of watch enthusiasm. For the third-ever such episode, they are chatting about Doxa. A fav brand for both Jason and James, Doxa makes dive watches that are colorful, historic, and very nicely made – not to mention endlessly loveable.

Before Doxa, the guys have a chat about Leica and the show wraps up with a new (old) bracelet for your Speedy, the watches of James Bond, and a concert tape that James won’t stop talking about. As the next episode falls just barely into 2020, Jason and James would like to extend a huge thank you, everyone who has been listening, commenting, emailing, sharing, and reviewing and to all of the brands that supported the show over the past year. Just press play, thanks for listening, and have a great end of the year.
5:00 Leica’s profile with James
5:30 Hodinkee “Ghost Edition” Leica M10-P
9:20 Leica SL2
11:35 Leica MP
13:00 Leica Q2
14:31 Rolex brand episode
14:32 Seiko brand episode
14:40 Doxa Watches
28:40 SUB 200
31:10 SUB 300T
31:47 SUB 1200
32:02 SUB 1500T
32:37 SUB 4000T
33:14 SUB 200 T.Graph
36:30 Jason’s first dive review story of DOXA 800Ti
41:10 Mission31
47:43 Forstner Komfit JB Mesh Bracelet
51:10 Jason’s “The Watches of James Bond and Why They Matter”
52:15 Vulfpeck live at Madison Square Garden

Dec 19 2019



The Grey NATO - Ep 95 - The 2019 Watch (And Watch Things) Gift Guide

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As a follow up to episode 94’s holiday gift guide, this episode pushes the holiday timeline to offer a watch-specific list of goodies for your gift-giving season. From full-on watches to minuscule accessories, cases, straps, and even books, the TGN boys dig deep with some classic favs and some new picks for even the most seasoned listeners.

Before that meaty main topic, the guys catch up over Jason’s early-season cross-country skiing, James’ road trip to NYC in the Jeep, Ford v Ferrari, and Bond’s new Seamaster. There’s a lot to catch up on and Jason and James are thrilled to have Oris Watches sponsoring this episode to offer an overview of the brand’s long-standing work in ocean conservation. Just press play and thanks so much for listening.
4:07 DJI Mavic 2 Pro
6:24 Ford v Ferrari
6:33 Go Like Hell by AJ Baime
7:32 The 24 Hour War
10:33 New Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition
16:50 Oris Clean Ocean Limited Edition
21:23 The Pacific Garbage Screening Project
28:30 Braun Reflex Control Travel Alarm Clock
30:00 Horofix Springbar pliers
30:45 Spare spring bars!
31:18 Watchmakers screw drivers
32:18 Toxic Natos Nylon straps
33:15 Crown and Buckle Chevron Strap
34:12 Tudor Fabric Strap Video
34:33 Haveston Coasters
35:16 60 Minutes book
36:00 Zuludiver 328 rubber nato
36:33 Watches: A Guide By Hodinkee
38:27 Vario SG Single Watch Travel Case
39:36 Worn and Wound EDC Watch Fold
41:40 Swatch Watches
42:18 Casio A500 “Worldtimer”
43:15 Seiko SUS Nano Universe watches
44:40 Seiko SRP7XX series dive watches
47:12 Stephen’s SKX013 review
47:43 Lorier Gemini Chronograph
49:35 Doxa SUB 200
52:21 Garmin Fenix Watches
59:10 The Curse of the Ship of Gold
1:02:30 Bubble Subs Arise, Opening Eyes To The Deep Sea

Dec 05 2019

1hr 6mins


The Grey NATO - Ep 94 - The 2019 TGN Holiday Gift Guide

Podcast cover
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It’s that time of the year and the TGN boys have even managed to get their annual TGN Gift Guide up with shopping time to spare. It’s an action packed episode with some housekeeping up top (a huge thank you to everyone that helped us cross 1 million downloads) before Jason and James dig into their gift choices for an especially TGN gift giving season.

In the event this is your first TGN Gift Guide, the rules are simple, both Jason and James get five picks, with four of them preferably being well under $100. Their final selection is the “break the bank” option and it reflects a choice with a more generous budget. After that, stay tuned for a varied Final Notes that will have you clad in vintage military fashion, searching for gold, reading some of HODINKEE’s best work, and keeping your feet as warm as possible. Just press play and thanks so much for listening.
2:55 Hodinkee x Omega Popup
7:13 Global Cycling Network Youtube Channel
7:59 Garmin Cadence Sensor
17:03 Hydroflask 16oz Coffee Flask
19:42 Paracord!
22:50 Grip6 Belts
27:03 Road & Track Magazine subscription
30:45 Sidetracked Magazine subscription
34:46 Anker Powercore Fusion
39:10 Models For Divers
43:40 Topo Global Briefcase
47:40 Lego Technic Land Rover Defender
52:50 Vankyo Leisure 510 Projector (or any cheap projector)
1:00:57 The Fisherman’s Secret
1:05:29 Hodinkee Magazine Volume 5
1:08:25 Cole’s story for Hodinkee Magazine Vol 5
1:10:15 Saunders Militaria
1:14:35 Blundstone Sheepskin Footbeds

Nov 21 2019

1hr 17mins


The Grey NATO - Ep 93 - A Chat With Andy Mann

Podcast cover
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To most watch enthusiasts, the name, Andy Mann, might be familiar from his association with Zodiac watches, in particular, the recent Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation collaboration that he helped design. But his work goes well beyond sketching out dive watch dial designs. He’s a National Geographic photographer, a senior fellow at SeaLegacy, and an award-winning filmmaker. He’s also an avid rock climber who makes his home in decidedly landlocked Boulder, Colorado. In this episode, Jason talks to Andy about how he got started in his enviable career, his travel and packing hacks, and what is on top of his adventure bucket list (it’s a good one).

This interview was recorded remotely and includes some strange audio qualities as a result of the equipment available onsite. Our apologies for the less than incredible audio quality and we thank you for your patience as we work out a solid solution for recording these remote interviews in dynamic environments. Thanks to Zodiac Watches for facilitating this interview and to Andy Mann for taking the time to chat with The Grey NATO. Enjoy the show.

1:00 Andy Mann
5:20 Cory Richard’s TGN Chat
7:50 Paul Nicklen
12:28 Red Cameras
12:33 Nauticam Housings
20:50 Andy’s Line With Mountainsmith Bags
23:52 Sixgill Shark Tagging Project With Ocean X
28:15 Sea Legacy
33:34 Zodiac Watches
40:32 The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation x Andy Mann Limited Edition
46:05 Sardine Run South Africa

Nov 07 2019



The Grey NATO - Ep 92 - TGN Film Club 3

Podcast cover
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As summer fades and the days get shorter, we thought it would be fun to get another TGN Film Club on the books. As we in the Northern Hemisphere start to spend a bit more time inside, Jason and James have ten great movies to make the most of any time you have to spend on the couch. From James’ endless love of Denis Villeneuve and Michael Mann to Jason’s fondness for Redford as he sports a Doxa Sharkhunter, this list spans seven decades of amazing movies. The boys are sure you’ve seen some but hope there is a fresh pick or two among the list.

Films aside, both Jason and James have new home workout plans following Ep 91 and they catch up after a few weeks of travel. James finally got a vehicle and Jason managed to unplug in a manner most Bond. Just press play, please enjoy, and we can’t forget a huge thank you to Hamilton watches for sponsoring this episode of TGN - click here for a closer look at their Intra-Matic Automatic Chronograph (

3:03 A1 Home Rowing Machine
20:26 Grand Seiko UK Events
21:30 Jason in Goldeneye

30:35 Hamilton Intra-Matic Automatic Chronograph

37:05 Jaws
43:00 Blade Runner 2049
48:15 The Constant Gardener
51:00 Sicario
55:04 3 Days Of The Condor
1:00:20 The Town
1:04 20 Marathon Man
1:07:17 Collateral
1:13:47 Downhill Racer
1:16:44 Rope

1:22:35 Frozen Ceiling
1:24:10 Topo Global Briefcase
1:24:46 Josh Perez on Instagram
11:30:28 Fraser Kit Co Bi-Fold Wallet
1:34:45 Ted Gushue’s Instagram
1:37:05 Inside Skunkworks Podcast

Oct 24 2019

1hr 39mins


The Grey NATO - Ep 91 - Ready For Adventure

Podcast cover
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Whether fall is when you start to sharpen the edges of your skis or hibernate while planning next year's adventures, it's always important to consider your readiness for whatever adventures lay ahead. And while factors like cost, gear, and goals are all important, you want to make sure you're fit enough for the task. In a rare face-to-face episode, Jason and James respond to the numerous fitness-related inquiries they've received over the past couple of years. Recorded while both Jason and James were briefly in NYC, this episode digs into the guy's history with fitness both in success and in failure.

From a shared disdain for gyms to a lasting appreciation for activities that take us outside, Jason and James have dabbled in more than a handful of workouts and diets and are constantly evolving their approach in an attempt at highly functional and healthy living (a fella can dream!). Be sure to stay all the way through to the end for a chat about the new Land Rover Defender and a strong set of final notes. Just press play and a huge thank you to Bremont Watches for their support of this episode - stay tuned for a look at their latest aviation-themed limited edition (see it here for yourself -

2:35 Jason diving with the Rolex Sea-Dweller Two Tone
3:15 The New Land Rover Defender
11:35 Henry Catchpole Land Rover Defender video for Carfection
17:30 James’ time with the Lamborghini Huracan EVO
22:40 Bremont Watches Announces H-4 Hercules Limited Edition
32:00 Bowflex Selecttech Weights
44:30 7 minute workout
44:40 100 Pushups App
47:10 Sean Vigue Fitness
55:30 In Ocean’s Deep Via @dagbert
57:45 UV Filters for camera lenses (search for your lens’s specific size)

Oct 10 2019



The Grey NATO - Ep 90 - A Chat With Paul Scurfield Of Scurfa Watches

Podcast cover
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Episode 90 of The Grey NATO is a conversation Jason had with Paul Scurfield, a UK-based commercial saturation diver. For some, Paul may be familiar from his other job as the founder of the Scurfa watch company, a brand he started in order to make tough, affordable watches he and his fellow divers could wear on the job. But Paul isn’t just a microbrand champion. He’s collected Tudors, Rolexes and the odd Patek Philippe over the years and remembers his teenaged years looking longingly at COMEX and military Submariners in the Army Navy shops in Newcastle, England, before their prices got where they are today.

Paul talks to Jason about his work in commercial diving, the nature of this arcane kind of work, his history collecting and wearing watches, and explains why older iPhones were more helium safe than newer ones. He also talked a little bit about running his own small brand and the philosophy behind Scurfa. Additionally, don't miss Paul's fascinating report on WatchUseek about the function and application of Helium Escape Valves, he's one of the few people that can speak about HEVs with authority and it's worth a read for any dive watch enthusiast (click here to read:
Producer's note: this recording was done several months ago via Skype between Paul’s home base in England and Jason’s in the US. At the time we didn’t have a specific intention of using it for The Grey NATO, so the sound quality isn’t quite up to the standards you’ve come to expect from TGN. But James did his best with the edit, and we think the content of Jason’s chat with Paul is worth it, which is why we decided to run this as a full episode.

For more information about Scurfa Watches, you can check out his website (, and be sure to follow Paul on Instagram (

Sep 26 2019



The Grey NATO - Ep 89 - Our Fav Watch Complications

Podcast cover
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In episode 89, Jason and James debrief after some end-of-summer travel for James and a chilly but productive dive watch trip for Jason. James is back from the road with some of the latest and greatest from Leica in hand and Jason isn’t exactly slumming it while hitting the great lakes with the new Two-Tone Rolex Sea-Dweller (aka. the TTSD) on wrist.

For the main topic, the boys go in-depth on their favorite complications. From GMT to chronograph, depth gauges and “Min-Stops”, it’s a long and nerdy look at the functions they love to have on wrist. Stay tuned to the end for a power-packed Final Notes that takes you inside the HMS Terror. Thanks for listening, just press play, and a huge thanks to Gear Patrol for supporting this episode (don’t miss out on their upcoming Stocked 2019 Product Culture Conference).

2:50 Oris Big Crown ProPilot X Calibre 115
8:55 Oris Timeless Sixty-Five LE
13:00 Whitefish point diving
15:15 Rolex Sea-Dweller in Two-Tone
17:00 Plastid Boots
18:07 Leica Q2
18:30 Leica M10-P
18:45 Summilux-M 50mm f1.4 ASPH Lens
22:00 Gear Patrol’s Stocked 2019 Product Culture Conference (this episode’s sponsor!)
26:03 Zodiac Aerospace GMT
26:04 Tudor Black Bay GMT
26:50 Omega Seamaster GMT 2234.50 (with jumping local)
38:23 Sinn 144 St GMT
42:00 Buren Min-Stop
45:00 Tudor Heritage Chronograph Blue
47:00 Aquastar Regate
48:10 Bremont Regatta AC R SS
50:19 SKX007 modded with a Yobokies 12-hour bezel
51:48 Seiko 6117-6400 World timer
53:01 Bremont ATL1-WT
56:00 Christopher Ward C8 UTC Worldtimer
56:00 Alpina Worldtimer Manufacture
1:00:22 Citizen Aqualand
1:00:40 Oris Aquis Depth Gauge
1:00:54 IWC Deep Three
1:01:01 Blancpain X Fathoms
1:02:03 Citizen Aqualand Chronograph
1:03:53 Poljot Alarm
1:06:40 HMS Terror Dive Tour
1:09:10 Anker Powercore Fusion 5000

Sep 12 2019

1hr 15mins


The Grey NATO - Ep 88 - A Chat With Nirmal “Nims” Purja

Podcast cover
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Today’s episode is a special one because it consists entirely of a chat Jason had with the mountaineer, Nirmal “Nims” Purja. Nims is a former Gurkha Regiment soldier and Special Forces operator in the British military who has set out this year to climb the 14 highest mountains in the world in just seven months. To put that in perspective, the current record for such a feat is over eight years. He calls this ambitious goal, “Bremont Project Possible”, which obviously takes the first part of its name from his primary sponsor, Bremont Watch Company. In fact, when I spoke to Nims a couple of weeks ago, he was in London for a short break after completing 11 of the 14 climbs, and he recorded his side of our call from Bremont’s London boutique (our apologies for the background noise).

Even if you haven’t heard of Nims, you’ve probably seen a photo he took. After a particularly tragic climbing season on Everest, the news media turned its attention to the issue of overcrowding of guided climbing clients, and a photo Nims took of the queue of climbers on the South Ridge became famous, appearing everywhere from the New York Times to CNN. Nims and his small team were the first to put up ropes to the summit of K2 this year, and along the way to several other peaks, he’s led rescue efforts to aid stricken climbers, even as he’s been chasing his own record.

Nims is heading back to the Himalayas shortly after this episode airs, with three mountains left to climb: Cho Oyu, Shishipangma, and Manaslu. You can follow his progress by checking out his Instagram feed at @nimsdai. Thanks so much for listening, just press play and please consider supporting Bremont Project Possible via the links below!

00:30 Nims' Page
1:33 Nims' Instagram
3:00 The Ghurkas
20:10 Bremont Watches
28:00 Elite Himalayan Adventures

Aug 29 2019



The Grey NATO - Ep 87 - Perfect Product #2

Podcast cover
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James is fresh off vacation and Jason is back from a shoot in Mexico, but the show must go on! In TGN’s second-ever Perfect Product episode, the boys dig into two of their favorite products, in this case, a beloved Patagonia jacket and a reliable pair of classic sunglasses.

From new Leicas and lost ships to overland adventures and the most rewatchable movies, Jason and James dig into a varied and product-focused episode of the show. Just press play and thanks for listening and an extra thanks to Monta Watches for supporting this episode of The Grey NATO.
3:20 Leica M10-P
3:25 Leica Summilux M 35 f1.4
10:00 Lost Ships of Cortes Project
20:11 Aquadive watches
23:20 Monta Watches
24:30 Monta Atlas
26:45 Monta Skyquest
30:30 Patagonia Nano Puff
41:04 Randolf Engineering Aviators
41:31 American Optical Aviators
53:25 Last Overland
58:50 The Rewatchables Podcast

Aug 15 2019

1hr 5mins


The Grey NATO - Ep 86 - Quartz Concerns

Podcast cover
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We’re back with a standard J&J episode as the boys chat about what’s left of the summer, a handful of new watches, and a lot more. From LE’s to Lost Ships in Mexico, Jason and James have lots to chat about since the last episode. With the world of quartz watches taking up the main episode, it’s a look at quartz’s often 2nd tier position in the heart of many an enthusiast along with a rundown of some of our favourite quartz models, from the present, and past, and maybe even the future.

Stay to the end for a Final Notes that go looking for lost planes and offers an inside look at the amazing Gombessa missions. Just press play and thanks for listening and an additional thanks and shout out to Monta Watches for supporting episode 86 of the show.
2:00 Lost Ships of Cortez Project
4:25 Serica W.W.W.
6:35 Oris Divers Sixty-Five Limited Edition for Hodinkee
9:30 Jason’s Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Limited Edition for Hodinkee
14:45 Victorinox Renegade
17:00 “Gold” Casio Worldtimer
18:50 Nike Lance Armstrong Race Chronograph
20:00 Citizen Aqualand Chronograph with lime dial
22:00 Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Chronograph BL5250
22:30 James’ Breitling Aerospace
25:00 Breitling B55 connected
25:20 Grand Seiko 9F Quartz
30:20 Rolex Oyster Quartz
32:15 Unimatic U3
32:35 Newmark HS Chronograph
33:50 Monta Watches
34:50 Everest Watch straps
- Monta Oceanking
- Monta Triumph
- Monta Skyquest
- Monta Atlas
42:40 CWC 1983 Quartz Royal Navy Diver
44:00 Seiko SBCM023
46:15 Laurent Ballesta’s Gombessa V Blancpain blogs
49:20 What Really Happened To Malaysia’s Missing Airplane
51:00 Outlaw Sea (book, William Langewiesche)

Aug 01 2019



The Grey NATO - Ep 85 - A Chat With Cory Richards

Podcast cover
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Welcome to a special episode of TGN. It’s been far too long since we had a “chat” episode (our term for episodes that feature an interview)and Ep 85 features the incredibly talented and entirely affable Cory Richards. A professional photographer, alpinist, and adventurer, Cory has been all over the world shooting photos and telling the stories of far-flung lands.

Cory is also an ambassador for Vacheron Constantin and the brand recently supported a recent expedition of Cory’s (along with his climbing partner Esteban “Topo” Mena) where they attempted to summit Everest in a truly daring fashion (and with a unique prototype VC on wrist). It’s a wide-ranging conversation about motivation, the fear of death, and the things that bring us all together. Just press play and a big thank you to Cory and Vacheron Constantin for making this interview happen!

1:00 Cory’s Instagram
28:40 Esteban “Topo” Mena
31:52 “No Shortcuts To The Top” by Ed Viesturs (book)
35:35 The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time Prototype (in titanium)

Jul 18 2019



The Grey NATO - Ep 84 - Homage, Yes Or No?

Podcast cover
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The boys are in full summer mode as Jason gets back from another trip deep into London with Omega and James is on mic from HODINKEE HQ in NYC. From the depths of the five oceans to war museums and maybe even a pub, Jason has plenty to share from Jolly Ole and James soldiers on after his MacBook Pro finally gave up and drew its final breath.

For the main topic, Jason and James attempt to dig into the idea of homage watches. The good, the bad, and the ugly – you might be surprised that the boys aren’t entirely on the same page when it comes to this hotly contested and entirely divisive topic. Jason and James do their best to capture both sides of the discussion so please let them know in the comments. Do you like homage watches? Would you buy an homage with your own money?

Finishing up with a varied set of final notes, James has a new camera case and Jason has an excellent Netflix diving documentary and a NATO-adjacent strap recommendation. This episode is proudly brought to you by Bremont Watches – thanks so much for listening and just press play!

2:15 Victor Vescovo
2:30 The Five Deeps Expedition
3:20 Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional
7:30 The Imperial War Museum
7:31 Churchill War Rooms
11:17 Mike Stockton of Fratello Watches
11:45 Fratello Watches’s new podcast
13:00 Oris x Hodinkee LE
15:20 Samsung Note 9
16:00 Logitech mobile keyboard
16:35 Samsung DEX
19:07 iPad Pro
21:40 Photo of Saturn V from Note 9
24:35 Ming 18.01 Abyss Concept Diver
27:00 Bremont Watches
27:15 James’ Bremont SOLO
30:30 Bremont Armed Forces Collection
The Broadsword (in stores now)
The Argonaut (available August 2019)
The Arrow (available July 2019)
45:50 Newmark chronograph
46:30 MKII Paradive
48:30 MKII Hawkinge
51:00 Meraud Bonaire Diver
52:12 Baltic Aquascaphe
59:40 The Last Breath on Netflix
1:03:00 Artisan&Artists ACAM-75 Camera Case
1:06:24 Larger Artisan&Artists ACAM-76
1:07:47 Zulualpha Straps

Jul 04 2019

1hr 14mins


The Grey NATO - Ep 83 - Collection Inspection Vol 7

Podcast cover
Read more
Jason is back from Wales with stories to tell. From RAF bars to the hangouts for alpinists and special forces alike, Jason went from the coast to the peaks in hunt of castles, grey skies, and meat pies.

This week’s main topic is a new installment of Collection Inspection (Vol 7!). James has picked his Doxa SUB300T 50th Searambler and Jason his vintage Tudor Submariner. It’s a dive watch heavy inspection but both of these classic designs are worthy of time of your wrist and the boys take a closer look at the appeal and value of both watches.

Stay away from the “next” button long enough for Jason and James to recommend a soil trio of final notes. From watch cases and straps to a wonderful nautical photography project with a special subject, the boys have you covered. Thanks so much for listening, just press play!
5:00 Beddgelert Snowdonia
6:55 Porthmadog Snowdonia
7:25 Cwm Llyn below Mt Snowdon
9:15 The Pen y Gwryd Hotel
11:00 Cadair Idris peak
12:34 The Brecon Beacons
12:40 Pen y Fan
13:30 Penderyn Distillery
14:30 Silverman’s in London
14:40 CWC Watches
16:35 Scott’s In London
16:40 Bremont Watches
17:30 Punting tours in Cambridge
18:00 The Eagle Bar in Cambridge
18:36 Vertex Watches
20:30 Borth y Gest
22:40 Doxa SUB300T 50th
31:20 “Diving With Doxa Watches in Bonaire” via Gear Patrol
34:00 Jason’s Vintage Tudor Submariner
43:25 Deluxe Watch Travel Case
45:50 EDC Watch Fold from Worn and Wound
46:30 The Lifeboat Station Project
50:45 Crown and Buckle Chevron strap
51:23 Video about how Tudor makes their fabric straps

Jun 20 2019



The Grey NATO - Ep 82 - Watches, Adventures, And Ambassadors

Podcast cover
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Exploring the relationship between watches and adventure, the boys dig into tool watches, brand sponsorships, ambassadors, and more. As the format of the modern tool watch continues to evolve, the concepts become more and more tied to the few that are out there looking for real adventures. From Omega with the Apollo program, Rolex with the high and low points of our terrestrial home, and several other brands looking to explore and preserve everything in between, the adventure is real and there are likely some watches involved along the way.

Also in this episode, James recounts his experience at the Monaco Grand Prix with TAG Heuer and Jason packs his bags for Wales. Stay in the mix for a solid set of final notes that will keep you listening, well-caffeinated, and maybe even supporting a worthy new watchmaking project. Just press play.

1:00 Jason going to Wales
3:30 Jason’s Nikonos film camera
4:40 James at the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco
7:40 Monaco 1969-1979 Limited Edition
9:07 Le Mans (1971)
10:15 Canon 70-200 lens
19:49 Garmin
The MARQ Collection
Fenix Watches
Instinct Watches
30:45 Jimmy Chin
33:00 Reinhold Messner on Everest with a Rolex Oysterquartz
34:42 John Blashford-Snell
39:00 No Shortcuts To The Top by Ed Viesturs
40:30 Dirk Pitt and Clive Cussler novels
43:55 Nirmal “Nims” Purja and his Project Possible
43:56 “Nims” on Instagram
44:40 Mike Horn
48:00 James Gandolfini for Kobold
54:40 Deep Sea Under The Pole
56:50 Will Steiger
57:20 Yema Bipole Duopoly
58:00 Jason dives with Sylvia Earle
58:50 The Clipperton Expedition
59:15 Oris Clipperton Edition
1:01:25 Trieste Bathyscaphe dive
1:01:50 Apollo and Omega
1:06:20 CBC Front Burner podcast with Eliya Saikaly
1:07:35 Viral image of a traffic jam on Everest (shot by Nims)
1:08:36 Google Chromecast Audio
1:12:10 Veteran’s Watchmaker Initiative (with Bulova)
1:13:50 Make your own cold brew coffee

Jun 06 2019

1hr 18mins


The Grey NATO - Ep 81 - TGN Film Club 2

Podcast cover
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The boys are back with a second installment of the TGN Film Club! As the first Film Club episode turned out to be a hit (you can listen to it here), Jason and James have picked another collection of 10 must-watch films. From a summer-ready James Bond to shadowy post-war Austria and the depths of riverside Cambodia, this list spans 52 years of top-notch cinema.

Stay tuned to final notes for some Bond-themed clothing, a wagon for around the town, an advertising archive with watches to spare, and James talking about some new pants. Just press play and thanks so much for listening and to Garmin for sponsoring this episode!
1:50 Monaco Gran Prix
5:15 Super Alpine Issue Two “Alpes Maratimes”
6:50 Driving in the UK for Americans
7:49 Alps and Meters Rucksack
14:38 The English Patient (1996)
18:10 Rear Window (1954)
23:02 The Right Stuff (1983)
26:30 Garmin
- MARQ Collection
- Fenix Watches
- Instinct Watches
34:03 Heat (1995)
36:50 Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy (2011)
40:30 Alien (1979)
45:08 Apocalypse Now (1979)
48:00 Hearts of Darkness (1991)
51:37 Lost in Translation (2003)
55:20 Thunderball (1965)
58:15 The Third Man (1949)
1:03:55 Orlebar Brown 007 Collection
1:06:15 Everlane Performance Chinos
1:0935 Advertising Archives
1:10:30 Mac Sports Collapsable Utility Wagon

May 23 2019

1hr 13mins


The Grey NATO - Ep 80 - Vintage Cool Or Too Cool To Wear?

Podcast cover
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We made it to 80! Thanks for tagging along. In this episode, the boys dig into a question from a listener that considered what happens when a vintage watch becomes too valuable to continue its life as a sport watch and may force the change of context into becoming a pure collectible. As you can imagine, Jason and James want nothing more than for all of you to wear your watches and enjoy life’s adventures, but there is definitely a turning point where a watch becomes more of a collectible than something you wear to tell the time.

Jason and James wax (non) poetic about this conundrum and top off the show with a trickster final notes from Jason and James’ recommendation of a lovely guide to the world of mid-century modern design. Just press play and thanks for listening!

1:10 Jason’s trip to Catalina
2:30 James’ trip to St. Louis
6:54 Strohlworks class with Benjamin Hardman
25:55 Rolex Explorer Week On The Wrist
28:00 Jason diving a vintage Tudor Sub
28:55 Jason diving with a 50-year-old Doxa
31:20 Sinn Watches
40:00 “Made for This” podcast with James
42:45 “From A to Eames” book

May 09 2019



The Grey NATO - Ep 79 - Straps!

Podcast cover
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It’s episode 79! Did you think the last episode was nerdy, how about one mostly about straps? WE GOT YOU. It’s been a while since the boys dug into their favorite straps. From NATOs to bracelets, elastic and leather, don’t miss this comprehensive look at all of the best ways to keep your watches comfortably on wrist.

From the top, we have Jason’s download from his recent trip to Bonaire (replete with some solid new camera gear) and be sure to stay tuned for final notes where James has a recommendation to keep the sun off your face while still staying (a bit) stylish while Jason has the latest chat with TGN-fav Conrad Anker. Thanks so much for listening, just press play and if you have a minute please leave us a review in iTunes. Chat to you in two weeks!

2:10 Jason in Bonaire
4:55 Bulova Oceanographer LE
10:00 Nikon Z7
15:00 Jason diving a 50-year-old T.Graph
17:40 Jason’s new Zodiac Aerospace GMT
24:10 Vintage tropic rubber
24:30 Everest Bands Rubber Strap
26:50 Toxic Rubber
27:00 “porthole” rubber strap
28:00 Barton silicone rubber straps
28:55 Zulu Diver 328 rubber nato
31:00 Toxic Nylon Watch straps
33:30 Monta 20mm Mil Style Strap
35:00 Maratac straps
35:30 Single piece with fabric keeper
36:40 Haveston Natos
37:10 Crown and Buckle Supreme NATO
38:00 Kill Hubris Lizard Camo NATO
38:38 GasGasBones straps
40:00 Crown and Buckle Perlon
41:20 Erika’s Originals MN Elastic Strap
43:40 Hodinkee Shop Leather Straps
44:00 Reid strap
45:15 Roverhaven straps
47:15 Bund straps!
48:30 “shark mesh” bracelet
50:30 Hadley Roma Jubilee 20mm
54:30 Terra Incognita: The Adventure Podcast with Conrad Anker
56:40 Best Made Japanese Canvas Ball Cap

Apr 25 2019

1hr 1min


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Awesome adventure podcast! Highly recommended!