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Each week, Charlie Nardozzi joins VPR’s Weekend Edition host Mary Engisch for a conversation about gardening, and to answer your questions about what you're seeing in the natural world.We'll spend time every episode addressing your gardening problems so you can stay on top of things. We want to hear from you via email, Facebook messages, tweets and phone calls to use on the air.Each show will begin with Mary and Charlie discussing a hot trend or timely chore. It could be about the weather, a technique, a new plant or a new gadget. Then, we'll talk about your questions.Send us your toughest conundrums and join the fun. Submit your written question via email, or better yet, leave a voicemail with your question so we can use your voice on the air: the info to Contact VPR is here!Listen to All Things Gardening Sunday mornings at 9:35 a.m., and subscribe to the podcast to listen any time.

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Stock up on plants, shrubs and flowering vines now and be ready for next season

As you take stock of your lawn and gardens in the first days of fall, look around, take notes and plan out what you like to add next year. This is the perfect time to head to your favorite garden center for stock up on plants, shrubs and climbing vines.


10 Oct 2021

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Grow some 'walking onions' and shallots now to add delicious mild onion flavor to your life

It will soon be time to plant garlic but you can also put in some unusual onion varieties now and enjoy their mild flavors soon!


3 Oct 2021

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Seed-Save This Year's Zinnias For Planting Next Spring

While fall produces garden color from hardy mums, tree and shrub foliage and asters, nothing beats the knock-out colors from zinnias. Now is a good time to take stock of your zinnia flowers, explore other varieties and plan on seed-saving and purchasing for next spring.


26 Sep 2021

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Johnny Appleseed's Contribution To The American Landscape

It's apple season! In grade school, you may have heard of a character called Johnny Appleseed. Most of what you learned is true, as he was a real person who did travel the Appalachians and Midwest states, planting apple orchards from seed. We'll separate some facts from fiction.


19 Sep 2021

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Moving In; Bringing Your Outdoor Plants Inside For The Fall And Winter

Certain plants can be rehoused indoors over the winter. We'll learn which ones make good candidates for the move!


12 Sep 2021

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Beyond The Thump; How To Tell When Your Squash, Pumpkins And Watermelons Are Ready To Harvest

Learn some techniques to determine when your squash and melons are ready to pick!


5 Sep 2021

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A Perennial Climbing Vine You Can Bring Indoors This Winter

Late summer vines like clematis are really thriving in the heat. Some varieties can take over and be too aggressive. Learn which summer vines are beautiful and won't crowd out your garden and lawn space.


29 Aug 2021

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Dial Up The Drama In Your Late Summer Gardening With These Brightly Colored High-Wattage Blooms

If you like big, colorful and showy flowers and your late summer gardening is suffering from a power outage, turn up the wattage by growing hardy hibiscus.


22 Aug 2021

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'Encroachmint:' When Your Mint Plant Takes Over Your Garden (And Some Varieties That Won't!)

Move over, peppermint and spearmint! Try different varieties, like apple mint and banana mint, that won't take over your garden space.


8 Aug 2021

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A Bad Case Of Spots; How To Deal With Powdery Mildew And Other Icky Plant Diseases

Heavy rains and cooler weather can cause certain plant and root diseases in your gardens and raised beds. Take stock of your plants now and learn methods to rid them of any plant and leaf diseases that could affect your crops.


1 Aug 2021

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