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Small Changes is a podcast series of one-on-one interviews with people who've seen a problem in the world and set out to change it – often in small and unexpected ways

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'I live in the 21st century, not the 10th': the first female judge in a sharia court

The Judge, a new film by award-winning director Erika Cohn, tells the incredible story of how Kholoud Al-Faqih achieved her improbable dream of representing women in the Middle East’s all-male religious courts


28 Nov 2018

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Defying the Taliban: Afghanistan's secret schools for girls

Suraya Pakzad talks to Lucy Lamble about her work championing girls’ education – and living on red alert for the next Taliban raid


5 Dec 2018

Rank #2

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Fighting the advance of the desert: the forest maker of the Sahel

The Australian agronomist Tony Rinaudo reveals the secrets that brought about extraordinary results in dozens of countries, from Senegal to Ethiopia


3 Oct 2018

Rank #3

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Human experience will always speak louder than any campaign

Lucy Lamble talks to an Amnesty International expert about the importance of letting people in tough situations tell their own stories


4 Apr 2018

Rank #4

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'It was unbelievable horror': the Rohingya crisis

With nearly a million Rohingya driven out of Myanmar in what the UN has called textbook ‘ethnic cleansing’, Lucy Lamble hears about the situation on the ground in Bangladesh – and how the international community can help


7 Dec 2017

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'Oxfam allegations are tip of iceberg': sexual harassment and aid workers

Lucy Lamble talks to Rebecca Ratcliffe about her investigations into exploitation and the misuse of power in humanitarian organisations


14 Feb 2018

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'Famine as mass atrocity': in conversation with Alex de Waal

When the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union, they planned to starve 30 million people to death. Seven decades on, famine as a weapon of war is making a comeback, says the author of an authoritative new history British risk complicity in Yemen ‘famine crime’, says Alex de Waal


23 Nov 2017

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'Inequality is a poison': campaigning for Muslim women's rights

Shahin Ashraf’s experience growing up as a British Muslim has led to a life campaigning for gender equality around the world


17 Oct 2018

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‘My father's murderers are still free’: taking on Mexico's violent underworld

Investigative journalist Anabel Hernández has risked her life to expose corruption at the heart of her country’s violent ‘drug wars’. She tells Lucy Lamble why staying silent is not an option


14 Nov 2018

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Capital offence: tackling harassment on public transport in Bogotá

In Colombia’s capital, many women are reliant on buses. Ángela Anzola and the city’s mayor want transport designed by men to be safer for women


24 Oct 2018

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Fighting for LGBT rights in a country where lesbians are caned

Criminalised by the state and targeted by vigilantes, Malaysia’s LGBT community faces rampant persecution. Thi Laga, a co-founder of rights group Justice for Sisters, has become a leading figure in the fightback


10 Oct 2018

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'Disability is not the end of the world': reinventing yourself after becoming blind

Activist Christophe Oulé had a glittering career in engineering in Burkina Faso when he lost his sight. Now he campaigns tirelessly to improve the lives of other blind people. He talks to Lucy Lamble


7 Nov 2018

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'It's a long fight': the communities devastated by Brazil's dam collapse

Three years after the country’s worst environmental disaster, in which 19 people died, Lucy Lamble hears how Letícia Oliveira is still campaigning for justice for the people affected


31 Oct 2018

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'Suddenly you have to run for your life': a film-maker's take on life in Sudan

Award-winning director Hajooj Kuka on the realities of life in a wartorn country, and the inspiration for aKasha, his first feature film


21 Nov 2018

Rank #14

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The woman who braves bullets and bombs to uphold her father's legacy in Somalia

Elman Ali Ahmed dedicated his life to disarming child soldiers and trying to end conflict in Somalia – now his daughter, Ilwad, is following in his footsteps


11 Apr 2018

Rank #15

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What causes conflict and how can it be resolved?

From the ready availability of weapons to the marginalisation of women, many factors can push a population towards conflict


20 May 2015

Rank #16

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Block like an Egyptian: roller derby team get women's rights on track

Lucy Lamble talks to Angie Kaster, co-founder of Egypt’s first roller derby team – the all-female CaiRollers – about how this brutal contact sport is empowering local women


28 Mar 2018

Rank #17