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The leading publisher of legal books for plaintiff trial lawyers, Trial Guides offers an ongoing series of lectures on winning courtroom strategies for trial lawyers.

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Representing the Faces of the Future (excerpt)

Don C. Keenan talks about his latest audiobook.

5 May 2008

Rank #1

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Winning the Unwinnable Case (excerpt)

David Ball sets the scene for the case nobody thought was worth trying. Except Gary C. Johnson, that is.

8 Apr 2008

Rank #2

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Moe Levine: The Lost Recordings, Vol. 2 (excerpt)

Moe Levine talks about some of his case experiences.

9 Oct 2012

Rank #3

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Moe Levine: The Lost Recordings, Vol. 1 (excerpt)

Moe Levine talks about some of his case experiences.

9 Oct 2012

Rank #4

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Mastering the Art of Persuading a Trial Judge (excerpt)

David Markowitz reveals, there are three general skill sets you must develop to become a more successful advocate: carefully selecting what you will say, organizing your presentation, and delivering it effectively.

27 Sep 2012

Rank #5

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Patrick Malone gives his cross-examination advice

Patrick Malone gives advice from his new book Winning Medical Malpractice Cases.

27 Feb 2012

Rank #6

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Winning Medical Malpractice Cases with Patrick Malone (Defense Experts)

In this podcast adapted from his new book, Patrick Malone introduces some key strategies for winning medical malpractice lawsuits.

27 Feb 2012

Rank #7

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The Art of Storytelling (excerpt)

Jim Perdue shows you how to craft a story with a strong beginning, memorable scenes, believable characters, a logical plot, vivid action, and a moving conclusion.

10 Jan 2012

Rank #8

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Preparing for a Defense Medical Exam (excerpt)

This video teaches your injured clients about the tricks played by defense doctors in their efforts to call into question your clients honesty, prevent them from obtaining the treatment they need, and destroy their insurance claim.

3 Jan 2012

Rank #9

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The Summation (excerpt)

In this never before available video, Moe Levine give a fictional summation to the audience.

14 Nov 2011

Rank #10

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Masterworks (excerpt)

Moe Levine use a set of facts about an aspiring young actress injured in a car crash to ask for damages in this excerpt from the classic AAJ Education video series.

7 Nov 2011

Rank #11

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Commanding the Courtroom (excerpt)

In this AAJ Education video series excerpt from Commanding the Courtroom, featuring AAJ trial masters Greg Cusimano and Jim Lees, share a couple secrets of running focus groups.

31 Oct 2011

Rank #12

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Colossus: Maximizing Auto Settlement Value (excerpt)

Aaron DeShaw describes what the Colossus program is and how it works, in this informative excerpt.

19 Jul 2011

Rank #13

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David Ball on Damages 3 (Audiobook)

David Ball introduces the third edition of his Damages 3 audiobook.

14 Jun 2011

Rank #14

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Delivering the Goods (excerpt)

In this excerpt, Eric Oliver discusses and demonstrates with audience members cutting edge principles for how all legal decision makers reach judgments and what you can do to influence their decision making process.

31 May 2011

Rank #15