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Off Label Veterinary News Hounds Podcast 001

Bear mistaken as a dog, the U.K. opens another veterinary school, pet leasing back in the news (and it’s bad), Zoetis buys Abaxis (who wins and loses?), Petco an dJust Food For Dogs, Amazon launches Wag dog food, and tips to avoid Memorial Day drama in veterinary clinics.


17 May 2018

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New Owners Eat Adopted Pig, Blue Buffalo Billions, Fecal Transplant, Dog Housetraining Vest, MORE!

Adopted Pet Pig  Eaten by New Owners in Canada, Blue Buffalo Bought for $8 Billion by General Mills in Another Pet Food Company Acquisition, Puppies Infected with Parvovirus Treated Using Fecal Transplantation Study Published by Brazilian Veterinary Researchers in Journal of Internal Veterinary Medicine, Dog Housebreaking "Smart Vest" Patent Granted in U.S, Veterinary Professionals Need to Clean Up Their Medication Disposal Practices According to New Study Published in JAVMA


27 Feb 2018

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What Physicians Don't Understand about Obesity, Canine Cancer Liquid Biopsy, Intestinal Organoids

What Physicians Don't Understand about Obesity, Canine Cancer Liquid Biopsy, Intestinal Organoids


22 Jan 2018

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Are Vet Tech Schools Good Enough, Michigan May Ban BSL, Dog A.I. Study

A new article in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) asks if U.S. veterinary technician programs are measuring up to standards and Dr. Ernie Ward discusses the Veterinary Nurse Initiative (VNI); the Michigan State Senate votes to eliminate breed-specific legislation (BSL) statewide; a new study evaluates canine artificial intelligence (A.I.) and may bring us one step closer to realistic robot dogs.


22 Apr 2018

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Mars Buys 200 Clinics, Pathway+Heska, Petfood Tricks Diners, Antibiotic Overuse & Gun Control!

Mars Petcare Buys 200 European Veterinary Clinics in Massive Deal, Pathway Vet Alliance Partners with Heska Diagnostics, FreshPet Petfood Tricks Diners and Kids into Eating Dog Food, Antibiotic Overuse by Human Doctors & the American Medical Association Takes a Strong Stand for Gun Control!


16 Jun 2018

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Dog Flu (CIV) Outbreak Update

Dr. Ernie Ward shares the latest update on the current canine influenza virus (CIV or "dog flu") outbreak spreading in California, Midwest, South, and from Washington DC to New York. Dr. Ward reviews the current science of H3N2 and H3N8 viruses, clinical signs of infected dogs, disinfectant protocols, and preventive measures in the Facebook Live recording from January 30, 2018.For the complete recording, visit http://facebook.com/DrErnieWard and for information and resources, go to http://www.dogflu.com 


31 Jan 2018

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Dog Flu, Petco Expands, Mars Buys Gene Testing, Pet Food Leads to Human Food Recall

Dog Flu (Canine Influenza Virus - CIV) cases on the rise, Petco Expands its in-store veterinary clinics, Mars Petcare Buys Finland-based Gene Testing company Genoscoper, Pet Food Recall Leads to Human Food Recall


24 Jan 2018

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Will Robot Pets Replace Real Dogs and Cats?

Will Robot Pets Replace Real Dogs and Cats? Will advances in artificial intelligence and robotics lead to a decrease in pet ownership? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of AI or robotic pets? I went to the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas to find out. 


18 Jan 2018

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Why Don't Veterinarians Treat Animals for Free?

“Why don't we just treat an animal for free?” is a question many pet owners have for veterinarians, especially in cases where the pet owner can’t afford treatment.


17 Jan 2018

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Do Free Cat Adoptions Work, Dog Eats 21 Pacifiers, More Pet Facial Recognition, "Cats" Goes to Dogs

Do Free Cat Adoptions Work? A New Study Evaluates, Dog Eats 21 Pacifiers and Survives! More Pet Facial Recognition Software and Hardware Announced, "Cats" Musical Goes to Dogs...Literally! 


8 Mar 2018

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Social Media Safety for Veterinary Professionals: What Facebook Knows about Veterinarians and Our Clients

Social Media Safety for Veterinary Professionals: What Facebook Knows about Veterinary Professionals and Our Clients. Veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward reviews the current Facebook/Cambridge Analytica controversy, how veterinarians and veterinary technicians (vet techs) can determine what personal information Facebook is selling advertisers, whether or not you should be Facebook friends with clients and coworkers, concerns about Facebook Secret Groups, the importance of creating website blogs and owning and controlling your online content, and simple steps everyone should take to protect their personal and business social media.


29 Mar 2018

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What the Amazon + Petco + Just Food For Dogs Means for Veterinary Clinics

Amazon, PetSmart, VIP Pet Care, Thrive, and now Petco Partners with Just Food For Dogs! What does all this mean for veterinary professionals, what impact will it have on veterinary clinics worldwide, and why is all of this happening now? Veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward shares his thoughts in the latest edition of Off label Veterinary News!Off label Veterinary News Podcast:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/off-label-veterinary-news/id1337770280?mt=2New Veterinary Viewfinder podcast every Wednesday:Online: http://bit.ly/2HnJ9lfiTunes: http://bit.ly/VetViewGoogle Play for Android: http://bit.ly/GVetViewStitcher: http://bit.ly/StVetViewTuneIn Radio: http://bit.ly/TIVetView


16 May 2018

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2017 Pet Obesity Survey, Owners & Veterinary Professionals Share Opinions on Pet Food

Pet obesity in the U.S. increased in 2017, affecting 60% of cats and 56% of dogs, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP). APOP’s tenth annual survey revealed opinions of pet owners and veterinary professionals on several pet food issues such as the benefits of corn, dry versus canned foods, whether or not pet food has improved, and the best sources of pet dietary recommendations.


23 Apr 2018

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Australian Pet Food Industry Under Investigation!

The Australian Senate announced a Parliamentary Investigation into the Pet Food Industry after journalistic investigations and persistent public outcry over contaminated pet food and lack of proper protections and oversight.


21 Jun 2018

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New York Pet Fashion Show 2018 - Live from the Veterinary Carpet!

Veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward hosts the 2018 New York Pet Fashion Show "Vet Carpet," receives an unexpected award, and shares a unique experience that truly celebrates the love we share for animals (including chickens in chaps and a bearded dragon wearing a homecoming dress). You don't want to miss a single second of this special episode! To watch the entire one-hour broadcast with co-host veterinarian Dr. Yasmin Mortsakis, visit http://facebook.com/NYPetFashionShow Thank you to everyone who participated, and our sponsors DogFlu.com and the New York Pet Fashion Show!FULL VIDEOS of the 2018 New York Pet Fashion Show Vet Carpet here:Part 1 of 2 - https://youtu.be/hXnV6HYvjqsPart 2 of 2 - https://youtu.be/DbsxTxtfapw


5 Mar 2018

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Doctor Sues Patient for $1Mil Over Bad Reviews! Dog Flu in NYC & UK Mergers - Our future?

A New York Gynecologist Sues a Patient He Saw Once for $1Mil Over Her Posting Bad Reviews and Online Comments! Dog Flu Outbreak (H3N2) in NYC & UK Merger Madness and Incredibly Complicated Partnerships - Is this future of veterinary medicine in the U.S?


10 Jun 2018

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"Millions of Roaches" Reported in Ohio Mars Pet Food Facility

Recent reports revealed the 2016-2017 FDA investigation of the Columbus, Ohio Mars Petcare pet food facility uncovered numerous pet food safety violations, including reports of "one instance described as 'millions of roaches.'”"Employees also reported birds, spider webs, beetles, multiple flies, maggots and larvae on several occasions."Read the Food Safety News report here: http://www.foodsafetynews.com/2018/06/millions-of-roaches-plagued-maker-of-pedigree-iams-ceasar-other-pet-foods/#.Wx1_bjNKjUICool music by: @dcuttermusic / www.davidcuttermusic.com


12 Jun 2018

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Here are 5 Facebook default privacy settings that potentially expose your personal data and weaken your online privacy. Dr. Ernie Ward takes you through five important settings you need to change today to ensure maximum online privacy when using Facebook.


6 Jun 2018

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Cat Rides on Car Hood, Bear Burns Healed by Fish Skins, 2017 Pet Expenses

his episode features an incredibly crazy (and stupid and dangerous) story from Sandy, Oregon about a man who allows his cat to ride on the hood of his car -- and why authorities can't stop him! We also look at an amazing case of a bear burned in the recent California wildfires healed by using fish skin bandages from University of California, Davis Veterinary school, and VIP Petcare releases its 2017 survey on pet care expenditures and attitudes in the U.S. 


30 Jan 2018

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Dominating Dutch Dog Owner Study, First Veterinarian TED Fellow, Dog IBD Research

A Dutch study evaluates dog parenting styles compared to human parenting and finds some interesting results, Dr. Claire Simeone is chosen as the first veterinarian TED Fellow, and German researchers prove canine inflammatory bowel disease is distinctly different than human or mice IBD when it comes to macrophage populations - and this could have significant implications for future tests and treatments in this latest veterinary news episode.


2 Mar 2018

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