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Elliott Wave Weekly is a podcast bringing you a roundup of the best market insights and Elliott wave analysis from the researchers and analysts at Elliott Wave International (www.elliottwave.com).

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Sentiment Extremes, Muni Bonds & Trump Impeachment

Sentiment gets one-sided only at certain points in the markets' Elliott wave pattern. Learn what sentiment gauges are telling you about the market trend. Yield spreads widen for Illinois, Connecticut and New Jersey. Muni bond yield spreads will make you wonder about the future. President Trump finds his administration embroiled in controversy and investigation. Learn how social mood will influence the outcome of this chapter in American history. Learn more: http://www.elliottwave.com/shownotes. 


7 Jul 2017

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Europe, Metals & Energy – New Forecasts & Analysis

New insights from European Markets Expert Brian Whitmer. Learn what momentum is signaling across the metals markets. This is why it's important to keep the bigger market trend in mind – case in point: crude oil. Learn more: http://www.elliottwave.com/shownotes


14 Jul 2017

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Debt Crisis 2.0, Forecasts for the U.S. Dollar & More

As the amount of household debt rises, so does the risk of another financial crisis. Learn why the next debt implosion could be bigger than the one 10 years ago. Next up, our Currency Pro Service editor gives you his outlook for the dollar. Our last feature lays out evidence that shows economic news impacts the stock market less that you may think. More information: http://www.elliottwave.com/shownotes. 


22 Jun 2017

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New Insights on Precious Metals & U.S. Housing

Learn why the recent price action in gold suggests to him that gold prices may be entering a risky period soon. Plus, one high-yield debt instrument that was at the forefront of the 2007-2009 financial crisis has reached a new, dangerous milestone and we’re sounding the alarm. Lastly, at least one measure of optimism has returned to the height of the bubble days. Some say not to worry because "the economy is in far better shape than a decade ago." Is today really different? Learn more: http://www.elliottwave.com/shownotes


9 Jun 2017

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Updates on Metals, Copper & More

This episode features our latest ElliottWaveTV mailbag, new insights into the recent price action across the metals markets, plus learn how psychology determines energy market trends. Learn more: http://www.elliottwave.com/shownotes. 


26 May 2017

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ETFs, Asian-Pacific and “fear” gauge

Today there's an exchange-traded fund for almost every investment niche. Our analysts view the proliferation of ETFs as part of the entire derivatives boom. Next we switch gears to an interview with the editor of Elliott Wave International’s Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast who tells you what to make of the recent price action in Australia, Korea and Japan. The stock market's "fear" gauge just reached its lowest intraday level in 10+ years. Learn why a volatility explosion might be just around the corner. Learn more: http://www.elliottwave.com/shownotes. 


18 May 2017

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French Election: Socialism, Bull & Bear Markets -- and Social Mood

A look at sentiment and social mood across Europe as French voters head to the polls on Sunday to elect France's new president. Plus, learn why looking at the U.S. dollar, interest rates and politics are the wrong tools when trying to forecast the price action in gold. And this Canadian city this size is an ideal candidate to preview real estate trends in Canada and in the United States. Learn more: http://www.elliottwave.com/shownotes


5 May 2017

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European Elections

A mixed social mood translates into the tight race at the polls in the French election. In Europe, we're seeing bond market behavior that resembles what occurred before the credit crises in 2008, 2010 and 2012. Outlook for the British pound and currency markets following the UK's call for a snap election. Learn more: http://www.elliottwave.com/shownotes


21 Apr 2017

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European Markets, Risky Stocks & Viewer Mailbag

We start by looking at the precarious position of European stock markets. Next we explore new evidence that shows that stock picking is fraught with even more risk than many investors might realize. Last up is our latest "ETV viewer Mailbag." Learn more: http://www.elliottwave.com/shownotes


10 Apr 2017

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Metals Update, Baby Boomers Driving the Market & More

Learn why it's unusual for gold and silver to have different patterns -- as they've shown lately -- and what that means for the price trends going forward. Some insurance companies themselves might be at risk as "A massive insurance company failure" just made the news. Are “baby boomers” driving the stock market’s trend? Learn more: http://www.elliottwave.com/shownotes 


27 Mar 2017

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European Politics & Social Mood

We start by looking at the Dutch election and the future of politics in Europe. Our European Markets Expert offered his perspective on what's next for EU stocks and politics. The Lead Developer of EWAVES artificial intelligence software talks about how EWAVES is different from other Elliott wave programs. Learn more: http://www.elliottwave.com/shownotes. 


17 Mar 2017

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Presidential Scandals, Corporate Insider Selling & More

Today’s episode discusses how much political damage does a scandal do to the president? We also reveal why investors should keep a close watch on corporate insider selling. And answer questions in our latest ElliottWaveTV viewer mailbag. Visit http://www.elliottwave.com/shownotes for more. 


8 Mar 2017

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Immigration, "Trump Bounce" & More

Learn how looking at social mood can offer clarity to one of America's oldest ongoing political controversies, plus why Elliott Wave International believes the "Trump Bump" was in the cards LONG before Trump, and lastly, the BIG story everyone missed in 2016 and what it means for you now. Visit http://www.elliottwave.com/shownotes for more. 


23 Feb 2017

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Deflation, Trump’s Honeymoon Phase & More

We start by taking a look at deflation in Europe. The Eurozone is nearing target inflation rates -- but looking below the surface, is it as good as it seems? Sticking with the topic of inflation, we take a deeper look at inflation hedges. Last we switch gears to politics. The first few months of a new president's term is often referred to as a honeymoon phase. So far, Donald Trump hasn't made his "bride" -- namely, the American public -- too happy. For charts, visit www.elliottwave.com/shownotes. 


10 Feb 2017

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Asia-Pacific, Money Velocity and Real Estate

We start with a new interview with Elliott Wave International’s Asian-Pacific Markets Expert. Next week take a look at money velocity and explain how you can learn a lot from watching “how fast money changes hands.” Lastly, we explain why  higher delinquencies should soon be a reality. Visit www.elliottwave.com/shownotes for corresponding charts and more. 


27 Jan 2017

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Gold, AAA Ratings and More

Our first feature looks at a gold forecast that many may have missed. Then we speak with Jeffrey Kennedy who outlines the four key principles that'll help improve Elliott wave skills. And lastly, we explore why AAA credit ratings aren't always what they seem. 


20 Jan 2017

Rank #16

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Active vs. Passive Investing

Today’s episode starts by looking at with active vs. passive investing, we then dig deeper into the housing market and conclude with how the Wave Principle helped anticipate a recent move in the Yuan.


12 Jan 2017

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Trading With the Elliott Wave Principle

Today's episode features our new mailbag feature, an interview with Jeffrey Kennedy on how the Elliott Wave Principle helps you identify trade setups and an interview with Wayne Gorman who tells you about 3 practical benefits of trading with the Elliott Wave Principle. 


4 Jan 2017

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Gold's Ups and Downs & US Tech Startups

Our first feature today explores how to get a firm handle on gold's ups and downs. Then we answer an important question: When does a forecast become a trade? Lastly, we look at the storm brewing for U.S. tech startups. 


9 Dec 2016

Rank #19

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Spotlight on Europe & Asia

Today's episode of Elliott Wave Weekly takes a deeper look at the social mood landscape across Europe and Asia.


2 Dec 2016

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