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The Lightforge Podcast: A Hearthstone Arena & Battlegrounds Podcast

A Hearthstone Arena & Battlegrounds Podcast with ADWCTA & Merps of the Grinning Goat.The Lightforge is a weekly podcast that digs deep into the Hearthstone Arena and Battlegrounds meta to help you grab that 12-Win Lightforge Key and become the Last Hero Standing. Hearthstone is always changing, and the Lightforge is the best podcast for staying on top of the game. Co-hosts ADWCTA and Merps are infinite Arena players since beta, averaging ~7.5 wins/run in the Arena with all classes played evenly, and Top 200 Battlegrounds Leaderboard players. They are also creators of the Lightforge Arena Tier List and stream at twitch.tv/GrinningGoat.

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Lightforge - Ep238 - "Dragons Forever"

ADWCTA and Merps talk about the next Arena rotation and give you tips for success in the latest BG patch.

1hr 24mins

2 Mar 2020

Rank #1

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Lightforge - Ep242 - "Demon Hunter"

ADWCTA and Merps review the new basic and initiate cards for the Demon Hunter.

1hr 53mins

30 Mar 2020

Rank #2

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Lightforge - Ep239 - "Tirion's Fate"

ADWCTA & Merps discuss the Paladin meta in the Arena and the removal of Tirion from Battlegrounds.


9 Mar 2020

Rank #3