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Deal Junkie: Cracking the Private Equity Code

Deal Junkie focuses on Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and access capital. Private Equity firms have over $1 trillion to invest and are the dominant form of middle market financing, yet it is one of the least transparent markets. What makes the difference between companies who succeed and those who fail in this market? Join Kevin Fechtmeyer, a 27 year industry veteran and his partners on Deal Team 6 who will dissect the deals that come in with thoughtful but brutal honesty and an occasional dose of humor. Find out why most companies aren’t ready for a deal. Deal Junkie is an informative, entertaining mix of interviews and call-ins with deal professionals, investors, CEO’s and other experts. We will interview entrepreneurs who were successful in attracting capital and those that weren’t. If you are in business, you will be able to relate to their real life stories of trials, tribulations and triumph.

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Why do I need an Investment Banker

Join Host Kevin Fechtmeyer as he interviews a real live investment banker and corners him on how and why he earns his enormous fees. Later on we will bring in one of David's former clients, Chuck McGonigal, Serial CEO (most recently of Spencers). Chuck will give a candid assessment of why he chose TM Capital and what can go well and what can go wrong with a investment banker led process.


13 Dec 2017

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Building a Beauty Empire

Kevin Fechtmeyer, host, interviews Mark Harshbarger, former COO of Philosophy Cosmetics. Hear Mark tell the story of the Company's journey from a $10 million struggling cosmetics maker to a $500 million market leader by the time of its sale to Carlyle Partners.


29 Nov 2017

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Private Equity and the Art of Managing Debt

Find out how private equity use debt in their investments. Using the right kind of L in an LBO can mean the difference between good returns and weak returns (and sometimes between bankruptcy and success). Join Host Kevin Fechtmeyer as he interviews Matt James, a Vice President of Commercial Lending from Alliance Bank of Arizona. Matt has made hundreds of loans, including several to Private Equity Funds who have used them to buy companies. Find out what kind of mistakes Founders make when taking out loans and what they can do to avoid them. Find out how Private Equity can use the lending markets to their advantage in a partnership with their portfolio companies. We will end with our famous Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame stories of the winners and losers in Private Equity backed deals.


7 Feb 2018

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How Private Equity can help build your Board of Directors

Kevin Fechtmeyer will interview Susan Shultz, of the Board Institute, Inc. one of the leading executive search consultants that specializes in recruiting for top level Directors. A good Board of Directors is a critical sounding board for CEO's and Founders and is often one of the most overlooked areas of development. Building a quality team starts at the top. Find out how to pick the right people, avoid the common traps, like packing the Board with Yes-Men and Yes-Women. Find out how diversity can be a strong competitive advantage, not just window dressing. We will top it off by our Hall of Fame worst board stories and best of breed examples to follow.


24 Jan 2018

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What do I do when I sell my company and get all this money?

Hear how Allan Flader of RBC Wealth Management, advises Company Founders to handle a large sum of money coming their way after they sell their company. How should they prepare for that? How much do they really need? What other ways they need to adapt their lifestyle, income and assets to meet their post-transaction needs. Most Entrepreneurs need to diversify their assets, but do they really need to sell all the company? Is there a way to sell part of it or just take money out through a dividend or recapitalization? It's a high class problem, but still can be a problem, for Founders who aren't prepared.


17 Jan 2018

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