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How to Side Hustle While Keeping Your Day Job | Emma Hall | Episode 584

Emma Hall is a 30 year old, self-taught potter based in the beautiful Cotswold’s in the U.K. Emma has always been creative, even creating her own shows at age 16, but she didn’t continue this creativity and went to university studying something completely different. Emma says something she learned in life is that if you are truly creative it will find you again and so she did with pottery. Emma creates brightly colored and fluid pieces. Addicted to color is a fitting description for Emma. She exclusively uses Amaco Brent branded glazes to get the colors she loves. Emma's pottery is hand built with slip used for the decoration.


12 Dec 2019

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The Philosophy of Art | Simon Levin | Episode 177

In 1993 Simon Levin fell in love with the movement of flame through a wood-kiln. Its sensuous quality is something Simon seeks to capture in his work. This quest led Simon to an M.F.A. from the University of Iowa. Recently the work explores the deep, dark, primal connections between all of us. Simon owns Mill Creek Pottery in Wisconsin, where he and his apprentices work to advance the cause of wood-fired pottery.

1hr 7mins

7 Jan 2016

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A Pot-Ographer | Helen Levi | Episode 253

Helen Levi grew up in the East Village of New York City. Helen's first encounter with clay was as a young child in an after school event. For college she studied photography which became a great compliment to her work as a ceramicist. As an adult she did a number of part-times jobs to make a living as an artist living in New York and teaching pottery classes was one of them. Helen set up her own studio where she makes beautiful stoneware ceramics in Brooklyn.


29 Sep 2016

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A Maker Not Happy with Etsy | Lucy Fagella | Episode 569

Lucy Fagella has a BFA from Alfred University College of Art and Design (1985). Lucy is a full time potter and ceramics instructor. Lucy's work has been included in national juried exhibitions, ceramics publications, and home magazines. Lucy is a founding member of the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail since it's inception in 2004.


22 Oct 2019

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An Honest Discussion About Making it as a Potter | Ben Jordan | Episode 381

Ben Jordan was born and raised in the American Southwest. He earned a bachelors degree in Sociology at Northern Arizona University before discovering a passion for clay in 2006. After completing a Bachelors of Fine Art in ceramics at Northern Arizona University he went on to work and apprentice in the city of Groningen, in the Netherlands. After finishing a residency at the Red Lodge Clay Center in 2014, he went on to obtain his Masters in Fine Art in ceramics from Virginia Commonwealth University. After graduate school Ben completed a year long ceramics residency at Pocosin Arts in North Carolina. In September of 2017 Ben will be headed to Montana to begin a long term residency at The Clay Studio of Missoula.

1hr 13mins

21 Dec 2017

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How to Take Risks Safely | Stephanie H. Shih | Episode 590

Stephanie H. Shih explores concepts of home—not just as a physical place, but also as cultural, generational, and emotional spaces we inhabit—through the lens of Asian-American identity. Eighteen pieces from her current body of work will be exhibited at the American Museum of Ceramic Art (Pomona, CA) in 2020. Stephanie lives in Brooklyn.


2 Jan 2020

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Climbing the Mountain of Business Step by Step | Patty Bilbro | Episode 269

Patty Bilbro is a displaced southerner with a craft degree in clay and a BA in Psychology. She has been a resident artist at Odyssey Ceramic Arts and Baltimore Clayworks. Currently, Patty lives in Wilmington, DE and works out of her windowless leaky basement. She loves to teach.


24 Nov 2016

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Pottery as Cash | Sam Parry | Episode 302

Sam Parry is an art teacher for the Meridian School District, a ski instructor at Jackson Hole Ski resort, and a ceramist. Throwing on the wheel has been a passion of Sam's since he was in high school. Making art that is both functional and beautiful is Sam's ultimate goal. Knowing that someone uses Sam's art in their daily lives is what he loves about making pottery.


21 Mar 2017

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Social Media as a Tool in the Hands of This Irish Artist | Darren Francis Cassidy | Episode 330

Inspired by nature, Darren Francis Cassidy spend happy hours lost channeling his passion into each piece in the hope that when living with his work in your home, holding a piece in your hands, or just gazing upon them you will also be inspired to go out into nature and revel in its calming beauty.


27 Jun 2017

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Ideas on Building a Foundation for an Art Business | John Newdigate | Episode 259

John Newdigate has worked as a professional artist and ceramist since 1991, exploring the properties of many different materials, including metal, paper, fibre, plastic, paint and clay. In ceramics John has specialised in high-fired translucent carved porcelain and reduction-fired celadon glazes. John's work is mostly functional, as it enriches day-to-day life, bringing art and design, imagination and inspiration into otherwise ordinary moments. John does not believe in being different for difference´s sake; instead he has respect for tradition, without being bound to it. The most important theme in John's work, and his constant inspiration, is the ever-changing sea, which has always fascinated John - not just the creatures in it, but also the interplay of light and water. From the ordered chaos of white horses on a choppy sea to the synergy of a school of anchovies, there seems to be enough inspiration in and around the sea and its shores to last many lifetimes.

1hr 7mins

20 Oct 2016

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Hacks to Grow the Business | Eunbi Cho | Episode 297

Eunbi Cho is a traditionalist with a contemporary approach. Eunbi's (pronounced Un-Be) work celebrates the spirited and special space that exists between structure and fluidity, precision, and poetry. Throughout her work, Eunbi reflects upon user/object interaction with unique and playful intention. Eunbi spent her early childhood in Korea before moving with her family to Waterloo,Belgium. In her new surroundings Eunbi discovered a renewed sense of  freedom and the importance of creativity and individuality. After studying Fiber art in Korea, Eunbi moved to Los Angeles in 2011. Eunbi is committed to creating unexpected and thoughtfully designed objects that embody her life's experie


2 Mar 2017

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A Good Look at Etsy | Karrita Renzelmann | Episode 306

Karrita Renzelmann of Queen Bee Pottery fell in love with clay when her husband surprised her with a pottery wheel for her birthday in 2006. She began with introductory classes at the local college and couldn't get enough of the intrinsic feeling of delight, focus, and comfort that came with placing her hands in clay and creating. It was in the garden that the love of nature and creativity were planted in her heart. This love of unifying the beauty of nature with the creation of functional and decorative pottery is the inspiration for Queen Bee Pottery. The ongoing growth of her relationship with clay is nurtured with excitement and curiosity about how the journey will evolve and change in her lifetime. Karrita continues to be amazed, inspired, and grateful for the connections that her pottery creates with customers worldwide.

1hr 17mins

4 Apr 2017

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The Jonescast is Casting Again | Brian R Jones | Episode 311

After a couple years of taking a break, Brian Jones is at it again with his groundbreaking podcast, The Jonescast. Brian was the first "real" podcast on the subject of ceramics and helped to pave the way for others like Ben Carter of Tales of the Red Clay Rambler and myself. So I am really excited to see Brian's show relaunching. So we grabbed the mics and had a talk and got caught up.

1hr 12mins

20 Apr 2017

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Going Small to Go Big | Jon Almeda | Episode 291

Jon Almeda is a miniature ceramic artist located in Tacoma, Washington. Raised in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest Jon finds inspiration in the ever changing cloud formations in the sky and the movement of the tides. Jon’s practice is a response to the colors, energies, textures and composition of his life. Years ago he came across a book called “Creating Ceramic Miniatures” that dramatically changed his outlook and approach. He went the opposite direction and started to see how small he could throw. He discovered that working small was much harder than he imagined. After 15 years of creating miniatures he is still challenging himself to improve and to try new things with each kiln load. Almeda’s pieces are so impressive because without any scale or context they look exactly like their larger counterpart in detail and proportion.

1hr 3mins

9 Feb 2017

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The Early Startup Of A Clay Business | Hannah Lenhart | Episode 408

Hannah Lenhart is a recent graduate of Fairmont State University where she both a BA in Ceramics and Sculpture and a BS in Business Administration May of 2017. Since graduation Hannah has been working and living in the beautiful hills of West Virginia in her home studio where she has been busy preparing her studio space, stocking inventory, and transitioning from being a student to starting a small business. Hannah's ceramics career began when she took her first ceramics class her second semester of college, and since then ceramics has been the center of her life. Experimentation plays a huge role in Hannah's studio practice. She enjoys learning and finding new ways to decorate and manipulate clay. Hannah currently works with a cone 6 white stoneware and uses colored slips and carving techniques to decorate her work.


27 Mar 2018

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Some Thoughts on Studio Practice | Daniel Gillberg | Episode 292

Daniel Gillberg is a Swedish maker situated in the Oslo area in Norway. By making playful functional pots for every day use, he seeks to promote the values and the use of hand made. His work mainly involve dark firing earthenware and slip, decorated with various decals, paper resists and luster.

1hr 8mins

14 Feb 2017

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Chasing the Dream | Parker Hunt | Episode 342

Gadsden, Alabama is Parker Hunt's home town. At age 11 Parker and his family moved to Havelock, North Carolina when his step-dad received orders to Cherry Point. At the time that was a pretty drastic change for Parker. Until Parker's mom remarried, his grandfather had the most impact in Parker's life. So leaving behind the Sunday evenings fishing off the peer and then to "The Chief" for banana splits with his grandfather was hard.


8 Aug 2017

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Designing a Life Like We Design Our Art | Steve Rolf | Episode 187

S. C. Rolf lives and works as a studio potter in River Falls, WI, creating one-of-a-kind functional pots. His work reflects an ongoing search to unite his ideas with the generosity and the intimacy that the functional pot offers.S. C. Rolf holds multiple degrees in Art and exhibits his work nationally and internationally. Rolf has received a number of national and international awards. He lectures and teaches workshops throughout the country. His work has been included in numerous publications, Museum collections, and Kitchens cupboards.

1hr 15mins

11 Feb 2016

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Super Good Instagram Advice | Curt Hammerly | Episode 452

Curt Hammerly is a ceramicist that combines cutting-edge technology with age-old pottery techniques. Curt found clay after a car accident leaving him with a broken neck. Now fully recovered he is on his way to a career in ceramics full time.


28 Aug 2018

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A Vulnerable Conversation of Life as as Artist | Jen Fontenella | Episode 284

Jen Fontanella is a ceramist in Overland Park, Kansas. She makes brightly colored contemporary pieces for the home and garden. Everything is made in small batches honoring the art of handmade. She’s a California native, a mother to a two-year-old, an ethnic food junkie and a craft beer enthusiast


17 Jan 2017

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