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Discover pearls of wisdom from some real gems of women. All of Amber Petty's guests are successful in their own special patch of the world and fly way, way under the mainstream media radar. They are powerful because they are wise. Guests share their unique insights into what they’ve learned along the way in life, and what their female intuition tells them might be just up the road. Amber has recently published her first book, THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG - available at Amazon, Booktopia or www.amberpetty.com.au

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Help Me Rhonda - Rhonda Findling

Unhealthy relationships and frogs! The Daily Om delivered NYC based author& psychotherapist, Rhonda Findling into Amber’s email box one day. Lured in by the headline BE FREE OF UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS. After having a few herself, and a new year sta...


4 May 2017

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Dude, Give Me Some Sacred Space – Naha Armady

Creating a sacred space is good for you and it is damn important too!Los Angeles based healer Naha Armady from The House of Intuition helps Amber, the once upon a time, self-proclaimed ‘gypsy’, to find out what it takes to create a ‘sacred’ space...


18 Apr 2017

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There's no time like the present – Sacha Stewart

Apparently, we’re all ‘so much busier than we’ve ever been before’, but is this true? If it is, then how can we learn to slow down time and be more present - So we don’t miss the good stuff. Don’t skip past the purpose of why we’re here.


10 Apr 2017

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Burnout Baby - Kat John

WHY do we burn the candle at both ends? Why do we ignore the signs of burnout? What the hell IS burn out? Listen to two women who have been there – done that! In this episode, Amber is joined by Kat John, an intuitive healer & nurse who recentl...


4 Apr 2017

Rank #4

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She is SUCH a Witch! - Lucy Cavendish

A few hundred years ago Lucy Cavendish might have been dragged through the streets and burnt at the stake for choosing her career as a witch. A huge fan of Lucy’s oracle cards and books, Amber has a thousand questions for her guest including why...


26 Apr 2017

Rank #5

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The Importance of a Girl Crush - Sina King

Sina King is Australia’s answer to Dita von Teese, only she’s not, she’s Sina King – she looks a little like Dita, she moves a little like Dita, and she has mastered the art of ‘extreme goddess sensuality’. She only has to move a hand, and she draws yo...


28 Nov 2017

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Going through divorce is tough, especially when it's from yourself - Denise Jarvie

Denise Jarvie is a meditation teacher and a metaphysical author (The Art of Love Tarot & The Flower of Life Oracle). Her mission in life, from hairdresser to international teacher, is to help people tap into their inner wisdom so they don’t suffer ...


12 Dec 2017

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Do You Believe In Past Lives? – Jennifer Seitanidis

Have you ever had the feeling you’ve been here before? Have you walked down a street in another country and felt like you knew exactly where you were going? Or perhaps you’ve always had an infinity with Cleopatra and wondered if you were her in another...


19 Dec 2017

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Sex, Drugs & Politics - Fiona Patten

Amber heads inside Victoria’s iconic Parliament House, where she talks to MP FIONA PATTEN - the leader of the ‘Reason Party', formerly known as The Sex Party. The latter was a name she admits, was designed to get attention, which it did, and she n...


21 Nov 2017

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So, I had this weird dream - Kristin Ross

Why do we dream at night? Amber speaks to Kristin Ross, a Kinesiologist & Dream Worker about the mysteries of our inner world. What are all these disjointed short movie, random visual pop-ups we wake remembering? What’s their purpose? Are they...


27 Mar 2017

Rank #10