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An End to Gerrymandering? Missouri's 2018 Ballot Questions

Midterm elections are just around the corner, but much of Missouri's ballot is covered with pot — and redistricting, ethics rules, a gas tax and a minimum wage increase. Ballot questions join the U.S. Senate race as the big-ticket items on November 6 in Missouri. Host Brian Ellison talks with KCUR's Samuel King , Clean Missouri campaign director Sean Soendker Nicholson and Kansas City Star reporter Allison Kite . Subscribe to Statehouse Blend Missouri: iTunes , Google Play , and on the NPRone app .


29 Oct 2018

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Will Sports Betting Be Missouri's Answer To Shrinking Revenue?

Missouri's budget director announced this week that revenues are down 7 percent compared to last year. While that may change as more people file their taxes, lawmakers are looking for new ways to bring in money while faced with tax cuts they instituted on top of growing expenses for health care, infrastructure and education.


7 Feb 2019

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Statehouse Blend Missouri: Rep. DaRon McGee On The 2019 Legislative Session

The Missouri General Assembly convenes this week and Republicans are still in charge, with supermajorities largely unaffected by the 2018 election. They’re united with Gov. Mike Parson, who's a decidedly less controversial leader than predecessor Eric Greitens, who resigned in June.


9 Jan 2019

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The Search For Common Ground On Guns

As students rally nationwide for more gun regulation, Missouri legislators are considering — and advancing — several bills to make firearms more legal, for more people, in more places. What underlies the enduring, and seemingly intractable, divide on gun laws in Missouri? Host Brian Ellison welcomed Rep. T.J. Berry, a Kearney Republican, and Rep. Jon Carpenter, a Gladstone Democrat, and an audience of 75 for a live taping of the podcast April 19 in Kansas City. Music used in this episode: Warming Evening by Nameless Dancers; Rally , The Telling and On Belay by Blue Dot Sessions


24 Apr 2018

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The Second Greitens Report

Another week, another raft of bad news for Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens. A new report details his use of a charity donor list for campaign fund-raising and the possibility he lied about it to the state ethics commission. We get up to speed with Bryan Lowry of the Kansas City Star. And even as legislators call a special session to consider impeachment, they march on with the state budget and other bills unrelated to gubernatorial scandals. House Democratic Caucus Secretary Rep. DaRon McGee of Kansas City helps us round up how education, taxes and transportation may fare in the session's last two weeks. Music used in this episode: Warming Evening by Nameless Dancers; What Have I Done by Lee Rosevere; Headlights/Mountain Road , Tralaga , MKNT , and Soothe by Blue Dot Sessions


8 May 2018

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Session Scorecard: GOP Agenda Wins

As the 2018 legislative session careened to an end, we took stock of what legislation passed, what didn't pass, and what was allowed to quietly pass away. It turns out that with all eyes on the accusations against Gov. Eric Greitens, his fellow Republicans were fairly successful at advancing a legislative agenda. Host Brian Ellison calls on KCUR editor Erica Hunzinger to help recap the session, and Sen. Jason Holsman , a Kansas City Democrat, talks about what went wrong for his party.


22 May 2018

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A Wild Political Year Races Toward November

The final slog to the November elections is underway, and Missouri's already wild political year holds the possibility of getting wilder yet. As Democrat Jason Kander pivots from the state and national stage to a Kansas City mayoral run, we get his assessment of the state of Missouri politics. We recap the primary election's top story, the overwhelming defeat of the anti-union "Right to Work" law. And we take a closer look at November's top race: the battle between Claire McCaskill and Josh Hawley that could determine control of the U.S. Senate. Guests: Jason Kander ; Samuel King , KCUR; Bryan Lowry , the Kansas City Star.


24 Aug 2018

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Battle For A Senate Seat In A Swing District

Missouri Reps. Lauren Arthur and Kevin Corlew are fighting over an exceedingly rare prize in Missouri politics: an open Senate seat in a district that doesn't have a clear partisan leaning. Whether voters choose the Democratic Arthur or the Republican Corlew in a June 5 special election could speak volumes about the mood of the electorate at a turbulent time. Host Brian Ellison moderated a candidate forum on May 10, co-sponsored by KCUR and the League of Women Voters. This episode provides highlights; to hear the entire unedited forum: . Music used in this episode: Warming Evening by Nameless Dancers; The Silver Hatch by Blue Dot Sessions and Sad Marimba Planet by Lee Rosevere


14 May 2018

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How To Spend 28 Billion Dollars

The Missouri House has approved its budget for the 2018 fiscal year, and the ball is now in the Senate's court. It's no small thing getting all the numbers to add up to pay for transportation, K-12 and higher education, social services ... and everything else. But how does that work, especially when lawmakers don't share the vision of the governor, whose proposal is their starting place and who ultimately has to implement whatever priorities they set? Host Brian Ellison talks about the process and the results so far with Traci Gleason of the Missouri Budget Project and Rep. Kip Kendrick, the House Democratic Whip. Subscribe to Statehouse Blend Missouri, and stay up to date with the latest news from the Missouri General Assembly: iTunes , Google Play , and on the NPRone app . Music used in this episode: Warming Evening by Nameless Dancers; Soothe by Blue Dot Sessions; and What Have I Done by Lee Rosevere.


2 Apr 2018

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How A Governor’s Scandals May Shift The U.S. Senate

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley seems headed for the Republican nomination to challenge incumbent U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill this fall. But Hawley's path has been made rougher by his complicated relationship with Gov. Eric Greitens—fellow Republican, fellow first-time-officeholder—and subject of his investigations. In this episode, host Brian Ellison takes an early look at the 2018 race. He talks with KCUR's Erica Hunzinger about Hawley's history and present entanglement with the governor. Then KCUR's Up to Date host Steve Kraske analyzes McCaskill's chances and recalls covering that 2012 race. Subscribe to Statehouse Blend Missouri, and stay up to date with the latest news from the Missouri General Assembly: iTunes , Google Play , and on the NPRone app . Music used in this episode: Warming Evening by Nameless Dancers; Cat's Eye , In Passage , The Silver Hatch , and Soothe by Blue Dot Sessions; Am-Trans by Podington Bear


30 Apr 2018

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