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Xero Gravity: Big Wins & Massive Fails

Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground - it’s one thing to have a game-changing idea, but pulling it off can feel like trying to defy gravity. Xero Gravity shares the business+life stories from those who spin the world on their own axis: the highs, the lows, the big wins, and the massive fails from those who have lived to tell the tale. Check us out at xero.com/podcasts.

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Ep: 88 - Adil Dhalla - How to adult

Like most people, Adil Dhalla is a busy man. He has a full-time job, a number of side projects, and people to make time for, but what separates Dhalla from the majority is his ‘why?’ And my oh my is it a good one. After realizing traditional corporate environments gave him the sinking feeling that things weren’t going well in the world, he made a promise to himself, a promise “to be on the side of people who are trying to make it better.” And that’s exactly what he’s done. Executive Director at one of the first co-working spaces - Toronto’s Centre For Social Innovation (CSI) - Dhalla now spends his days connecting innovators, bringing play back into the adult world, and creating corporate spaces where humans can truly connect.


22 Feb 2017

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Ep 91 - Sheryl Thai - Who run the world?

The founder of the League of Extraordinary Women, Sheryl Thai, spends her days bringing female entrepreneurs together. Her mission is, and always has been, to create a space where women can authentically connect, share their success, share their failures, feel inspired, and above all, feel solidarity that there are women out there going through similar shared experiences. The League is also a place where the word ‘networking’ is prohibited, and any kind of card-swapping is a definite no-no. It’s about women supporting women, and everything that comes along with that. With almost 80,000 followers on Instagram and a keen following online, The League has now reached a point where Thai can let her first business - Cupcake Central - self-run and financially support her while she works full-time figuring out ways to make female entrepreneurs lives that little bit richer.


15 Mar 2017

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Ep 90 - Robert Oliver - My Umukuka Rules

A chef, TV presenter, author, and consultant, Robert Oliver’s weapon is food. But his journey has been far from linear, and has seen him experience the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. He’s hit rock bottom and taken out the prize for Best Cookbook in the World. Throughout it all, he's stayed true to his passion, to re-educate people on the importance of food cultures and their role in indigenous history.


8 Mar 2017

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Ep: 89 - Rob Roy Campbell - I like the sound of that

When it comes to audio technology, which do you prefer: old-school analog, or modern digital? Rob Roy Campbell is proving that it pays to deliver the best of both worlds. His business, Electronaut, has been ‘long-game’ since day one. It all started with a passion for the product, and a desire to give people the means to record sound using high quality equipment that lasts. He speaks technically, but in a way that is incredibly informative and not at all that hard to understand. In this episode of Xero Gravity, Campbell breaks down the differences between digital and analog. And he shares his journey: from working at a printing company, to manufacturing equipment that's used by studios and musicians around the world.


1 Mar 2017

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Ep 93 - Frances Valintine - Embracing automation

The Mind Lab and the Tech Futures Lab are redefining professional development and education on tech. They’re giving younger generations practical careers to shoot for. As well as helping those already deep in their careers to upskill. All with a focus on staying  relevant well past retirement age. It’s a massive mission, one that has The Mind Lab about to launch an online learning platform that will bring free tech education to the world. Valintine knows that education around tech is so much more than just coding. It’s about innovation, risk, and how businesses can not only adapt, but thrive in a tech-centric global marketplace. It’s pushing through people’s reluctance and denial, to develop the leaders and innovators of the future.


29 Mar 2017

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Ep 92 - Scott Haughton - Playing with money

It took 18 years of corporate life for Scott Haughton to make the leap to entrepreneurship. Like most successes stories, the road to where he is today was unconventional. Inspired by an entrepreneur at a conference, Haughton realized it was time to pursue his own venture. Not knowing what that venture would be, he eventually set his sights on luxury indoor play facilities.


22 Mar 2017

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Ep: 87 - Jonathan Byrt & Jesse Leeworthy - Bromance in a bottle

When you think of reusable water bottles, beautiful probably isn’t the first words to spring to mind. The practical, dull colored cylindrical bottles your grandad takes hiking, yes. A bottle the cool kids are lusting after, not so much. But the practical and the beautiful can coexist, because (former) financial consultant Jonathan Byrt and product design engineer Jesse Leeworthy made it happen. A business born out of a frustration with single-use bottles, Memobottle has grown to become so much more than just an environmentally-friendly vessel. Working around the clock and around the globe for a business they love, Leeworthy and Byrt want to start  a movement. Big heart and big ambition has them seeking to inspire the masses, and shift the world towards a more environmentally friendly, conscious society


15 Feb 2017

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Ep: 86 - Loren Brill - Eat, Bake, Love

After one trip to the doctor’s office, your whole life can totally change. You hear about it happening to other people but when it happened to Loren Brill, it unleashed her inner entrepreneurial dragon. When she couldn’t find the healthy comfort foods she craved, she realized she had to make them herself -- ultimately becoming the founder of Sweet Loren’s, a healthy cookie dough company that’s changing the game. And you’re not going to believe who her first buyer was! Loren’s shares her vanilla-scented journey with us and it’s perfect for Valentine's Day - it’s all about falling in love with your passion, and making room for romance. But even though Loren’s story is sweet as, there’s actually no refined sugar and plenty of spice.


8 Feb 2017

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Ep: 85 - RONE - If these walls could talk

RONE is based in Melbourne, Australia, but his paintings can be found around the world. He’s a street artist who resists categorization, and RONE explores the challenge of defining - much less selling - an art form that’s outside traditional boundaries: what’s the difference between a graffiti artist and a street artist? A street artist and a contemporary or fine artist? He also digs deep into question such as: why is the forbidden so enticing? What changes when you move from painting for yourself to painting to pay the bills? When is it OK to make art for free? RONE describes how being a member of an underground art community opens doors worldwide. And his secret for promoting your work, even as social media platforms wax and wane in popularity, will work for anyone looking to stay connected to their audience. This is episode #85.

1hr 2mins

1 Feb 2017

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Ep: 84 - Brittany Cole Bush - We're gonna need a bigger goat

Brittany Cole Bush is a woman on a mission, revolutionizing the US farming industry, one sheep at a time. When it comes to being sustainable and accessible, the farming industry in the US faces a lot of challenges. But Brittany knows that bringing the next generation of farmers and land stewards together for food and fun is a big part of the solution. “What does it mean to be organic, what does it mean to be sustainable, what does it mean to be local?” she asks. Brittany wants us to ask those questions. She also rolls up her sleeves to explain how current land management practices are like trying to fight fire with fire - literally. Listen to Brittany’s stories about why goats love poison oak so much, all the way through to working with organic cow hides in the fashion industry. This is episode #84.


25 Jan 2017

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Ep: 83 - Geoff Ross - MOA money, moa problems

Geoff Ross is one of New Zealand’s most successful serial entrepreneurs -- Liz sat down and talked with him about things that maybe you wouldn't expect. Geoff shares some gritty details and hard-earned lessons: “When you’re in your business - and I was there myself!- you feel quite lost and alone and you don’t know those options until you’ve been through it a few times.” And for someone who doesn’t want anything to do with politics, Geoff’s also got some ambitious ideas about how New Zealand, as a country, could do better at being an environmental leader. Taking your company public is hard and Geoff really opened up about what that means. Have a listen, it's so refreshing to hear someone as successful as Geoff just cut the bull and honestly share his story with us. This is episode #83.


18 Jan 2017

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Ep: 82 - Adam Ü - Snow big deal

Imagine landing not one but two dream jobs - what would that feel like? Adam Ü is making it happen, so we asked him. From the ski slopes of Myoko, Japan, to tropical waters of the Caribbean and beyond, Adam’s double life as a semi-professional skier and marine biologist is an enviable one. Inspired early in life to follow his love of outdoors and the ocean, Adam has put in the time and effort required to make his dream a reality.   “There's been a lot of luck, but it's also hell of a lot of work,” Adam told (his sister!) Elizabeth. “This is my dream and I'll do whatever I can do to make it happen.” Tune in to learn about the sacrifices that no one ever talks about. That plus how to juggle two jobs at once, and why work isn’t always about the money. Be inspired by Xero Gravity #82.  


11 Jan 2017

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Ep: 79 - Kishshana Palmer - Who said it can’t be fun?

Kishshana Palmer is not your average not-for-profit consultant. A vivacious and lively entrepreneur, she’s a consultant who will both give you a hug and a kick in the pants. Kishshana’s built a business on being unique - which she says is both a blessing and a curse. “There have to be different shades to how you show up in the world,” she told Elizabeth. “The balance that I needed to strike was to be my most authentic self, while still helping folks to feel comfortable.” Kishshana’s bubbly attitude has led her down a successful career path as brand builder, coach, fundraiser, and self-confessed “solver” of things. It’s a career that she says has been plagued with both joy and failure - a crucial life lesson she’s hoping to impart to her daughter. Listen along as Kishshana shares insights on powering through the tough times and knowing when to take risks. Xero Gravity #79 - it’s a kick in the pants!


21 Dec 2016

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Ep: 77 - Timmy O’Neill - To infinity and beyond

You’re climbing a gigantic cliff face, it’s 2,300 metres to the summit, and there’s no guarantee you’ll even get to the top… this sounds hard enough as it is, but imagine doing that without the use of your legs… Timmy O’Neill’s outlook in life is shaped by conquering what others would call the impossible. No matter how many times he’s failed, the decision to succeed has always been Timmy’s driving force. “Failure is a way forward,” says the professional rock climber, comedian, and founder of Paradox Sports, a nonprofit that runs adaptive climbing trips for people of all abilities and skill levels. Tune in to learn what it truly means to live life on the edge. Listen along to Timmy’s stories of trial and error, as he opens up about the people in his life who have inspired him to move mountains. He also makes amazing sound effects. Be uplifted with Xero Gravity #77!


7 Dec 2016

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Ep: 76 - Sarah Riegelhuth - Are you going broke slowly?

From the streets of Melbourne, Australia, to the slopes of Boulder, Colorado, Sarah Riegelhuth is leading the way in an entrepreneurial streak. Sarah’s a firm believer that the old school dreams of owning a house or investing in stock won’t financially make or break us – but starting early and taking control is what makes all the difference.   “Money is just a tool. The only relationship you need to have with it is that you’re roughly in control of it,” she told Elizabeth.   Sarah’s ‘no bull’ attitude has seen her win awards, not just as a financial advisor but also as a best selling author. Sarah’s book - Get Rich Slow – paints financial education as something Gen Y desperately needs to talk more about, striking a chord with readers from the very first page. Tune in to discover what it takes to get rich slow. Hear Sarah share her blunt wisdom around how honesty will help you to build stronger relationships with employees and clients, and why acquiring personal wealth is actually pretty simple. The new and improved Xero Gravity – check it out!


30 Nov 2016

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Ep: 75 - Will robots replace us all?

Technology keeps many of us in a job, but is it soon to make us redundant? And, If technology is really helping us focus on what is most important to us, what does the future of the world look like? In this episode of Xero Gravity, Elizabeth Ü is joined by not one, but two, guests to discuss the future of work, how we spend our time and the role of technology in taking us there. Listen along as Abhijeet Dwivedi, COO at Zenefits and Jason Mills, director of sales and success at Expensify, join Elizabeth to talk about everything from robots to Kool-Aid. “This is a core commonality [among entrepreneurs], is the refusal to believe that this is just how things are done, the status quo. It's not,” Mills says. “Maybe 90% of just new start-ups fail, so not everyone achieves that, but that is fundamentally the belief that's driving someone to take this step, this leap of faith. It's that, ‘No. What we're doing right now is not the best, and I'm somebody who can effect that change.’ ” Tune in for plenty of fresh insights and lots of futuristic predictions - with a healthy side of skepticism, of course.


23 Nov 2016

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Ep: 70 - Innovation from the inside out

An entrepreneur tends to work on their own, an intrapreneur launches new stuff from inside a company as an employee. How can each worldview work for you? GM and head of small business NA at PayPal, Amit Mathradas thinks they’re pretty similar. “It’s about passion, it’s about a desire to change the status quo, it’s about the ability to go drive a new wave or new form of thinking.” In this episode, Amit takes his passion for small business, and shines a light on digital payment innovation ahead of the approaching holiday season. Listen for some practical insights on seeing payments different during the silly season, and some incredible advice from Amit on innovating from the inside, out.   Xero Gravity #70 - check it out!


19 Oct 2016

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Ep: 69 - Be liked? Be tough? Be both

She’s a female leader in a male-dominated industry, mixing business with pleasure, and losing sleep. While Elvina Farkas is often described as a rising star in the creative scene, she’s also a woman with a lot on her plate. The young creative director and co-founder of Anue in Singapore talks openly to Elizabeth about walking the well trodden path between being liked and being tough. “As a woman in the creative space, there’s a line between trying to be respectful, and trying to be a good business owner and leader.” It’s an interesting dynamic, elevated by the fact that Elvina’s business partner is also her partner in life. Mixing business with pleasure isn’t always recommended but Elvina admits it’s been a driving force in the success of her business.


12 Oct 2016

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Ep: 67 - Conflict resolution tips for work (and life)

“Most of us are conflict averse and would prefer to hide under the doona at home than to approach a colleague to discuss something that's challenging.” Meet Nicole Cullen, she’s not afraid of a good argument - and as a mediator (and mum) she’s sure seen plenty of them. On Xero Gravity 67 Nicole shares her dispute resolution smarts to help you face conflict like an absolute boss. You’ll hear plenty of simple tips to help you ward off those awkward watercooler moments - from avoiding first-person language to embracing a good old informal conversation. You’ll also learn just how much conflict could really cost your business bottom line as it threatens productivity, diminishes workplace morale and snowballs extra resources. All that with a healthy side dose of motherly advice and a few aikido moves.


28 Sep 2016

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Ep: 66 - Building a business with your best friend

“We went from talking about boys and what our plans were for the weekend to our projections, who we have to talk to, opportunities that just came up.” Emily Moon and Kelsey Carlstedt are not your conventional business partners. What started as a shared dream in high school has led these best friends on an entrepreneurial mission - one that’s employing, educating and empowering women across three continents. On Xero Gravity #66, Emily and Kelsey, co-founders of By Grace Designs, chat about how they manage to keep their working relationship - and their friendship - in check. From having clear roles and responsibilities to constant communication, you’ll learn a lot about the pros and cons of working interstate, across continents, and with friends.


21 Sep 2016

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