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The vidcast that is created by teachers for teachers. Do you have a great idea, learning resource, skill, advice, or experience you feel could help other teachers using technology to enhance their students' learning experiences? Send your text, photo, audio recording, video recording, link, or any other medium you'd like and it will become a part of a future TILT broadcast! Email tilttv@gmail.com

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TILT - Create a Classroom Magazine with PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is software which is present in most of our schools, however it can be used for so much more than presentations. In this episode, you'll see how PowerPoint can be used to create a beautiful classroom magazine. While the screencast demonstrates PowerPoint 2007, 2003 can also be used.Project ideas include:Thematic articles (e.g. poetry magazine, global citizenship magazine) Subject-specific (e.g. math magazine)Student portfolio magazine for each student (e.g. work samples, reflections, interviews, etc.)Cross-class magazine (e.g. collaborative project between two or more classes)Publishing options include:Print copies with services such as HP's MagCloudOnline publishing services such as YoublisherRight-click to download:iTunes Version (1280 x 720, 32Mb)Windows Media Version (720 x 480, 13Mb)

5 Mar 2010

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Student-created Graphic Organizer Activities to Enhance Visual Literacy & Deepen Learning

Having students create their own graphic organizers with key words or phrases, multimedia, connections, color, and layout can be a great way for them to develop visual literacy and thinking skills, construct and represent knowledge, and show the connections between their ideas and understandings.In this episode, participants will be shown specific examples of three different types of graphic organizers for different purposes:Compare and Contrast MapConcept Map (in the form of an opinion composition)Hierarchy/Classification Map (in the form of a decision tree)These three graphic organizers will be demonstrated using three tools which are free or readily available for most students:PowerPoint (not just a slide show tool anymore!)Prezi zooming presentation toolGlogster EDU multimedia poster toolThe ideas shared and discussed with participants will be consistent with the social constructivist classroom in a Universal Design for Learning environment.Right-click to download:iTunes Version (640 x 480, 29 MB)Windows Media Version (640 x 480, 39 MB)

28 Jan 2010

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TILT - Multiple Unique Email Addresses for Student Web 2.0 Services Using a Single Gmail Account

There are many excellent web 2.0 tools that can enhance learning and allow students to communicate what they know, such as Animoto.com/education, Prezi.com, and GoAnimate.com. One of the issues for teachers, however, is that some of these tools require unique email addresses for each user. In this episode, you'll learn how to create numerous unique email addresses for web 2.0 account registrations instantly using a single Gmail account.Right-click to download:iTunes Version (640 x 480, 9.4 MB)Windows Media Version (640 x 480, 4.2 MB)

8 Dec 2009

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TILT - iPhones in Classrooms

tweetmeme_url = '';In this episode, we'll look at four elements of the iPhone which make it a great educational tool for a teacher and students:Still/video camera and apps to edit/enhance photos (00:43)Audio recorder (04:15)iPod/iTunes (05:04)Blogging apps (07:31)Show links: None this episodeRight-click to download:iTunes Version (320 x 240, 34 MB MPEG-4)Windows Media Version (640 x 480, 47 MB WMV)

3 Oct 2009

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TILT - Slideshows and Video Projects to DVD the Easy (and Free) Way

The thought of burning photo slide shows, PowerPoint presentations, and video projects to DVD as a way of sharing schoolwork with home is desirable to many teachers. With Windows XP however, too often it means having to buy software.In this episode, you'll see options for converting these projects and burning them to DVD which are easy and which involve using free, trusted software.Show Links:DVD Flick WebsiteMicrosoft Photo Story 3Windows Media Encoder 9Large Google Video VersionRight-click to download:iTunes Version (320 x 240, 42 MB MPEG-4)Windows Media Version (640 x 480, 38 MB WMV)

30 Mar 2008

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TILT Episode 6 - Educational Blogging Part 1

In this episode we'll begin to examine the learning possiblilities with student blogging. We'll briefly look at some issues associated with student bloging and go for a quick tour of some free blogging platforms for educational blogging. We'll finish by taking a look at ways which parents, teachers, and students can view numerous updated blog entries (RSS Syndication) all in one place.Show Links:BloggerBlogging Legal GuideTeachers' TVBlogger in the Classroom - Pete McKay/Sandra GluthLearnerBlogsSuprGluBlogmeister21PublishNetVibesGoogle ReaderR-MailLarge Google Video VersionMPEG-4 Version

20 May 2007

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TILT Episode 7 - Multimedia Animation Using PowerPoint

In this episode, we look at 3 techniques students (and teachers) can use to create animations in PowerPoint:1) Custom animation built into PowerPoint (2:27)2) Keyframe animation with 'Duplicate Slides' and/or with sprites (7:25)3) 'Flash-once' animation (10:41)I've used all 3 types of animation with kids for different purposes, but by and large the most effective activities I've done are ones that involve students explaining concepts or ideas with animations. Not present in this episode, students can also record their own voices or add music using tools built into PowerPoint.Click here for the PowerPoint template used in this episodeShow Links:The Spriter's ResourceLogitech Video EffectsOther Sprite Animation Websites:The People's SpritesGame Sprite ArchivesLarge Google Video VersionMPEG-4 Version (42 MB)

20 May 2007

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TILT Episode 8 - Teaching Area, Perimeter, and Scale Drawing with Microsoft Word

In this episode, we look at how teaching the math concepts of area, perimeter, and/or scale drawing can be enhanced using a tool most of us have, Microsoft Word.Right-click here to download the MPEG-4 Video (24 MB)Click here to watch the Google Video full screen or click the play button below to watch now!

20 May 2007

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TILT Episode 9 - Educational Blogging Part 2

Teachers are doing many things with weblogs in their classrooms. In this episode, we feature some of those blogs as well as interview a Seattle teacher, Bre Pettis, about how he uses blogs with his art students.Right-click to save MPEG-4 version (79 Mb)Click here to watch a larger version of this Flash video on Google VideoShow Links:Mrs. Polak's 4/6 Class BlogPaul Gates' 2nd Grade ClassWillow WebSimple Machine BlogDive BlogYoung Reader's Choice Awards BlogBre Pettis' Room 132 Blog

20 May 2007

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TILT Episode 10 - Beginning Excel in the Classroom

Most teachers I've talked to want to use Microsoft Excel with their students but don't know where to begin. This episode guides you through a simple but interesting project with Excel which involves doing a real-time survey, entering that data into Excel, and very quickly and easily turning that data into a pictograph.Click here for large Google Flash VideoRight-Click to download Episode 10MPEG-4 Version (320 x 240, 18.5MB)Windows Media Version (640 x 480, 21.6MB)

20 May 2007

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