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Sonic Speaks- 0138- Audio Alchemy

From the north, a brand new audio drama to set the flower fairies giggling and the right merry olde days a tittering. Eli McIlveen from the Forgery League  is our guest in Sonic Speaks as we talk about comedy, writing in Audio Drama, and his triumphant series Alba Salix! 


24 May 2015

Rank #1

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Sonic Echo- 0127- Sonic Studio

Starting Showcase Months for March and April we present for Sonic Echo, Studio One's "Ah, Wilderness". Be sure to go to archive.org and grab all the great episodes available in Studio One to get you through the weekend! 

1hr 4mins

6 Mar 2015

Rank #2

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Episode 521- Midnight Sounds

A bit of a departure this week as we anticipate the ghost stories of summer with Evil Kitten Productions' Midnight Horror by Rachel Craig double feature of  "The Rash" and "A Spark Ignored". 


14 Jun 2017

Rank #3

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Episode 417- Second Cleansing

Jack and David travel back to Finalrune Productions episode 2 of Fred Greenhalgh's epic "The Cleansed" from season 2 and wraps up with a little Misfits Audio short "Frankenstein"!


24 Feb 2015

Rank #4

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Sonic Echo 203: Space Patrooooooool!

This month the amigos-Jeffrey, Lothar and Jack- have a look at the classic series Space Patrol with "The Prisoners of Pluto"! As brother Bill said, "OTR ROCKS!"

1hr 11mins

23 Nov 2017

Rank #5

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Sonic Summerstock Presents: The Bickersons

Lothar Tuppan and the Broken Sea Audio team brings another grand summerstock tradition with "The Bickersons" and Jack regales with a pile of updates for EVP and the Society!


29 Jul 2015

Rank #6

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Sonic Echo- 0117- Seasonal Plots

It may be December 26th, but there's still one more chance to fill your stocking with Christmas cheer! Tonight on Sonic Echo we present "The Plot to Overthrow Christmas" by Norman Corwin and Edgar Bergin and Charlie McCarthy with their version of Disney's "Snow White". Happy Holidays to everyone and have a very happy New Year! All Christmas shows came from the Christmas Selection on archive.org! 

1hr 2mins

26 Dec 2014

Rank #7

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Episode 494- Prisoner to Audio

Thanks to Sonic Society member at large- Michael Hudson and the incredible folks at Big Finish we're thrilled to feature as a promotional release part one of Big Finish's adaptation of The Prisoner. Head over to Big Finish right away to purchase the rest of the series and don't forget to tell them the Sonic Society sent you! It's Audio Drama Time!


6 Dec 2016

Rank #8

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Episode 509- Binural Flames

David Ault returns to the Sonic Society tonight after his tour with the No Sleep Podcast Live show, and we're proud to feature a creepy tale to celebrate: Campfire Radio Theater's Abduction at Willow Woods from John Ballentine!


22 Mar 2017

Rank #9

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Episode 511- Latter Eights

This week we continue with Part Two of "8" a  co-production of 63audio with Pete Lutz and Leap Audio with Mark Bruzee. Join us, won't you?


5 Apr 2017

Rank #10

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Episode 541: Hostile Goofball

For our first show of 2018 we present the premier episode of Matthew MacLean's ground breaking Hostile Worlds and the hilarious parody series episodes 1 and 2 of This American Goofball produced by Rich Frohlich of Texas Radio Theatre! 


3 Jan 2018

Rank #11

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Episode 558: Junked

Tonight Beth Crane and Battlebird Productions presents a hilarious sci-fi sitcom "We Fix Space Junk"!


1 May 2018

Rank #12

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Sonic Echo 206: Dangerous Assignment

Tonight on Sonic Echo, brother Jeffrey Billard brings a Dangerous Assignment to his amigos Lothar Tuppan and Jack Ward as they seek out "Sunken Ships"! 

1hr 22mins

22 Feb 2018

Rank #13

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Episode 512- Never Sounding Board

Tonight we play the tenth year anniversary Sounding Board episode "Kapocalypse" from Broken Sea Audio, with the last performance of Bill Hollweg. The additional shorts of Rare Meat complete the episode.


11 Apr 2017

Rank #14

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Episode 436- Decade Two in Red Strangeness!

Once more into the breech Society Members as we launch of the premiere episode of Season 11 (the only season so far that in grammatical appropriateness we render into numeric form) with Jack and David behind the mikes and Red Panda's "The Final Problem" from Decoder Ring Theatre along with "Featherheads" Strangeness in Space from Clare Eden. A little of something ending, a little of something beginning in this over-sized awesome Double Feature!

1hr 6mins

9 Sep 2015

Rank #15

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Episode 549: Dark Vitals

Tonight Mark Slade's impressive Blood Noir Episode 4 along with the first two in the series of Chow for the Koi from Nick Cox should keep your audio hunger fed for another week!


27 Feb 2018

Rank #16

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Episode 582- Frequency Guide

Tonight's feature series is What's the Frequency from James Oliva and Alexander Danner and includes a trifecta of shows including "Static", "Took a Powder" and "Kentucky Universal Meal Gravy". 


18 Dec 2018

Rank #17

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Episode 557: Pixies and other Pets

Tonight Rick Coste brings us the first of his new show Pixie! And our second feature is the latest of the EVP collection Wavefront Shorts with "Pets" starring the lads Rich Wentworth and Michael McQuilkin from Hadron Gospel Hour and produced by Rich Frolich of Texas Radio Theatre.


25 Apr 2018

Rank #18

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Episode 559: Ancient Audiology

This week in the Sonic Society, master storyteller, Frederick Greenhalgh and FinalRune team up with Gen-Z Media to produce a children's tale based on Mayan Folklore called The Mayan Crystal. Jack and David bring you the first four episodes of this amazing journey!


8 May 2018

Rank #19

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Sonic Speaks- 0303- Heavenly Conversations

Tonight Jack speaks with Steve Schneider, Tanja Milojevic, Richard Summers and Owen McCuen about their recent work in 11th Hour Productions Heavenly Deception.


2 Jul 2017

Rank #20