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Episode 75 : Bob Nastanovich

Bob Nastanovich is a former member of Pavement and the Silver Jews. He’s been a tour manager, a horse racing afficianado and is an all around charming dude. One of the most enthusiastic lovers of music I’ve ever met and … Continue reading →

1hr 51mins

3 Dec 2015

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Episode 87 : Clay Blancett

Clay Blancett is a writer, an anarchist, a tradesman, biker and wit. I asked him over on the occasion of the publishing of his first book,  Avenue of Champions a novel set in Richmond based around Clay’s experience as a … Continue reading →

1hr 25mins

20 Jan 2018

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Episode 79 : Ryan Waste

Ryan Waste and I met at a metal show at Wonderland and he gave me his Living Fast card which I thought was awesome because it said Ryan Waste, President .I didn’t get around to checking it out until after … Continue reading →

1hr 2mins

8 Feb 2016

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Episode 88: Russ Waterhouse

This is my boy Russ Waterhouse we met in the 90s working for Matador Records . Hes got a band called Blues Control . Check em out . I found out he moved to RVA a few years ago  and … Continue reading →

1hr 59mins

9 Apr 2018

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Episode 84 : Alison Miller Barber

Meet Alison Miller Barber entrepreneur, writer and sexual liberator(?). This one went awry as many do. I intended to have Alison read her writing instead she read mine, whoops. Still it worked out well, we had a blast. Just remember … Continue reading →

1hr 10mins

12 Feb 2017

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Episode 3: Randy Robinson Part 1

Randy Robinson is lead singer of the Apocalypse Dudes and Barstool Heroes. We’ve known each other since the early 2000s but this is the first time we’ve talked since then. It’s going to be uploaded in two parts as there … Continue reading →

1hr 7mins

25 Jun 2013

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Episode 73: Valient Himself

This is my conversation with Valient Himself of Valient Thorr, one of my favorite bands to see live. Valient Thorr blew me away a few years ago when I was living in Minnesota and I found it very synchronous to … Continue reading →

1hr 36mins

28 Jul 2015

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Episode 76 : Alison Hancock

Alison Hancock drummer, bass player, former member of Hot Dolphin, current member of Peace Beast came by on a Sunday afternoon to talk. I had mic issues I think I forgot to mention that, but I know what it is … Continue reading →

1hr 27mins

16 Dec 2015

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Episode 83 : Dave DiDonato

Hey hey this is my man Dave DiDonato he’s a great axe wielder and an interesting dude. We interacted a bit back in the day through Punchline and once I even tried out for a band he was in but … Continue reading →

2hr 9mins

9 Aug 2016

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Episode 82: Jules Kim

An afternoon chat with my friend Jules Kim who was visiting Richmond from her home in NY. Jules is a Richmond native who has been hustling in New York for about 15 years now DJ ing in clubs and developing … Continue reading →

1hr 26mins

12 May 2016

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Episode 4: Greta Brinkman

Greta Brinkman is a career musician and music lover who currently enjoys a nice perch in the Richmond area having toured in major bands and traveled the world. She is playing and recording with the Doom Metal band Druglord and … Continue reading →

1hr 24mins

1 Jul 2013

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Episode 86 : Ryan Kent

Ryan Kent is a writer, poet and singer for Gritter, Blk LLC and Murdersome. Listen up baby.

1hr 48mins

18 Jan 2018

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Episode 80 : Jon Brown

Jon Brown is a former member of Dragstrip Syndicate, one of my all time favorite Richmond bands and is  current member of Horsehead, among other projects. We originally planned on talking about the new Iggy Pop record which we did … Continue reading →

1hr 18mins

26 Mar 2016

Rank #13

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Episode 78 : Chris Dovi

Chris Dovi is a writer, a journalist, former host of Open Source on WRIR and part of the Codeva team. I’ve been friends on Facebook with him for a while and I could tell our politics were aligned and we … Continue reading →

1hr 55mins

17 Jan 2016

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Episode 81: Jason Alley

Jason has contributed a great deal to this town, there’s no denying that,  and he’s done it while being widely regarded as a mensch. There are few people that I am as happy to see at random in public. Jason … Continue reading →

2hr 13mins

1 May 2016

Rank #15

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Episode 74 : Billy-Christopher Maupin

This is my chat with actor, director, creative director and co- founder of 5th Wall Theatre. We’ve been trying to line something up for a while since I had the chance to see him in Race and Patty Issues and … Continue reading →

2hr 1min

6 Aug 2015

Rank #16

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Episode 77 : Kevin Willoughby

Kevin Willoughby is a drummer, sound man and all around solid guy. He’s played in Peru, Exebelle and the Rusted Cavalcade, The Sweater Band, Eagles of Freedom and is known as A.C. Fader, front of the house engineer for Three … Continue reading →

1hr 13mins

9 Jan 2016

Rank #17

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Episode 85: Christina Marie

Christina Marie from Yeni Nostalji

1hr 22mins

18 Mar 2017

Rank #18

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Episode 72: Sean McClain

Sean McClain has been around here for decades doing his thing from Chrome Daddy Disco to Bandito’s, to Chrome Daddy Disco at Bandito’s. He’s a guy I never took the time to talk to partly because he’s a guy and … Continue reading →

1hr 15mins

18 Jul 2015

Rank #19

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Episode 71: Ellie Quinn

This is my chat with Ellie Quinn burlesque performer, writer, producer and champion. We had a great time digging into the many facets of an Ellie Quinn production and I always welcome the chance to make boobies highbrow. Enjoy. There … Continue reading →

1hr 38mins

6 Jul 2015

Rank #20