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Find Your Fit is creating an inclusive community around exercise, nutrition, and well-being. Get up and move with us and our guests as WE share our step-by-step journey into personal well-being, greater energy, life balance, and greater longevity. Created by people with disabilities and with an emphasis on the experiences of people with disabilities, our practical tools, information, and inspiration helps make exercise and nutrition more accessible, affordable, and achievable for everyone. So whether you are blind, have another disability, have been left behind in the mainstream fitness movement, or just need a little extra motivation to get moving, this is the podcast for you. Underwritten by United States Association of Blind Athletes, Colorado Center for the Blind, and PUSH 2.0 Water.

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #10 Special Guest Erik Weihenmayer (Author, No Barriers)

Legendary Pioneer, Blind Mountain Climber, and Best-Selling Author Erik Weihenmayer Brings His Insight and Inspiration to the Find Your Fit Team Free, free, free! Get Jessica’s Tip Sheet for sticking to your exercise commitment. Download it for free. Have you seen the documentary, Murderball? Our team loves wheelchair rugby. Listen for a feature on an upcoming episode (warning: the MTV documentary is a little more than risqué). This episode, we gave away 2 FitBit Flexes and 2 Total Fit Packs. Jessica and Kevan ran in the Cherry Creek Sneak. Thanks to Deb Conley at Lending Sight. We can’t say enough about the great guides of Achilles. Kevan extends appreciation to guide, Brandon Stapanowich. Here’s to PUSH 2.0 Water for keeping us nice and hydrated! They are supporters of Braille literacy, Randolph-Sheppard concessionaires, and the programs of WE Fit Wellness. In the News – Come join the WE Team at the NF-Be Healthy Fair and Try It Seminar, this year at the National Federation of the Blind’s National Convention in Orlando, Florida! Contact Jessica at jessica@wefitwellness.com for more information about the NF-Be Healthy Fair. Next, a genetically edited mushroom that isn’t a GMO? Plus, the Mary Free Bed YMCA in Grand Rapids, Michigan is the first facility in the world to receive Universal Design Certification. And don’t forget to register for the 2016 No Barrier’s Summit, to be held June 23-26 at Copper Mountain, Colorado. Lastly, Relentless Romero Update – he continues his run across the United States of America. Track his progress, cheer him on! Experience the WE Can Culture Workshops for yourself. It was an honor to have Erik Weihenmayer with us. We enjoyed a wide-ranging ramble through Erik’s inspiring career, from mountain climbing to breaking through life’s many barriers. Kevan took the No Barriers Pledge. He’s going to run in the NYC Marathon? You will love Erik’s pledge: “Dinner at 5?” Erik spoke of the memoir he’s now writing. It will be released this coming winter. This is the 15th anniversary of his Mt. Everest summit. He speaks of his thrilling visit to the National Federation of the Blind Convention after being the first blind man to stand on the top of the world. The Find Your Fit Team highly recommends both of Erik’s books, “To Touch the Top of the World: A Blind Man’s Journey to Climb Farther Than the Eye Can See,” and “The Adversity Advantage: Turning Everyday Struggles into Everyday Greatness.” They’re available on Audible and BARD. Do blind runners run with their guide dogs? Some do. Hear Amelia Dickerson’s comments in this episode’s short flashback from Episode 4. Fit Chat – Jessica talks about strategies to reduce anxiety when using workout facilities. Boston Lager? Boston Cream Pie? Boston Baked Beans? Kevan says it’s hard to eat healthy on the road. The WE Team went to Boston last week to cheer on Jessica’s marathon run. She took 5 minutes off of her previous personal best. We highly recommend Eyes-Free Fitness®. It’s a great tool. Our listeners tell us that these are audio programs they buy and keep using. Your job – Take The Pledge! Share your pledge with us, too, if you want. We’d love to hear from you. “Surely, the apple is the noblest of fruits”. – Henry David Thoreau


29 Apr 2016

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #5 Special guests Sam Smith & Jared Ciner (Spirit Club)

Sam Smith, Marathoner and Zumba Teacher, and Jared Ciner, Executive Director of Baltimore’s Spirit Club, Join the Team Sam Smith of Spirit Club Life should be fun. But, an 80’s music mash-up from Jessica and Kevan? If you can get past the first 30 seconds, you will love this episode of Find Your Fit. What are intestinal flora, and have you tried Kombucha tea, a great source of probiotics? Learn more about Maureen Bassmaster’s BreakingBlind channel on YouTube. Maureen visits haunted houses and does restaurant reviews. Jessica produces these wonderful little video vignettes. In the News: does eating healthy food make you fat? What is healthy food? Kev talks up his favorite kale ceasar salad, available at Seed’s Community Café. Seed’s is a member of One World, Everybody Eats. Check to see if there’s a community café in your neck of the woods. Next, in a shoot-out with Russia, the women’s Goalball team wins silver. Is there a USABA Sports Club in your area? Want to win an activity tracker to help you count your steps?  Send an email to FindYourFit@wefitwellness.com by March 1, 2016 to enter. One lucky person will win a FitBit Plus. USABA conducts a program to distribute FitBits to blind and visually impaired people through funding from the Anthem Foundation. Jared Ciner of Spirit Club Jared Ciner and Sam Smith join us to discuss their work to empower people with developmental and physical disabilities on a road to recreation and fitness. We were inspired by their down-to-earth, energizing approach. Sam is autistic, a marathon runner, an ice hockey player, and Zumba teacher. He is a living example of the WE Fit Wellness model. Many of us are just taking our first tentative steps toward a more healthy lifestyle. But, you will enjoy Sam and Jess talking about marathoning. Jared and Kevan spend time discussing language and approaches when working with under served populations. Learn how the Spirit Club changes lives in the Baltimore, DC area. Tell us what’s happening in your community to make total well-being accessible, affordable, and achievable for everyone. On Fit Chat, Jess takes issue with listing crispbreads on a top 10 list of foods from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. She creates her own list. John Pare, a leader in the National Federation of the Blind, and enthusiastic vegan, challenges us to get more daily calories from the lists. Your job: find the wonderful thing about Tigger.


22 Feb 2016

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #3 Mel Scott, Founder & CEO of Blind Alive, Creator of the Eyes-Free Fitness™ Workout Series, joins the Team

Coach Beecham congratulates Worley for skipping the junk food and walking a 5k on New Year’s day. Worley, ever the braggart, talks up his PR. From the News Desk, Kathleen Foy details the sordid episode, from the Denver Post and NY Times, in which Coca-Cola buys influence, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to University of Colorado research professor, James O. Hill, former chair of the first World Health Organization Consultation on Obesity, and past president of the North American Association for the Study of Obesity (NASSO). He is also co-founder of America on the Move, a national weight gain prevention initiative, aiming to inspire Americans to make small changes in how much they eat and how much they move, to prevent weight gain. The Blind Play Football, from Australia, to Louisiana. WE Fit Wellness teams with National Federation of the Blind Sports & Rec Division to offer yoga sessions and Fit Chat round-tables Monday morning, January 25th, during the Federation’s Washington Seminar. Coca-Cola can keep you thin? Seriously? On this episode, we had the honor to visit with Mel Scott about her amazing life journey. She spoke of battling cancer, starting a company, and developing revolutionary workout routines, accessible to both the blind and sighted. She is a winner, and is always ready to share her victorious spirit. She says she designed the workouts because she wanted to “look hot”. Why do they cost only $19.10? It has much to do with her father; listen and find out. It was a joy to have her as a guest on Find Your Fit. Worley drinks Red Bull? But then, the Genius, Kevin Kovacs, reads the ingredients.  Coach Jessica chides Kevan for not staying hydrated, urging him to drink PUSH 2.0 Water. Is it true that beverages with artificial sweeteners actually increase your craving for sweets? The experts, including Tom Rath, author of Eat Move Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes, tell us so. Your job: laugh at the hypocrisy and crass advertising of the 1961 Coca-Cola television commercial. “Now don’t you get too thin!”


8 Jan 2016

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #6 Special Guest Maureen Nietfeld

Maureen Bassmaster, Star of BreakingBlind on YouTube, Joins the Team to Share her Incredible Story What an episode! First, Jessica runs in after a long run of 18 miles. Funky, funky! The crew awards a Fitbit Flex activity tracker, courtesy of USABA, to a loyal listener from Massachusetts. Yes! Already there are loyal subscribers. Thank you! We have one more Fitbit Flex to give away. Send an email to FindYourFit@wefitwellness.com, and tell us you want to be in the drawing. Deadline is April 15. From the News Desk, Kathleen reads about March, National Nutrition Month, from the International Business Times. What is natural? See what the Food Network Blog has to say. Weigh in on the matter at regulations.gov. “Question: is regulations.gov accessible for screenreaders? When will the Justice Department release proposed regulations? See, National Federation of the Blind Resolution 2015-01.” USABA announces Goalball camps for Veterans and others. “We really think Goalball is the national sport for the blind”. Maureen Bassmaster is truly a star. In this very personal interview, she shares her remarkable story of how nutrition and exercise has truly saved her life. She’s had more than 30 surgeries in her young life due to complications of Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease. Maureen knows there will be others. She knows that if she wants to stay strong, enjoy quality life, and live long, she must stay fit. She speaks openly of her journey. She talks of her work to teach others who are blind, at the Colorado Center for the Blind. She speaks frankly, and regretfully, of people she has met with the genetic mutation of VHL, or other disabilities, who just give up. She speaks admiringly of the author, Tom Rath, of “Eat, Move, Sleep”. Tom is visually impaired, has VHL, and is a favorite of the Find Your Fit crew. Maureen serves as a consultant for WE Fit Wellness. Fit Chat – this is crazy. In an earlier episode, we talked about probiotics and Kombucha tea. Jessica, Kevan, and Kevin the Genius, conduct a taste test. Yummy? It’s good, and good for your liver, kidneys, lungs, and gut health. Look for the taste test video on YouTube. We got our Kombucha tea at Ohana Kava Bar, at 112 East Boulder St. in Colorado Springs, CO. We want to thank our sponsors: The United States Association of Blind Athletes, the Colorado Center for the Blind, and PUSH 2.0 Water. Your job – Kevan says, “Make me feel like a natural woman”.


9 Mar 2016

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #8 Special Guest Bill Kociaba (Kociaba Fitness)

Still a Chance for you to Win a FitBit Flex. Bill Kociaba of Kociaba Fitness Joins the Team in the Gym for this Empowering Episode We ease into this episode with Jessica still in a relaxed state following her visit to R.E.S.T. Float Solutions. Before proceeding with these show notes, I really want to thank PUSH Beverages for keeping our team hydrated with Push 2.0 Water. It’s available at deep discount to blind operators of Randolph-Sheppard in 40 states. In the News: How much does it really take to burn off a big mac? An online fast-food calculator reveals just how much activity is needed to be guilt-free. Next, there is still time to register for BLAST! Kevan makes note of the fact that the President of the National Federation of the Blind will be in attendance at BLAST. The WE Fit Wellness team is set to announce their 2016 Try It and NF-Be Healthy programs at the NFB National Convention, to take place at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, FL this June 30th. The United States Association of Blind Athletes’ rowing camp application deadline is April 15th. And lastly, people with disabilities can find numerous exercise options locally; the idea is to get moving. There’s still time to enter into the drawing for a free FitBit Flex. Deadline is midnight Mountain Standard Time, April 15, 2016. Leave a message with your contact info on the Fit Line, 866-543-6808, extension 4, or send your contact info to be in the drawing to FindYourFit@wefitwellness.com. Bill Kociaba with Real World Fitness joins the team to talk about a forty-year career as a gym owner, trainer, podcaster and enthusiast. A blind powerlifter, Kociaba actually has some fun leading Kevan and Jessica through a few simple exercises. Kevan has trouble standing on one foot, urges people to read the kernel book story by Dr. Kenneth Jernigan, “Standing on One Foot”. Bill is the only blind, certified kettlebell trainer in the world. Bill speaks about the impact he’s making on the lives of blind and visually impaired students at the Lighthouse of Broward County. In Fit Chat, Kevin Kovacs, the Genius, producer of the program, tells us the type and duration of exercises he would have to do to burn off the calories he consumed at lunch. Kevan and Jessica discuss tips and tricks for eating on the run. WE Fit Wellness and our Find Your Fit podcast team congratulates Relentless Romero as he runs across America in only 66 days. Follow Jason’s quest at Vision Run USA. Your job this time is to enter for your chance to win a FitBit Flex. And remember – the WE Team is looking for singers, song-writers, musicians, comics, readers, poets for other projects. To learn more, email FindYourFit@wefitwellness.com.


5 Apr 2016

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #9 – Special Guests Ron Brown & Garrick Scott of the National Beep Ball Association (NBBA)

Learning About Beep Baseball from a Hall of Famer. Might Still be Time to Register to Win Your FitBit Flex and Total Fit Pack. Jessica, Find Your Fit host, and Executive Director of WE Fit Wellness, gets ready to head to Boston for the Marathon. She is certainly not the first blind woman to marathon in Boston. But, she’s our first blind woman to run in the Boston Marathon. Jessica compliments Team with a Vision, sponsored by Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and Team Director, Andrea Croak. Jess challenges Kevan and Kevin to run in the New York City Marathon next November. They currently work out with Achilles International, Colorado Springs Chapter, on Monday evenings. The team always recommends Achilles chapters for guides and blind and disabled walkers and runners. Special shout out to PUSH Beverages for keeping the WE Team hydrated and offering best wholesale pricing to blind operators in Randolph-Sheppard (you know who you are, so tell your buddies). Thanks, PUSH! The man that we got our intro to the “In the News” segments from is Ed Bassmaster. He has been a YouTube star for almost a decade and will have a TV show on CMT starting April 14th called “The Ed Bassmaster Show”. In the News – Steve Baskis, blind Army veteran and founder of Blind Endeavors, continues to explore and give back to the community by helping others learn about the array of available adaptive equipment. Insurance company John Hancock will give you a discount on your insurance for eating healthy, and for working out?! And the Paralympic ski team parties in Vail. Beep baseball is an adapted sport for the blind with 24 teams across the USA. In one form or another, the sport has been around for generations. Ron Brown, a member of the Beep Baseball Hall of Fame from Indianapolis, and Garrick Scott, beep baseball athlete, tell us about the history, the rules, the excitement, and the competitive spirit blind folks can find in the game. Ron Brown also serves as second vice president of the National Federation of the Blind. You might want to check out highlights from the 2015 Beep Baseball World Series. This year’s Beep Baseball World Series will be in Ames, Iowa in July. Contact us, or visit nbba.org to form a Beep Baseball team in your community. Perhaps WE Fit Wellness could sponsor your team. Play ball! The Soundbite before the interview was from a show on ESPN called E:60. Fit Chat! As this episode is posted, Relentless Romero is on Day 21 of his Run Across America. He’s averaging over 50 miles a day. Jessica speaks as only a fellow runner can about Jason’s fighting, yet gracious spirit. She also speaks with tremendous admiration about Rhonda-Marie Avery’s When the World Found Barkley. What a crazy race! You really do want to check out this documentary on Netflix. It’s pretty incredible. Wow! We continue to seek performing artists. If you are a singer, song-writer, musician, comic, impressionist, voice-over artist… send an email to FindYourFit@wefitwellness.com, and we will send you info. If you “find your fit, episode 9” prior to midnight, April 15, then you still have time to enter to win a FitBit Flex activity tracker, and our WE Fit Wellness Total Fit Pack. That’s a $90 value. Send name and contact info to FindYourFit@wefitwellness.com, or call the Fit Phone and leave your info: 866-543-6808 ext. 104. During Fit Chat, Kevan talks about the challenges and opportunities at the Y. Jessica shares tips and tricks for success at fitness centers and gyms. Your job – share and recommend Find Your Fit. Help us grow a community around exercise, sports for people with disabilities, nutrition, positive outlook, and total well-being. We appreciate you. Till next time, do good, be well, find your fit!


14 Apr 2016

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #7 Special Guest Dr. Joel Kimmons (Center for Disease Control & Prevention)

Dr. Joel Kimmons, Center for Disease Control & Prevention, Joins the Team for a Wide-Ranging Discussion of Food, Nutrition, and Wellness Win a FitBit Flex, compliments of WE Fit Wellness and USABA! Email: FindYourFit@wefitwellness.com, or call our Fit Line at 866-543-6808 by April 15, 2016 to enter. Worley hypes the book, “Always Climb Higher,” by Jeff Pagels. It’s available on BARD. Episode 6 featured an interview with the star of the Breaking Blind channel on Youtube, Maureen Bassmaster. This time we feature a short audio clip from BB. MB uses her activity tracker on a walk to the grocery store. In the News, Kathleen covers the book, Always Climb Higher. We learn about our USA Men’s Goalball Teams victories in Vancouver on their Road to Rio. From the Denver Post, we learn more about our blind colleague and friend, Jason Romero as he gets ready to embark on his Run Across America from Los Angeles to Boston, in 64 days. Really? Wow! WE Fit Wellness seeks people with disabilities in the performing arts. Calling actors, singer/song writers, impressionists, comics, dramatists. Maybe you can find your fit on a future WE Team production. Call 866-543-6808, or email FindYourFit@wefitwellness.com. On Fit Chat, we talk a little Blind Alive, Eyes-Free Fitness. We thank Mel Scott for her contribution to the community of total well-being. Jessica talks about the need for more research in the area of overcoming barriers to encourage recreation and exercise for people with disabilities. She cites Healthy People 2010 and Physical Activity Participation Among Persons with Disabilities: Barriers and Facilitators from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. Send your ideas and solutions for increased exercise and activity. Colorado Center for the Blind increases opportunity for recreation outdoors and indoors: rock climbing, river rafting, skiing, and yoga. In this episode’s Two-Minute Flashback, Amazing Amelia Dickerson, highlighted in episode 4, tells us a little about her journey. She wants to run, she wants to run, she wants to run! Our guest is Dr. Joel Kimmons, an expert on epidemiology and nutrition at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. We visited with Dr. Kimmons for a wide-ranging discussion over coffee, not far from his office in Atlanta. Joel says, don’t think so much about nutrition or the big, bad obesity; think about tasty, healthy food. He urges blind vendors in the Randolph-Sheppard program and other companies who manage concessions on government buildings to step up. He compliments the National Automatic Merchandising Association for their FitPick®, which, in some ways, exceeds the Health & Sustainability Guidelines. Kimmons says the Health & Sustainability Guidelines were based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The Doctor compliments many blind vendors and restaurant start-ups across the country that sell healthy food and make good money doing it. Worley slams the Monsanto’s, McDonald’s, and Coca Cola’s of the world, the marketing machine for conditioning people to eat bad, processed foods. Tomatoes? Canned or fresh? Lower calorie cookies and crackers are not really food. Kimmons says, what comes from the farm is good food. Plain ol’ good food. Kimmons says that access to exercise and nutrition for people with disabilities is a matter of civil rights. Worley asked Kimmons if he actually said, as has been reported, “When blind vendors sell junk food, it is the same as if they were dealing crack.” Kimmons says no, “I believe folks want a sweet pick-me-up snack in the afternoon.” We just have to find ways to provide fresh, nutritious food and many blind vendors are doing just that, and earning a good living doing it. Your job: Enjoy these great songs: Home Grown Tomatoes by Guy Clark, and Farm Fresh Onions by Robert Earl Keen.


25 Mar 2016

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #4 Special Guest Amelia Dickerson

Amazing Amelia Dickerson Joins the Team to Talk About Her Journey into Blindness, Independence, and Running a Record-Setting Marathon In the show’s opening, Jess and Kev talk about gut health. Jessica’s reading Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain –for Life, by David Perlmutter. In Brain Maker, Dr. Perlmutter explains the potent interplay between intestinal microbes and the brain, describing how the microbiome develops from birth and evolves based on lifestyle choices, how it can become “sick,” and how nurturing gut health through a few easy strategies can alter your brain’s destiny for the better. What a stunning opening segment! We know everyone is amped up to talk about gut health. But, it is extremely important. Kevan wonders what foods are probiotic: these include yogurt, kefir, dark chocolate, and Kombucha tea. The Team drinks a toast to Kathleen Foy on the News Desk. Of course, they toast with the official beverage of Find Your Fit – Push 2.0 Water. Stay hydrated. From the News Desk, we hear the announcement from the National Association of Blind Merchants’ about NABM BLAST 2016. This year, it will be held at the Loews O’Hare Airport Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. Visit the NABM website for more details, and to register for BLAST! We also learn about Bio-Individuality, and how ancestry, blood type, and metabolism all play a role in determining the perfect way of eating for each individual’s body. Last, psychoactive drugs can help lazy people to exercise? You will be inspired and motivated by Jessica’s visit with Amelia Dickerson. Dickerson, who skis, snowshoes, and marathons, from her home in Boulder, discusses running with her guide dog, Albert. Amelia is the blind woman marathon record holder, with a time of 3:20:28. Amelia and Jessica talk about building a network of friends and guides through Achilles International and USABA. Kev gave a shout out to the Colorado Center for the Blind. On Fit Chat, Jess and Kev discuss the fluff and blubber of winter laziness. Jess offers ways we should stay active through the winter months. Check out her blog. Your co-hosts discuss being stranded in a Washington D.C. hotel during the Blizzard of 2016. Despite the Snowpocalypse, the National Federation of the Blind Washington Seminar took the Hill by storm with more than one-third of the Federation’s usual attendance, braving the blizzard. Your job: learn how Amelia lost her guide, and why she wants more of her friends to get married.


9 Feb 2016

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #41 Blind Hockey Edition

In episode #41 Kevan welcomes “Intern Amber” back to Find Your Fit. We get the scoop on what’s happening in her life like the business she just started, which is an affordable health and wellness consulting company. For a low monthly fee you get access to weekly live webinars, coaching, and personal consulting from Amber. She has also accepted a position with the Lighthouse for the Blind in San Francisco. We wish her the best n her future. Kevan welcomes Bruce Porter of BVA Sports in Virginia. He is helping to grow the sport of Blind Hockey in the United States. He and the Blind Hockey team members in Virginia travel the country showing blind people about the sport of blind hockey. Since the sport is only 4 or 5 years old, many have never heard of it. Kevan also welcomes Jeff Vann of St. Louis Blues Blind Hockey to Find Your Fit. Jeff has helped to build a relationship with the St. Louis Blues to build and grow the blind hockey team in the St. Louis area. Jeff is also a volunteer with an organization working to build a theme park called . It will be a Six Flags type of theme park that will be inclusive, meaning it will be designed so that people with disabilities will be able to access and participate in the theme park experience. For Fit Chat, Amber talks about talks to us about intermittent fasting and some of the benefits. https://www.facebook.com/pg/BVASports/about/?ref=page_internal Got questions? Shoot us an email at FindYourFit@WeFitWellness.com We would like to thank our generous sponsors for their support in the production of this podcast, the Colorado Center for the Blind, the National Federation of the Blind, and Push Beverages.


25 Jan 2018

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #39 Special Guest Karen Kantor (Athlete, Coach, Advocate)

Kevan is out on an assignment, so The Genius is filling in for a few minutes. Jessica gives us the Worley injury update. He has sprained his ankle. It is the one-year anniversary of Jessica and Kevan with their guide dogs Prada and Onyx, which they got from Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation. The last race for the National Fitness Challenge is November 11th at the Celebrate our Veterans 5K. Achilles Pikes Peak will be supporting many athletes in this 5K. Jessica and Kevan welcome Karen Kantor to Find Your Fit. Karen is a disabled veteran, an amazing running coach, and a wonderful woman. Karen was an Olympic qualifying trail runner while in the military. She suffered a spinal cord injury She tells about her journey from that injury back to being able to run again. Karen has also experienced numerous exciting endeavors. She was wrangled into playing sled hockey. She was also encouraged to participate in the 10 Island Race in Switzerland, which happened to be filmed for a reality TV show. Another cool event she participated in was the American Ninja Warrior where the show wanted to show of the wounded soldiers. Currently, Karen is making amazing things happen at the Independence Center in Colorado Springs. For Fit Chat, Jessica share some tips how to manage or control or chose good eating options for this holiday season. Got questions? Shoot us an email at FindYourFit@WeFitWellness.com We would like to thank our generous sponsors for their support in the production of this podcast, the Colorado Center for the Blind, the National Federation of the Blind, and Push Beverages.


26 Nov 2017

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #32 Special Guest Erich Manser (Marathoner)(Boston Marathon with AIRA)

In Episode 32 of Find Your Fit Jessica and Amber open with excitement as usual.  Amber shares with us her experience of graduating with her Master’s degree last Friday and tells us about the exciting gift she received on graduation day! Jessica welcomes Amber to the We Fit Wellness team as a full-time employee and we sadly say goodbye to her previous job title “the lowly intern.” The NFB Healthy Fair is coming up on July 10th, so listen for details on content and prizes. Jessica announces the start of fundraising for her 50-mile run called WE Run for Independence.  Stay tuned for details, we will keep you posted on our Facebook page! Jessica gives us an exciting update on the National Fitness Challenge, hosted by the United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) and the Anthem Foundation.  We have an amazing Facebook page were participants share their stories of victory and success.  For fun pictures, stories, and updates on the National Fitness Challenge, search for the hashtag on social media outlets, #nfchallenge2017. We interview Erich Manser, a blind marathon runner with 17 marathons under his belt.  He used AIRA technology with Google Glass to navigate the Boston Marathon this year.  AIRA uses a smartphone app that pairs with a camera mounted on Google Glass that is connected to a sighted-human assistant. Listen for details on Eric’s experience and learn more about this exciting emerging technology.  Find out how you can get involved and learn more here. Amber’s new graduation gift got her thinking a little more about her resting heart rate.  She got a bit concerned, so she asks Jessica a few important questions. What should your Resting Heart Rate be and how do I lower it?  Listen in for this week’s Fit Chat as Amber and Jessica hash out the topic of Resting Heart Rate. We would like to thank our generous sponsors for their support in the production of this podcast, the Colorado Center for the Blind, the National Federation of the Blind, and Push Beverages


24 May 2017

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #29 Special Round Table Episode

In episode #29 of Find Your Fit, each member of the WE Fit Wellness Team, including special guests Joe Shaw and Nijat Worley share with us their latest health and wellness obsessions. Kevan explains the nickname “Genius.”  Basically, Genius (who’s real name is Kevin Kovacs) is the brains of the operation, anytime anything goes wrong, the Genius comes to the rescue.  He is also the lead producer of our podcast, we could not do it without him! Amber tells us about a new initiative called the Weekly WE Fit Tip, where each Monday the WE Fit team releases a short video on their Facebook page that helps to keep you healthy, fit, and well.  Got tips or questions you’d like covered?  Let Amber know by emailing findyourfit@wefitwellness.com  or by calling 866-543-6808. Check out our Facebook page to see this week’s video tip. Ever wondered how to exercise your brain and keep it sharp as a tac as you age?  Give this podcast a listen to find out, as Amber tells us about her new favorite health topic, “Neurobics.” Buy a book on Neurobics, “Keep Your Brain Alive” and learn more and play free games here. Returning special guest, Joe Shaw, leads us in a great discussion on confidence in the gym as a person with a disability.  We all chime in with tips and tricks related to our own gym experiences and how we can exercise with confidence in a variety of fitness settings. An exciting announcement from Jessica about our new business venture in Los Angeles leads to her telling us all about her new favorite fitness obsession.  Apparently, you can “hoop” your way to health with the new fitness trend of using a Hoola-hoop to stay in shape.  Jessica tells us about a company based in LA called Hoopnautica.  She plans on taking some hoop fitness classes in LA and is encouraging us all to get involved in “hooping for health.”  Find out more about how you can use the hoop to lose your pooch! Tips on hooping and a link to buy weighted hoops. Need a little extra motivation or tips to stick with your workout plan?  Jess, Kev, and Joe give us several great tips for staying motivated before and during a workout.  From packing your gym bag the night before to listening to your favorite tunes, these tips are super helpful for both newbies and oldies in their fitness journeys. Kevan shares with us his latest favorite superfood, the acai berry.  He tells us how to buy and use this amazing superfood in fun ways, including smoothies and yogurt bowls, yum! Acai recipes (Kevan loves Ola’s in downtown Colorado Springs http://www.olajuicebar.com/ Jess tells us all about her new Inov-8 shoes and their initiative to get people healthy and active.  Learn more about Inov-8 here.  Jess has an awesome pair of Roclite 290 Trail Running shoes by Inov-8, that she will use for her first 50K (Behind the Rocks Ultra). Finally, Nijat gives us tips and tricks for spending money in a way that is conducive to a healthy lifestyle.  Studies show that using cash makes you less likely to spend unnecessarily or make impulsive purchases.  Find out how to keep your wallet full and your waistline trim. Check out Erik Weihenmayer’s new book “No Barriers.”  It is available on  Amazon, Audible, and wherever books are sold. This week we congratulate fitness partner, LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired. (Please also check out their Facebook page!) We would like to thank Push 2.0, the Colorado Center for the Blind, and the National Federation of the Blind for helping to make this podcast possible. With gratitude for Achilles International of Pikes Peak and United States Association of Blind Athletes. Do good. Be well. Find Your Fit!


6 Apr 2017

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #26 Special Guest Joe Shaw

Jessica welcomes Amber Sherrard (Intern Amber) to the WE Fit Wellness Team. Lowly Intern Amber will be interning at WE Fit Wellness for the next several months, so get used to her voice on the Find Your Fit podcast (aren’t all interns lowly?). Amber is a nutritionist and yoga instructor and will be sharing her knowledge with all of us over the next several months. Amber tells us about how she is adjusting to moving to Colorado Springs to work with the WE Team. She also tells us some of the Some of the outdoor activities she has enjoyed since her arrival in Colorado. Jessica again, took a few minutes to thank our sponsors:  Push Beverages, the Colorado Center for the Blind (CCB), and the National Federation of the Blind (NFB). John (left), Joe (center), and Brandon (right) covered in mud after the Warrior Dash race Kevan and Jess welcome Joe Shaw as the guest for this episode of the podcast. Joe Shaw is a family man, a blind entrepreneur, a fitness activist, and is active in the civic life of Nashville.  You’ve got to learn what Joe means by “bro logic,” and “bro science.” Those were certainly new terms to Kevan! “Know what I mean, bro?” Joe was a weightlifter, he pumped weights from time to time until he got married, but then the doctor told him that his triglyceride level was absolutely off the charts and he should’ve been dead yesterday. Joe tells us that he runs with Achilles International and has run several half marathons and marathons since he has rededicated to a healthier lifestyle. He also does Crossfit 4 to 5 days per week. Joe also shares with us his steps on his nutrition and exercise journey as he moves to better wellness, not only for him but with and for his family. Joe talks about the importance of balance and we had a great discussion of the book “Standing on One Foot” by Dr. Kenneth Jernigan. The book is a part of the kernel book series published by the National Federation of the Blind in the 1990s and early 2000s. These books read easy and are definitely worth investigating. For Fit Chat, Jess and Amber talk about some food trends for 2017, including technology in the kitchen like the smart teapot that can adjust the amount of caffeine in your cup, crickets as a source of protein in either cricket flour or protein bars called CROBARS, and lower alcohol consumption with “mocktails.” Jessica tells us why she does 108 Sun Salutations for the New Year. She also tells us what the significance  of the number 108 in the practice of yoga. Amber takes us through a Sun Salutation to complete this episode of Find Your Fit.


5 Feb 2017

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #22 Special Guest Jason Romero (Ultra Runner)

We sincerely hope you will enjoy this episode, share it with others please. Jason Romero’s message is touching, uplifting, powerful, hopeful and joyous. The first visually impaired man to run across America over 3000 miles in 60 days you’ll be inspired by his for guiding principles hope patients consistency and forgiveness learn more about his message and how your organization or company can have him come visit you at www.relentlessromero.com. Jessica and Kevan tell us what they are thankful for during this holiday season and want to know what you are thankful for. Send them an email at findyourfit@wefitwellness.com. Kevan congratulates a couple buddies from Tennessee, Joe Shaw and JP Williams, for completing the New York Marathon. Jessica tells about the Rimrock Marathon she ran in. Both Jessica and Kevan talk about their experiences so far with going through training with guide dogs. Jessica and Kevan welcome Jason Romero, who is a blind athlete. He has run many ultra marathons an has even ran across the United States, from California to New York. Jason will be running in the US Blind Marathon Championships in December. The team thanks our sponsors and contributors, The Colorado Center for the Blind (CCB) and PUSH Beverages. Kevan reminds about the WE Can Culture Workshops and the Total Fit Pack and Cardio Drumming Kit available at the WE Fit Wellness website. Jessica and Kevan tell us what Find Your Fit means and what it is all about.


21 Nov 2016

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #20 Special Guest Rachel Adams (Lost 2 Found in 90 Days)

Jessica & Kevan, of course, updates us all on his ankle injury. Jess doesn’t show much pity for him. Kevan tells how his snacking has changed during the NFL & MLB seasons. Jessica then gives other ideas how to stay active while watching the games. WE thank our sponsors PUSH Beverages & The Colorado Center for the Blind. Jessica and Kevan welcome Rachel Adams. Rachel’s Bio: Rachel Adams is a Realtor, Public Speaker, Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur.  She is 32 years old, lives in Northern California, and is the CEO of 4 different companies.   In just 3 years in the real estate industry, Rachel had hit the top 1000 agents in the country for the Wallstreet Journal.  On the outside looking in, her life was perfect.  She had the perfect car, the perfect social life, and everything looked top knotch.  You could say she had the perfect “Facebook” life.  But as we all know reality isn’t always what it seems.  And then one conversation changed everything.  Rachel decided to start leading her life with full authenticity and intention and everything changed! She now travels around the United States teaching others and coaching on her life changing book and program, “Lost to Found in 90 Days“. Rachel & Nina are offering our listeners the First 3 chapters of their book Lost 2 Found in 90 Days for free to see what the program will be like. Here is the link to the Lost 2 Found in 90 Days Program: www.lost2found90.com/the-program On this segment of Fit Chat, Jessica & Kevan discuss ways to prevent injuries during exercise. Some of the tips are: stretching, warming up, stretching, cooling down, and oh yeah, stretching.


12 Oct 2016

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #19 Special Guest Amber Sherrard (Newest WE Fit Wellness™ & Find Your Fit™ Team Member)

Jessica and Kevan welcome Amber Sherrard to the podcast. Amber will also be interning at WE Fit Wellness (and Find Your Fit). She is a registered dietician and a yoga instructor. WE are happy to have Amber on the team. Could you eat the same thing for breakfast for 3 years? Check out what Amber eats! You can also hear what “The Genius” ate too. Amber then tells us the effects of caffeine after not having any caffeine for three months. Amber tells us about the new studio where she teaches yoga. The name of the studio she teaches at is Ambassadors of Light. It operates on an “open contribution” or “donation based” model. That means that if you take a yoga class, you pay whatever you can/want whether it’s $2 or $100. If you cannot pay, then you don’t pay. This way anyone has the chance to benefit from yoga regardless of the ability to pay. There are many “open contribution” or “donation based” studios across the U.S. They are growing in popularity. Some are listed below. If one is not listed in your area, just google “open contribution yoga” or “donation based yoga” in your area. Ambassadors of Light in Louisiana Black Swan Yoga in Texas Align on a Dime in several locations in Louisiana Cambio Yoga here in Colorado Springs Everyday People Yoga in Oregon Yogave Yoga in Maine And MANY MANY more. Kevan drops the updates on the hip injury and moves on to his new ankle injury. Sorry Charlie. How do you think it happened? Kevan reminds everybody about the Total Fit Pack available for sale at the WE Fit Wellness website. In Fit Chat Jessica and Kevan discuss a fundraising campaign by The Foundation Fighting Blindness. The campaign is called “How Eye See It” challenge. The challenge is to pick something you cannot imagine doing without vision and do that activity while wearing sleep shades or blindfold. This gives anyone that does the challenge and those that watch the videos the impression that life is impossible or difficult for people with blindness. The reality is that instead of using the same techniques as sighted people, blind people use other techniques to accomplish almost anything their sighted peers do. The entire concept is so ridiculous. To give a sighted person a blindfold, that more than likely doesn’t even know a blind person much less has any training in blindness skills, and expect them to be able to accomplish even the simplest task. The creators of this campaign didn’t even consider how much of a negative affect this will have on blind kids developing their ideas of what they are able to do with their life. This campaign reinforces the misconception the blind people are incompetent and incapable. WE support the efforts and philosophy of the National Federation of the Blind, which is that blindness is not the characteristic that defines a blind person and that they can live independent, productive, happy and full lives. The training centers that teach blind people with this philosophy like the Colorado Center for the Blind, Louisiana Center for the Blind, and Blind Inc. do amazing work by teaching blind people the skills to excel at their goals and in life.


23 Sep 2016

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #17 Special Guest Nijat Worley (Law Student)

It’s a family affair – Find Your Fit Jessica and Kevan discuss their recent trip to California. They tell us about their beach trips and the importance of R&R. They also experimented with AIRA: Visual Interpreters for the Blind. This is a service in which a blind user wears a pair of Google Glasses and connects to an agent via a cell phone data plan who then tells the person what can be seen through the camera on the glasses. The uses for this technology are endless. Jessica and Kevan are expecting to be part of an initial group to demo the service soon, so stay tuned for future episodes to hear all about them. Also on this episode, we talk about food insecurity and some organizations trying to combat it like One World Everybody Eats (OWEE). We also talk about a local member of OWEE (here in Colorado Springs) called Seeds Community Café. Seeds is what is known as a community café. A community café is based on a “pay-as-you-can”, “pay-it-forward” model. There are currently more than 60 community cafés in the U.S. Seeds serves the Best Local Food in town! Seeds sources as much food as possible locally. Their menu changes every week to accommodate their No-Waste goals by using the freshest local ingredients to deliver healthy, affordable food. They also do catering, healthy cooking classes, culinary arts training, and more. Seeds is run by an amazing man, Lynn Harwell, and he will be a future guests here on Find Your Fit. Support Seeds, or any other community café in your area. You can find a list of these cafes here. From insecurity to nutrition education. Jessica tells us about a program in St. Croix Valley Wisconsin called Better Bites. They work with food banks and other community resources to provide meals and nutrition education to low income families. WE applaud them for all the great work they do with all of the programs they provide. WE give shout outs to all the athletes that have been selected to represent the United States of America in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio. We have had some of these athletes as guests on previous episodes of Find Your Fit. Letticia Martinez is a swimmer and Matt Simpson and Joseph Hamilton are Goalball players for Team USA. You can check out previous episodes at the Find Your Fit page of the WE Fit Wellness website. According to the teamusa.org website, the NBCUniversal and the USOC networks will air 66 hours of coverage of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, from Sept. 7-18, that’s an increase of 60.5 hours from the coverage of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, while TeamUSA.org andUSParalympics.org will provide comprehensive online coverage. Jessica and Kevan talk about the importance of getting kids into exercise, physical activity, swimming, etc. from an early age. The genius brings up a video of a baby swimming, which reminds Jessica of Infant survival swimming. Survival swimming classes teach infants from 6 to 12 months of age to calmly float on their back until help can get to them if they accidentally fall into a pool for example. Older babies, from 12 to 18 months of age, learn to alternate back and forth from swimming to floating on their back for rest to get to safety. If you have a baby, this could be a very important skill to learn, so look for infant survival swimming classes near you. The Prodigal Son returns to talk balance between the stress of law school and good nutrition and exercise.  Welcome, Nijat Worley.


15 Aug 2016

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #14 Special Guest Paralympic Swimmer Leticcia Martinez

This week WE welcome Leticcia Martinez. She is a paralympic swimmer preparing for Olympic trials. She discusses what it’s like to train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. If you would like to help support the Team US athletes, click here to go to their support page. Mel Scott from Blind Alive returns with an update. The team taste tests Core Power Chocolate Milk. It is a high protein chocolate milk. Then Jessica and Kevan talk about various nutrition and protein shakes and “The Genius” reads the ingredients of a few different ones: Shakeology Vega One Nutritional Shake Arbonne Protein Shake Jessica and Kevan discuss the NF-Be Healthy Fair and Try It Seminar at the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) national convention in Orlando. It is put on by WE Fit Wellness and NFB Sports & Rec division The team talks about getting ready to present at the No Barriers Summit. And Kevan and Jessica remind you to check out some of WE Fit Wellness’s products and services like: Total Fit Pack WE Can Culture workshops FREE Download on how to stick with exercise WE thank our sponsors: PUSH Beverages United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) Colorado Center for the Blind (CCB)


28 Jun 2016

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #11 Special Guest Mark Matteson (Author, Speaker)

Fat Guy in a Little Coat: You Will Love Listening to Mark Matteson, Author and Coach Download your free tip sheet for sticking to your personal exercise routine. Kevin Kovacs is the producer/engineer of Find Your Fit. He’s also training to roll with us at the NYC Marathon. You’ve just got to hear one of his training stories. Let’s just say, he showed off his ass-pirations to the neighbors. Kevan just loves his new Hoka shoes. Wow! More cushion for the pushin’. Forward, always forward. “Run, Kevan, run!” The team sings the praises of Achilles International and sends love to Achilles of the Pikes Peak – Brandon Stapanowich, Anne Fleming, and Karen Kantor. Kudos to the Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired for the work they do with blind youth. Om. Huey, Dewey, and Louey. Skip the diet soda. Keep hydrated with PUSH 2.0 Water. In the News: Mind over body – the Nutrition Action Newsletter from the Center for Science in the Public Interest suggests mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques. Plus, Singapore plans to increase sports participation among the disabled. And, can drinking diet soda during pregnancy result in childhood obesity for newborns? Relentless Romero continues his amazing journey. Underlying much of the training Mark Matteson does, is his commitment to living the healthy lifestyle. We’re proud to endorse Freedom From Fear and It’s About Time. Coming soon, his allegory, or is it a parable? Hmm. Fat Guy in a Little Coat. Mike Vacanti, writer and strength coach, works with older Americans. His work inspires. You will enjoy this short video. Maryann Migliorelli is a great friend. A few months ago, she was so ill, she couldn’t even walk. Last week, she walked a 5k. Hear about her journey. She credits the Total Fit Pack as part of her solution. During Fit Chat, Jess talks about some very cool apps which can help us have fun and keep going! Charity Miles, Zombies, Run!, and Gym Pact. Your job – check out the product page. We’ve listed the products, services, books, and documentaries we use and enjoy.


14 May 2016

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Find Your Fit™ Episode #47 Special Guest Kevin Brousard (USABA)

In episode #47 Jessica and Kevan give us an injury update.  Kevan is finally injury free! Jessica has started running again, so she will let us know as soon as she picks her next race. Jessica and WE Fit Wellness will be coordinating the National Fitness Challenge in Colorado with USABA. You can check out if your state is participating in the National Fitness Challenge on the USABA Facebook page. Kevan recommends that people get their medical records because it can become difficult to gather them all. Jessica & Kevan congratulate our good buddy, Joe Turcotte, on his trip across the USA. Jessica and Kevan welcome back Kevin Brousard from the United Association of Blind Athletes (USABA). Kevin just returned from Judo competition in Kazakhstan. He gives us an update on this year’s National Fitness challenge. USABA just had their first blind soccer camps this past year! They are trying to build a program to be ready for the Paralympics in L.A. in 2028. They also celebrated the first annual National Blind Sports Day! It was created to promote and educate everyone about sport opportunities that are available. For Fit Chat Jessica tells us about how to use walking or running to meet health goals other than just weight loss. Got questions? Shoot us an email at FindYourFit@WeFitWellness.com We would like to thank our generous sponsors for their support in the production of this podcast, the Colorado Center for the Blind, the National Federation of the Blind, and Push Beverages.


24 Nov 2018

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