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RZIM: Just a Thought Broadcasts

A one-minute, daily program featuring excerpts from Ravi Zacharias. The programs seek to explore issues such as life's meaning, the credibility of the Christian message and the Bible, the weakness of modern intellectual movements, the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, and other topics mixing biblical teaching and Christian apologetics.

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Eternity in Our Hearts

The late Ravi Zacharias reflects on how mankind seems to operate on an assumption there is an eternity.

23 Dec 2020

Rank #1

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A Challenge to the Young

Ravi Zacharias gives a challenge to young men and women entering universities.

22 Dec 2020

Rank #2

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Keeping Our Eyes on God

Ravi Zacharias urges us to point people more to Christ and less to ourselves.

21 Dec 2020

Rank #3

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Jesus is the Definition of Truth

If someone is genuinely looking for the truth of Christ, God will reveal Himself to them, the late Ravi Zacharias says. Hear more in today's Just A Thought.

17 Dec 2020

Rank #4

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Jesus's Conversation with Pilate

The late Ravi Zacharias reflects on Pilate's conversation with Jesus before Jesus's crucifixion.

16 Dec 2020

Rank #5

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Strengthening Our Spiritual Lives

Ravi Zacharias, late founder of RZIM, challenges us to put the same amount of discipline in our prayer lives as we do in an intellectual search for answers.

15 Dec 2020

Rank #6

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Our Origins

"Evolution cannot be a theory of ultimate origins," Ravi Zacharias says, late founder of RZIM. Why? Hear more on today's Just A Thought.

14 Dec 2020

Rank #7

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Science, New Age, and Christianity

Ravi Zacharias looks at a surprising source of strength behind Christianity's claims.

10 Dec 2020

Rank #8

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I Think, Therefore I Am

"I think, therefore I am," René Descartes said. He was looking for rational certainty, Ravi Zacharias asserts. Hear a reflection on existence, critical thought, and philosophy.

9 Dec 2020

Rank #9

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The Apex of God's Creation

Ravi Zacharias reflects on Francis Collins' famous presentation of a stained glass window next to the vertical intersection of DNA, and what this says about both God and mankind.

8 Dec 2020

Rank #10