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1189: Artificially Low Interest Rates, the Next Recession & Investment Income

Jason Hartman wraps up his talk with Drew from yesterday, as the two leave the topic of self-management and delve into more economic lines of conversation. Jason brings up a recent Peter Schiff tweet and the two dissect whether it holds water in today's environment, as well as discussing how articially low interest rates are impacting the investing landscape we see today. They also discuss a different way to look at the rents you're collecting from your tenants in a way that makes it even more powerful than it looks at first glance.Key Takeaways:[3:01] If falling consumer prices have been good for the last 100 years, why does the Fed think they're bad now?[6:25] The artificially low interest rates are encouraging bad investments[10:24] Who's going to get hit hardest in the next recession?[14:10] Targeted advertising is keeping us from seeing a large chunk of the world today[19:54] It's important to hold yourself accountable the same way you hold your tenants accountable when dealing with your investment properties[23:57] Your tenants are working 33-40% of their work life just to pay youWebsite:www.JasonHartman.com/Properties


9 May 2019

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1164: Disincentivizing Home Ownership & History of the Future by Blake Harris

Jason Hartman and his in-house economist Thomas begin today's show by looking at how the tax reform is impacting home ownership across the country. Deductions that use to be highly favorable to many families have now become not as useful as the standard deduction was nearly doubled under the new law. This could cause some people to view purchasing a primary residence a bit differently.Then Jason talks with Blake Harris, NY Times best selling author of the new book The History of the Future: Oculus, Facebook & the Revolution That Swept Virtual Reality, about the impact technology is having on our lives and how virtual reality can (and currently can't) fit into them as well. The two examine who the leaders are on the VR front, what price point you're currently looking at versus how much it may cost in the future and more.Key Takeaways:[6:12] When the government disincentivizes home ownership, investors win[10:38] Some quick and simple math about how changes in the tax law is making some families lose deductionsBlake Harris Interview:[14:29] Is the Virtual Reality revolution over before it's even really begun?[17:25] How technology could change the way we look at properties[20:56] What is "affordable" for virtual reality equipment?[22:38] Oculus is the clear leader for now, but who's coming behind them?[26:55] How virtual reality can be used in a social context[30:52] How much farther can virtual reality drive the retail apocalypse?Website:www.JasonHartman.com/Cruise www.BlakeJHarris.com


4 Apr 2019

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1161 FBF: Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Financial Education

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 387, originally published in July 2014.Robert Kiyosaki is the acclaimed author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. The Rich Dad Company has made Rich Dad Scams: 8 Financial Scams Disguised as Wisdom available for free eBook download, so Kiyosaki talks in detail about scams everyone needs to understand.Kiyosaki discusses the fundamental challenges with the traditional school system and how corporate America kills the entrepreneurial genius of many bright workers.He also explains how much money one should have in their bank account.Website:www.RichDadCoaching.com www.RichDad.com


31 Mar 2019

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1177: Self-Management, Pooled Assets & Time-Wealthy Investor

Jason Hartman and Adam start today's episode answering a listener's question about whether it's better to invest in a single-family home or to look at larger, pooled assets like a 16+ door multifamily. Jason reminds everyone about Commandment #3, which is especially critical in decisions like these.Then Jason talks with Mark Dolfini, Landlord Coach and author of The Time Wealthy-Investor, about best practices for self-managing your properties. Mark discusses the importance of treating your investments as a business and how to create a healthy distance between yourself and your tenants.Key Takeaways:[7:05] Single family homes tend to get better tenants, appreciate better, get better financing options and several other perks over multifamily[10:14] The risks of investing in pooled assets. Don't violate Commandment #3![12:20] RV ratios for apartments will be higher because of shared walls, but don't let that be your determining factors between the 2.Mark Dolfini Interview:[14:53] You have to think of your real estate investments as a business[17:34] A simple tweak to keep from giving your cell phone number to your tenants[22:33] Whatever you're doing, it has to be scaleable[28:07] The software Mark likes to useWebsite:www.LandlordCoach.com www.NTNOnline.com www.IVAA.org www.CCMyAdmin.com


23 Apr 2019

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1273: The Ultimate Self-Directed IRA, Investing with IRAs & Solo 401ks

Jason Hartman talks with Jeff Astor, VP of Business Development at Broad Financial and author of The Ultimate Self-Directed IRA:: Using Self-Directed IRAs & Solo 401ks To Invest In Real Estate, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrencies, Gold, Private Businesses, Startups, Exotics & Much More, about how to invest in various assets at the "arms length" that the tax code requires. Jeff explores some unique investments clients have made that satisfy the legal requirements, as well as explaining the difference in the 2 types of self-directed IRAs.Key Takeaways:[6:43] What are "exotic" investments and how you keep your investments "at arms length"[9:45] There are 2 types of self-directed IRAs, the custodial model and the checkbook model[13:52] Finding financing for IRAs since you need a non-recourse loan[17:10] Do people set up multiple LLCs inside their IRA to get even more asset protection?[21:44] Make sure you do your research on self-directed IRA companies, because custodial companies rely on trust[24:50] Can you take possession of precious metals if you purchase them through a self-directed IRA?Website:www.JasonHartman.com/Events www.JasonHartman.com/Properties www.BroadFinancial.com


4 Sep 2019

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1202: Great Renter Demographics, Pre-Fab Homes, Airbnb & Inflation

Jason Hartman and Adam take today's episode to discuss the growing trend toward a renter nation. But this trend isn't just for the young, it's for all age ranges. Renters in the 60+ demographic have seen an even bigger percentage increase than those in the 20-34 or 35-59. This is phenomenal news for landlords, as more people are competing to live in your properties.They then look into the market for pre-fabricated homes, the impact of recent Airbnb decisions, and a brief glimpse at the 9 effects of inflation that will be discussed further in Tuesday's show.Key Takeaways:[3:12] The over 60 demographic has seen a 43% increase in renters in the past decade[6:52] A survey has found that few millennials are viewing home ownership as a necessity[9:38] How the pre-fab home market is distorted to make it appear to be a cheap alternative[16:18] A look into one of Jason's blogcasts on wealth creation[20:34] Airbnb is giving up the addresses of 17,000 units to New York City.[24:42] A brief look at the 9 effects of inflationWebsite:www.JasonHartman.com/PropertiesJason Hartman's Real Estate Investor Update Alexa Skill


28 May 2019

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1228: Rate Buydowns, Housing Inventory & Protecting Yourself at Closing

Jason Hartman talks with investment counselor Sara about some things going on in the market right now. The two discuss the state of inventory going on as sales are slowing even though inventory is still a little low. They also discuss the "trust but verify" philosophy as you deal with everything involved with closing on your property.Key Takeaways:[5:52] Amazon has reached a deal with developers to hard wire Alexa into new builds[9:34] Show your LMS your inspection and give them a chance to fix things and don't let them rush you to close[13:48] Some provisions you can put in place for the escrow money[19:19] The state of inventory in the network[22:55] Buying down your interest rates with points[29:28] It's important to find not just the best market but also the best teamWebsite:www.JasonHartman.com/Properties


3 Jul 2019

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1198: Local Real Estate Investor Associations & A Way to Pay Zero Income Tax?

Jason Hartman and Adam start today's show answering a listener question about the value of local real estate investor associations. Jason has some dueling thoughts on the matter, and explains why you need to be wary when joining one.Then Jason talks with Kelly Alexander, founder of Great American Tax Remedy, about how Kelly has been able to avoid paying Federal income tax since 2014. Kelly's method hasn't had to hold up against an IRS audit, but she's confident that what she's doing is completely legal and can help anyone out.Key Takeaways:[4:47] Jason's thoughts on real estate investor organizations[9:26] Do not fall for the "flavor of the month" or "get rich quick" schemes that you'll hear at some meetingsKelly Alexander Interview:[13:40] How Kelly's tax plan to avoid income taxes works[17:17] Who else is using Kelly's technique?[18:38] What Kelly does when she gets paid in order to avoid income tax[28:36] How to report your income on your taxes under Kelly's format[38:48] Why Kelly's strategy works for both state and federal taxesWebsite:www.JasonHartman.com/Properties www.MyTaxRemedy.com


22 May 2019

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1297: Portfolio Reviews, Cash Out Refis & HELOCs

Jason Hartman and Investment Counselor Sara talk about some of the issues that clients are dealing with and considering in today's episode. With rates as low as they've been in years and the ability to refinance or get a line of credit at reasonable rates, what is an investor to do?Key Takeaways:[3:40] Non-refi interest rate reductions are happening, so don't be afraid to ask[7:31] Refi a 30 year fixed rate or do a HELOC?[12:17] A look back at "Go Zones" and what some of the problems were[21:35] The current investor vibeWebsite:www.JasonHartmanLive.com www.JasonHartman.com/Properties


8 Oct 2019

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1180: Housing Affordability & Think & Grow Rich: The Legacy by James Whittaker

Jason Hartman and Adam start off today's show talking about one of Jason's favorite things when it comes to real estate investing: the Housing Affordability Index. The two really look into how the index is created, what elements go into it, and look at how affordable some of the markets they're investing in are.Then Jason talks with James Whittaker, author of Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy and host of Win the Day with James Whittaker, about how Napoleon Hill's original Think and Grow Rich still applies in today's world. James and Jason look at how you can reprogram your brain and why his book still matters all these years later.Key Takeaways:[4:09] The formula for the Housing Affordability Index[8:43] Looking year over year you can see which direction a market's affordability is heading[11:18] How Financial Immaturity is helping investors[14:20] Housing affordability doesn't factor in a critical elementJames Whittaker Interview:[19:36] What's the big deal about Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich?[22:55] The mastermind principle[28:33] Is everything from the original Think and Grow Rich still valid or do we have to modify it for today's world?[31:19] Opportunities will come, so you have to constantly be ready[35:06] Reprogramming your mind to conquer limiting beliefs and start living with intentWebsite:www.JasonHartman.com/VAM www.JamesWhitt.com


25 Apr 2019

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1274: Home Prices, 100 Year Bonds & Startup Countries & Seasteading by Patri Fri

In place of a voiceless Jason Hartman, Adam takes the reins today to discuss some articles that have come across his eyes discussing home prices in various areas of society and why they shouldn't be as big a surprise as the media seems to think they are. He also touches on the possibility of the government offering a 100 year bond.Then Jason talks with Patri Friedman, Executive Director of The Seasteading Institute, about creating new countries using the seasteading technique. Patri discusses how the concept would work in today's environment and why it's not absurd to think of a country being created on the water. It's coming sooner than you expect.Key Takeaways:[2:34] Home prices in driveable areas are now outpacing those in walkable areas[4:39] Government considering offering a 100 year bondPatri Friedman Interview:[8:36] What is seasteading?[13:28] Why not just buy land from a country rather than doing everything out at sea?[17:28] Patri's goal is seeing governments competing for citizens by treating them best[21:04] How do you deal with security when you're in the middle of the ocean?[25:25] What are these seasteads going to do for currency?Website:www.JasonHartman.com/Cruise www.JasonHartman.com/Events www.Seasteading.org www.Twitter.com/Patrissimo


5 Sep 2019

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1222: Rentals During Deflation, Mortgage Interest Rates & NAR Stats

Jason Hartman and Adam join forces in today's episode to discuss some of the recent economic stats the National Association of Realtors released and why they're important for real estate investors. Adam also has a talk with one of the network's lenders about current mortgage rates, and then the two tackle listener Robert's question about real estate investing during a deflationary period (when Inflation Induced Debt Destruction doesn't factor in).Key Takeaways:[4:00] Foreclosures are down, which is both good and bad news for us as investors[7:36] The 2 ways of determining pending home sales[11:31] June mortgage update[16:29] Listener question from Robert about deflation concerns[20:47] How real estate rents fared during the 30s and 40s in single family and apartments[24:05] In the past 54 years the number of cost burdened renters has doubled because wages aren't keeping up with rent growth[30:44] Just because deflation happens doesn't automatically mean your rents are going to go downWebsite:www.JasonHartman.com/Properties www.JasonHartman.com/AskPropertyCastHow Have Rents Changed Since 1960?


25 Jun 2019

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1386 FBF: Dodd Frank Repeal, Criminal Tenants, Blockchain, Landlord Friendly

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 1007, originally published in June 2018.From the studios of the Financial Survival Network, Jason Hartman and Kerry Lutz get together for this episode to discuss the softening of Dodd-Frank, changes in protections for renters in some markets of the US that are making it harder for landlords, potential uses for Blockchain that could significantly impact the way people invest, and some key economic lessons you have to teach your children.Key Takeaways:[5:49] Jason went and got stretched today, and it was quite the experience[7:07] The FBI says you need to reboot your router ASAP[8:45] The counter intuitive concept that is slowing home sales in the US[11:58] If you can trade tokens instead of stocks the transaction fees can be sliced immensely[15:23] The biggest commitment in precious metals to blockchain[21:31] Jason & Kerry's thoughts on the changes to Dodd-Frank[25:58] The #1 thing you need to teach your kids about economics: money always goes where it's treated best[29:24] The Meet the Masters audio product is now available at HartmanEducation.comWebsite:www.HartmanEducation.com www.JasonHartman.com/Properties www.JasonHartman.com/Food


8 Feb 2020

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1282: Rent Control, Empowered Investor Contest & Housing Affordability

Jason Hartman and Adam examine some troubling trends in the real estate market these days. The first is the entire STATE of California, which is about to enact state wide rent control. This would be a massive shift in policy that will lead to other issues. Then there's the affordability issue that's been hampering house across the country for years. Jason and Adam examine what new trends that's causing in our present day.And finally, don't forget to submit your video for the Empower Investor contest and win tickets to Profits in Paradise!Key Takeaways:[5:48] What rent control ACTUALLY does[8:47] Rent controlled areas always run short on housing because nobody wants to build there because of regulations[16:37] Adam Frenza's 5 Year Plan[25:14] How the Trump administration is responding to rent control movements[27:16] How rent control creates a scenario like runaway inflation, and the road out is a rough one[29:29] People are starting to realize that affordability is a national problem[32:39] Rental property is one of the only businesses where people will happily give you 40% of their incomeWebsite:www.JasonHartman.com/Contest www.JasonHartman.com/Ask


17 Sep 2019

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1300: America Before: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization by Graham Hancock

Jason Hartman begins today's show discussing some potential signs that inflation isn't currently a problem, his recent settlement he received from a landlord and what you can expect from business deals in today's environment.Then, for our off-topic 10th show interview, Jason talks with Graham Hancock, author of the new book America Before: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization, as well as the best selling book Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence for Earth's Lost Civilization, about why the Americas were probably settled long before we originally thought they were. The two also delve into the idea that past civilizations were much more advanced technologically than we give them credit for, their technology was just different from ours so we tend to discount it.Key Takeaways:[4:28] The Producer Price Index has fallen, which suggests inflation is tame[11:12] When you get in a business deal, don't expect to be able to hold people accountable through the systemGraham Hancock Interview:[19:15] A massive cataclysm struck the earth between 12,800 - 11,600 years ago[22:38] It's distinctly possible that the lost civilization was advanced technologically, just in a different way than we currently are[25:21] The Great Pyramid shows us that whoever built it had a complete knowledge of the size and nature of the Earth[28:48] The problem with American archaeologists' Clovis First model[33:45] It's human nature to not want to admit you were wrong, but in the end the evidence will force people to accept new theories that are shown to be correctWebsite:www.JasonHartmanLive.com www.GrahamHancock.com


11 Oct 2019

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1160: Jeremy Heimans: New Power, How Power Works in Our Hyperconnected World

Jason Hartman starts today's show with a bit of a rant. We're in a world where many "gurus" are just sales people who bring you in, promise you the world, then hand you off to low paid people who simply read a script to you. We have to demand better than that.Then Jason talks with Jeremy Heimans, co-founder and CEO of Purpose and author of New Power: How Power Works in Our Hyperconnected World - and How to Make It Work for You, about how movements are started in today's world, why you're seeing power concentrated more and more, and getting more buy in from your audience.Key Takeaways:[3:20] People don't want to be processed[6:40] One of the best, weird compliments Jason's ever received from one of his clients[8:28] Plan your vacations with Jason, next event is coming up in MayJeremy Heimans Interview:[12:46] Old power vs new power[17:34] How do you start a movement?[24:44] We're seeing more and more concentrations of power even when we thought it was decentralized[29:04] How much equity are companies giving to their supporters?Website:www.JasonHartman.com/Cruise www.ThisIsNewPower.com


31 Mar 2019

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1427: Recession or Depression, Stock Buybacks, Quantitative Easing, Harry Dent

Jason Hartman is joined in today’s show with in house economist, Thomas to discuss what constitutes a recession and what this one look like. While some may assume the worst here, Thomas presents some numbers that aren’t as bad as expected. In Part II, our returning guest, Harry Dent, discusses the economy, company buybacks, and quantitative easing. Take a deeper look into the economic influence of each generation with their peak earning power, and peak spending trends. Key Takeaways:[1:00] The great little recession[2:00] Members of the national bureau of economic research are careful what to declare a recession, and quite a bit after the fact[7:10] The employment base for retail and tourism is around 40 million jobs, and we are only down 10 million so far[14:20] This is a war, just a war on a virus[16:30] Harry Dent, Demographer[17:30] Puerto Rico, better weather, lower cost and better tax benefits[18:53] Famous for predictions on all aspects of the economy[21:00] What is the age of someone’s peak earning power and peak spending?[23:50] “Quantitative easing is not putting money into the banks system and lending, it is literally buying financial assets like bonds, which puts more money into the pool that’s actually chasing financial assets, and that drives up financial assets.” - Dent[26:55] Company stocks are going up because of shrinking the number of shares, rather than growing the economy[32:55] Are company stock buybacks really that bad? Websites:TAX SALE Webinar Link1-800-HARTMANwww.JasonHartman.com


7 Apr 2020

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1266 FBF: Prices & Rents vs Interest Rates, Selling The Seller On You

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 848, originally published in June 2017.Investment Counselor and Local Market Specialist Liaison, Carrie joins Jason to see if he can correctly predict the effect the rise in interest rates will have on the US economy. Jason reminds us the Feds don’t directly impact mortgage rates but by directly impacting short-term rates all rates will be affected. For those of you who have income properties, the higher interest rates will put upward pressure on rents.Key Takeaways:[09:13] What does the spike in interest rates mean for investors?[15:27] Higher interest rates will put upward pressure on rents and lessen the concentration of wealth.[19:37] Local Market Specialists and Investment Counselors are always working in the client's best interest.Mentioned in This Episode:Jason HartmanGrant’s Interest Rate ObserverVenture Alliance Mastermind


24 Aug 2019

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1209: America's Retirement Savings & Maxifi Your Financial Future

Jason Hartman and Doug start today's show looking at how much money the average 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 year olds have in their retirement savings. There's a discrepancy that can be frightening.Then Jason finishes his conversation with Laurence Kotlikoff, William Fairfield Warren Professor and Professor of Economics at Boston University, about how his software, Maxifi, can help those people who are planning toward retirement. Laurence explains the intricacies, assumptions that many people don't make when factoring in their savings.Key Takeaways:[4:29] You need to think about how much you're saving for retirement as well as how you're saving for retirement[8:21] The current average savings for those in their 30s[11:19] Amortization is beautiful because it just happens, there's nothing for you to do[14:14] Your 40s presents both a danger and an opportunity for your retirement savingsLaurence Kotlikoff, Part 2[18:31] Is the future inflationary?[19:58] What do we need to do to plan for the future?[26:16] How much time it takes to input your data into Maxifi[29:52] Many people are saving too much for their later life because they're scaredWebsite:www.JasonHartman.com/Properties www.Maxifi.com www.Kotlikoff.net www.PurplePlans.orgJason Hartman's Real Estate Investor Update Alexa Skill


6 Jun 2019

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1169: Teaching Kids Investing & Real Estate Analysis Software by Deal Check

Have you started teaching your kids how to invest? That's the question that Jason Hartman and Adam tackle in the opening part of today's show. The two discuss some of the more important things you can talk to your kids about in order to set them up for a lifetime of successful investing.Then Jason talks with Anton Ivanov, founder of DealCheck.io, about his real estate journey and what made him create his deal evaluating software. The two also explore what metrics real estate investors can use to best evaluate deals and where to get numbers that will actually give you accurate results.Key Takeaways:[2:55] The first thing you might want to do to teach your kids about investing and how Adam is approaching it with his kids[7:00] Jason's first savings accountAnton Ivanov Interview:[14:57] How Anton became an accidental landlord and started his real estate journey[18:07] How the need to evaluate deals led to Anton's technology, and how to evaluate deals in general[21:26] The only sure way to get accurate numbers in cash flow or profit equations[24:13] Some of the metrics Anton loves to use[28:35] Is the future for landlords as good as Jason believes?[35:12] You can buy in blighted areas if you want, but know that they can take a REALLY long time to turn, if ever.Website:www.VentureAllianceMastermind.com www.DealCheck.io - Promo Code CW25OFF


10 Apr 2019

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