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There’s an important conversation happening right now around the role of women in leadership and what it looks like when organizations fully embrace equality. When She Leads is a 5-part podcast series from the Center for Creative Leadership that aims to further that conversation by highlighting how When She Leads, individuals grow and organizations flourish.

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5. Teaching Teens to Code, and Beyond

CCL’s Laura Santana talks with Tsegga Medhin, the founder and president of the Pearl Leadership Institute and the president of United Nation Women USA’s North Carolina chapter. Tsegga has a background working in tech and finance, including about 20 years at IBM. In this episode, Tsegga describes the wide range of impactful projects she’s working on to empower women and girls, including a partnership with Apple to teach teenage girls to code.


2 Dec 2019

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4. How a Manufacturing Company Stepped Up for Women in Business

CCL’s Jennifer Martineau talks with Hugo Martinho, the Asia-Pacific human resources director for Schindler Group, a global engineering and manufacturing company. In this episode, Hugo describes the specific challenges that women face in the industry and region, and also explains several steps his company has taken to address gender inequity.


2 Dec 2019

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3. Empowering Women in Business: Healthcare & Philanthropy

CCL’s Jennifer Martineau talks with Karen McNeil-Miller, the president and CEO of the Colorado Health Foundation. Karen previously served as the president of the health-focused Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust and worked as a teacher and school administrator. In this episode, Karen talks about her unexpected career trajectory, and how she’s changed as a leader over time.


2 Dec 2019

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2. Trailblazing Leadership, From Spain to Peru

CCL’s Laura Santana talks with Marta del Rio Villanueva. She is the co-founder and president of Wasi Organics, a Peru-based organic snack company that sources all of its ingredients from local Andean farmers associations. In this episode, Marta talks about the various ways she’s been a trailblazer throughout her career, including an early experience where she pioneered job-sharing to help keep women in the workforce.


2 Dec 2019

Rank #4

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1. The Mother Putting People First

CCL’s Kelly Simmons speaks with Divya Ghatak, who is an active board member for Watermark, a community of executive women who are building networks to help more women in business accelerate their careers. Divya has built her career in HR leadership positions at a number of tech companies, including Cisco and Good Data. When we spoke with her, she served as the vice president of people at Nevro, a global medical technology company. In this episode of our women in business podcast, Divya talks about a variety of challenges she’s faced.


2 Dec 2019

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