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PowerPassionProsperity : The TriplePLife Audio Blog is a one time per week show where Dr Jay and guests shares exactly what they know about proven health habits to help you maximize your energy and well being while adopting a success mindset to create financial freedom. Their tips, lesson and advice will help YOU create ACTIONABLE steps to achieve all your goals and dreams. Ready to finally EmPower Your dreams, Ignite Your Passion, Accelerate Your Prosperity? Then join this TriplePLife community and experience these life changing benefits.

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The Thursday Wrap!

When we give up our power to outside sources we loose ourselves in the process. This leads to frustration, stagnation and unhappiness. I will discuss the the power of (ARA), Awareness, Responsibility and Action and how you can take back your voice while empowering all your dreams.  


19 Mar 2020

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