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The ClickZ Digital Marketing Podcast, presented and produced by Tim Flagg, published by ClickZ.ClickZ, the original digital business intelligence company founded in 1997, provides best practice advice, trends and insight from leading analysts and practitioners to a global community of more than 100,000 digital marketing and e-commerce professionals.

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28. Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

In this special episode, I will be giving you my perspective on the trends that I believe are going to be important for marketers to address in 2019. We'll look at the trends that have shaped digital marketing in the last couple of years and then I'll outline the 4 key trends that I think marketers need to address in 2019, and why I think the future of advertising belongs to consumers


19 Dec 2018

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27. The impact of the GDPR on advertising with Peter Milla

Join Peter Milla from Cint to learn what the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is and what impact it will have on any business that has customers or staff in the EU. We discuss the long term impact and whether this will change how consumers value their privacy and data.


14 May 2018

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26. Blockchain for marketers, what every CMO needs to know, with Jeremy Epstein

Join Blockchain expert Jeremy Epstein, former VP of Sprinklr, and understand what Blockchain is (hint it's not just cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin)and start to recognise it's potential to empower consumers and revolutionize marketing.


30 Nov 2017

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25. Scott Brinker: What CMOs need to know about marketing technology, leadership and transformation

Scott Brinker is the Chiefmartec, the globally recognised authority on the intersection of marketing and technology. In this episode we cover the phenomenal growth of 'marketing technology' and then discuss how CMOs can build processes in their teams to allow them to experiment and innovate, whilst still maintaining business as usual. It's fine to feel a little overwhelmed by the pace of change, and Scott offers some practical advice on how marketers can be the catalyst for change. Along the way we discuss attribution, AI, personalisation, big-data and always putting the customer at the centre.


2 Nov 2017

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24. Why marketers need to understand personal data, the opportunities and risks with Liz Brandt

In this episode we talk about the growth of the personal information economy and what it means for advertisers and consumers. Emboldened by recent legislation like GDPR, consumers are now more aware than ever of the value of their data. This presents risk and opportunities for all businesses, particularly advertisers. We chat to Liz Brandt, co-founder and CEO of Ctrl-Shift, about how we can prepare for the future.


17 Oct 2017

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21. Building the ad agency of the future: Diversity, trust and transparency with Mary Keane Dawson

In this episode we talk about the future of advertising and why ad agencies must evolve to stay relevant in an increasingly diverse world. We'll discuss what role technology should play in the advertising of the future, whether AI can ever be creative and why it's such an exciting time to be an innovator in advertising. We'll also hear why agencies should be aiming to better reflect society, and the benefits of diversity and equality to tap into talent and insights, to deliver the best advertising. We also examine trust and transparency in an age of big data, AI and new technology.


29 Jun 2017

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20. Why advertising is broken and how technology will unleash our creativity with Tom Goodwin

In this episode I join Tom Goodwin, EVP, Head of Innovation at Zenith Media to take a look at the state of advertising and ask, does advertising have a future? Along the way we discuss everything from online banks, data privacy, personalisation, tracking and how technology should be making the industry more creative.


15 May 2017

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19. The importance of high quality content for publishers and marketers, with Andy Oakes

We'll hear how programmatic media buying has impacted on digital publishers and the importance of high quality content for marketers, from one of the best known voices in the industry. I'm joined by Andy Oakes, former publisher of New Media Age and former head of content and managing director of The Drum. We'll be discussing content marketing, publishing, programmatic and the future of online advertising.


24 Apr 2017

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17. Harnessing data, creativity and context to produce powerful ads - Matt Nash, Neo@Ogilvy

Join Matt Nash, Managing Partner UK at Neo @ Ogilvy as we discuss how ad agencies are harnessing the power of data to produce powerful and effective advertising. We discuss how the future of advertising lies in being able to predict what a user is going to do, and how we'll be able to tell stories in a sequence of ads across devices. Whilst data is important, we'll also hear about the importance of creativity and context in creating ads that connect with audiences.


13 Mar 2017

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15. What is a Data Management Platform? Miles Pritchard from Lotame

What exactly is a Data Management Platform, and why is it so important? Miles Pritchard, Global director of marketer and agency solutions at Lotame, will explain what a DMP is and how they are being used by marketers and agencies. We'll also look ahead at some of the challenges that advertisers are facing, and how being able to collate data from multiple different sources can help deliver more targeted and effective advertising. DMPs are becoming a critical part of every marketer's technology stack, so tune in and listen to Miles explain the industry best practice and how to get started.


12 Jan 2017

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2. Using AI to improve your email performance with Parry Malm from Phrasee

Episode 2 of the ClickZ podcast with Parry Malm. Parry is CEO of Phrasee, the AI-powered subject line optimisation company. Previously he ran the strategy & commercial departments for an email service provider, and prior to that headed up a global marketing team for a FTSE250 media company.Get the full ClickZ Intelligence Digital Trends 2016 report here: www.clickz.com/digital-trends-2016-uk-report


12 Feb 2016

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32. The science of effective marketing with Dan Gilbert, CEO BrainLabs

This is the ClickZ digital marketing podcast and I’m joined by legendary marketer Dan Gilbert. We’ll be talking about how and why marketing has changed, bringing creativity and science together to produce highly effective marketing campaigns. Dan Gilbert is the CEO and founder of Brain Labs, one of the most effective and successful digital marketing agencies in the UK. Dan will be giving his advice on building effective marketing campaigns and sharing some great case studies. We’ll hear what it means to apply an experimental approach to marketing and why it’s the only way to future proof your business. We’ll also be discussing transparency and how the role of agency partners and technology will develop in the future.


18 Feb 2020

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31. The Future of Programmatic Advertising with James Patterson from The Trade Desk

In this episode, I am joined by James Patterson from The Trade Desk. We discuss the future of online advertising, how programmatic has to evolve, creating greater transparency and the importance of the ad funded 'Open Web'.


29 Jan 2020

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30. Ad Fraud, what marketers need to know with Eric Bozinny from Pubmatic

Join Eric Bozinny from Pubmatic as we learn about the different types of ad fraud and what the industry is doing to combat them. You'll learn what marketers should be doing to ensure greater transparency and hear about industry wide initiatives to tackle ad fraud in display advertising.


26 Jan 2020

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29. Why do brands in-house their media buying? James Briscoe, Percept Audit

Many brands have brought aspects of their media buying in-house. So just what is involved and how straight forward is this process? We look at the benefits and challenges of in-housing with James Briscoe, COO at PerceptAudit who has helped a number of major brands with their in-housing projects.


4 Mar 2019

Rank #15