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Three educational professionals that have passion for learning and sharing their educational knowledge. Time is of the essence in education, so take your learning on the go with Educational Leadership On The Go! Dr. Dustin Bain, Dr. Ryan Luhning, and Dr. Jaime Welborn bring their experience and love of education in hope to inspire and lead others in the world of leadership and education. The hosts represent leadership from the elementary, secondary, and post secondary education realms. The creation of the podcast is to spread educational leadership knowledge along with interacting with the listener to create a better educational system for tomorrow. Feel free to reach out to the hosts at leadonthego@gmail.com

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The Role of the Principal

The crew explores the role of the principal in our current schools. Everyone has spent time as a student in a school and has their own idea of what a principal looks like, sounds like, and what their role of the learning process is or isn't. The three doctors utilize the article A Shift in Perspective on the Role of the Principal by Andy Johnsen and Jill Pancoast 2014. The article compares the role of the building principal of that a ship captain. Many principals face burn out today due to the various hats they have to wear to make a day successful, but do they really need to wear all those hats? Join the gang as they explore the role of the principal and how you can be a better captain of your ship.


21 Jan 2019

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Tough Conversations

How do you mentally prepare to have a tough conversation in the work place? Are you scared? Are you nervous? The crew is back together in episode #5 to explore tough conversations in the work place. In leadership one of our responsibilities is to make sure the organization is moving forward. Great leaders understand that on the journey of moving forward there are going to bumps along the road that require us to have the courage to have tough conversations with those around us. Dr. Bain, Dr. Luhning, and Dr. Welborn utilize the article "4 Things to Do Before Tough Conversations" by Joseph Grenny published in the Harvard Business Review in January 2019 as a guidance through the discussion. Before you have the next tough conversation, please take some time to listen to the crew as they help you prepare for that moment. 


27 Feb 2019

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Social Emotional and Cultural Proficiency Framework

Are teachers working twice as hard today as they ever have? That's a question posed within the podcast and it leads to an in-depth discussion on the role of an educator around the social/emotional needs of students and the culture we are building as leaders. Show Co-Host Dr. Jaime Welborn had a recent article published in the Education Leadership Review https://www.icpel.org/uploads/1/5/6/2/15622000/elr_volume_20_1__fall_2019.pdf. Dr. Welborn completed research on a school district's journey toward becoming culturally proficient. Dr. Welborn shares some of the results from her research and a framework to help guide educators on creating equitable school environments. 

1hr 6mins

25 Nov 2019

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Supporting Staff Through the Grind

Shocktober and Februbury are two of the hardest months for staff members to grind through in schools. As leaders in buildings we see it year in and year out as the climate rides the waves this time of year. Dr. Bain, Dr. Luhning, and Dr. Welborn explore why this time of the year is such a grind and what we can do to support our staff through it. The leaders show some vulnerability with things they have experienced and ideas of how to support the teachers through the grind. 


21 Oct 2019

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RTI 2.0

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a topic that has been revisited, revised, implemented, and analyzed for years in schools. Creating plans to address the individual learning needs of students is at the forefront of every educational leader across America. Dr. Dustin Bain is joined by guest Dr. Craig Hamby, Director of Elementary Education in Lindbergh Schools. Dr. Hamby and Dr. Bain sit down to discuss how recently Dr. Hamby has developed a new outlook and approach to RTI in his schools. The discussion walks through the philosophy and implementation of RTI moving forward. 


30 Dec 2019

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Urgent vs. Important

Leaders battle to get the most out of every minute in every day as they balance the demands of their position. This podcast explores the idea of urgent vs. important and how leaders can better manage the time they have to be successful. Dr. Welborn, Dr. Luhning, and Dr. Bain discuss ideas to help manage time and issues that leader face and how to categorize them by priority. The podcast references the following articles and might be useful to listeners: 1. http://www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/dec16/vol74/num04/What's-Important%C2%A2.aspx2. http://www.thrivingschools.net/blog/2017/1/30/important-vs-urgent-stephen-covey-at-school


4 Aug 2019

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Staying Focused as a Leader

Setting goals that assist in an organization moving forward are essential, but then the reality of everyday craziness intervenes on our focus of meeting those goals. How many times have we been the leader at the front of the room or the leader sitting in the crowd hearing what our goals are for the year, and then we never hear about them again. Dr. Ryan Luhning and Dr. Dustin Bain discuss how leaders can stay focused on goals as the ebb and flow of the year comes at us. Dr. Dustin Bain references the following podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/55-the-art-of-energy-management/id1070649025?i=1000453044266https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ep-264-jeff-spencer/id1341346059?i=1000452857166


23 Dec 2019

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Dr. Joe Sanfelippo Changing the Narrative

Passion, enthusiasm, and leadership are words that can be used to describe special guest Dr. Joe Sanfelippo (@Joe_Sanfelippo) who joined the podcast to discuss changing the narrative in education. Joe is the Superintendent of the Fall Creek, Wisconsin School District (#GoCrickets). In addition, Joe is a keynote speaker traveling the country delivering a message to educators about changing the narrative within our schools, and creates leadership challenges through his #1minwalk2work videos on twitter. Joe asks leaders to focus on being intentional, opening doors, and building people to create the brand and  most optimal organizations possible. Joe's passion and desire are evident through this podcast interview and discussion. To learn more about Dr. Joe Sanfelippo please visit www.jsanfelippo.com and explore his abilities as a leader, author, and speaker.  


23 Jun 2019

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Correlates of Effective Schools

The doctors are back in the podcast studio to discuss the Correlates of Effective Schools. Dr. Bain, Dr. Welborn, and Dr. Luhning check in with each other and celebrate Dr. Luhning taking over as Head Principal of Valley Park High School. Episode #8 uses Dr. Lawrence W. Lezotte's article "Revolutionary and Evolutionary: The Effective Schools Movement" file:///Users/DustinBain/Downloads/Correlates%20Article.pdf as a guide for their discussion around the 6 correlates that create effective schools. Dr. Welborn provides the history behind the research and brings us to where we are today. This article and podcast is a must read for school leaders to help reflect on the effectiveness of their educational setting. 


18 Apr 2019

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Interview and Hiring Season

Dr. Bain, Dr. Welborn, and Dr. Luhning sit down to discuss the interview and hiring season that is upon us. The beginning of the calendar year in education brings the movement of new hires and the potential of movement among teachers and administrators. The crew sits down to discuss what candidates can do to prepare for their next position and how we can best hire candidates that support our current culture in the building. 


11 Feb 2020

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