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This is The Crossway Podcast, a show where we sit down with authors each week for thoughtful interviews about the Bible, theology, church history, and the Christian life.

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Rethinking Multiservice and Multisite Church (Jonathan Leeman)

Jonathan Leeman discusses his argument that multiservice and multisite models run counter to the pattern for the local church we see in the New Testament. He explores the irony of discussing church gatherings in the midst of a quarantine, lays out his biblical and practical reasons for believing this, explains how we define the Greek word for church ekklēsia is so important in this conversation, and reflects on pushback received from other pastors, such as the objection that it could harm our church's evangelism.


27 Apr 2020

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Are Angels and Demons Still Active Today? (Graham Cole)

Graham Cole discusses what the Bible really teaches us about angels. He talks about the different kinds of angels mentioned in Scripture, whether or not every person has a guardian angel, the nature of demon possession today, and what we know about the when, why, and how of Satan's fall.


11 Nov 2019

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Calvinism 101 (Kevin DeYoung)

In this interview, Kevin DeYoung unpacks Calvinism, explaining the famous 5 points summarized in the TULIP acrostic, the problem with cage-stage Calvinists, and the one question he’d ask Armninians to consider.Kevin DeYoung is the author of Grace Defined and Defended: What a 400-Year-Old Confession Teaches Us about Sin, Salvation, and the Sovereignty of God.Read the full transcript.If you enjoyed this episode be sure to leave us a review, which helps us spread the word about the show!


3 Jun 2019

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Christians, the LGBTQ Community, and the Call to Hospitality (Rosaria Butterfield)

In this interview, Rosaria Butterfield recounts her own encounter with radically ordinary hospitality as an unbelieving lesbian—sharing how God used such hospitality to break down her preconceived ideas about Christians and get her reading the Bible for herself. She highlights the importance of engaging the LGBTQ community with boldness and love, encouraging us to pursue flesh and blood friendships with those who don’t yet know Christ.Rosaria Butterfield is the author of The Gospel Comes with a House Key: Practicing Radically Ordinary Hospitality in Our Post-Christian World.Read the full transcript.If you enjoyed this episode be sure to leave us a review, which helps us spread the word about the show!


13 May 2019

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Help! I Hate My Job (Jim Hamilton)

In this episode, Jim Hamilton discusses what to do when you hate your job. He offers encouragement for those frustrated in their work, reflects on God's original intention for work at creation, and explains the difference between a job and a vocation. Jim Hamilton is the author of Work and Our Labor in the Lord.Read the full transcript.If you enjoyed this episode be sure to leave us a review, which helps us spread the word about the show!


6 Jan 2020

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Is Evangelicalism out of Touch with Church History? (Gavin Ortlund)

Gavin Ortlund explores whether or not Protestant Evangelicals are out of touch with church history. He discusses the rich legacy of Christian thinking that evangelicals have as their own heritage, the dangers of ignoring church history as if it doesn't matter and has no bearing on our lives today, and how to appreciate and learn from other Christians in the past without letting go of our own doctrinal convictions.


4 Nov 2019

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Distinguishing Christmas Tradition from Truth (Andreas Köstenberger)

Andreas Köstenberger explores how to distinguish fact from fiction when it comes to the Christmas story. He shares his thoughts on the real date of Jesus's birth, talks about what was really going on with the wise men and the star, and digs into some of the key Old Testament prophecies and allusions related to the coming of Israel's Messiah, and how Jesus fulfilled every one of them.


23 Dec 2019

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The Freeing Reality that You Are Not Enough (Jen Wilkin)

Jen Wilkin discusses our God-given limits as created beings. She reflects on why the common refrain that we should look inside ourselves for meaning and purpose is so misguided, how our personal stories and family past impact our view of God, and why embracing our limits in the presence of a limitless God is the only path to true peace.


17 Feb 2020

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Parenting in Light of the Gospel (Paul Tripp)

In this interview, Paul Tripp reflects on his own parenting journey, the most common questions he gets asked about parenting, and how he came to view raising children as one of the most significant things a person can do in life.Paul Tripp is the author of Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family.Read the full transcript.If you enjoyed this episode be sure to leave us a review, which helps us spread the word about the show!


8 Apr 2019

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Are Christians Obligated to Give 10%? (Sam Storms)

Sam Storms discusses what the Bible teaches about tithing. He explores the word's Old Testament background, examines whether or not Christians are obligated to give 10% of their income today, offers advice related to living generously, speaks to the sensitive issues of pastor's salaries, and reflects on how giving to support missions, the poor, and other charities fits into this conversation.


24 Feb 2020

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What We Often Get Wrong about Our Emotions (Alasdair Groves)

Alasdair Groves explains the importance of emotions, and what the Bible teaches about them. He highlights how our emotions relate to our reason, ways we tend to over- or under-emphasize emotions, the role modern medications should play in managing our emotional life, and why negative emotions aren’t always a bad thing.


29 Jul 2019

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8 Questions to Ask Every Time You Open Your Bible (Matthew Harmon)

Matthew Harmon discusses eight simple questions to ask when studying the Bible, questions that help us get at the true meaning of Scripture, and how to apply it to our lives today. He explains why all Christians, not just those with a seminary degree, can study the Bible deeply for themselves. He highlights what Jesus himself teaches us about how to rightly read Scripture, and explores how to move from understanding to application without making the Bible all about us.


9 Mar 2020

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Common Misconceptions about Heaven (Ian Smith)

Ian Smith discusses what the New Heavens and New Earth will be like when Jesus returns. He considers the popularity of heaven tourism books and what they tell us about common cultural assumptions, what the Bible says about our resurrected bodies, and what we'll actually be doing in the new earth for all eternity.


20 Jan 2020

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The Truth about Satan and Demons (Iain Duguid)

Iain Duguid discusses Satan and demons, explaining what the Bible really teaches us about the devil, how to avoid overestimating or underestimating his impact on the world and even on our day-to-day lives, and why our culture seems fascinated by demons when it comes to horror movies and Halloween.


19 Aug 2019

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Full Audiobook: 'Coronavirus and Christ' by John Piper

In this special episode, we're sharing a full audio recording of Coronavirus and Christ—a brand-new book written and read by John Piper.On January 11, 2020, a novel coronavirus (COVID-19) reportedly claimed its first victim in the Hubei province of China. By March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization had declared a global pandemic. In the midst of this fear and uncertainty, it is natural to wonder what God is doing.In this audiobook read by the author, John Piper invites readers around the world to stand on the solid Rock, who is Jesus Christ, in whom our souls can be sustained by the sovereign God who ordains, governs, and reigns over all things to accomplish his wise and good purposes for those who trust in him. What is God doing through the coronavirus? Piper offers six biblical answers to that question, showing us that God is at work in this moment in history.Learn more about Coronavirus and Christ and download the full ebook for free at crossway.org/coronavirus.

2hr 8mins

8 Apr 2020

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The Heart of the Abortion Debate (Scott Klusendorf)

Scott Klusendorf discusses abortion and the current state of the pro-life movement. He highlights the biggest mistakes pro-life people tend to make when discussing abortion, explains why be believes pictures of aborted children are important to see, and responds to some of the most common pro-choice arguments and slogans.


5 Aug 2019

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Does Jesus Really Like Me? (Dane Ortlund)

Dane Ortlund discusses his answer to a question we've all wrestled with at some point: does God actually like me? He highlights what Scripture says about God's disposition towards us as redeemed sinners. He explains what Jesus meant when he said that he is "gentle and lowly in heart." He explores what it means that Christ is continually interceding for us before the Father in Heaven, and why that truth should be the source of so much comfort and hope for us as Christians.


20 Apr 2020

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What It Takes to Persevere as a Pastor (John MacArthur)

John MacArthur digs into what it takes to persevere as a pastor. He explains why it seems like pastoral failure and burnout are more common than ever, why pastors should avoid ‘Yes Men’ at all costs, how a car accident helped confirm his call to ministry, and what he’s learned from over 5 decades of ministry at a single church.


12 Aug 2019

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The Scoundrels of Scripture (Nancy Guthrie)

Nancy Guthrie discusses some of the less well-loved characters of Scripture like tax collectors, scribes, Pharisees, and even Judas Iscariot, Jesus's betrayer. She also highlights what we can learn from Jesus's scandalous family tree, and why it's good news for sinners like us.


13 Apr 2020

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The False Messages Facing Women Today (Lydia Brownback)

Lydia Brownback highlights the false messages directed at Christian women today, reflecting on the increase of anxiety and depression among believers, the importance of discernment when it comes to the Christian leaders we follow, and the danger of a hyper-examined life.


27 May 2019

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