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Adulting ain't easy! Welcome to Flourish with Delores (formally known as We Are Still Becoming) where my friends and I have some vulnerable conversations to remind you that flourishing is about PROGRESS, not perfection. Listen, we are dispelling the myth that we have to have it all figured out. Episodes drop twice a month on Tuesdays and I promise you that they are filled with gems and insight. I want you to know that you are not alone in the adulting struggle so we get real transparent about our journey. We discuss our challenges (like imposter syndrome, anxiety, managing money, relationships, family planning, finding time for self-care and development), and the ways that we try to navigate through our growing pains.As you listen to each episode and hear the authentic stories of "successful" young professionals, you'll be reaffirmed that you are not alone in the adulting struggle.Feel free to stay connected with me on IG or FB @FlourishwithDelores on Instagram and Facebook. Visit FlourishwithDelores.com for shownotes.Seasons run from March through November

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What You Need to Know About Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Being Spiritually Bold -Ep. 25

Mi'esha Reynolds is a spiritual blogger, coach, school counselor, and the creator of Be Spiritually Bold.  On this episode we discuss: The power in praying bold prayers How she found the courage to find and connect with her biological father  The story behind her creation of Be Spiritually Bold The value of pre-marital counseling Why you should own your story and truth Her bold move to Egypt  Connect with Mi’esha using the following: Website: www.bespirituallybold.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bespirituallyBOLD/ Instagram: @BeSpirituallyBOLD 


13 May 2020

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