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We are part of the VeeFriends NFT collector community. We meet weekly on Clubhouse to talk about NFTs, business, and share personal stories. We also record some of our chats, we drop them here for you! Enjoy, and then come hang with us. https://bit.ly/LetsVeeFriendsCH

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NFT Case Studies: The History of CryptoPunks

In this episode, current VeeFriends holders Michael Trompeta + Tim Lowe explore the history of CryptoPunks. They provide insights + statistics that offer us a rich understanding on the impact Larva Labs has had within the NFT industry. Also giving the Canadian developers Matt Hall + John Watkinson kudos for providing a template for the smart contracts we now use today as the ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token standard. Listen to gain a deeper perspective of how the project has grown in community + has inspired other projects. (00:20) Welcome + Intros (01:25) CryptoPunks History (02:22) Erc-20 Tokens + Examples (02:58) Smart Contracts Erc-721 Historical Value (03:34) Stats + Original Mint Eth Value (04:11) Mashable Article, Sell-Out + Rise of Floor (05:11) Original Mint Value 28 USD (05:30) Year Over Year June 2020 + Current Floor (06:03) 98% of Sales Statistic (06:50) Business of NFTs + History of IPOs (08:00) Media Coverage (10:24) Marketing + Deliverables (11:29) Imperfect Action, A Bug in the Contract (12:38) Immutable on the Blockchain + Importance of Good Developers (13:05) Wrapped Solution + Transparency (13:50) CryptoPunk Sold Too Soon (17:34) First Rug Pull NFT (20:06) Importance of Caution + Demand for Transparency (21:44) CryptoKitties + Breeding of the Blockchain (23:45) CryptoPunk Rarities + Inspired Projects (27:44) Nikole Sariotis Thanks Mikee + Tim for Presentation + Opens Qs (28:12) Q + A Begins w Loïc Ramboanasolo - CryptoPunks Derivatives (31:45) Mikee Compares to Jordans (32:49) Avatar Fatigue (34:34) Justin Stevens Asks OG Status Implications (35:45) Mikee Caveat of Supply + Demand, Curio Cards + Moon Cats (38:12) Tim Compares Current NFTs to Myspace Days of Social (39:34) Matt Mazzaferro Asks Crypto Strikers (41:44) Mikee Talks Personal Preferences, + Mentions Dead Heads, Cool Cats, Gutter Cats, World of Women (42:44) Loïc Contrasts Dead Heads + Crypto Strikers, coins "Gary Wave" (44:39) Consider Real World Performance of Athletes (46:40) Potential Risk of Using Likeness on the Blockchain without Permissions (48:29) Wrapped Tokens Technology Affect on Inventory of Editions (50:02) Matt Confirms Rights to Likeness (51:20) Nikole's Room Reset + DYOR Reminders (52:18) Berk Ross Photographer (53:54) Accountable Ants - Being Your Own Critical Thinker (55:50) Mario Asks Current Project Potentials (56:50) Tim Talks His Current Projects (59:00) Loïc Offers Personal Logic + Uses BAYC as Case Study (66:00) Mario Longtin Talks FvckRender Crystal (67:07) Risky Hobby + Missteps Noted (68:05) Matt Talks CryptoFighters + Growing Attention of OG Projects (68:50) Nikole Prompts Future Show Planning of Avastars + Closes Chat Additional Resources: How to Set Up Meta Mask Hardware + Other Wallet Options How to Purchase Eth Beginners Guide to NFTs VeeFriends Discord Join Us on Clubhouse

1hr 14mins

23 Aug 2021

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