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This podcast is dedicated to the Louisville soccer scene. Content includes Louisville City, Racing Louisville, local happenings, and both National teams. Will indulge in MLS only if I have had a really bad day :-) ... hope you will subscribe and join us!

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Hey again! Hope you have had a good week. So Racing went to " The World Center of Racing" down in Daytona and managed a point after giving up a lead in a weird situation ... I mean, it's a racetrack ... and LouCity took down Enzo's Ragtag Mob in a big rivalry win. New player signing, men's U20 dominance, Women's World Cup qualifying begins, and much more. Joey and I do what we can to cover all of it in our normal, charming manner :-)  Please like, subscribe and... SHRE THE LOVE, and if you are listening on Saturday, hope to see you tonight at LFS!


9 Jul 2022

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Hey all. July is here, and it's a holiday weekend! And yes, we are In the midst of some trying times ... but, we move onward! Loucity's solid win against Hartford, Racing has job opportunities, and is the USMNT program from top to bottom turning the corner, finally?  All of that, as well as the advancement of the "LIGA MLS" conspiracy, and more.  Please like subscribe and share ... SHARE THE LOVE, and a happy 4th to you all!


2 Jul 2022

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Hey there! Another week, another show .... slightly abbreviated however, as life did life things this week and didn't have any time to do much.  But the "much" Joey and I did ain't bad ... in fact, we were as awesome as ever! Racing's surprise comeback, LouCity's dominant win, Women's Cup announced, and several other topics are covered! Please like, subscribe and share ... because if we ever needed to share the love, the time is now. 


25 Jun 2022

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#37 - Buhbye, Spring!

Hello Again! Ready for summer? I am. Hopefully, the new season will bring good things for all of us, and this show will get you hyped for the match at LFS tonight as LouCity returns from a well earned week off. Joey, Alex, and I discuss many things including Racing's tough loss at home to Angel City and the USMNT's wins in Nation's League. Several other topics are covered as well, including a review of LouCity's season to date, the possible impact of MLS's new TV contract to USL, and much more. Please like, subscribe, and share .... SHARE THE LOVE! Hope you are well :-)

1hr 32mins

18 Jun 2022

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#36 - Well ... boo!

Hi again, everyone! OK so last week's matches weren't a lot of fun. Such is life though, yes? I mean, it can't ALL be rainbows and kittens, yes? Oh well ... Joey and I discuss the drubbing here and he rough performance in St Petersb ... I mean, Tampa ... as well as the USMNT match with Uruguay. Plenty of other topics as well, but you'll have to listen to find out what they are for yourself :-)  ... SHARE THE LOVE!


11 Jun 2022

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Hey! Sorry I couldn't get anything earlier in the week as life is doing life things ... but here ya go! Hopefully this will get you amped up for the match tonight here in Louisville for Racing v North Carolina. Joey and I cover the Racing loss in the sweltering Memorial Day heat in KC, The tough but valiant effort against Nashville, and the outstanding 2nd half performance against Tulsa. USMNT stuff as well, plus a response to the "scolding" we received from Christian Pulisic, and a ton of other things as well! Blast it in the lot while you pregame, everyone will think you're awesome!!! Hope you are well, and remember ... SHARE THE LOVE!

1hr 9mins

4 Jun 2022

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#34 - A Crazy Week!

Hi Everyone. First off, obviously our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was impacted by the horrific events in Texas yesterday. I don't understand the heart and mind that can do such a thing, but I do know that love, kindness, and decency for all people is the way we move forward, and these shows are a way for me to help spread that in my own way. Locally, Racing turns a corner and LouCity has a really bad night. Joey an I also cover the new contract for the USWNT, another bit about pro/rel, and the growing issues now arising from pitch invasions. I usually say it with a bit of humor, but folks, please ... share the love. It's the only way out of the valley we are in now. 

1hr 12mins

25 May 2022

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#33: Watch Your Language!

Hi again! Sorry so late, personal and professional pressures abound ... but life goes on! Joey and Ken both join in to discuss three matches (you don't wanna miss Joey's Over-Exaggerations!), and a deep dive into BAD WERDZZZ, as well as Ken's recap of traveling to Detroit for the big Open Cup win. Available on Amazon, iTunes, Podbean, nd Spotify ... please like, subscribe and SAHRE ... the love :-)

1hr 24mins

18 May 2022

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#32 - Looking Forward

Hello again! Hope you have had a great week to this point. A bit of a shorter show this week, as Joey and I delve into the Racing opener (which has some upside even though it was a defeat) and the amazing performance delivered by LouCity at home against the Riverhounds. And how about the success of the Pups at The Pitch event? Well done! If you are listening Wednesday, let's hope the boys continue the hot streak down in Atlanta! Available on iTunes, Podbean, Spotify and now ... Amazon! Also a note: For the summer, the show will be moving to Thursday ... adjust your calendars accordingly!! As always, ,we humbly ask you to like, subscribe and share ... SHARE ... the love! 


4 May 2022

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Good day! Hope you are well. So, Racing's NWSL Campaign is about to start after a draw to complete the Challenge Cup .. how will they do? Also, why "Oucity"? You'll find out when you listen ;-) ... A crazy shootout win and a then gutting out a draw ends a crazy, successful 10 game run for Los Morados. Joey Cecil is in as always to break it all down, and we welcome back Alex Lynch to discuss technology and a couple of ideas that could improve the game in general. Traditionalists BEWARE: Your heads may explode! As always, we ae on Podbean, iTunes, and Spotify. Please like, subscribe and share. SHARE ... the love. See you soon!

1hr 6mins

27 Apr 2022

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