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London guys that are here for the banter but we also talk about some serious topics! We also want to inspire others whenever we can! Do you agree/disagree with us? Use #PassMeTheRemote on Twitter and Instagram to let us know your thoughts!Follow and engage with us on social mediaTwitter: @passmetheremot3Instagram: passmetheremot3Facebook: passmetheremot3Got any feedback/topics or any general enquiries email us at:passmetheremot3@gmail.com

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Episode 39 - Celebrity Juice ft The Untitled Podcast

We were joined by the hilarious duo Ricky and Junior from the Untitled Podcast to talk about glamorisation of celebrity couples and just have good vibes!  - Policing during lockdown - Glamorisation of celebrity couples  - Celebrity crushes  - Taking gifts back from your ex  - Cancel culture  Follow us on all social platforms: @passmetheremot3 Don't forget to like, share and subscribe to us everywhere you can find us!


5 Apr 2021

Rank #1

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Episode 38 - I'm a classic man

We got the musical man Solariss come through and join the boys to discuss his musical journey so far and plans for the future! Episode Highlights: - How Solariss got into music  - Classical musical world - Performing at Lovebox Festival  - Engagement proposals - Busking  - Riddle of the day Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,Youtube and TikTok: @passmetheremot3


22 Mar 2021

Rank #2

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Episode 37 - Real Radio ft Zack

We were joined by one of Reprezent Radio hosts Zack, who came with good energy and gave us a deeper insight into what it's like being a good radio presenter. Episode Highlights: - Professional Twitter  -  Birthday make-up  - How Zack got into radio - Different radio voices - Filling in for Tinie Tempah  - Celebrity lookalikes - Gorilla Glue woman - Riddle of the day Follow us on social media: @passmetheremot3


8 Mar 2021

Rank #3

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Episode 36 - The Karate Kid ft Blake Collins

We were joined by former world champion and GB karate representative Blake Collins, who came to give us an insight of the karate world, and it's not exactly like Karate Kid the movie! Episode Highlights: - Cobra Kai  - Karate grading systems  - Plastic surgery  - The Relaxin Hormone  - The road to becoming a karate world champion  - Using karate to defend friends on a nights out  Follow the podcast on socials: @passmetheremot3

1hr 10mins

22 Feb 2021

Rank #4

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Episode 35 - No Kissing on Set

Sam came back and jumped on the podcast to discuss dating someone in the acting industry. You will definitely be chuckling at this episode! Episode Highlights: - Dating an actor? - Who is a better kisser?  - Turn-offs in a potential partner  - Dating history -  Happy Meal dilemma Follow us on socials: @passmetheremot3 Like, share and subscribe with your family, friends, colleagues and even your local shop owners! 


17 Jan 2021

Rank #5

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Episode 34 - Baecation in Jerusalem ft Rosie & Roselyn

We had the double trouble sisters Rosie & Roselyn join the boys to discuss food, holidays and friendships. Episode Highlights: - Seafood boils  - Baecation in Jerusalem?  - Group holidays - Differences between acquaintance and friends Follow us on social media: @passmetheremot3


27 Dec 2020

Rank #6

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Episode 33 - The new youth ft Timi

Timi joined the boys with his good vibes and banter to discuss the education system and the youth of this modern era. Episode Highlights: - Working with special needs children  - The youth and their love for drill  - Learning styles  - Compulsory vaccinations  - Sainsbury advert  - Should British police have guns? 


7 Dec 2020

Rank #7

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Episode 32 - Snakes on a plane ft Peter, Ade & TJ

We are back this week on chilled vibes and even had our first ever guest Ade make another appearance with the boys. Peter and TJ were also on deck to add good vibes to this episode. Episode highlights: - Working from home antics  - Strangers trying to kiss Kojo in Amsterdam  - Spontaneous trips  - Snakes on a plane  - Covid-19 Vaccine  - Would you tell a woman her husband is cheating? Follow us on the socials: @passmetheremot3


30 Nov 2020

Rank #8

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Episode 31 - The Pain of Discipline

We are back and were joined by Peter from the RealTalk Blog and Bevs with Ballers to talk about discipline, teaching and representation in schools. Episode highlights: - Importance of daily stretching  - African disciplinary methods - Fulfillments of being a teacher  - Importance of representation in schools  - Our celebrity look-alike  - Football ages  - Horoscopes  Follow, like and share our posts on social media Socials: @Passmetheremot3


22 Nov 2020

Rank #9

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Episode 30 - It's Techy ft Bernard & Ola

We were joined by the techy guys Bernard and Ola. This episode is all about tech and how people can get into the tech space. Episode highlights: - How Xuntos started - Africa's shoe problems? - How to get round barriers in tech - Work jargon and email etiquette - Business behaviour during the pandemic - Social media addictions Follow, like and rate the podcast on Apple Podcast! Socials: @passmetheremot3

1hr 22mins

18 Oct 2020

Rank #10