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A podcast series by JC Foundation Trust (a platform for the local community, enhance community cohesion and a give a social voice when it comes to the important issues such as disability, antisemitism, discrimination, social justice and ethics)

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The Importance of Nonprofit Leadership

Just managing a team is not leadership. It’s more of an art, where leaders of nonprofit create a vision of their organisation and then strategically involves every stakeholder to make it a reality. A true leader is one who sets up direction, creates an inspiring vision and guides its team to achieve set goals within a defined timeframe. Apart from passion, it needs creativity, persistence and great management skills to lead successfully.


1 Apr 2022

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7 Growth Strategies for Nonprofits

A well-planned growth strategy is beyond a marketing strategy that is designed to help grow and scale any business. Growth strategies for nonprofits are quite similar to any business or startup. Over 50% of the nonprofits every year fail or stop operations within a few years due to lack of proper leadership and unclear growth strategy. On the other hand, successful nonprofits look to convert potential challenges into opportunities. Nonprofits constantly look for ideas on how to increase brand awareness, convert one-time donors to recurring donors, how to retain donors and how to effectively make use of technology to enhance growth. Below are 7 nonprofit growth strategies to help attain long-term sustainable growth


10 Mar 2022

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A Nonprofit Guide to Event Planning [2022]

Events are considered to be one of the top most funding sources for most of the nonprofits today. Through an event, you can attract new donors, connect with new volunteers, raise awareness for a cause and grow brand recognition. Additionally, you can showcase the work you do and introduce upcoming projects to supporters. It’s really fun to host an event, however it requires a lot of hard work, proper planning and execution to be successful. Here is an 8-step guide on how to plan an engaging and unforgettable event for your non-profit organisation.


5 Feb 2022

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Top Funding Sources for Nonprofits 2022

Funding is very important for every nonprofit irrespective of their size. With every passing year, they look for new ways of revenue streams to support their mission and goals. It’s quite common among nonprofits these days to look for funds from multiple sources to achieve financial stability and sustainability. Also, It helps nonprofits stay flexible and adapt to uncertain times like covid-19.


20 Jan 2022

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7 Crowdfunding Tips for Nonprofits

Crowdfunding is a great way to persuade a large number of people to make small donations to raise funds for a specific project or support a cause. It’s a type of fundraising strategy used by nonprofits to fundraise for their mission while engaging with their supporters through in-person events or online.


30 Dec 2021

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A Quick Guide to Nonprofit Storytelling

Through storytelling, nonprofits can effectively communicate about the problems, how they are trying to address them and make emotional connections to attract supporters.


21 Dec 2021

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Why is Public Relations so Important for Nonprofits?

As with other businesses, public relations for nonprofit organisations play an important role in determining the success of their vision and mission. But the main challenge for most nonprofits is to allocate funds to PR efforts, as most of them have extremely tight budgets. Making a small investment in public relations is a great way to raise awareness, reach a wider audience, acquire new volunteers, and increase donations.


2 Dec 2021

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Top challenges that nonprofit organisations often face

For nonprofits, their primary goal is to make profits to support / promote their mission or cause and drive a social impact. Hence, their challenges are not same as any for-profit organisations. Just like every for-profit organisations, non-profit organisation also faces some common and uniques challenges that they should find a way to tackle it.


29 Oct 2021

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How to Recruit Volunteers for Nonprofit Organisations

Every nonprofit organisation needs volunteers to support their mission and objectives. They are the most valuable asset for any nonprofit that contributes in spreading awareness, fundraising and managing administrative and operational level tasks. Without a doubt, this is not at all possible to manage with limited staff working for nonprofits. Secondly, volunteers devote their valuable time and energy because they believe in your vision / cause and wish to help in the best possible way to make a difference.


9 Sep 2021

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Why Donate to Nonprofits and Charities?

Act of giving is an important decision and a right step to make your life happier and meaningful. Apart from making you feel good, there are other reasons too on why you should donate to a charity or nonprofit of your choice.


18 Aug 2021

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