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Real talk about running farms and raising families. Whether your farm is a raised bed in your backyard or 10,000 acres and whether your family is in the planning stages or you've got 12 kids, we're glad you found us! No sales, no religious conversion, no drama. Just honest talk from two mamas who know what it's like when everyone is telling you to just get all your meals delivered and do all your shopping online, but your internet is too slow and you've got cows to feed.

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Overhauling Overalls w/ Nicole Toebes of Mudeas Workwear

This week we're talking to Nicole Toebes, founder of Canadian brand Mudeas Workwear. Nicole started her company to make real workwear designed for women, made in Canada.


11 Jul 2022

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Bogs, Babies, and Badgers w/ Amber Bristow of Cranberry Chats

This week we talked to Amber Bristow of Cranberry Chats about raising the 6th generation of cranberry growers on her family farm in Wisconsin. Amber also cohosts the Forward Farming Podcast with dairy farmer Becca Hilby. Turns out growing cranberries is nothing like what any of us think, and it's actually super interesting. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook or leave us a Cussing and Discussing on SpeakPipe.

1hr 22mins

4 Jul 2022

Rank #2

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Wagyu, Cotton Candy, and Gluten w/ Danielle Wainwright

Danielle Wainwright and her husband Fred run Clover Valley Farm in Southampton Township, NJ, where they raise two young boys, American Wagyu beef, laying hens, and run a custom animal feed and nutrition consulting business. Danielle also talked to us about the difficulties and tricks for dealing with multiple food allergies while farming and raising young children.

1hr 4mins

27 Jun 2022

Rank #3

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Moonshine, Beef Masters, and Wedding Planning w/ The Rural Housewives

This week we talked to Mary and Angela about their online community and the podcast they host. We're sharing a special double episode where we interviewed them about their wedding planning business, ranching, nano brewery, and more, then they asked us some questions about all the things we get up to.

1hr 34mins

20 Jun 2022

Rank #4

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Political Scandal w/ Claire Smith

Today we're talking with Claire Smith who is a township counselor in Arlene's area. Claire is also an organic dairy farmer, and mother of (almost) four small children. She tells us about the importance of running for office, ranks the hotness of various politicians, and explains why she's proud to be a bastard.18wtevw4j1uYzthTgg2g

1hr 21mins

13 Jun 2022

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Tiaras, pickles, and NASCAR w/ 2022 North Carolina Miss Agriculture Advocacy Ambassador Katie Haynes

Today we're connecting with Katie Haynes, the 2022 North Carolina Miss Agriculture Advocacy Ambassador and founder of the non-profit Smiling While Sending Hope. Katie is also an avid photographer and disability advocate.


6 Jun 2022

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Infertility with Katrina Edge

Katarina Edge came on to talk to us about her experience with infertility treatments in rural areas. Treatments are generally expensive, invasive, and involve a LOT of driving.

1hr 9mins

30 May 2022

Rank #7

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NM Fire Update w/ Lydia Kyle

Today we're talking to Lydia Kyle about the Hermit Peak/Calf Canyon fire in New Mexico.


23 May 2022

Rank #8

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Make some money with Kristi Grieve

Today we're talking to Kristi Grieve about starting direct marketing, setting ourselves apart, and why buck goats are the grossest thing in the world.

1hr 22mins

17 May 2022

Rank #9

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Gardening with kiddos w/ Karin Velez

Today we're talking to Karin Velez of the Just Grow Something podcast. Karin is telling us about gardening with children, starting her own farm, and growing her podcast.

1hr 15mins

11 May 2022

Rank #10