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Mr Bongo Record Club is a vinyl-only radio show featuring the finest Brazilian, Latin, African, Jazz, Soul, Reggae and Psychedelic music.

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Episode 29 with Frinda di Lanco guest mix

This month we have a guest mix from Berlin-based Sandra Leidecker aka Frinda di Lanco. Hosted as always by Graham Luckhurst and Gareth Stephens. We met Frinda at the start of 2017 when we were spinning at the excellent ‘Wedding Soul’ party at Panke in Berlin. She played a very dope set during the daytime record sale hosted at the venue – a lot of records we hadn’t heard before, so we asked to put together a mix for this show. Frinda escaped from the gardens of Kleinbürgertum in the of east of Germany and found a home in West Berlin. She started to accumulate a vast collection of “psych-infused, afro-italian-balearic-aor-library-boogie up with some French cosmic synths and German weirdo lyrics”. Frinda spent several months in Detroit digging for 45’s and spends her days working in the used vinyl department of German record shop insitution, HHV. She spins across the city at spots such as Heideglühen, Schrippe Hawaii, Gretchen, Bar Tausend, Silent Green and Paloma Bar. She has recorded a set for us that touches on Folk, Prog. and psychedelic soul from Japan, Italy, Germany and the US.

2hr 6mins

12 Dec 2017

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Episode 28 with Richard Foe guest mix

This month we have a special guest mix from a very long-time friend of ours, Richard Grainger aka Richard Foe, one of the chaps behind the awesome Good Block parties in London. Now into it's 5th year, they have hosted the likes of Jon K, Cosmic Slop, Sacha Mambo, Sean P, Nick The Record, Skyrager, DJ Amir, Esa, DJ Okapi, Glowing Palms, Bradley Zero, Bahamian Moor, Apeinto (Test Pressing), John Gomez, Charlie Bones and Phonica DJs. Richard has assembled an all-vinyl mix "sailing through the French Caribbean Islands and African Zouk sounds. Heavy on Celluloid, Sonodisc, Moradisc and Debs releases from the likes of Kassav, Gerard Hubert, Eric Brouta, Energy, Tatiana and more." You can find out more from his Facebook and Instagram and also from the Good Block Facebook page and Instagram More his mixes can be found at www.mixcloud.com/richardfoe/ TRACKLIST 1. Guy Cuevas - Ebony Games 2. EKO - Kilimandjaro 3. Frek Khodja - Nefsi Toubi 4. Pierre Sandwidi - Boy Cuisinier 5. Harari - Musicana 6. Mirage - Bend a little 7. Slow Mtion - Fast Family 8. Alex - I Gotta feel Something 9. Nino Ferrer - Mint Junlep 10. Adriana - Contigo 11. Onike - Love Never Taste So Good 12. Womack & Womack - MPBRICHARD FOE – GUEST MIX 13. Abdoulaye Cissé & Super Volta - A Son Magni 14. Kiru Stars - Family Planning 15. Soseme Makeonde - Manzara 16. Elias Rahbani & His Orchestra – Liza… Liza

2hr 16mins

12 Oct 2017

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Episode 27 with Pablo Valentino guest mix

We’re honoured to have one of France’s finest select records for us this month. Pablo Valentino runs the FACES and MCDE labels and founded ‘Children Of The Drum’ at the awesome Le Sucre club in Lyon. He’s also a DJ force to be reckoned with. Pablo assembled this mix for us on a mellow bank holiday Monday in Lyon – no preparation, just pulling records inspired by the mood. For more information on Pablo Valentino check out his FB page – https://www.facebook.com/pablovalentino/ Hosted by Graham Luckhurst and Gareth Stephens.

2hr 7mins

22 Jun 2017

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Episode 26 with Wyndham Earl guest mix

Special guest mix from the mysterious music mastermind Wyndham Earl. Earl is a producer, musician, DJ and obsessive record collector who feeds his terrible habit by dealing records; specialising in obscure Library, Funk, Psych and other 60's and 70's music. He cut his teeth working at the always excellent Rarekind Records in Brighton and is an avid digger with a penchant for foreign exotic funky oddities and a keen ear for uncovering obscure grooves. We didn't know a single track in his mix...!As a musician and producer he has played with a bands covering a wide spectrum of music from hip hop, funk and jazz to electronica, rock and folk. His past musical collaborations include Bonobo, Alice Russell, Rough Fields, My Little Problem, Dr Syntax, TM Juke and many others.Hosted as always by Graham Luckhurst and Gareth Stephens.Tracklist: Orm - TropicRaimonds Pauls - GamesMirdza Zivere - Solar RhythmsRupa - Moja Bhari MojaTwinkie Clark - Awake O Zion (Edit)Jaye P Morgan - Here Is Where Your Love BelongsJoseph Nicoletti - Night-Time StarsJesus Alvarez - Please Stay, Don't GoMaureen Bailey - Takin' My Time With YouSkip Jackson - Micro Wave BoogieYves Simon- Au Pays Des Merveilles De JulietHarris Chalkitis - Time Is OverWyndham Earl Library Jazz mix:Paul Kass - The Big BreakRemigio Ducros - Lunedi Ore 7,45Dave Sarkys - BalleroyThe Rapture - Funky PopPaul Kass - Beach BossaFritz Maldener - La SerenadeMax Rocci & His Friends - ColoromboModern Sound Quartet - NarcissoGiudo Giovagnoli - OK JoanPaul Kass - Southern SunshineRino De Filippi - IvoryOrchestra Sunny Lord - Message To YouPowerhouse - Hole In OneBoss Music - Leak On WayTom Mannoff - Mr MaxVic Flick - Brother HoodTilsley Orchestral - Bit (London Big Sound - Bite Back)Living Group - Tune Of LoveGlen Somers - MovementGershon Kingsley - Humpty DumptyTany Turens - Little SonyAndré Heller - Was Mir Der Dichter Luis Rosalez In Etwa ErzählteSonny Pearson Orchestra - Senso UnicoEnd of mixPaul McCartney - Check My MachinePecker - Pecker PowerShadow - Lets Get TogetherZimba - Baleka End of show.

2hr 7mins

28 Apr 2017

Rank #4

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Episode 34 with Giovanna & Sofie K

Graham Luckhurst and Gareth Stephens are joined by Mr Bongo UK HQ family member, Heather She, plus Giovanna & Sofie K out of Liverpool (UK) who have recorded a 1-hour guest mix: Giovanna is part of the SISBIS collective out of Liverpool who we met at the end of 2018 when they invited us to spin with them. All profits from their parties go to Refugee Women Connect, a Liverpool-based charity supporting women refugees and asylum seekers. She has a residency NTS Manchester too. Sofie K is a resident on NTS Manchester, Limbo Radio and Netil Radio in London. We met her when she was also spinning at the SisBis party with Giovanna.

2hr 12mins

26 Mar 2019

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