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There is still, and always will be, so much more to explore in the American West.

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19-Butch Cassidy and the Fort Worth Five Photograph

On this episode we talk about a couple different variations concerning the infamous Wild Bunch photograph known as the "Fort Worth Five"


14 Jun 2018

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14-The Haunted Grand Canyon

Did you know Walt Disney had an awesome dedication to the Grand Canyon at Disneyland built in 1958? Did you also know that The Grand Canyon is no stranger to the paranormal? Tune in now to hear the stories.


7 May 2018

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18-Bodie, California

Bodie is probably one of the most widely known ghost towns of the American west with its colorful towns folk and haunted history. Tune in to hear about it all!


8 Jun 2018

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3-Bodies in the Hoover Dam? Nah.

On this episode of The American West Podcast we talk briefly about the myth and lore of bodies being buried within the Hoover Dam and the Flaming Gorge Dam.


13 Sep 2017

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17-Ghostly Garnet

When people think of Ghost Towns, well, they think of ghosts living in that town. Though many Ghost Towns aren't inhabited with otherworldly beings and they are in fact just and abandoned town, Garnet may be the exception. 


31 May 2018

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6-The Curious Death of Meriwether Lewis

Did Meriwether Lewis commit suicide? Or was he murdered. The death of one of America's greatest explorers is surrounded in mystery.


22 Oct 2017

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4-Poor Ol' Joe "Hooch" Simpson

On this episode of The American West Podcast, we discuss the restoration of Butch Cassidy's boyhood home, the unfortunate demise of Joe "Hooch" Simpson and discuss John Wesley Powell in a new segment entitled "Explorers of the West"


24 Sep 2017

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22-Tommyknockers in the American West

On this episode we talk a little bit about those mischievous, wee little beings known to warn miners of impending danger. 


28 Jun 2018

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20-The Word "STOP" in Telegraphy

Every wondered why folk back in the day used the word "STOP" after each sentence when sending a telegraph. Tune in to find out.


19 Jun 2018

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10-The Ghost Town of South Pass City, Wyoming

On this episode we delve into some of the history of a very often visited ghost town known as South Pass City in Wyoming!


27 Jan 2018

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