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Tracy O’Malley – Building an empire from rock bottom [Podcast 109]

Today, Tracy O’Malley is an admired and respected network marketing team leader.  It would be easy to dismiss her success as unattainable for the average professional pursuing network marketing - unless you hear how her story began.  A few years back, Tracy found herself in the chaotic crisis of dealing with divorce, being a single mother, the sudden death of a parent, and the insufficient income to keep a roof over her head.  Listen in as Tracy openly invites us into her past life of negativity, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and checking herself into rehab. Her authentic struggle to overcome personally and professionally is relatable no matter what your rock bottom looks like. You will be inspired by Tracy’s honest and brave story of choosing to change her life.[Tweet "Tracy O’Malley-the story behind the success"]Crisis as a catalyst for beginning a network marketing profession Sometimes it takes a crisis to propel us forward to where we could and should be.  Had Tracy O’Malley not reached the bottom, she might never have found the gumption to fight to the top.  Life at the bottom was broken, which led to being broke, which led to coping mechanisms that landed her in rehab. It took facing rehab for Tracy to trust wise counsel, and be open to opportunities.  A network marketing option fell into her lap when she was actually willing to try something different, anything different.  Tracy committed to an intimidating beginning, grew her business exponentially, and is passionate about bringing people alongside her in her success.  It is a story that will breathe bravery into you.Network Marketing gains credibility by taking off your masksWhat kind of masks do you wear? How do you present yourself in social situations and on social media? Tracy has found that authenticity sells itself.  She went from realizing she was surrounded by jerks and was the biggest jerk of them all, to creating a powerful following both on social media and in her network marketing company. Tracy credits taking off the masks she wore for years to her success.  It is hard work releasing the expectations of others, but it left Tracy with the discovery of her true passion and purpose.  Hear how she faced her fears, and let go of caring what other people thought to grow herself, her team, and her business.[Tweet "Taking off the masks in #NetworkMarketing"] Creating freedom and the first steps toward successTaking a step towards change came at the bottom of the bottom for Tracy.  But how did she find that determination and belief that life could be different and better for her and her family? Tracy knew she wanted the financial ability to uproot herself the next time her presence was needed in a crisis. She knew that network marketing provided that ability - she could continue working to build her empire and be present for her kids, her aging mom, and the things that really matter at the end of the day. Tracy’s journey demonstrates that network marketing creates momentum that not even the inconveniences of life can slow down.  This episode of Amplified Network Marketing aids in identifying your hurdles and leaping over them. Follow the leaders to become a leader Tracy is a self-proclaimed rule breaker that doesn’t like being told what to do. But to make it through rehab and onto the right road, she listened to her sponsor, gleaned valuable knowledge from mentors and pursued leaders who had gone before. Listen to her “tough love” advice about following in her footsteps, learning from the mistakes of others, and deciding if you want to be a dabbler and get dabbler’s results or if you are committed to the process that leads to success.  Tracy knows it is all about building relationships and being able to connect to a community that works together.  Hear how you can join in, on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.[Tweet "“When I found my passion, it led me right to my purpose” ~ Tracy O’Malley"]OUTLINE OF THIS GREAT EPISODE


26 Jan 2016

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Jim Coover – Creating a limitless impact [Podcast 114]

Today’s guest, Jim Coover, is a mentor and inspiration to host David TS Wood. David has witnessed the integrity and true measure of Jim’s character by watching him when he thinks no one is paying attention. Along with wife, Kathy, Jim is a legend in the Network Marketing arena. Jim is president and CEO for Isagenix, a billion dollar company the couple came out of retirement to co-found. Jim is a wealthy and successful businessman who could be sprawled out in a hammock somewhere on a private island. Instead, Jim remains in the trenches, pursuing results in people’s lives and global change in health and wellness. His company offers the opportunity and vehicle for people to transform their lives. Today’s conversation focuses on the story behind the success, as well as turning points along the way. No matter your circumstances, make the choice today to change your life and pursue success. This episode of Amplified Network Marketing offers inspiration you won’t want to miss.[Tweet "President and CEO of Isagenix, Jim Coover"]Possibility and responsibilityWhen Jim wakes up in the morning, his thoughts are often of possibility and responsibility. He sees life as an opportunity to write his own story. He lives each day with the intention to be the best he can be and to positively influence as many people as he can. There are a lot of people looking to him to look after the enterprise and he takes his responsibilities seriously. Of course, the load is shared, but Jim feels a deep sense of commitment to the whole company. Circumstances presented themselves and Jim came out of retirement to realize an opportunity to impact world health. He believed he had a vehicle to realize his vision and took the necessary risks. Along the way, there were struggles and naysayers. Jim was deeply committed to getting his company’s ideas into the marketplace and into people’s lives. Integrity and trust were big lessons Jim learned, which are now evident in his relationship with his wife and family. They each bring greatness and skills to the business and their relationship. This couple, despite their success and humble beginnings, never limited their impact. Listen in to unleash your own possibility of impact. The early yearsGrowing up, Jim thought of himself as a “little guy.” He was a little brother and two years younger than most of his classmates. Since he was younger and smaller, competing athletically was a challenge. He was introduced to bodybuilding his senior year, which became a defining moment and realization that he was engaged in attainable transformation if he worked for it. Jim no longer thought he was destined to be small. He got excited, saw results, and recognized that he could be in control. During his time working out at the gym, Jim noticed what professions allowed people to work out whenever they wanted. He decided to learn to cut hair to support himself and keep up his fitness routine. Jim was paid on commission, so his earnings were tied to personal performance and relationships with people. He gained confidence and made connections as his paradigm shifted into building a business by offering a unique service. He took up men’s hair styling, incorporating the sale of products for men to upkeep their new looks. Hear the whole story of Jim’s successful launch into the fitness industry on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.  [Tweet "Finding your vision and vehicle, with Jim Coover"]Transformation and trapsJim is familiar with a whole gamut of struggles in health and fitness. When he was small he struggled to gain weight, and then gained too much weight, too quickly. He remembers the way people looked at him differently and can identify with people who struggle with their weight. He knows the physical and the emotional suffering that often accompanies the struggles. Jim is now in the business of transforming people’s lives by transforming their health. He talks about being a product of your experiences and h...


1 Mar 2016

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094 – Chris Harder – The Journey from Multiple Six to Seven Figure Income – Expert Series

You have heard testimonies from people who grew from nothing to 6 figure incomes in Network Marketing, you have heard from those who were unsuccessful in other professions and became successful in Network Marketing. Today, you will hear from someone who was a Successful Executive in a Massive International Bank, who grew significantly a Mortgage bank, who already made 6 to 7 figures, that turned to Network Marketing because his career, as successful as it may have been, did not give him a sense of fulfillment. Today David talks with Chris, about his journey and asks him to share tips for others to become Network Marketing Millionaires like him.Chris shares his belief that the key to success in this wonderful industry is self development. He loves this industry because it offers Hope and Support, and that it is the only industry where you make money while you are learning.Chris's message to us is: "Succeeding in this industry is very possible, but you have to be willing to be uncomfortable and grow: It Is Worth It! When you come out the other end, it is such a Beautiful Place to be!"Since kick-starting his Network Marketing business in July 2010, this Minnesota native and his wife have earned more than $1 million in income . He is very well-known throughout the START Group, a devoted group of business builders aged 35 and younger.His secret to success is simple: DRIVE!Songs:Black Widow by Iggy AzaleaBooks:Losing My Virginity by Sir Richard Branson


3 Oct 2014

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003 – Dr. John Gray – Success Through Mentors, Positive Affirmations, Friends, Believing in Yourself and Gratitude

Joining David today is a great friend and a renowned throughout the world as the best selling Author for almost a decade for his book “Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus”. Our guest today is Dr. John Gray, John is a Master Trainer, Author, Humanitarian and Professional Network Marketer.John share’s his beautiful journey of becoming a Hindu Monk, teaching Yoga, mediation and his role model, Maharishi and what he learned from him.Today John will talk about: Residual Income and passive income streams, how this frees you to think more creatively and do more in your life and how sharing this with more people and making a difference in the world. How John made himself More Successful by learning from mentors and using positive affirmations to prepare him for success. Surrounding yourself with successful people, believing in yourself, and feeling grateful for the support you have. John’s Book “Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus” and the success of this book and the negativity that came with it and how Journaling his thoughts helped and the Importance of Journaling. How John came across Network Marketing and becoming successful with it.John is truly amazing he will share that Network Marketing and being your own Entrepreneur gives you a sense of responsibility and confidence and the OPPORTUNITY to grow and be successful, and help others to do the same.Useful Links:http://www.marsvenus.com/john-gray-mars-venus.htmTo learn more about Network Marketing check out David’s Network Marketing Mythbusters on youtube here. Also register for David’s new showGet Your 12 Free Videoswww.amplifiednetworkmarketing.com


31 Jan 2014

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Christine Burke – Lifestyle and location freedom through her network marketing business [Podcast 101]

In 2012, Christine Burke’s husband Stacey was approached about considering a network marketing company. Although they were both very skeptical at first they experienced amazing results. A few months later, Christine and Stacey decided that the financial challenges that they had experienced needed some immediate solutions and started to look at network marketing as a way to earn income. What started as something she pursued largely on her own soon turned into a joint effort. Christine and her husband Stacey are building a great Network Marketing business together, and not only do they absolutely love building teams of people, but are finding the 'magic' of the company they are working with - the leadership, the products, the compensation plan, the support - something that they never want to live without. Listen to the conversation with David T.S. Wood to be inspired and motivated to accomplish similar dreams for yourself.[Tweet "The Amplified #NetworkMarketing podcast with David T.S. Wood is back on the air!"]From dependent housewife to determined money makerChristine Burke was a typical woman, staying home with her kids, supporting her husband’s career as a chiropractor, living happily in her own little world. There’s nothing wrong with any of that except that she came across an opportunity that enabled her to discover that in addition to those marvelous things, she was able to accomplish even more. That opportunity was network marketing. In this conversation you’re going to hear how Christine took the leap into the unknown by joining a NM company, how it grew substantially, and how her personal growth has now inspired her husband to step out of his established practice and join her in the business. It’s an inspiring story of what is possible in the lives of ordinary people. You’ll want to hear this one.Leaving his established chiropractic practice to become a network marketer. Stacey Burke is the kind of chiropractor his patients love. His energy and enthusiasm about his patients makes them loyal and devoted to him as a provider. It’s that same energy that causes his wife Christine to believe that he’d be wonderful at helping her build a thriving network marketing business.  When he began to see the huge success Christine was having he began to look beyond the 9 to 5 workday and into the realm of possibility. The two of them began to dream, to pull closer to each other, and to grow together in life and in business. Their story shows that network marketing is a unique business model, one that enables couples to do what they thought was impossible and grow closer and more free all at the same time.[Tweet "How I’m showing up in my own life is a new thing ~ Christine Burke"]Network Marketing businesses are multiplied through personal growthChristine Burke discovered that one of the ways that her business team has been able to grow the most is when she leads the way in growing personally. Her growth stimulates the growth of her team, both in terms of business skills and in their own personal journey. That multiplies back and forth all over the organization. To that end she ensures that every year she involves herself in an event or opportunity for personal growth that pushes her to become more than she’s ever been before. Hear how she goes about it and the amazing doors personal growth has opened for her and for her business team, on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.Network Marketing is a breeding ground for leaders.Woven into the DNA of network marketing is team building. The drive to become successful is fueled by the need to help others on your team be successful. That’s a recipe for success all the way around but it’s also the way that people grow in their leadership abilities for the sake of the people in the organization. Every member of a team learns to care for others and help them succeed, which in turn causes the entire network to thrive.


25 Nov 2015

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093 – Zach & Eden Slobin – Their Love For One Another Made Them Choose The Freedom That Network Marketing Provided!

You don't want to miss today's show! David's guests Zach and Eden Slobin tell their moving story from disbelief to faith. They tell us about the role Network Marketing has played in their lives, and its contribution to their love story. Tune in for tips and revelations on how to be successful in this wonderful profession.Zach and Eden Slobin launched their network marketing business in  March of 2013. In just 4 short months, though their results are not typical**, they were able to free themselves from Corporate America while replacing their Six-Figure Incomes.Along with creating a multiple six figure income with their company, they have also been chosen as START Ambassadors. The START group consists of over 20,000 young entrepreneurs ages 18-35 and is designed to show today’s younger generation a better way.In January 2014, Zach and Eden received the “Momentum Award,” recognizing them as one of the fastest growing teams in their company. Most recently, they have been featured in Prosper Magazine and as headline trainers with their company at Regional Events and this past August were honored to train at their Annual Company Convention in front of over 10,000 people.Zach brings with him an 8-year history in the profession of network marketing as a Multiple 6-figure earner, Speaker, Trainer, Author and Coach.Along with Eden’s 10 year background as a highly successful Business Manager and Financial Controller where she was responsible for overseeing hundreds of millions of dollars, the two of them together provide a unique combination of skills which allow them to mentor their team to life-changing financial success.Affectionately known as Team EZ, Zach and Eden believe that life and business can be just that, EZ.Books:The Science of Deliberate Creation by Esther & Jerry HicksThe Big Leap by PhD Hendricks Gay21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. MaxwellMessages of the Masters by Brian WeissAsk and It Is Given by Esther & Jerry HicksThe Slight Edge by Jeff OlsonQuotes:"Where you invest your love, you invest your life."


2 Oct 2014

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005 – Peta Kelly – Lead with Vision and Earn Enough Money to Retire Your Mom By The Time You Are 25

Today David is AMPLIFIED and you will be too, as he chats to this amazing guest from Perth, Australia, Peta Kelly.  Peta is 25 years old, she has completed the transformation to entrepreneur and business owner and is building a future generation of people who take control of their lives and don’t just think outside the box, but exist entirely WITHOUT the box.  She has courage and is empowering young people around her everyday.Today Peta will share: Her background before she discovered Network Marketing and her big WHY. Being young and OPEN to LEARN and understand this industry. How she grew her Network Marketing business so quickly and hit a massive homerun Learn what her strongest income week is so far. Getting stuck in the WHAT and the HOW and the difference between the people who SUCCEED and the People who DON’T Why you should INVEST in yourself. Being blind to Network Marketing, opening her eyes and knowing she would be Successful. 10 Steps to Success to Network Marketing. The missing link for so many people. Peta’s ADVICE to all of you!Peta is amazing, she is young, and truly loves this industry, it has become so natural to her and she has done so well.  Peta is ambitious, genuine, and authentic and motivated to help others.Favorite Quote:By Rumi “forget safety, and live where you fear to live, destroy your reputation, be notorious.”Useful Links:http://lifebymyowndesign.com/To learn more about Network Marketing check out David’s Network Marketing Myth busters on YouTube here.  Also register for David’s new showGet Your 12 Free Videoswww.amplifiednetworkmarketing.com


31 Jan 2014

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Residual and Passive Income streams with Matt Miller [Podcast 108]

The Amplified Network Marketing show is all about passive and residual income streams… not only through the vehicle of Network Marketing. The reason is simple: Network Marketers know a good residual income opportunity when they see one and are always looking for ways to diversify their income through multiple income streams. Today’s guest, Matt Miller, has created a hugely successful vending company that provides the kind of residual and passive income that hits the bullseye, and David wanted to expose you to his opportunity to see if it’s a good fit for you.[Tweet "An inspiring story of building residual income and a successful business, with Matt Miller"]An influential book and a bold step into another world.Matt was exposed to Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” years ago, and totally bought into his philosophy of building passive and residual income streams. But he’d failed to truly act on it for years. When a friend at his church approached him about a business opportunity involving vending machines, Matt’s thoughts about Robert’s book came back to him and he immediately saw the opportunity he’d been waiting for. He jumped in with both feet and has progressed way beyond simply having a few machines in businesses. He’s built his own franchise opportunity that families all over North America are using to build their own passive and residual income streams. Find out more on this episode.If you’re business is going to thrive, you’ve got to be bold enough to knock on doors.It doesn’t matter how ingenious of an opportunity you find to make passive income, if you’re unwilling to step outside your comfort zone and do what it takes to get customers, you’ll waste the opportunity. Matt Miller learned that when he got into the vending business and started knocking on the doors of decision makers at local schools to place his vending machines. Many doors were closed in his face, other administrators were kind but rejected the idea. But he kept asking, he kept knocking, and over time he found the customers that he knew would enable his business to grow and thrive. You can hear Matt’s story of perseverance and success on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.[Tweet "Stepping into a bold new world of passive and residual income, with Matt MillerPartnering with schools for profit and charity.Matt Miller decided to work with schools because he saw an opportunity to prosper his business and benefit the schools through fundraisers at the same time. These partnerships are enabling the schools to earn money for their programs and needs, the students and opportunity to build resources for their own education, and Matt’s company the resources they need not only to make a profit, but also to build the company and help more schools. It’s a win-win situation that generates passive income and ongoing revenue for the schools. Find out the details on this episode.You can take advantage of this great opportunity too.Matt Miller’s vending business is always looking for quality people who get the vision of his company to become franchisees. The cost of owning a franchise is very small compared to typical franchise opportunities, the passive income potential is real, and the opportunity for families to do the business together is part of the philosophy the company promotes. Matt takes assessment and training very seriously and guarantees success to anyone who is willing to follow his processes and procedures. If you’d like to learn more about this great residual income opportunity, listen to this episode.[Tweet "A franchise opportunity that costs much less than a normal franchise, on this episode"]OUTLINE OF THIS GREAT EPISODE [0:29] David’s introduction of the episode. [1:40] Matt’s passive income story. [8:15] The “light bulb” moment that came to Matt when a friend spoke to him. [11:47] The necessity of knocking on doors to find customers. [18:51] The size of Matt’s company now and his focus on fu...


19 Jan 2016

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086 – Sam Horn – How to Create Interest & Connect with Anyone – Personal Development

No matter how good or bad you are at connecting with people, you will take valuable lessons from today's show's very powerful tips. Today David teases us with bits of a speech made by the amazing Sam Horn. She gives tips on how to amplify your leadership with clarity, how to Create Interest, and make Eyebrows Move! The secret to life can be resumed in two words: "Deeply Connect". so make your dreams come true; learn how to connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere. She explains the "3-part question", how to help people relate to what you are trying to explain, and reach commonality. David reminds us: "No matter who you are, you can become a master of connection!"Sam Horn is the Intrigue Expert, a world-renowned Author, Keynote Speaker, communications strategist, and executive coach who has trained the world’s top entrepreneurs (e.g. EO, YPO, TLC) and executives (e.g. Intel, Cisco, Boeing) how to communicate more clearly, compellingly and convincingly.She’s served as Pitch Coach for the USA Today Perfect Pitch and British Airways Face2Face competitions, and for Springboard Enterprises – which has helped entrepreneurs receive $5.5 billion in funding. She is the former Executive Director and Emcee of the world-renowned Maui Writers Conference (1992-2009) and has helped hundreds of people (i.e., Charlie Pellerin, Project Manager of the Hubble Telescope) crystallize their message into quality 5C books that scaled their influence, impact and income.David ends the show with the usual reminder to amplify your lives, live every second to the fullest, and reminds you to go to www.amplifiedleaders.info to get your tickets to his upcoming events before they too get Sold Out!Songs:Paris (Ooh La La) by Grace Potter and the NocturnalsSomewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'oleImagine by  John LennonDown Under by Men at workBooks:Pop by Sam Horn (Kindle Edition)Quotes:"I have found if you love life, Life will love you back." Arthur Rubinstein"Instant gratification takes two long" Carrie Fisher"Enough about me, what do you think about me?" Bette Midler


17 Sep 2014

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061 – Jeffrey Combs – The Impact of Masterminds, Belief and Commitment

Today David is exciting to be talking to Jeffrey Combs. He is a Network Marketingprofessional. Jeffery Combs is the President of Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc. is aninternationally recognized speaker, trainer and author, specializing in prospecting,leadership, personal breakthroughs, prosperity consciousness, spiritual enlightenment,mindset training, and effective marketing. His training revolves around personalgrowth and development, cuts to the chase, and delivers information that makes animmediate impact on your success!Jeff is the author of the highly inspiring books, More Heart Than Talent, PsychologicallyUnemployable! and the best seller, The Procrastination Cure, as well as more thantwenty five other motivational and personal development products.Today Jeff will share: When and how he discovered Network Marketing and became a Coach. Why he loves this industry and how this industry can lead to success. How great people are working part-time and making a great income. Great tips that will help you to belief and to choose NOT to live a life of doubt. How to reach success. His journey with addictions and how and when he decided to change his life.What a great show! Jeff is a very experienced coach who has helped many peoplebecome very successful in this industry! His advice is amazing, he is a true leader andvery committed to helping people change their lives.Here how you can listen in to Jeff’s show weekly at Golden Mastermind.Todays Songs:Peaceful Easy feeling – EaglesHotel California (Live) - EaglesLinks:http://goldenmastermind.comTo learn more about Network Marketing check out  David’s Network Marketing Mythbusters on youtube here.Register for David’s show  and get your 12 Free Videos:www.amplifiednetworkmarketing.com


3 Jul 2014

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Bill Ryan – The 5 Cash Flows, 5 Steps of Success, and The Power of Geometric Growth [Podcast 107]

Today’s guest, Bill Ryan, is the founder and owner of the RHL Group which comprises of 4 companies: Ryan Home Loans, RHL Financial Services, RHL Real Estate, & RHL Health & Nutrition. He’s an amazing combination of Network Marketing Experience and success, coupled with the financial and investment expertise needed to truly build wealth. Bill joined David recently to present some training in Australia and David knew immediately he had to get Bill on the show. You’ll get a ton out of this conversation, so be sure to set aside the time to listen.5 Cash Flows that can set you up for wealth.In his experience as a real estate professional and as a financial investment consultant, Bill Ryan has seen as many schemes to get rich as there are people. In all of that time he’s only seen 5 real vehicles for building true wealth. He has compiled his observations into what he calls “The 5 Cash Flows,” 5 areas of income that he believes every person needs to understand so that they can build a diverse portfolio of wealth building skills that will truly build the financial freedom and wealth that they desire. Bill shares all 5 of these Cash Flows on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing, so make sure you listen.[Tweet "The 5 cash flows that build true wealth, on this episode of Amplified Network Marke"]tingHow do you find professional help that you can trust?On this episode of Amplified Network Marketing, Bill Ryan suggests that everyone find skilled professionals who can help them with their financial goals, but to make sure that they find a person they feel alignment with and are able to trust. How do you find those people? One of the best ways is to ask other people you respect who they go to for the kind of advice you need. It’s easier to trust someone if a person you trust already trusts them. Get more tips for how to find professional help you can trust, on this episode.Relational wealth is just as important as financial wealth.Today’s guest, Bill Ryan, knows this firsthand. He’s seen so many people become successful simply because they knew how to forge and maintain healthy relationships with people who had the expertise and savvy to help them on their wealth building journey. He’s convinced that the skill of forming good relationships is one of the greatest things anyone could learn to help them move their business forward or create wealth for their family. You’ll hear his suggestions for how to go about doing that, on this episode.[Tweet "Why Building relational wealth is just as important as building financial wealth"The Power of Geometric Progression in Network Marketing.One of the main things that caused Bill Ryan to add Network Marketing to his collection of wealth building strategies is the way the business model enables the numbers of a successful business to work. He calls it geometric progression and it’s based on simple mathematics. As each person in a business simply replaces themselves with two more people just like them, the compounding effect of the income streams takes off. Discover the “magic” of network marketing math, on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.[Tweet "You don’t have to be rich to invest, but you do have to invest to be rich ~ Bill Ryan"]OUTLINE OF THIS GREAT EPISODE [0:30] David’s welcome to the episode and his introduction of Bill Ryan. [3:08] A financial expert who’s working a Network Marketing business. [4:48] What is the geometric progression? [6:27] How residual income works. [9:52] The 5 cash flows [15:26] Business flipping as a cash generator. [16:10] The importance of creating wealth instead of spending what you get. [20:07] Two misconceptions about Network Marketing. [23:59] When somebody is starting out, should they find a financial planner, or master these areas themselves? [25:19] How to find the right professional people who you can trust. [26:41] The mindset behind wealth building and how it impacts the ups and downs.


12 Jan 2016

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021 – Janine Finney & Lory Muirhead – Mother & Daughter Share How Anyone Can Get Started and Create Success & Freedom – The Flip Flop CEO Story

We’re NOT experts, we’re just LIVING Proof that this does work and you can do it too.  Today David is interviewing to beautiful woman Janine Finney & Lory Muirhead, Mother and Daughter.  Janine has always had a passion for helping others, especially when it comes to achieving financial independence and knows what it is like to be over whelmed, overworked, underpaid and losing hope.   Lory, Janine’s daughter had so many questions about life and what she should be doing, why it had to look a certain way, just because everyone else seems to be okay waking up to an alarm clock, driving through an insane amount of traffic just to sit in a ridiculously small space called an office, and look busy all day while wishing they were somewhere else with different people. And, she decided she wanted NOTHING to do with it.Janine and Lory knew they wanted freedom and found something they were both passionate about to live their best life.Today Janine & Lory will share:  Janine’s introduction to Network Marketing 30 years ago and how she felt about this industry at this time. Lory’s life before Network Marketing and how she discovered it. How one of them was a BELIEVER and one was a SKEPTIC. Know you can have it all, Freedom, Money & Health. The feeling of truly helping those you care about most, and how some of those people may steal your DREAMS. Life does not have to be hard Some advice on what to do if YOU are just starting out in this Industry. The Importance of NOT COMPARING companies or yourselves let it go.They will share a bit of what their book is about The Flip Flop CEO and why we should all read it.Janine and Lory are beautiful, you will feel how close they are and how extremely passionate they are about this industry and truly living their lives.Favorite Quotes:“When you change the way your look at things, the things you look at change.”“If you love your choices, you don’t have to worry about anyone else loving your choices.”“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”“Listen to your Heart above all other voices.”“She not only saw the light at the end of the tunnel she became the light, she became that light for others.”“Change the way you look at things, and things you look at change.”Favorite books:The Flip Flop CEOThe 45 Second Presentation That will Change Your LifeMaster Key to RichesDare to Dream Work to WinThe Slight EdgeBusiness of The 21st CenturyThe Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for LifeUseful Links:http://theflipflopceo.com/To find out more about Network Marketing check out David’s Network Marketing Mythbusters on youtube here.  Also register for David’s new show Get Your 12 Free Videoswww.amplifiednetworkmarketing.com

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19 Mar 2014

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007 – Expert Series – Lisa DeMayo – #1 – The Art of Conversation – The Power of Listening to Build Your Business

Joining David today is Lisa DeMayo, one of the Top Income Earners at two global network marketing companies.  She has trained thousands of people worldwide for both companies and has been featured as a keynote speaker in the US and abroad.  She was featured on the cover of Empowering Women magazine and was featured in Prosper magazine, too.She is a member of the National Speakers Association and a self-made multi millionaire. Lisa is a Master of CONVERSATION; today she talks about how she uses this to build her business and the importance of LISTENING GENEROUSLY.A few points she will talk about today: Are you interrupting? Or, Are you truly LISTENING? Listening Generously and ASKING the right questions. With Social Media, we do more every day, we are to busy and don’t make time to communicate.  Communication is so IMPORTANT and we need it! How Network Marketing GROWS so many people.  Building relations and having CONFIDENCE! Network Marketing is a Relationship Business.Lisa’s language is beautiful, and here are amazing works we can all learn from “What May be true for me today may not be my truth tomorrow. Don’t hold anyone accountable.Useful Links: The Art of Getting What You Want: How to Cultivate the Happiness, Health, and Wealth You DesireTo learn more about Network Marketing check out David’s Network Marketing Mythbusters on youtube here. Also register for David’s new show Get Your 12 Free Videos www.amplifiednetworkmarketing.com


16 Feb 2014

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027 – Chris & Lori Harder – From Magazine Covers & Corporate Success to the Freedom & Impact of Network Marketing

“With Network Marketing the lives we can reach are LIMITLESS”.   Today David is talking to an amazing young couple that he is just getting to know, Chris and Lori Harder.  Married for 8 years, Chris and Lori feel so lucky to be best friends, lovers, and business partners.  Lori is an Empowerment Coach, Fitness Expert, and several time Magazine Cover Model.   Chris was able to retire 2 years ago from Corporate America so he can spend his time working with Lori on expanding their dreams and help to change as many lives as possible. Today they will share: Lori’s life as a role model and what this means to her. Lori’s struggles and how she felt about becoming a professional network marketer. And, how Chris was a huge skeptic when she first introduced this him. About Chris’ past JOB, being successful but unfulfilled. How Network Marketing has chanced their lives and their income just after 3 years. Hear great advice they have for people who are afraid to say YES to this industry and for those just getting started. When Lori realized how she could help so many people in fitness the health and fitness industry both physical and financially. Find out what Chris & Lori’s Objections are.Lori and Chris are truly inspirational, fulfilled and on a journey to help others to go after their dreams.You will LOVE their beautiful morning MANTRA they say every morning when they wake up.Enjoy this amazing show!Favorite Books:Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker (Kindle Version)Millionaire Messenger by Brendan Burchard (Kindle Version) (Audio Version)Go Pro by Eric WorreSpirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein (Kindle Version)Favorite Quotes: "Jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.""Your ready, before you are ready."Links:http://busygirlhealthylife.comTo learn more about Network Marketing check outDavid’s Network Marketing Mythbusters on youtube here.  Also register for David’s new show & get Your 12 Free Videoswww.amplifiednetworkmarketing.com


2 Apr 2014

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024 – Gina Mote – Tips to Create Success & Unlock the Shackles of Financial & Health Limitations

Since Network Marketing Gina Mote Feels Alive.  Today David is excited to welcome Gina Mote on his show.  Gina and her husband Scott have been in this industry for the past 8 years and are very successful in this industry and with the company they chose.  They have been married for 28 years and are the proud parents of 3 sons and one daughter and 2 grandsons and so grateful they can work together and have freedom to be with their family. Gina has worked from home for over 20 years, creating several of her own craft related businesses. She ran multiple websites and shipped internationally. As a "professional" crafter, her scrapbook work has been published in magazines.Today Gina shares: How she was introduced to 6 others companies by using the products and the company she chose was the first to SHOW her the business. What the products with this company have done for Gina’s health. Their income, their debt and their dreams before Network Marketing What her husband told her to do when she was on the products for 3 months. Hear what Gina would have done differently knowing what she knows now. You don’t have to be a sales person to be a NETWORK MARKETER. The importance having goals, having a great partner, asking the right questions, 3-WAY CALLS and have a road map. Their income over the years in Network Marketing. Why EVENTS are so important. Using Social Media and Top 5 Things you should NOT do on FACEBOOK.What a beautiful show and so much great information for our listeners.  Gina has fallen in love with this industry; she has so much passion and has so much knowledge to share.Favorite Books:The Hundred Year Lie by Randal Fitzgerald (Kindle Version)The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann (Kindle) (Audio CD)Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World by Gary Vaynerchuck (Kindle) (Audio CD)Favorite Quotes: “You have brains in your head, your feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”“Always Believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”Todays Songs:5:01 AM The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking – Roger Waters4:41 AM Sexual Revolution – Roger WatersTo learn more about Network Marketing check outDavid’s Network Marketing Mythbusters on youtube here.  Also register for David’s new showGet Your 12 Free Videoswww.amplifiednetworkmarketing.com

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26 Mar 2014

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Age is just a number: The fantastic success of 74 year old Eric J Smetherhamn – [Podcast 102]

What will you be doing when you’re 74 years old? How will you be feeling about life? Ready to settle down? Ready to rest, relax, slow down a bit? Those thoughts are completely foreign to today’s guest, Eric J. Smetherhamn. It was only four years ago that Eric began his network marketing career after already being retired from his own small business for a number of years. His new business has created a new life that he finds hard to believe and it has given him a new zest for life that has powerfully impacted the way he lives every day. On this episode you’re going to hear Eric’s story, how his success has come about, and how he proves that network marketing is no respecter of age.[Tweet "Age is just a number. How #NetworkMarketing energizes a 74 year old"]What is a “professional network marketer?”That’s what Eric J. Smetherhamn says when people ask him what he does. He sees it as a way of saying that he’s serious about his business and wants to do it in a professional way. What he’s most excited about is that he has the opportunity to use his years of experience as a small business owner and his more recent experience in network marketing to coach and empower people to live extraordinary lives and achieve time and financial freedom. It’s something he’s passionate about, which you’ll hear in this conversation he had with David T.S. Wood.Network Marketing is a personal development business, even for the older set.AT 74 years old it would make total sense if Eric J. Smetherhamn saw himself as being beyond the point of taking on new personal challenges. But his entrance into network marketing has stimulated a desire to learn and grow on a daily basis. He’s quick to ask questions, learn new strategies for personal growth and mindset change, and maximize his potential as a person - just as much as he is for his business. He doesn’t see age as a factor at all. Young and old alike are responsible to make the most of their life - which is exactly what he’s doing. His story is an inspiration so make sure you take the time to hear it on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.[Tweet "Build a #LifestyleBusiness that fulfills your dreams. Hear Eric’s story on this episode"]Why would a 74 year old seek out the advice of 25 year olds?If you ask Eric J. Smetherhamn that question (he’s 74, by the way) he’d tell you it’s because he’s not through with life yet. There’s lots more to experience and lots more to achieve. He knows that things today are very different than when he owned his small business years ago. He knows that the world operates according to different principles, so he inquires of those who are right at the heart of those changes - the younger set. His testimony is that once he learned the language and interests of those in their 20s and 30s, his ability to talk with them on a level of understanding about the opportunities that network marketing provides increased, and his business success began to take off. You’ll get a lot out of what Eric has to share, to be sure to listen to this episode.What will you be doing when you’re 74 years old?It’s really up to you, isn’t it? Eric J. Smetherhamn would be first to tell you that age doesn’t have to slow you down. He’s living a life that he could only dream of prior to entering the ranks of professional network marketers and he is working hard to encourage others to build a similar life of freedom and time for themselves. What are your dreams? What are you capable of doing? Eric wants you to know that you can accomplish it all, no matter your age. Find out how he’s done it and how you can move in the same direction, on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing with David T.S. Wood.[Tweet "Young or old, #NetworkMarketing can set you up for the life of your dreams"]OUTLINE OF THIS GREAT EPISODE [0:31] David’s introduction to the show and why he’s in love with Network Marketing. [0:59] Who is Eric Smetherhamn?


1 Dec 2015

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041 – Susan Sly – Six Behaviors That Hold You Back & How to Change – Expert Series (ES11)

“Are you as organized and productive as you could be?” We are excited to have Susan Sly back on our Expert Series.  Today she will be talking about Personalities and Behaviors.Susan shares her most recent experience of just completing the Boston Marathon.On Today’s show Susan will talk about:  Wasting time and what are you wasting your time doing. 3 different types of Actions. The importance of creating balance for yourself. Faking belief and the importance of being AUTHENTIC. The different Personalities & Behavior types. 5 Principles Susan teaches.What an amazing show, everyone will learn something from Susan, her language is absolutely beautiful and be sure to have a pen so you can take notes, she will share great tips and advice.If you haven’t tuned into Susan’s story, you don’t want to miss this!Susan Sly – Achieving Financial Success While Living a Balanced LifeBooksLeaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’’t by Simon Sinek  (Kindle Edition with Audio/Video)The Power by Rhonda Byrne (Kindle Edition) (Audio CD)Useful Links:http://goldenmastermind.com/ www.susansly.comTo learn more about Network Marketing check out David’s Network Marketing Mythbusters on youtube here.  Also register for David’s new show  and get your 12 Free Videoswww.amplifiednetworkmarketing.com


2 May 2014

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013 – ES02 – The Power of Focus and Organization – Susan Sly (Expert Series)

“Number one enemy of success is lack of Organization.” We are excited to have Susan Sly is back for a three part series and today she will be talking about The Power of Focus and Organization and Structure.Susan shares a beautiful story of her family and life today.  “We never know when LIFE is going to happen!”On Today’s show Susan will talk about: The importance of having a dedicated workspace. Having a vision, posture and having a professional approach, the moment you step into your office. What you need in your office workspace and why. Valuing your time, so OTHERS will. Having more leads, then you have time. The importance of planning your next day at the end of every day. The benefits of being ”Audit Proof.” What is your WHY?Susan shares so many amazing tips to get organized, making connections and reaching your vision.If you haven’t tuned into Susan’s story, you don’t want to miss this!Susan Sly – Achieving Financial Success While Living a Balanced LifeSome Amazing QUOTES that Susan Uses“With clarity and certainty there can be no overwhelm”“Action neutralizes negative emotion”“Life Happens”“Don’t focus on what you are going through, focus on what you are going too”“What is at the fort front of our minds is at the fort front of our actions 100% of our time”Great readsThe Power of Focus – by Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen & Les HewittClean Gut – by Alejandro JungerSongs on Today’s Show:Neat Freak – By the FieldsShane’s Neat Freak – By RandonPersonal Coaching Winner Announced!Congratulations to Debbie Donaldson!  She is the winner of this month's personal coaching session with David.  Way to go Debbie! :)To get your chance at winning next month, all you have to do is the following:1) Post your review on iTunes about either or both of David's two podcasts, The KickAss Life and Amplified Network Marketing and2) Take a screenshot of your review and post to the Facebook page (http://fb.com/ampdnm)Useful Links:www.susansly.comTo learn more about Network Marketing check out David’s Network Marketing Mythbusters on youtube here.Also register for David’s new showGet Your 12 Free Videoswww.amplifiednetworkmarketing.com


28 Feb 2014

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079 – Shedding the Wrong Crowd to Give Yourself Room to Grow – Anna Ogilvie

What a show we have today! David interviews a fascinating, successful, and very young Network Marketer; Anna Ogilvie. She shares her very interesting road to success with us.Anna is a 26 year old full-time Network marketing professional, who unapologetically loves life and all the joy and mess that comes along with it.She catalogues her daily journey on Life’s shiny pretty things website, as she strives to figure out & serve all aspects of her life - love/career/family/fun and everything in between.She wants to be the girl who never loses site of who she is and what she wants, who lets her values dictate her decisions, who learns from every failure, who believes that whatever she wants in life she can get with hard work and determination, who loves unconditionally and who believes that the perfect balance can be achieved...Books:Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins (Kindle Edition) (Audio Book)The Firestarter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte (Kindle Edition)Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley (Kindle Edition) (Audio Book)Quotes:“Who are you to not be brilliant and gorgeous?” Marianne Williamson“There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” - Nelson Mandela


29 Aug 2014

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Money Management: Sustaining and Securing Your Wealth- with Neal Inscoe [Podcast 110]

Neal Inscoe, President and CEO of Equity Solutions for Life, wants to know if you are adequately prepared for your own success.  Neal emphasizes educating business owners to prepare for initial and continued growth of wealth. He knows business finances can be complicated, but simplifies options and sets structure so you can control where your money goes. This episode delves into why so many people are broke and how to make sure you’re not one of them. Listen in as Neal Inscoe walks you through what it takes to change your perception of opportunity, how you feel about money and your actions surrounding real or intended wealth. The experience and expertise offered in this episode of Network Marketing will help you grow your business and and ensure you are prepared for that growth. [Tweet "The Amplified #NetworkMarketing podcast with David T.S. Wood"]Clearing up the ambiguity of wealth and financial freedomAs a Certified Wealth Preservation Planner (CWPP), Neal Inscoe has learned to ask business owners and entrepreneurs what wealth means to them.  More often than not, wealth translates to freedom. How you feel about wealth determines which direction you will go in terms of safeguarding your legacy and assets. Neal has seen many an entrepreneur become excited over the taste of success and ambitiously investment in arenas they know nothing about. This episode offers practical steps for Network Marketers to protect wealth, before investing it. Similar to looking at a “You are here” map, Neal advises to start where you are, know what you are doing, and understand the implications of how your business is structured. He uncovers hazards and outlines strategic plans for financial freedom. You’re going to want to know the percentage of business owners that are behind in taxes, in debt, and have no real plan for securing their money. There is a better way for you. How to take responsibility for your wealth There are some common denominators in making real money and organizing yourself so you can maintain it. The responsibilities of great wealth are better off learned before you find yourself without a plan or structure. Neal has worked with many business owners who did not think about where their money was going once they start making it.  He knows what processes to put in place and believes in educating you to manage your own money. Neal can help you discover the pre-programmed tendencies you have toward money. He talks about getting real with your feelings about money and how personal growth, the central block of Network Marketing, ultimately dictates the growth of your business. This episode takes a look at the future and why Network Marketing is a good business to have in today’s world.  Get ready to learn how to put more money away, reduce your debt and create real, lasting wealth.   [Tweet "“The most important thing I see all the time is that people are just not #prepared.” ~ Neal Inscoe"]Sustaining long term wealth with your Network Marketing businessNeal Inscoe sees the preservation of wealth as the primary focus before any talk of investing. He quotes Warren Buffett, “Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.”  Have you fallen prey to the scurry of dipping into any means of investing, even if it is beyond your area of expertise? Neal suggests keeping the main things, the main things, by finding out what you’re good at, growing those things, and then hiring someone who can add diversification to your business, your investments, and your assets. Neal loves working with Network Marketers, but why? Do you still have your passion for business ownership and the strong belief in your product?  How can you sustain your story as well as the wealth that you create? There is exciting energy on this episode that will help you reach out for help and be more receptive to the great coaching available.Don’t go it alone: How a coach can help build and preserve your wealth


2 Feb 2016

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