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The Podcast that talks about REAL LIFE situations. The Judgment FREE zone that will have you crying, laughing, and everything in between!4 girlfriends will share some of their most personal life experiences as well as their guest. They're aim is to relate, empower, motivate, and leave their audience feeling like they can take on the world.

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This Happy Hour Kiaya and Khadijah talk about their elegant night gone rachet. They also discuss the tragic stabbing that took place in the Bronx. The main topic for this episode is around headspace and mental health. With all of the suicides happening with celebrities the conversation felt fitting. Each of the ladies share their own struggles with keeping a positive headspace and even some of the dark thoughts they have had when their headspace was not in the best state. This is a topic that any and everyone can relate to. So what are you waiting for?? TUNE IN! Song: Royce da 5'9 - Strong Friend​ Instagram: @privatepartypodcast Facebook: Private Party Podcast Twitter: @__Privatepary Email: privatepartypodcast@gmail.com


10 Jul 2018

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Ep.24 Shaken NOT Stirred: "The Diary of a Mad Black Woman"

Cocktales: The ladies did away with Happy Hour this episode and decided to discuss a Cocktale that is a SHOCKER! Tune in for dets! Shaken NOT Stirred: Where exactly does the "Mad Black Woman" stigma come from? Many times black women are stereotyped as being angry, difficult, combative, and none submissive. However, when people are making these stereo types, they never think to look deeper into why black women are angry, or why they seem to have that stereotype. Tasha, Ashley, Khadijah and Kiaya open up about some deep rooted issues that have affected their actions and attitude, perceiving them as "Mad Black Women" to the men they encounter. This episode we look beyond the label and into the soul of these four women and the heartache behind the anger. YOU CAN’T HEAL WHAT YOU DON'T REVEAL. Emotions run high, this episode, and the transparency is real and honest. The ladies hope being open about the root cause to their pain, women everywhere, will relate. They hope this will shine some light on the stigma and allow black women to be viewed for who they are individually and not by a general statement that boxes them in.  Email: privatepartypodcast@gmail.com Instagram: @privatepartypodcast Twitter: @__privateparty Facebook: Private Party Podcast

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12 Jul 2017

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Ep.23 Champagne Toast: With Passport Cutty (Part 2)

This week's episode is a continuation of last week’s interview with Passport Cutty (@passport_cutty) We left last week’s episode with a cliff hanger! Cutty finishes up her story about her getting pregnant at 21. The ladies touch on how social media and carreer titles and how it affects the way people view you. Cutty will talk about how she gained such a large following and the adversities that come along with it. What is next for Passport Cutty? Tune in to the second half of her interview to find out. Instagram: @privatepartypodcast Twitter: @__privateparty Facebook: Private Party Podcast Email: privatepartypodcast@gmail.com


5 Jul 2017

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"Invisible Baggage"

Happy Hour: The girls catch up as they sip on Mimosas. Another Round: Chrisnatha Derosier joins the party this week. Chrisnatha is an amazing Life Coach that specializes in helping women go from confusion to clarity, so that they can live a life full of purpose. She provides women the tools to identify the underlining issues that they may be dealing with unconsciously, also known as "Invisible Baggage". Chrisnatha will share with you some ways to unpack this baggage so that you can live your best life! Don't be tardy to the party!

1hr 4mins

2 May 2019

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Ep.28 Shaken NOT Stirred: "From Ivy League to Stripper Life"

Happy Hour: The ladies catch up over vodka and tonics. Tasha talks about her close call with a shooting, while Khadijah tells the girls all about her first therapy session. They also discuss the talk Tuesday topic of "Is it ok for a woman to propose to her man?" Ashley, Tasha, Kiaya, and Khadijah all seem to have the same opinion around this question. Shaken NOT Stirred: This week's special guest is author, writer, and public speaker Elona Washington. Elona has an Amazon best selling book "From Ivy League to Stripper Life". The ladies explore the topic of Promiscuity with Elona. Many women go through a "Hoe Phase" or a promiscuous time in their lives. Elona shares her story and her own experience with being promiscuous. The ladies want to get a deeper look into promiscuity. So many are quick to call a woman a hoe or "slut shame" but overlook what she has gone through in her life that may have caused her to become promiscuous. As always, it is none of your business BUT we're gonna talk about it anyway! Facebook: Private Party Podcast Twitter: @__privateparty Instagram: @privatepartypodcast Gmail: privatepartypodcast@gmail.com

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16 Aug 2017

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Ep.26 Shaken NOT Stirred: " I Was In My Head"

Happy Hour: The ladies are welcoming you back to the party! This week the ladies catch up on the latest events in their lives. Shaken not Stirred: This week the ladies are discussing INSECURITIES. From childhood to womanhood, we’ve all experienced a lack of confidence or self- assurance about our looks, careers or relationships. Each host acknowledges their own battle with the little voice inside that attempts to shatter confidence. They also discuss how they’ve overcome and found happiness in the midst of it all. As always, it’s none of your business but we’re gonna talk about it anyway! Instagram:  @privatepartypodcast Email: Privatepartypodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @__Privateparty Facebook: Private Party Podcast

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26 Jul 2017

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Ep.32 Happy Hour: "Is It Ok To Be Selfish?"

Happy Hour: The ladies sip on some Makers and Gingerale. They talk about keeping the spark in your relationship. Khadijah and Tasha talk about something they recommend all ladies try in their relationship to keep the fire going. They also talk about sending nudes. When does a guy become worthy of receiving a nude? The larger Happy Hour topic this episode surrounds the question "When is it ok to be selfish" The ladies get in depth about their opinions on this topic as well as share some experiences they have had when they realized they needed to be selfish. Let's get this party started! You already know...It is none of your business, BUT we're gonna talk about it anyway.  Facebook: Private Party Podcast Instagram: @privatepartypodcast Twitter: @__privateparty

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13 Sep 2017

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Ep.29 Shaken NOT Stirred: " I Felt Stuck"

Happy Hour: The ladies are missing Ashley this episode as they sip on some Rose' Mimosas. They discuss being "Old and Tired" and how partying in your late twenties is so much different than your early twenties. Shaken NOT Stirred: We have all come to a point in our lives where we feel STUCK. You may find yourself in a financial bind that seems never ending. Or you are feeling stuck at a certain job or in a certain career. You may even have experienced being in a relationship that made you feel stuck, where walking away was not easy. Kiaya, Khadijah, and Tasha touch on all of these scenarios this episode. They will share their own personal experiences around feeling stuck. They will share what they did to get themselves out and give some motivation for listeners who may find themselves in the same predicaments. You already know. It is none of your business BUT, we gonna talk about it anyway! Song at end of show: Title- Vices Artist- Sy Ari Da Kid Facebook: Private Party Podcast Instagram: @privatepartypodcast Twitter: @__privateparty

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23 Aug 2017

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Ep.34 Happy Hour: " We Do It For The Validation?"

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere; the ladies are back catching up on life. Sparkling wine in the cutest, “light weight” champagne flutes set the mood for a discussion about, letting go of that attractive man or woman that’s no good for you. This leads to a larger discussion about insecurity and how your partner’s issues can weigh you down. They also get into biggest turn offs and turn ons when it comes to the opposite sex. Side eyeing a B WORD that laughs a little too hard at your man and more hilarious dialogue related to these topics. Jeff is back again, filling in for Tasha as he holds in his laughs waiting for the cue to speak. Khadijah shares a real life issue about taking on other peoples baggage, especially when it comes to siblings or extended family. Resentment, jealousy and unresolved childhood issues always seem to create a divide. Ashley and Kiaya weigh in with their perspective and realize that Jay-z said it best, “nobody wins when the family feuds”. We know somebody can relate! Let's get this party started! You already know...It's is none of your business, BUT we're gonna talk about it anyway.  Facebook: Private Party Podcast Instagram: @privatepartypodcast Twitter: @__privateparty Song: Eric Bellinger ft Blaq Tuxedo - Frequency

1hr 27mins

27 Sep 2017

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"Catching Up"

After a loooog spring/summer break the ladies are finally BACK! They have so much to catch up on. Kiaya gives an update on how single life has been for her in 2018 thus far. Tasha opens up about a conflict she had with her Mom and the power of forgiveness. Khadijah talks about her struggle with being detached in relationships and where she thinks it stems from. Ashley catches us up on how her long distance relationship is going.. and SO much more! So grab your drinks and get ready for this ALL ACCESS PASS!! Song: Eric Bellinger - Meditate​ Instagram: @privatepartypodcast Email: privatepartypodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @__privateparty Facebook: Private Party Podcast


27 Jun 2018

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Ep.33 Happy Hour: "Always Stay True"

Happy Hour: The ladies sip on some bubbly. They discuss everything from Hurricane Irma leaving Ashley stuck in Puerto Rico to Kevin Hart’s epic fail cheating and extortion. Spinderella aka Jeff adds a male perspective to the conversation, while Tasha attends her church anniversary celebration. The main Happy Hour topic this episode surrounds the question "How do you define Black Love?” The ladies get in depth about their opinions on the meaning, as well as share their experiences staying true to themselves in relationships. We all agreed the Cosby Show personified “Black Love” and we can’t forget Martin and Gina. Let's get this party started! You already know... It is none of your business, BUT we're gonna talk about it anyway.  Facebook: Private Party Podcast Instagram: @privatepartypodcast Twitter: @__privateparty Song: Confetti by YMTK

1hr 16mins

20 Sep 2017

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Ep.31 Shaken NOT Stirred: " I Got Blackballed"

Happy Hour: The ladies sip on some tequila and lemonade this Happy Hour. They discuss Kevin Hart, his current wife, and his ex wife. The debate is, was his current wife a side chick before they were married? The discussion around this is hilarious! Shaken NOT Stirred: Brianna Phoenix (@Brii_tatted) came through the party this week. Brii is an alternative tattoo model as well as a creative director. The ladies speak with Brii, this week, about a taboo topic that happens often in the military. She tells the ladies all the details about this traumatic experience and how it was life altering for her and took her to the brink of suicide. Kiaya, Khadijah, Tasha, and Ashley are hoping this interview with Brii will shed awareness and give a voice to other military women who have been through a similar experience. You already know...It's none of your business, BUT we're gonna talk about it anyway! Facebook: Private Party Podcast Instagram: @privatepartypodcast Twitter: @__privateparty

1hr 8mins

6 Sep 2017

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Ep.30 Shaken NOT Stirred: " Fighting For Fertility"

Happy Hour: During this happy hour the ladies enjoy some Jameson and Ginger beer while catching up. They also talk about the Floyd VS McGregor fight as well as some of the recent protest taking place in Charlottesville. STAY WOKE! Shaken NOT Stirred: Anique Oliver (@aniquesahara), blogger and creative director, swings by the party to discuss her 5 year fight with infertility. Amongst the 7.3 million women in the United States, approximately 7% of white women experience infertility compared to 11.5% of African American women. Many women suffer in silence when it comes to dealing with infertility. The ladies hope that by having Anique be transparent and open about her experience it will help other women feel they are not alone. Anique gives some really good advice and resources to women who are still fighting infertility, as well as motivation to keep fighting. As usual, it's none of your business, BUT we're gonna talk about it anyway.  Anique's Announcement Video: HERE Song: Alayna - High Off You is the song  Facebook: Private Party Podcast Instagram: @privatepartypodcast Twitter: @__privateparty

1hr 20mins

30 Aug 2017

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"Fuck Shame"

Happy Hour: The Happy Hour topic this week is for the working mothers and the single mothers. Tasha and Khadijah talk to the listeners about the obstacles they have encountered being single mothers and some of the emotions that come along with it. They also have some sound advice for any mothers who can relate to their journey in navigating motherhood, as well as some encouraging words. Kiaya gives a different perspective of being a very involved Aunt who helps raise her two nephews. She gives some observations from the outside looking in and how helping raise her nephews has impacted her views on motherhood. Shaken Not Stirred: "Shame hates it when we reach out and tell our story. It hates having words wrapped around it. It can't survive being shared. Shame loves secrecy. When we bury our story, the shame metastasizes. - Brene' Brown The main topic for today is SHAME. We have all experienced situations or have something that is a part of us or our lives that we have felt ashamed of. Most times we will not share the things that eat us up inside, simply because we feel shame around the way it sounds. The ladies take shame head on, this episode. Khadijah reveals something she has felt shame around for years and has never shared with anyone but her mother, until this episode. Kiaya and Tasha also disclose experiences that they have gone through that they found themselves not wanting to share with people simply because they felt shame around it. The topic gets pretty heavy. Kiaya, Khadijah, and Tasha are hoping that by shedding light on their shameful experiences, it will encourage someone else to put shame to rest by sharing their truth and embracing their journey fully. As always "Its None of your business, but we gonna talk about it anyway!" Song: Kay Austin - 452 Instagram: @privatepartypodcast Facebook: Private Party Podcast Twitter: __Privateparty Email: Privatepartypodcast@gmail.com

1hr 23mins

20 Mar 2019

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" Don't Forget to Fall in Love with Yourself First"

Happy Hour: The Happy Hour topic touches on who is considered the head of the household. If a man and woman are not married can the man still be considered the head? What makes a man the head of the house. This convo is hilarious. Tash, Kiaya, and Khadijah have some input that will have you dying laughing. Another Round: This week's main topic is about rejection. How rejection is a test to your self awareness, self love, and confidence as a whole. The ladies talk about some rejection they have been through with men as well as what this rejection revealed to them about themselves. They also talk about how to overcome when someone some breaks-up with you and how to not let rejection define your self perception. Don't be tardy to the party!!

1hr 1min

15 Feb 2019

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" I Ain't Sayin I'm a Gold Digger..."

Happy Hour: The ladies talk about Nipsey Hussle and the tragedy of him passing away. They talk about his legacy and what an exceptional person he was. RIP Nip! Another Round: Before committing to an exclusive relationship with a person, should there be a sit down discussion about where each other are financially? At what point in a relationship should you and your partner lay your finances out on the table? While dating? While engaged? After being married? The ladies all have an opinion about this one, that will have you laughing and rethinking some things all at the same time. They even disclose some financial woes they have found themselves in that they are sure most people can relate to. You already know. It's none of your business, but they gonna talk about it anyway!

1hr 2mins

18 Apr 2019

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"I'm Not Buying It"

Happy Hour: The ladies touch on a little bit of everything this week starting with the Kardashian drama that has taken place with Khloe's man Tristan Thompson and Kylie's best friend Jordyn Woods. Khadijah Share's a time when she found herself in a similar situation and how that whole situation panned out. Tasha and Kiaya have their opinions on what they believe they would do if put in Kylie's shoes. Another Round: The main topic today is around Liars. Jessie Smollett is at the top of the liar list this week. The ladies dissect this story and their feelings regarding his haux. They also get into a hilarious convo about some of the lies they have told and regretted, some things they will ALWAYS lie about and so much more. TUNE IN!


1 Mar 2019

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"Surviving R. Kelly"

Happy Hour: The ladies are back with season 3! As they sip on a "Southern Tea" they have a very important announcement. They also fill you in on all that each of them have been up to and apologize for the LOOOOOONG wait. Another Round: The topic at hand is the "Surviving R.Kelly Documentary" They get into rape culture in the black community as well as the worth of black women. They also question black men and their support for black women, when black women deal with sexual assault. The conversation is real and candid. They even had Jeff aka spindarella HAHA come from behind the scenes to give his input on the topic. Absolutely a party you don't want to miss. So grab your drink and get comfortable and get ready for this all access pass!!

1hr 16mins

31 Jan 2019

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Ep.25 Happy Hour: "SituationSHIT"

Happy Hour: Sometimes not committing goes left! The ladies are back and the drink of choice is whiskey sours. Catching up on this weeks #Adulting and excitement for the very FIRST Private Party Podcast Brunch on Aug. 13 . The ladies dive into situationships, a few listeners asked so we delivered! Kiaya shares her take on situationships and how sometimes there’s more pro’s vs. cons. Listen in as opinions differ and Ash tries to get away with not sharing! It’s none of your business but we’re gonna talk about it anyway! Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/private-party- podcast-brunch- tickets- 36085857772 Instagram:  @privatepartypodcast Email: Privatepartypodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @__Privateparty Facebook: Private Party Podcast


19 Jul 2017

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Ep.27 Happy Hour: "Ray Charles to the Bullshit."

We sincerely apologize for the sound quality this episode. We did not realize the quality was shakey until after the episode was recorded. However, we could not bear to skip a week! So please bear with us. Happy Hour: This episode starts off a little rocky. Khadijah and Tasha have a disagreement while Ashley and Kiaya awkwardly try to introduce the happy hour topic. This happy hour the ladies talk Excuses VS Execution. Most of us have life goals that we all dream of making a reality some day, but what are we doing to get there? The host discuss taking baby steps as well as why we talk ourselves out of executing our plans. The question this episode is...How do we get out of our own way? Instagram:  @privatepartypodcast Email: Privatepartypodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @__Privateparty Facebook: Private Party Podcast


2 Aug 2017

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