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Ellevate Podcast: Conversations With Women Changing the Face of Business

In the Ellevate Podcast you’ll meet real women having a real impact. Female entrepreneurs, authors, business women, and other inspiring leaders share their experience and takeaways from their careers. Ellevate’s mission is to close the gender achievement gap by bringing more women into positions of leadership. Hosts Sallie Krawcheck and Kristy Wallace, Chair and President of Ellevate Network respectively, interview female leaders to showcase the immense talent these women bring to the table. www.EllevateNetwork.com

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Episode 80: Finding Success Through Passion and Personal Strength, with Sara Holtz

Anyone who's moved from corporate law to entrepreneurship knows it is both a challenging and exciting venture – just ask Sara Holtz. After years in corporate law, she decided to put her marketing and business mind to use and inspire younger on women how to succeed in their careers. She started the podcast “Advice to My Younger Me” as a way to tackle the grueling questions and concerns that young business women have. In this week’s podcast, Sara discusses her non-linear career path, the importance of acknowledging your strengths and passions and figuring out how happiness can translate to success.


17 Oct 2017

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Episode 122: Finding Confidence Outside Your Comfort Zone, with Ericka Spradley

As we keep focusing on closing the gender achievement gap, Ericka Spradley, Career Coach/Chief PowHer Officer of Confidence Career Women joins us this week to share her insights about closing the confidence gap as well. Ericka talks about the importance positioning yourself well in job the application process, balancing multiple jobs and responsibilities, and the importance of prioritizing. From shaving her head unannounced to publishing three books, Ericka explains the impact of leaving your comfort zone and truly owning your career for continued success.


7 Aug 2018

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Episode 67: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, with Audrey Bellis

Audrey Bellis is a community builder, and her true passion is how she can she support entrepreneurs - those who are trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. Through Worthy Women she puts together a series of free events around the country to bring together women entrepreneurs. In this episode, Audrey talks with Maricella about how she started Worthy Women, the importance of being honest about failure,  how bad situations can lead you to embrace your power and turn yourself around, and useful tips for those who are thinking of starting their own business.


18 Jul 2017

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Episode 56: Wake Up to the Joy of You, with Agapi Stassinopoulos

Agapi Stassinopoulos inspires people around the world to find the joy in their lives. She believes that all humans go through the same things but yet we feel separated, so she encourages us to be open to connecting with others and become more mindful. In this episode, Agapi talks about gratitude, finding our center, making your own destiny, and dealing with your inner critic. This special episode also includes a guided meditation for you to follow along.


2 May 2017

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Episode 85: Eliminating Gender Bias, with Andie Kramer

Women are often discouraged from pursuing their dreams due to the many views society has on women’s roles. If you’re like Andie Kramer, you were discouraged from pursuing your dreams a very young age. Andie, an activist, artist and one of the 50 Most Influential Women Lawyers in America named by the National Law Journal, was told at 13 years old that being a “lady lawyer” would be a big mistake. Nevertheless, she persisted. In this episode, Andie shares advice on how to confront gender bias in the workplace and discusses what organizations can do to be more inclusive and help women succeed. She also discusses how we can all be more socially conscious, not just in our careers, but our daily lives.


21 Nov 2017

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Episode 71: A Seat at the Table, with Minda Harts

Now more than ever diverse representation plays a key role in creating a successful workplace. Seeing people who look like you in the C-Suite, makes a huge difference. Minda Harts, CEO and founder of The Memo, has created a space to help women of color not only gain a seat at the table, but to know what to do at the table. In this week's podcast Minda discusses the power of diversity, finding your your inner wonder woman and learning to be your biggest cheerleader. You worked really hard to get where you are and deserve to be there.


15 Aug 2017

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Episode 179: Being A Boss, with Emilie Aries

Emile Aries, founder and CEO, Bossed Up, joins the Ellevate podcast once again following the release of her new book, Bossed Up: A Grown Woman’s Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together. On this episode, Emily talks about the science of burnout, the point of diminishing returns and being inefficient as a result of working too hard, as well as the relatable idea of "being a martyr" due to a busy schedule. Emily shares her tips on how to have a balanced program between business, travel, and other commitments; how therapy has helped her, and coming up with communication norms to be able to "plug out" and achieve a work-life balance. Aries also gives a inside look into her book and how being physically and mentally healthy is key to professional success.


17 Sep 2019

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Episode 164: Starting Over, with Stacey Flowers

If you've ever felt burnt out, you are not alone. On this episode, Stacey Flowers, speaker, entrepreneur, and eternal optimist, joins us this week to talk about how she got her start, making a living while staying sane, and the importance of transparency. She also shares her experiences around building a personal brand, raising kids as a single mother, as well as using technology to help her business. Stacey will take the stage as a keynote speaker at Mobilize Women on June 21st to continue to inspire, activate, and share her story as she shares what excites her the most about Mobilize Women. 


4 Jun 2019

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Episode 51: Avoiding Burnout, with Emilie Aries

Emilie Aries had a career that started with a bang: she was the youngest state director in the nation helping President Obama push for policies like federal health reform, was recruiting training and managing hundreds of volunteers, and living a busy life… until it caught up with her. Finding herself burnout at age 25, Emilie decided to change her life. She founded Bossed Up, a training company that helps women manage career transition and avoid burnout. In this episode, Emilie shares her own experience with burnout, how to avoid it, her views on what it takes for gender equality to be real, the realities of meritocracy and how to rejuvenate.


28 Mar 2017

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Episode 68: #WomenNotObjects, With Madonna Badger

Can you imagine a space where women in ads are seen as more than just objects? Well, Madonna Badger has not only imagined it, but she's created it. The advertising executive at Badger & Winters Ad Agency has pioneered the campaign #WomenNotObjects to put an end to objectification of women in advertisements. In this week's podcast, Madonna talks about the effect these images have on children, the importance of empathy and what she's learned from allowing herself to be vulnerable. Through tough conversations, Madonna has learned a lot about herself and her business.


25 Jul 2017

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Episode 107: Realizing the Power of the Individual, with Elizabeth Zeigler

Elizabeth Zeigler is a master in the art of fundraising. As CEO and President of Graham-Pelton Consulting, she uses her powers for good. Unlike other consulting firms, Elizabeth’s works to help nonprofits get the support and funding they need to achieve their philanthropic mission. In this episode, Elizabeth discusses the exceptional power of individual giving, and she provides a refreshing example for how companies can create equal opportunities for flextime employees.


24 Apr 2018

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Episode 77: Debunking the Stereotypes of Ambitious Women, with Nancy Tseng

Nancy Tseng, West Coast Mergers and Acquisition Leader at West Monroe Partners, has been surrounded by ambitious people from a young age. Having been exposed to the hard work and perseverance of her mother and grandparents, she’s taken that ambition and created her own illustrious career. After making connections and networking at Stanford, she was exposed to the world of engineering. In this week’s podcast, Nancy talks about the importance of networking, the need for more women in management consulting and the women who impacted her life and career. 


26 Sep 2017

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Episode 106: Getting Women to the C-Suite, with Archana Ravichandran

Less than 30% of key management positions are held by women. Archana Ravichandran is working to change that. After getting her MBA from Wharton, Archana decided she wanted to try her hand at management. She signed on as a manager with Google and led three different teams over the course of her seven years there. Now, she is using her people skills to help professional women get to the top through her very own podcast.  In this episode, we talk with Archana about what it takes to be an effective manager, how to support women in leadership, and the value of taking career risks.


17 Apr 2018

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Episode 83: Why We Should Be Concerned with Geopolitical Uncertainty, with Ian Bremmer

Many of the average Americans aren’t aware of geopolitics and how it affects the US government. Ian Bremmer, Founder and CEO of Eurasia Group, is not that average American. Eurasia Group is the first firm devoted to helping investors and business decision-makers understand the impact of politics on the risks and opportunities in foreign markets. In this special episode, you’ll hear Ian in conversation with Ellevate Chair Sallie Krawcheck on all things politics. From the state of the US Government to the rise of China, Ian leaves no geopolitical topic unscathed. Through an insightful, thorough and humorous analysis, Ian leaves us, not only with some hope about our technological world, but with incredible knowledge.


7 Nov 2017

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Episode 125: Owning Your Influence, with Miriam Grobman

Miriam Grobman, Founder and CEO of Miriam Grobman Consulting, joins us for the second time on the Ellevate Podcast to talk about everything from changing careers and industries from mining, to finance and consulting. Miriam shares her tips on building and maintaining confidence, switching from an operational mindset to a strategic mindset, and what it means for women to own their influence. She shares insights to her famous courses on leadership education, strategic influence, and executive presence. Miriam also gives us some insight into what’s in store for her next and how she is working to get women ahead in business.


28 Aug 2018

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Episode 100: Social Networking 101, with Maria Granovsky

On the 100th episode of the Ellevate Podcast, we talk to a woman whose eclectic career has led her to become a social networking connoisseur. Maria Granovsky, geneticist, patent litigator and author. As someone who identifies as an introvert, she understands the struggles other introverts go through when it comes to networking. Her experiences have created an opportunity for her to help women network and take charge of their careers. In this episode, Maria tells us how she builds relationships via social media, how to manage your professional vs. personal social media presence and how she is able to be herself in her writing.


6 Mar 2018

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Episode 184: Learning by Watching, with Jessica Holscott

Jessica Holscott, EVP and CFO of Warner Media Entertainment, sat down with us this week to dive into what it is like to hold a CFO position and important skills to have in your tool kit to thrive in the world of finance as a woman. Holscott explains how to "relax and figure it out when you get there", having a "momteurage", and the art of leaning in and leaning out in your career at the right times. She also shares the impact of her mother on her work ethic, teaching kids the willingness to learn, and advice she has for her mentees. 


29 Oct 2019

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Episode 161: Finding My Voice, with Valerie Jarrett

As we continue counting down for Mobilize Women Summit 2019, Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the Obama Foundation and Attn:, joins us this week for a conversation with our very own Sallie Krawcheck. On this episode, Valerie reflects on how she got to where she is, how her relationship with the Obamas began, and the complicated world of politics. She also shares the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone, creating a safe space for talent, as well as her favorite and least favorite memories from the White House. From listening to your own voice to how she hired Michelle Robinson (Obama), Valerie and Sallie will take the stage at Mobilize Women on June 21st to share more life lessons and continue this intimate conversation. 


14 May 2019

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Episode 140: Doing What You Love, with Suzie Williford

Getting her start in a male-dominated kitchen and bath industry, Suzie Williford, Executive Vice President of Industry Relations & Chief Strategy Officer of National Kitchen and Bath Association, soon realized how important it is to love the work she does. From answering phones to executive leadership, Suzie talks about the hardships she faced, the importance of mentorship, as well as the progress the kitchen and bath industry made in closing the gender gap. She also opens up about the feeling of inadequacy at work and how to find a career path you are truly passionate about.


11 Dec 2018

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Episode 193: Make a Contract With Yourself, with Kate McGuinness

On this episode, Kate McGuinness, Author of Confidence Lost / Confidence Found: How to Reclaim the Unstoppable You, joins us to talk about the ins and outs of authentic confidence and how you can find it. Kate discusses how she got her start, the unexpected gift of getting fired, accepting loss, and mindfulness. Moderator Kristy Wallace introduces lightning round questions.


14 Jan 2020

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