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Raw, truthful, day to day experience as Laurie Weaver contends with compulsive overeating and binge eating disorder while learning the principles of intuitive eating.

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Ep 0018 – Food Issues Don’t Always Match up with Body Size and Break the Chains of Secrecy with Support

I share why you can't assume body size equals eating issues and discuss how bravery and support can break the debilitating chains of secrecy. Shout-outs to new listeners, Jenny and Ashley, and stats for the top ten countries and states that download Compulsive Overeating Diary.


16 Mar 2014

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Ep 0110 – Sicky Sick Sick – Or When Your BODY Wants Control!

After a terrible case of food poisoning or stomach flu, I let go of knowing what to expect from my body and assuming I know what it needs. I'll be on call again for jury duty next week (postponed due to my illness) and may not be online. Thank you to a new Coffee Klatcher for supporting the show with virtual coffee and to BC Sandy for recording our shared bonus show last week. We hear some of the comment reactions to that show from Cheryl, Dawny, Amy from WI and Sandy. Foolish Fun from Dawny. Participate in the show with different audio possibilities. We greet new BCs Allie from FB and Dave’s wife, Kathleen. An awesome new song recommendation for the Latin bilingual band, Moona Luna sent by BC Dave. María from a Spanish Speaking country goes on the bravery report for revealing just WHICH Spanish Speaking country she’s from. BC Happy reveals how she’s doing and what she thinks of Kathryn Hansen’s book, Brain Over Binge. My riff about hunger, binges, self awareness and all of the different attributes we juggle when finding tools and methods to help US find our own unique ways.


17 Apr 2015

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Ep 0051 – Bonus – The Danger of the Lull

A total random, bonus episode as my compulsive brain tortures me during the lull between events. I take to the park to talk it out and think it through. How can I learn to consider NOT considering? Also, after emailing with Stefano and reading the news of today, I get mad about people feeling free to comment on other people's size. Thanks to Cheryl, Sue and Stéfanie for their good wishes on episode 50.


4 Jun 2014

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Ep 0069 – What’s the Difference Between Intuitive Eating and Just Eating Anything?

It's an unexpected Scottish appreciation day in honor of BC Sophie as a bagpipe player practices in the park on the very day I was mysteriously hungry for, and baked scones for breakfast! I thank all of the Coffee Klatchers and Amazon shoppers and explain how you can use these ways to support the show and how to get onto the various special email lists. I try to correct my last show's mispronunciation of Brave Companion Fionna's name and take proactive steps to correctly welcome new BC Alana from Facebook. We hear a cool hiking analogy from our caller from Rhode Island, who I'm now calling BRICE as a nickname for Brave Rhode Island Companion Extraordinaire, because it's easier than Brave Companion from Rhode Island. Together we muse on how much time compulsive eating takes up and what we might do instead. New BC Shaunie L calls the bravery hotline and allows me to share some of her story, but not her voice as yet.Cheryl leaves another supportive comment on day 68 and I tell all of the Brave Companions just how much their support on day 67 and day 68 did to help change my mind and my life. My new voice acting buddy and honorary BC, Max and his friends make a killer video on YouTube called Les MiseraBaristas. We hear two very different Bravery Hotline calls from my new dynamic duo, D and D, Diane the Champion and Dawny. We discover Dawny's been on the Half Size Me podcast! Diane reveals her own, very personal feelings about her current interactions with food. My husband, Mark begins a new feature where he tells it like it is about my progress and what it's like to live with me now vs. when I was dieting. He will report monthly from now on in lieu of my scale. Finally, I muse on my main topic, What's the difference between eating intuitively and just eating all that you want whenever you want?

1hr 18mins

19 Aug 2014

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Ep 0035 – Bonus – A Gift of Grace – Please Support Gracie Recovering from Anorexia

I lend my cat's name to a private listener who wants our input about how to balance recovering from anorexia with losing weight after some bouts with binge eating in her recovery. I also remember my life and finally discover what I was born to do. Today was a true gift of Grace.


17 Apr 2014

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Ep 0048 – Lessons in Gliding Over Life’s Speed Bumps

My day starts out fantastically then dives down into challenges, that in the past, would have sent me headfirst into a bag of chips. Discover how I finally learn to deal with frustration and start to take events outside of my control in stride. Hear new listener and brave companion, Brandi, tell her story and current feelings on the bravery hotline. Shout-outs to new listener Millie and to Michelle Mc and Cheryl for their comments about people pleasing and to Jenny for being instrumental in my getting a new opportunity. Taste a sample of an upcoming feature by brave companion Stéfanie, Mark and me, as we work out our technical difficulties.


28 May 2014

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Ep 0015 – Uncomfortable Emotions Unmasked without Food Obsession

Deeper issues are revealed as I experience life without the mask of food. Shout-outs to new listener, Michelle, and to my new online, buddy, Crystal for posting encouragement after I asked for help dealing with my upcoming birthday trip to Vegas. Also gratitude to Carrie, from the Bitesize Vitality Podcast who took time to email me after we both made New and Noteworthy on Itunes.


7 Mar 2014

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Ep 0047 – Bonus – The Power of No

Find out what happened after last episode's epic story of me saying 'No'. I ponder different flavors and reasons for saying 'Yes". Shout-outs to new listener and brave companion Brandi and to Michelle Mc who, like many of you, felt bad that I felt bad and sent me an encouraging comment and explained a good method for avoiding binges called HALT


25 May 2014

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Ep 0109 – Bonus – First Podcast Duet With Sandy

For the first time ever, I record LIVE with a BC! Sandy and I walk down to the podcast rock at the local park and have a wonderful bonus discussion. We each let go of something different. I let go of being the ONLY one to do tasks and Sandy lets go having to feel productive every second of the day. We also discuss my F-word habit, feeling good enough as we are, what loss, grief and forgiveness can teach us and what other lessons our lives have been teaching us lately. I'm on call for jury duty next week, so I may not be able to blog or record. I'll keep you posted on CompulsiveOvereatingDiary.com Happy Birthday Sandy!


11 Apr 2015

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Ep 0044 – Why Me? Movin’ and Groovin’ with a bad back and the party-time blues

A sudden bad back forces me to practice getting over "Why Me?" as I hobble around Descanso Gardens. Michelle McKinney's comment makes me think about "Why me?" striking at parties and how we might nip that feeling in the bud before the Robot Aliens can attack! Long time listener, Michelle shares what it was like to be on the show via the bravery hotline and leaves a detailed comment about Binge Extinction from her ongoing therapy. Shout-outs to new listener, Sunshine and to returning, commenter, Stéfanie from Canada.


16 May 2014

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Ep 0179 – Magical Journey of Food and Life

Hiking is out due to fires in California, so I'm back pondering at Descanso Gardens about the mystical, magical journey that is the food cycle of life. We hear from our very first BC, my friend Cheryl, about her health concerns and her writing dreams. BC North also stops by to comment. BC Dave updates us on the ups and downs of his life and health and how meditation might help. We say hello to two new friends, BCs Joy and Carol M. I share a snippet from my latest blog post about being a senior plus-sized model and ask for more subscribers to my youtube channel for voice acting. Today's dance moment features an energetic ditty called Mud Pie.


30 Oct 2019

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The Brave Companion Song from Day 100

Now you can listen anytime you wish to the Brave Companion Song or download its file. I asked Fionna to write this song as a way to celebrate our bravery. This version of it was used as part of our big celebration show on Day 100. The 'Brave Companions' are the show's listeners and those who participate by commenting on the blog or who send in audio to be used in the show. BCs are a supportive audience of people all around the world, and luckily for us, Fionna is a BC too! This version was recorded with help from Fionna's sister, Annie.


20 Apr 2015

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Ep 0027 – Blue Sky Smiling at Me – Learning Peace During Compulsive Eating Ups and Downs

During a fantastic morning hike, I relate my gratitude for episode 26's power to stop my binge. I also wax poetic about the ups and downs of weight, compulsion, and how we might become more accepting and peaceful with our bodies.


4 Apr 2014

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Ep 0041 – Bonus – Life can be a walk in the park! Musings after 13 weeks

Bonus walk and talk! I reflect on the 13 weeks I've been doing this experiment --the ups, the downs, the lessons this ever winding path has taught me thus far. I update you on my schedule, weight, a great podcast you can listen to, and muse about the nature of cravings and why we need to look to ourselves to feel good in our own skin.


6 May 2014

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Ep 0042 – How to be true to our authentic selves without steamrolling over others

An email comment by new listener, Marie, triggers me to ponder the whole topic of being authentic and how that can impact our relationships. Shout-outs also go to Nancy, Sandy and Janet. I recommend a great podcast interview done by Alen Standish, of Quit Binge Eating, with Michelle Cleary that I listened to on my way up the trail. I remind the brave companions that my 20th anniversary is coming up and so the podcast will have a larger gap than usual before the next episode.


7 May 2014

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Ep 0034 – Rebel without a Pause. How Expectations can Lead to Overeating

As rebel Laurie, I learn a ton about myself as I share a story about a crummy cat-chore I assigned to myself and how it triggered overeating. Also, emails from brave companions Kendra and Stefano, and highlighted features from compulsiveovereatingdiary.com


16 Apr 2014

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Ep 0177 – My Tears of Joy and a Letter from BC Dave

Big news that gave me tears of joy! BC Dave shares thoughts and updates about being authentic, Disc Golf, Intuitive Eating, health challenges and why it's ok to give up a previously cherished goal. I ponder about self-acceptance and value. Thanks Dawny and Amazon shoppers. Featured electronic dance music with cool lyrics about positive vs. negative voices in our heads.


10 Aug 2019

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Ep 0175 – This is YOUR Moment!

Inspired by supportive comments from BC Dave, I enjoy some wonderful moments up at the next to upper Zen spot where I ponder about persistence in the face of challenges and perceived failure. I'm grateful to BC Petra for her kind video message and for new iTunes reviews from Australia and the UK. We also hear from BCs Kelly and Dawny. For today's dance moment I challenge you all to have a Funky 60 second Dance Party like I did on the mountain. As proof I posted a video of my Funky Mountain Dance to IG as LaurieDreamWeaver.


10 Jul 2019

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Ep 0170 – Let the Sun Shine Through

It's a dark and stormy night as I get back from a wonderful voice acting cruise and end up in continuous down pouring rain and develop a terrible case of bronchitis. Through musical advice I learn to focus on the sun as I ponder my blessings. I come up with a new description for the show. Updates from Jo from the U.K. BC Dave supports via kind comments and shares his latest struggles. We greet our newest BC, Louise from the U.K. We can learn to listen to our inner voices via taste journaling. You and I can Do Anything by Yoo Soo Kim is the episode's featured music.


27 Jan 2019

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Ep 0174 – What Does it Mean to be Authentic?

BC Jody inspires me to think about being authentic. BC Dave shares a resource about the new journey he started with his wife, BC Kathleen. BC Kelly shows support for my acting. We dance our socks off to a new song by Josh Woodward.


15 Jun 2019

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