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The Wine Enthusiast Podcast takes you on a tantalizing trip into the world of wine, beer and spirits. Drink up engaging, behind-the-scenes stories reported and recorded by Wine Enthusiast’s editors. In each episode, we explore emerging trends, provide educational tidbits, and introduce you to the passionate people who craft, shake, ferment, and pour their beverage of choice. Inside every bottle is a story.

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Episode 40: Mastering Wine

What does it take to become a certified sommelier, or a Master of Wine?  We’ll get tips from some pros.  Also, it’s no secret that the Master of Wine exam is notoriously difficult. We'll hear from one M-W who wasn't sure she'd pass the test.


14 May 2018

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Episode 46: The Science of Wine and Food Pairing

Contributing Editor Nils Bernstein discusses the science of wine and food pairing with a top NYC chef and sommelier, plus Spirits Editor Kara Newman chats with the owner of New York’s first CBD restaurant and bar.


10 Oct 2018

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Episode 59: Diverse Styles of Russian River Pinot Noir

Virginie Boone, W.E.’s Contributing Editor for California, talks to Matt Coyne, sommelier at Farmhouse Inn and Restaurant in the Russian River Valley, about the Valley’s excellent and diverse Pinot Noir.


17 Sep 2019

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Episode 50: Future Wine Trends

Executive Editor Susan Kostrzewa talks with a sommelier from a famous restaurant and a buyer from a major New York City wine retailer about upcoming beverage trends.


5 Dec 2018

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Episode 32: Destinations

We’ll sip our way around the globe, with wine-fueled stops on three different continents.  We’ll visit Cape Town and meet a sommelier and winemaker on a mission.  Plus, we’ll get down and dirty with the Mosel Riesling harvest in Germany.  And, after wildfires raged through northern California last fall, we’ll hear about an all-hands-on-deck effort to Rebuild Wine Country.


24 Jan 2018

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Episode 31: Wine and Wellness

New year… new format! We’re kicking off 2018 with an excitingly different taste and feel, as we take a look at wine and wellness.   Hitting the mat, and pouring a glass: we talk with the founder of New York’s Yoga Unwined about the intersection of vinyasa and vino.  A renowned Master of Wine talks about taking his last drink, and continuing a career in the industry.  And, if a little detox is among your New Year’s resolutions, we’ll show you how to do it stylishly and deliciously - with mocktails.  


10 Jan 2018

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Episode 25: The World’s Best Value Wines

Executive Editor Susan Kostrzewa and Managing Editor and Tasting Director Lauren Buzzeo sit down to discuss Wine Enthusiast’s anticipated Top 100 Best Buys of 2017. They reveal how this list is compiled, who chose what, and why price does not equal quality.


12 Oct 2017

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Episode 19: The Past, Present and Future of Spanish Wine

Dive deep into the wines of Priorat with Contributing Editor Michael Schachner then join Patrick Mata, co-founder of Olé Imports, as he discusses how red wine, white wine, rosé and Cava have evolved in Spain over the last two decades.


19 Jul 2017

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Episode 44: America’s Best Pinot Noir

Wine Enthusiast contributing editors breakdown the beauty of American-made Pinot Noir, plus we talk with Blaine Ashley, Founder of NY Champagne week, about groundbreaking women who founded famous Champagne houses, and her new event dedicated to females working in fizz today.


12 Sep 2018

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Episode 79: How Much Should You Spend on Sparkling Wine, Really?

Why do budget-minded wine pros always choose Cava over Prosecco? Are big-brand Champagnes really worth the hype? Associate Managing Editor of Digital Emily Saladino breaks down what constitutes a good investment in sparkling wine and why, all with the help of Felix Salmon, Chief Financial Correspondent for Axios, and Tonya Pitts, sommelier and Champagne Master candidate.

1hr 8mins

23 Dec 2020

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Episode 21: Washington Wine: Then and Now

In this episode, Contributing Editor Sean Sullivan brings us on a deep dive through the history of Washington State wine. Featuring one of the region’s founding fathers, Allen Shoup, we learn how Washington went from a little-known region to wine-producing powerhouse. 


16 Aug 2017

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Episode 58: Rhône Blends Rise in Paso Robles

In this episode, Contributing Editor Matt Kettman sits down with Ian Adamo, owner of Somm's Kitchen in Paso Robles, California, to talk about why Rhône blends are becoming a local phenomenon, and what each unique variety brings to the final wine. 


4 Sep 2019

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Episode 17: The Trials and Triumphs of Wine Education

What motivates someone to pursue formal wine education? And how do they balance work, family and studies to have a life? We talk to three students of the vine and get their stories plus their advice and lessons learned.


22 Jun 2017

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Episode 29: The Lowdown on 2017’s Best Wine, Beer & Spirits

In this episode, Executive Editor Susan Kostrzewa talks about 2017’s best wine, beer and spirits, getting the lowdown on how they’re created, some of the exciting trends they represent, and giving you a head start on what to buy before the rest of the world catches up. 


6 Dec 2017

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Episode 18: Throw Pairing Rules Out The Window

Champagne and cider with steak? Mezcal with cheese? Dopplebock and lemon meringue pie? We speak with four drinks experts and raconteurs turning the world of food pairing upside down. Hear from The Champagne Parlor and Tokyo Record Bar Owner Ariel Arce, Shacksbury Cider Co-Founder David Dolginow, Beverage Director and Sommelier for Rosa Mexicano restaurants Courtenay Greenleaf, and The Publican Beer Director Adam Vavrick.


5 Jul 2017

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